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Summer of 2000 Page 2A few days later. I received a call from you. I was still in bed. You wanted me to come meet someone from your job. So I put on my short and a tee shirt and came over. When I came up your driveway there was a strange car parked in front. There was a Gold BMW that shine in the sunlight. When I came to the door , I heard you say “come into the den”. Once I did walking to the den I heard you laughing with a stranger. When I walked closer everything became quiet.”I would like you to me my boss from work. Her name is Aleene. Everyone calls her Al. “Hello Al” I said. She said “hello”. I said “what are you ladies talking about”. Both of you turned to each other and laughed. Then I thought you were talking about me !!! Then Al said “come on over we will not bit”. So I came closer to where you and Al was seating. Al was captivating. She had long red hair that went down half the way down her back. She was wearing a low cut bouse that almost could not contain her large breast. One could get lost in her eyes. I thought how good would it be to make Al scream “Ohhhh La La”. Then you said that you needed help settling a bet. “About what” I said. You continued ” Would men have sex with a younger or older woman”. After a minute or two I said “there are advantages either way. Younger woman have more life and energy while a older woman know what tempobet yeni giriş she wants and how to get it”. “Ok if that is true come with me” Al said.Al took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. She pulled down my shorts and ordered, “let me see this dick you have. I want to see it now !” She laid me down on my back and started to stroke my dick. My dick grew and grew bigger and bigger it became. Al could not believe how big it grew. Then Laura came in and said ” you are in for a treat”. You took off your housecoat to display your exquisite body. Then Al became nude. The first thing I saw was Al’s perfectly rounded dark areolas at the end of her full breast. Two nude ladies and all for me to enjoy I thought.Al was in her later 40’s or early 50’s, 5’5″ tall, 50-38-44 44DD about 225 lbs. Both you and Al had well sculpted, sexual irresistible bodies. Then Laura asked me to lay down and enjoin how two sexually starved white women can make a black man feel. Then Laura laid down on my left and Al on my right. After a quick kiss you both went for my tits. I felt both of your’s mouth, tongue and teeth playing and sucking it. I slid my hands so that I could feel and play with your breast while you have minds between your teeth. Then you got on top of me and slide your clit over my dick and rode it. And rode you did. Meanwhile Al was tempobet giriş at my face and I was licking her clit. Then after a while you changed position with her. I had a chance to have sex “doggie style” with you. While Al was sucking your tits. Then I had sex “doggie style” with Al. While you sucked Al’s tits. OH what a feeling. We three spent the rest of the day there in the king size bed. When it was time to go, Al asked for my phone # and email address. I gave it to her. She gave me a piece of paper. I looked at the paper, it had her phone number and email address on it with a note “I’ll call you soon”.Several days later my phone rang, it was Al. She wanted to see me so she gave direction to her house. Al told me that she will be looking for me and when I arrive she will open the garage door. So that I can park my car in the garage. She lived in a clamorous subdivision in the next town. Her house was next to a man made lake. I have not been in this part of the county in a long time. I felt kind of apprehensive because I know I was in it a white part of the town. There were no black faces anywhere. I thought that why should she want to see me. What do I have that Al could not get somewhere else. I nearly turned about to head home when Al and mine eyes caught each other. Pulling into her driveway the garage door open and I drive tempobet güvenilirmi into the garage. Feeling unsure what would happen next. On the driveway was the BMW. I thought that Al must be an elegance woman. What in the world could this black man give a lady of class who lives in a house like this ???? Al open the door to the house and said come on in. After a tour of the house and grounds. Everything about her property was impeccable. Al went into the bedroom. When she came out we sat in the den Al has on a housecoat. Then she said “let us talk for a bit” as she padded next to her.Al knew what she wants and how exactly get it. She had to be this way because she owns her own company. I would like to have her as my boss. Her wish would become my command before, during and especially after hours!!She saw that I was nervous. I said that “I was out of my league. That I have never been in a house like this. Everything was so impeccable. I do not want to touch anything for it might break.” Al said “Thank you but you do not need to feel awkward. You are here because I invited you”. Just then she reached for me and gave me a warm hug. Her hugs was as soft as cotton, I could feel them melt away my fears. I wanted to continue forever. She felt so delicate in my arms.Then Al told she will be leaving for a few days vacation in New Orleans. Al asked me to go as her chaperon. That I came very highly recommend for this special task. She wanted to share it with me. Al said with a smile, “you will have a good time, I promise.” At that I said “yes, I will be delighted to go”. “Wonderful we leave by private plane on next Thursday.

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