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The sun hadn’t yet glanced over the dark horizon when she woke, although the night sky had begun to lighten by immeasurable degrees. The trees outside her windows were cast in dark relief against the blue-gray background, and she could just barely make out the mountains off in the distance.

She was curled on her side and she stretched, her back arching, legs straightening as she pushed her arms over her head. One hand slid along his rough jaw, her fingers encountering morning stubble. She stayed a minute to rasp it against her soft palm, savoring the sensation. She was about to lower her hand when he caught it in his and pressed a soft kiss to it, his tongue darting out to slide between her fingers. She giggled and wriggled back against him. With a low growl he slid his hand over the silky skin of her belly, and she arched again, grinding her ass against his groin.

She laughed when she encountered his hardening cock, a low, sultry, husky, completely feminine sound, more seductive than anything he’d ever heard. His hand slid lower along her abdomen until his fingers were resting on her mound. He felt her tremble as his fingertips danced along her skin and he slid one lower, dipping between her lips to flutter against her clit.

She whimpered, wrapping one leg back around his, opening herself maltepe escort to his caress. His fingers slid easily through the wetness coating her slit, dipping and teasing as she ground back against him, his cock nestled firmly against her ass. She reached back, wrapping her cool fingers around his thick shaft, stroking slowly from base to tip until he was thrusting into her hand. She shivered as his lips danced across the sensitive skin on the back of her neck, and she let her head fall forward as he kissed and sucked, his fingers still circling the bundle of nerves hidden between her lush thighs.

He groaned, sliding his fingers down to tease the entrance to her tight pussy, easily sliding two of them into her depths. He thrust harder into the snug grip of her hand as he felt her wet flesh wrap around his fingers, taking them deep and clenching around them as her hips arched. He hooked them in her, rubbing gently across that spot that drove her wild, and he grinned as she cried out. He slid his fingers from her and put his hand to her lips. He growled low in his throat as she sucked them into her mouth, licking her juices off of them, her tongue wrapping around his fingertips.

She opened her legs a bit wider, and slid his cock down until it was resting against pendik escort her pussy lips. She bit her lip as he slid easily against her, the head of his cock gliding across her aching clit. She reached behind her, her hand finding his hip as he thrust against her, the exquisite friction making her gasp. Her pussy clenched, wanting something to fill the emptiness inside her, but his cock continued gliding across the little nub above, driving her wild. “Please,” she whispered.

He grinned, his lips once again finding the skin of her neck, kissing and suckling as his cock slid back, then pushed firmly against the tight entrance of her dripping pussy. They both caught their breath as he slid easily into her, burying his cock in her snug depths one inch at a time. His groin came to rest against her ass and she cried out softly, her pussy wrapping tightly around his throbbing cock. He flexed in her, but didn’t move, delighting in the sensation of her hot wet flesh clasping his hardness. He could feel her pulsing around him as his cock throbbed, buried deep in her.

She whimpered, moving her hips back and forth along the length of his shaft, his head stroking against her walls as she slid along his cock. She felt his hand slide along her belly as she rode him, holding kaynarca escort her tight to him. She felt more than heard him growl as he began to thrust into her, driving his cock even deeper inside her. She clenched around him, meeting every thrust and swallowing the length of his cock with her snug pussy. She moaned his name, holding onto his hip as he buried his cock in her. Her hips and back arched, taking him as deep as possible.

He thrust harder and faster, feeling her contract tightly around him. She began whimpering continuously, and he buried his cock deep on every stroke, wanting to feel her wet flesh rippling around him. He held her tight against him, driving firmly into her as he slid his hand down to feather a finger against her clit. His fingers slid easily against her, and he rubbed gently, loving how her fingers dug into his hip with each pass over the aching bundle of nerves. He felt her pussy tighten as her body tensed and he grinned fiercely, his cock slamming into her as she came, causing her tight sheath to spasm around the throbbing thickness of his cock. He went wild, burying his cock in her pussy as it rippled around his cock, milking the hard flesh. He held her tightly to him as he came, his cock pulsing in her as she pulsed around him. He growled, feeling her take every last drop into her depths.

She grinned, arching her back as his hand drew lazy circles over her stomach. She felt him deep in her, softening by degrees as she snuggled back against his hard warmth. They fell asleep as the sun’s first rays burst into the room, bathing it in a soft glow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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