Target Practice Ch. 2

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This is a continuation of my first posting, “Practice Date.”
While it is not necessary to read “Practice Date” first, I recommend you do. It will help with the character development.
Additionally, to those of you who left feedback, thank you very much, I was flattered.


While Saturday morning is the time I do yard work for Mrs. Webster, Friday afternoon is the time I try to do likewise around home. I attend a local college and don’t have the money for my own place, so I volunteer to do most of the dirty work around the house. I want my parents to think they should keep feeding me.

I had just put the last of the lawn tools away and was heading inside for a cool drink and a warm shower when the phone started to ring.


“Oh, good, it’s you. I was hoping you would answer.” It was Mrs. Webster.

“Hi. How are you?”

“Hot for you, but that’s not my immediate reason for calling. Do you have a minute, I want to ask a favor of you?”

“Sure, whatever you want.” I was pretty sure she knew I would do anything she asked.

“If you have nothing planed for tonight, would you be so kind as to join me for what may turn out to be some new territory?”

I immediately remembered her comment of last Saturday when she alluded to “new territory” as maybe being her shapely ass. My cock twitched.

“I’m all yours. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to be at my place at 9:00, tonight. Something like what you wore last week will be fine, and be sure to bring a pair of swimming trunks, baggies like last week, too. There is someone I want you to meet. See you tonight.” The line went dead and I returned the earpiece to its cradle. Almost immediately the phone rang again.


“I forgot to tell you, no jacking off before you arrive. Bye.” Click.

I looked at my watch, 6:30. Only two and one half-hours of not jacking off, I wondered if I could make it.

I did make it, and I knocked on Mrs. Webster’s door ant exactly 9:00 PM.

She opened the door within moments, reached out with her hand and pulled me inside and embraced me, pushing her great tits into my chest and kissing me full on the mouth.

“I’ve missed you, Bobby. My pussy’s missed you, too.”

“I am truly thankful for that,” I responded, my lips barely touching hers.

“Now, what are you here for? I know you want to know. All I can tell you is that a teacher friend of mine is here, and I thought she might like to meet you. I’ve told her we have a more than casual friendship, but no other details. If the two of you get along, well, we’ll see. Now let me introduce you to her. She’s, out by the pool.”

When we got to the pool, Paula made the introductions, “Helen, this is my very good friend, Bob. Bob, this is my very good friend Helen, we teach at the same school.”

“Helen, I am very happy to meet you. Paula has told me absolutely nothing about you.”

“Wise ass,” muttered Paula, and Helen smiled.

Now, let me tell you, Paula was a babe, I knew that both from close observation during the years I had been doing yard work for her, and from some very close personal contact last Saturday evening. At first glance, Helen was just as attractive. She had light brown hair, a beautiful face and even sitting in the patio chair it was easy to tell she had a real nice figure. She was obviously older than Paula, but how much I really couldn’t say.

“There are chips and dip on the table, sodas too, if you want anything. We were waiting for you and then we thought we would have a little swim. What do you say?”

“Great. I’ll change into my suit and be right out.”

When I returned to the pool, both Paula and Helen were in the water, their shorts and blouses folded over the backs of their chairs. They were sitting on the middle step and the water came to their waists. Two beautiful women, four large boobs, and the promise of two fine asses awaited me. I took three quick steps and dove into the deep end. It was the only way I could conceal my rapidly growing cock.

We talked, laughed, told jokes and generally kidded around for about 15 minutes during which time the women only got wet to their shoulders, being careful to keep their hair dry.

I was wondering about that, when Paula said to Helen, “So, what do you think, do you want to move on to phase two?”

“I’m really nervous, but Bob does seem like a nice young man, just as you said. And, I am determined to move on to sometime, so it might as well be phase two.”

Paula said to Helen, “Great, I am delighted for you. I’m sure you won’t regret your decision.”

Then to both of us, “Let’s dry off a little, and I’ll give Bob the background and then tell you both what I have in mind for the rest of the evening.”

With large beach towels wrapped around us, and seated at the backyard picnic table, Paula presented her plans for the evening.

“Bob, I told Helen about last Saturday evening. Not in any great detail, but enough.”
My eyes çekmeköy escort went straight to Helen’s and I am sure she was blushing as much as I was.

Paula continued, “Helen was divorced five years ago, and has not had so much as a date since then. If that were not bad enough, she was raised in a very religious family and married a very religious, unimaginative man. For them, sex was only for babies, not for fun or pleasure. She and I have talked about this in great detail over the past few months and she wants to, how should I say this, expand her horizons. After our relationship changed last week, I presented her with the idea of the three of us getting together and she agreed to meet you. Now that she has meet you, she has agreed to move forward with her, let’s call it, education. Helen, do you have anything you want to add?”

“Oh, Lord, I am so nervous and embarrassed,” her voice was almost a whisper. “But I am resolved, and I trust Paula, and, Bob, I want you to promise you will never tell anyone about this, do you promise?”

“Yes, I do. Actually, Paula and I never talked about it, but I have no intentions of talking about us, either.”

Paula interjected, “I never doubted you for an instant, but thank you.”

“OK,” continued Helen, “All this is so new to me, I can’t even begin to tell you how scared I am. All my life I have been told sex was dirty and men were evil, and don’t let them touch you except for your “wifely” duty and all kinds of crap like that. Can I say crap?”

Paula and I nodded.

“Now, here I am at the ripe old age of 43 and I see my life going down the toilet and I want to have some fun but I don’t know how. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had men ask me out, but they are older, and undoubtedly experienced and that terrifies me. What am I to do, act frigid and refuse intimacy, or accept their advances and then not know what to do, other then lay on my back and spread my legs? I’m sure any man, other than that “ex” of mine, would expect a woman to do something, and I would be too afraid, worrying that I might make a fool of myself. It’s humiliating! I want it to end! So there.”

Paula looked at me and asked, “Are you all right with this?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, yes I am. I know how she feels, or at least a little bit about how she feels and, well, yes.” I really couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“All right,” exclaimed Paula. “Now you two can stay here and chat for a few minutes, I have to do a little creative writing. Now while you’re talking, don’t forget that you two are going to have sex together tonight. ” And with a huge grin on her face, she left me alone with Helen.

Talk about your pregnant silence. Finally Helen said, “She sure has a way about her, doesn’t she?”

“A way I really like,” I said. “Do you know what is going to happen next?”

“No, all we agreed to was that if I liked you, and if I then wanted to try some new things, she would take the lead and I would only have to do what I was told. She said it would be easier that way, and so far she is right about that.”

“I have a policy of complete honesty with Paula. I decided last week that if she was going to share herself with me, she deserved to know my real feelings and emotions. We agreed to total honesty between us. I want to have the same starting point with you, do you mind?

“No I don’t mind. I think it’s great and I think all the more of you for putting your cards on the table, as they say.”

“Then let me say that I think you are a really beautiful woman. When Paula called this afternoon and said she wanted me to meet a friend of hers and my mind immediately started going a million miles an hour. I had all kinds of fantasies. Would you be young, old, good looking, ugly, nice, mean, you know, all of that. Now that I know you a little, I just want to say I think you are as nice as you are attractive, and I think you are really, really, good looking. My cock’s been hard almost every minute since I got here.”

“Wow, I like your honesty. I would not have believed I could be attractive to such a good-looking young man as you. I think I am going to have a much better time tonight than I originally thought. Thank you.”
‘OK you two, I’m ready. Bob, you can shower in the guest bath. I laid out what I think you didn’t bring. When you’re ready, we’ll see you in the living room. Helen, you and I will change in my room.”

“Change? Change into what? All I have is my shorts and blouse. I wore the swim suit under them.”

“No, you have some other things here, too. I went shopping for you on the way home this afternoon. I knew that after you met Bob you would want to continue. You’ll love the items I picked out for you. Come on, where’re wasting time.”

I cleaned up quickly and was waiting in the living room when I heard Helen shriek from the bedroom, “You don’t expect me to wear that, do you?

That was promising.

About twenty minutes later the women entered the living room and I let out an audible cevizli escort gasp. Paula was dressed in a sexy short, red, skirt and an almost see through white, silk blouse with the hint of a red bra beneath. Her legs were, once again, encased in stockings, but this time they were red instead of black. She wore red high-heeled pumps. She looked better than last week, and that was saying a lot.

Helen looked like the fairy queen. She wore a knee length, pale blue silk dress that flowed with her body like a soft breeze. The skirt was loose and flowing while the bodice looked like a second skin. Her breasts looked so inviting. Helen, too, wore stockings, black to match her shoes. I wondered how Paula could have found clothes that fit so perfectly.

I stood as they entered and simply said, “Wow.” I felt my cock rise to meet them.

“Glad you like,” said Paula. “What do you think of Helen?”

“This is going to be better than I thought, and I though it was going to be great. What’s next?

“We are going to play strip poker,” stated Paula, “but with special rules. Bob, please move three of the dining room chairs into the center of the living room. Move whatever you need to move to make room, then set up two of the wood TV tables. I am going to put a quilt on the table.”

Chairs arranged so that they faced toward the center of a triangle, quilt in place on the dining room table, (for what I could not imagine) we sat down and looked at Paula.

She moved one of the TV tables to the center of the triangle formed by the chairs, and put the other one to the side of, and behind, her chair. Then she put a deck of cards on the center table and about seven or eight 3X5 cards on the other one.

‘Now,” she said, “here are the rules: One, regular rules of poker. Two, low hand looses an article of clothing and then performs a sexually related behavior for the person holding the winning hand. There is no time limit on the performance, it lasts till it’s obviously over. Three, the person with the middle hand decides which article of clothing is removed, and what behavior is to be performed. Four, since neither Helen nor I are homosexual, when Bob is the middle man, he can select which article of clothing the low hand removes, but the behavior will be based on the appropriate card from that pile. That was the creative writing I was doing while you two chatted by the pool. Any questions?”

“What if we don’t want to do what is asked?” This was Helen.

Paula responded, “No one has to do anything they don’t want to do. I want us to have fun, good clean sexy fun, so if anyone feels they are pushed, just say so and we will change the behavior. Also, if anyone wants to stop the game at any time, just say so.”

Helen nodded agreement and said, “OK, let’s play.”

As Paula dealt the first hand, five card draw, I asked Helen, “What was that comment about ‘You don’t expect me to wear that,’ I heard from the bedroom?”

“Just you never mind. I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.” She was red faced, but grinning broadly. I was glad to see she was really getting into this new behavior thing. Hell, I was the one who would benefit most. Two beautiful sexy ladies, and just me in the middle. I couldn’t believe it. I starting thinking about what I could do to thank Paula.

Paula was low and Helen was high on the first hand. I grinned a devilish grin and told Paula I thought she should loose the blouse.

She smiled, stood, and slowly removed the garment. After tossing it on the easy chair, she did a twirl for us both and then reached for the pile of 3X5 cards.

“I was hoping this would happen early in the game. The first card is ‘Introductory Grope’.” Helen, you and I put Bob in an all girl sandwich and we are all allowed to get acquainted with each other’s bodies. However, not touching any of the sexual places, that’s tits, pussies, asses, or cocks. Everything in it’s own time.”

I stood and the women sandwiched me between them. This was good duty. I faced toward Helen so she was in front of me and I put my arms around her waist as she pressed her body into me. She felt wonderful. She was slightly hesitant at the beginning and leaned back slightly so as not to press her boobs into my chest, but she quickly got with the program and leaned in close. I guess she decided to follow her own advice and experience some new behaviors.

I bent my head and kissed her. First on the cheek, then on the neck, and then on the mouth. She met my kiss with more passion than I expected and I brushed my tongue against her lips. To my surprise she met my tongue with hers, and we explored each other’s mouths.

Paula wasted no time behind me. She ground her tits into my back and ran her hands up and down my sides. I could feel her grinding her pelvis into the cheeks of my ass.

After Helen and I broke the kiss I just looked at her and ran my hands down her sides, under her breasts, and across her stomach. From there they traveled to her hips and as far erenköy escort down the sides of her legs as I could reach.
The feeling was exquisite. The silk of her dress allowed me to feel the garter belt and stockings she was wearing. My anticipation and my cock grew in reaction to this knowledge and I pushed my crotch into hers.

She sighed and put her head against my chest while I moved my hands up the front of her thighs, coming as close to her pussy as I thought I could, given the limitations Paula placed on this round.

We were all breathing heavily when I said, “Let’s play another hand.”

Helen laughed as she pulled away, “You just want to get me out of this dress.”

“How could you tell?”

“I think that bulge in your pants is what gave me the clue.”

Paula laughed and said, “Good for you, Helen, I am glad to see you are getting the feel of this. Your deal.”

This time I ended up with the low hand and Helen was high. I just knew Paula would have me out of my pants in short order. I was right.

“Bob, would you be so kind as to remove your pants, and your socks and shoes, too, as they aren’t part of your clothing count. When you’re ready, I want you to dance for Helen. She can touch you if she wants, but you can’t touch her.”

Oh, boy. I knew that if Paula kept winning I would be naked in no time. As I thought about it, I knew I would be naked in no time no matter what. The only other items I had left were my shirt and boxers.

And it was in exactly shirt and boxers that I stood in front of Helen and started my dance. Now, I had never done anything like this before, so I was a little slow on the upbeat. I did a few twirls, and then got what I thought was a bright idea.

I moved up close to Helen and straddled her chair. In this position I was squatting enough to have my crotch, with my very tented boxers, brushing against her thighs. I griped her chair back for balance, and slid across her thighs till my cock was pressing against her stomach.

She gasped, but otherwise just sat there. Paula said, “Remember, you’re allowed to touch.”

Taking the hint, Helen embraced me and pulled me even closer, pressing my cock against her

She looked into my eyes and said, “I like this game.”

She then ran her hands up and down my back and then went to my legs. She caressed my thighs, reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks, then brought her hands back to my stomach, and pushed me away so that I was again standing in front of her, still tented like a horny kid, which I was.

Looking intently at the bulge in my boxers, Helen slowly moved her hands toward my covered cock. “Tell me if this hurts, or if I don’t do it right.”

She then took hold of my cock through the material of my shorts. She pushed my member up so that she could stroke the underside with one hand and play with the head with the other, rubbing it between her thumb and two forefingers. She looked at me questioningly.

“You’re doing just fine,” I said. There was lust in my voice and knowing that mine was the first cock she had ever touched, just for fun anyway, made me all the more excited. I leaned into her touch.

“Are you close?”


“Earth to Bob,” it was Paula, “are you close to cumming?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Then this session is over.”

Helen released my cock with a sigh, and I withdrew with a sigh.

I looked at Paula and said, “You should have let me beat-off before I came over here.”

“You’re right, I should have, but I thought if Helen decided not to stay I would have just that much more cum for me.”

“You two are so nasty, all this talk of cum and beating off. What’s a sweet, innocent girl like me to think?”

“Think of cum and beating off,” said Paula, “and maybe not just Bob.”

To her credit, Helen just smiled and said, “Let’s play.”

This time Helen was low and I was high.

“Loose the dress, sweetie, and give Bob the same kind of dance that he gave you,” said Paula using a very sexy, sultry voice. “Bob, you can touch, but only bare skin and stockings.”

Helen rose and stood in front of me. She looked a little stressed, but said in a calm voice, “Will you please undo the back of my dress?”

I stood, unhooked the clasp at her neck and then started to lower the zipper. When I got it about half way down she said, “I’ll handle it from here.”

And she did. Moving slowly back and forth she maintained eye contact with me and said, “I hope you like this.” With that she cupped her breasts and squeezed them a little. Then she reached down and grabbed a handful of skirt in each hand and slowly lifted the material till it was almost to her crotch. I leaned forward to get closer to her and literally ogled her long, shapely legs. She took a step back to keep the distance between us and wiggled her shoulders causing the top of her dress to fall to her breasts. Leaning forward and showing a lot of cleavage, she said, “Are you ready?”

My eyes moved from her tits to her eyes and back. I nodded.

In one fluid motion she stood, wiggled, and released. The dress dropped to the carpet, pooling at her feet. Stepping back and out of the dress she gave me the classic “bathing beauty” pose and said, “Am I what you hoped for?”

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