Tenth Anniversary at the Spa

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This story is a long overdue follow-up of ‘Anniversary Weekend at the spa’, which you should read first. This story takes place on the character’s 10th anniversary.

All characters are over 18.

All characters are clean & the women are all safe.

There may be: Group, FF, MFM, FMF, Oral, Anal, MM, Incest & a Pee Fetish


“Hey Carol, I’m making the arrangements for our 10th anniversary at the Mirage Spa, unless you want to go someplace else.”

“Ok Bob, that’s fine, but remember, your mom & dad wanted to come and so did your sister.”

“I know. I’m also going to call Ted & Alice to see if they want to go too.”

“Oh, good. I hope they can make it.”

Later in the day I gave them a call, “Hi Ted. How are you & Alice?”

“Hey Bob, how the hell are you & Carol? We are fine.”

“We are fine too. Hey, what are you guys doing for your anniversary?”

“Alice wants to go on a cruise. What about you?”

“We are going back to the Spa for the weekend.”

“Bummer…but Alice has never been on a cruise, so I’m stuck.”

“Ok…look, maybe next time. Say hello to Alice and a Happy Anniversary.”

“Same to you & Carol. Take care.”


I yelled up to Carol that they were going on a cruise. She yelled down her disappointment.

“I’m going to make the arrangement at the Spa for the weekend. How many rooms?”

“Bob, I guess we should book three. What do you think?”

“To be honest, we should book two…one for my parents & one for us & your sister can stay in our room. I’ll get adjoining rooms.”

“Oh, so someone thinks he will be doing threesomes or putting on a show for me.”

“Possibly, but that wasn’t the reason, wise ass.”

“Ok. I’ll book two rooms. I’ll call my parents & sister & tell them.”

Then I said to Carol, “Remember our fifth anniversary? Where you finally let loose and enjoyed yourself?”

“I could never forget it. I guess everything aligned for me and the nude swim set it off.”

I gave my parents a call and spoke to my father, “Dad, I’m making arrangements for our anniversary at the Spa. I’m booking you & mom a room and Eileen can stay in our room. We are going up four weeks from this Friday. Tell mom & Eileen.”

“Ok son. I’ll let them know. Bye.”

As I was calling the Spa to confirm everything, Carol quickly reminded me to see if Derek, Olga & Rachel were still there. I told her I would.

After a few minutes, I called the Mirage Spa…”Hello, I want to make reservations for four weeks from this Friday. I need two adjoining rooms.”

“Ok. Would there be anything else?”

“Yes. Could you tell me if Derek & Olga are still there for massages? We had them the last time we were at the Spa.”

“Yes, they are still here.”

“Great. One other thing, Is Rachel still there?”

“Yes she is. Is there anything else?”

“No, that’s it. Thank you.”

“I will email you a confirmation. Have a nice day. Bye.”

“Thank you. Bye.”

I told Carol everything was all set.

Over the next few of weeks, we got everything together and decided not to over pack as we usually do. Before we knew it, the day arrived.

Carol & I loaded the 4×4 and went & picked up Eileen, Amanda & Joe and off we went for an hours drive to the Spa. We arrived right before lunch on Friday and the place still looked amazing. As soon as we arrived, we were given treatment like we were royalty.

The front desk checked us in and gave us keys to the adjoining rooms. The two rooms overlooked the ocean and we even had patios where we could sit, relax & even have breakfast.

The rooms were even nicer than what we had 5 years ago…a huge shower for 6, king sized beds, a large open living room and a couple of love seats.

We unpacked and put our stuff away and settled in, then aile içi seks hikayeleri went for lunch.

The five of us enjoyed a fabulous lunch with plenty of wine. We discussed our agenda and plans for the weekend.

I suggested that we all get massages. Everyone agreed but Carol wanted to hit the pool first. She called the front desk & asked about having use of the pool for an hour of privacy. She was given the ok and the pool would be ours from 2:00 to 3:00. We hurriedly went to our rooms, undressed & took our towels & headed to the pool.

The water was nice & warm and we jumped in naked and relaxed. There was no concern when our naked bodies touched each other. My mom & dad really had a good time. They made sure they got to feel up Carol & Eileen in the water. Dad even grabbed my cock a couple of times.

Time flew by and before we knew it, we had to leave & go back to our rooms. As we headed back, Carol suggested we sit out on the patios & take the sun.

As soon as we got to our rooms, we headed to the patios. We took the towels off and the five of us were now lounging around naked.

As we relaxed, I said, “I made arrangements for Saturday morning for all of us to get our massages. Who would like to go first?”

Amanda replied, “Do you think that the five of us could get massages at the same time?”

Carol said, “I don’t think so but let me call the desk to see what they say.”

Carol went inside to call…after quite awhile she came out and said, “I had to wait while they spoke to Derek and Olga. The good news is that they said they will come up to our room to give us personalized massages.”

She went on, “They will come up to our room at 10:30 a.m.”

Then Amanda said, “Carol, do you think that Rachel woman would come up earlier to give me a trimming?”

Carol laughed and said she would call the desk again and ask. A few minutes later, she came out smiling & told her that Rachel would be up here at 9:15.

It was now 5:30 and we started to get ready for dinner. Carol & I showered first then Amanda & Joe then finally Eileen.

By 7:00 we were sitting down to a wonderful meal with great wine. By the time we finished, we went through two bottles of wine and it was 9:00 and time to head back to our rooms.

It was funny but as soon as we got in the room, Carol blurted out, “So who is going to fuck me first?” We all laughed and I looked at Joe and said, “Go ahead dad, fuck my wife like you did the last time.” He smiled and led her to our bed as the three of us started undressing. By the time we all got to the bed, we were all naked, Joe’s cock and mine were already hard and Amanda’s nipples and Eileen’s nipples were both erect.

My father-in-law wasted no time in mounting his daughter-in-law and soon had his cock in her cunt and fucking her. It wasn’t long before he said he was going to cum and just as he was ready to cum, pulled his cock out and sprayed her tits and face with his cum. As soon as he finished cumming, my mom told me to fuck Carol…I wasted no time in slipping my cock in my wife’s cunt. I rammed my cock into her and in no time at all, I shot my cum into my wife’s cunt.

When I finished, Eileen and Amanda got along side Carol and as they kissed her and made out with her, they rubbed Joe’s cum all over her body and fed some into Carol’s eager mouth.

During the night, we all shared each other often. I don’t remember even falling asleep but when I woke up in the morning, Joe was on top of Carol, his semi hard cock resting on her leg. Eileen and my mom were cuddled together, their tits pressing against each other. I then grabbed my cell phone and took a couple of pictures.

Everyone was finally up and getting ready for breakfast and had to be back in the room by 9:15 for Amanda’s hair trimming.

By 9:00 we were back in the room waiting for Rachel. At 9:15 there was a knock on the door and I let Rachel in. I introduced her to everyone and we all exchanged pleasantries.

Rachel asked, “So, who is getting their hair trimmed?”

Amanda replied, “I am, Rachel…and you could trim me however you think it would look good on me.”

Rachel laughed and said, “I am guessing this is going to be a family affair…you ready Amanda?”

Amanda got up and led Rachel to the bedroom.

“What do you want me to do Rachel?”

“For starters, get undressed then lay on the bed.”

Amanda got undressed and laid on the bed.

“Now, I want you to spread your legs so I can get all your hair. When I get close to your cunt, spread your lips for me.”

We all watched closely…

“Amanda, I think you would look really sexy if you were completely smooth, like I did your daughter-in-law.”

“That’s fine. I think it would make me look younger too.”

Then Eileen said, “Rachel, maybe you can do me tomorrow in a private session?”

Rachel replied, “That could be arranged.”

Then Rachel started working on my mom. We watched as my mom spread her cunt lips and gave Rachel access to her cunt hairs. I noticed she slipped her fingers in mom’s cunt and I saw smiles on both their faces. Before we knew it, Amanda’s pussy was completely smooth.

When Rachel finished, she placed warm towels on Amanda’s pussy then some cream and she was done. My mom paraded around showing off her now smooth pussy.

We all relaxed in anticipation of our massages. At 10:30, there was a knock on the door & I let Olga & Derek in. I introduced everyone.

Carol then asked Derek, “I am curious on how you guys are going to give the 5 of our massages at the same time.”

Derek replied, “Olga & I will start out by giving each one of you ten minutes initially, then we will move from one to the other until you each have had the best personal massage of your life. We brought our two tables and three more are coming up. All 5 of you will now get naked.”

Just then the other 3 massage tables arrived. Derek & Olga set them up in the large living room so that each of us could see all of us getting massaged.

Finally, everything was set and the 5 of us got on the tables naked.

Olga said, “If everyone is ready, I will start on Joe & Derek will start on Amanda. Then, after 10 minutes, I will move over to another person & Derek will do the same. At any point, if you need immediate ‘special attention’ let us know and we will take care of that.”

Then Olga & Derek undressed and moved over to Joe & Amanda as we watched.

Olga then went over to Joe who was on his back. Derek went over to Amanda who was on her stomach.

We watched as Olga worked on my father. His cock was already hard and Olga gave it a great massage, rubbing her warm cream all over his cock, balls, chest and legs.

Joe was massaging his cream all over Amanda’s back and gently moved his hands down to her ass. She spread her legs and he started massaging her inner thighs…it was at that time he moved from her to Eileen who was on her back.

He wasted no time in massaging her tits and gently spread his cream over her erect nipples, then moved down to her trimmed pussy. We watched as she spread her legs, giving him access to her opening. By now his cock was rock hard and Eileen had a firm grasp on it as he continued massaging her pussy. We could see his fingers slipping in and out of her cunt.

Olga finally got to me and while I was on my back, with my cock hard, she bent over and slipped her mouth over my cock. As she did that I managed to play with her tits…

BY now Derek was massaging Carol and just went straight to massaging her pussy. As he massaged her, Carol managed to get her mouth on his cock and was giving him a blow job.

This went on for quite awhile when I said, “I think we all need special attention and should move this to the bedroom.”

We all got up and moved into the bedroom. I don’t remember the sequence of events but Joe fucked Olga & came in her cunt. I fucked my mom and sprayed her with my cum. Derek went from Carol to Eileen, fucking them both and shootinh his cum on their tits.

After a few minutes, Olga, Carol, Eileen & my mom were enjoying lesbian sex as Joe, Derek and myself were jerking off…as we were jerking off, I went over to Derek and started sucking his cock…then Joe started sucking my cock…before we knew it, we all shot our cum and were spent…the women finished each other off as their screams of orgasms filled the room.

Hours later, Olga & Derek left and the five of us relaxed from exhaustion.

It was now time for dinner. We all showered and dressed and by 7:00 we were in the dining room enjoying a fabulous meal with plenty of wine.

Two hours later, we were back in the room, got naked and relaxed with more wine. By this time I had to pee and made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t bother to close the door and as I was ready to pee, I felt a hand on my balls. I looked back and my mom had joined me. “Sorry son, but I just had the urge to pee with you.” “Then why don’t we go into the shower?” I said.

We moved to the large shower and got in. By this time we had an audience. As I looked around, I faced my mom and smiled, kissed her like a lover and started giving her a golden shower. She cupped my pee and rubbed it all over her tits and smooth pussy and my balls. She then spread her legs and I felt her streaming her pee on my legs, cock and balls. It was awhile before we finished.

As we exited the shower, Carol looked at my dad and said, “Joe, that looked good…I want to show your son what a slut he turned your daughter-in-law into. I want you to fuck my ass and pee in it.”

My father looked at me and I nodded an ok.

Then Carol got on all fours on the bathroom floor with my father behind her. He lubed up his cock and in a short time had his cock buried deep in his daughter-in-law’s ass. After a few thrusts, he said he was going to pee. Just then his pee was flowing out her asshole, as she looked at me. She was a sight to see. As pee was flowing out, my mom & Eileen were underneath her lapping up the pee from her ass.

After we all washed up & cleaned up, we retired to the bedroom. Carol said she wanted a threesome with me & my dad. Eileen & my mom sat in the love seat and watched as the two of us got on the bed with Carol in the middle. As my father and I felt up my wife she had her hands on our cocks. In rather short time, my dad got his cock in her cunt while Carol had her mouth wrapped around my cock. Soon, my father said he was going to cum. Carol told him not too and got on all fours with me underneath her. I slipped my cock in her cunt as she leaned forward…then my father got his cock in her ass and for the first time, Carol had two cocks in her at the same time.

My father & I got in synch fucking her and we both came in her at the same time, cum oozing out both her holes.

Eileen & my mom enjoyed each other and both had multiple orgasms.

We all fell asleep in a naked pile.

Carol woke up first on our last day at the spa. I remember waking up to my wife giving me a blow job as she was jerking her father-in-law off as he was still sleeping.

In a few minutes I shot my cum.in Carol’s mouth. In the meantime dad woke up and smiled as he came all over Carol’s hands.

Soon, everyone was up and getting ready to check out of the spa.

We all showered and got dressed. None of the women put on bras and the tops they wore clearly showed they didn’t.

We checked out and loaded ourselves into the 4×4 and headed home.

Carol said, “Same time and place, next year?”

There was a resounding “yes.”

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