Sudden Fantasies Fulfilled

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It happened suddenly and entirely without warning. One moment she was completely focused on the debate they were having about the future of North Korea, and the next she was idly wondering what his hands would feel like wrapped around her waist and whether those freckled arms would have the strength to lift her off the floor as he fucked her against a wall.

Amanda blinked a few times, trying to clear her head without giving away the images that were intruding into her thoughts. They were seated around the coffee table in Kate’s living room, chatting over a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Amanda wasn’t playing; she was sitting in one corner of the couch with her bare feet tucked under the sweeping skirt of the dress she’d worn to the party. The men were seated around the far half of the coffee table, occupying the other portion of the L-shaped couch, two chairs, and the floor. Daniel was directly across from her, perched on the edge of his chair, alternating between hypotheses about the circumstances that would be needed for a regime change in the isolated Asian dictatorship and snarky comments about the cards he held.

As she watched him, Daniel continually deconstructed and reconstructed a pile of about 10 chips with one hand as the other players made their bets. Amanda was gathering herself to make a point about the power of the North Korean military leaders when she was arrested by another distracting mental flash, this time a visualization of Daniel’s lips and tongue against the intersection of her neck and shoulder as his hand wandered up her inner thigh toward her rapidly-moistening sex. Her argument died in her throat as it suddenly went dry.

She licked her lips in an effort to stave off the sudden desert that had overtaken her mouth. All of the moisture had apparently migrated directly south, as she could feel herself starting to dampen the pair of satin panties she was wearing. Giving up rejoining the conversation for the moment, as the men had finished betting on their hole cards and were avidly considering the three that constituted the flop, Amanda studied the man who had so unexpectedly drawn her attention in such a dramatic way.

She had always liked Daniel Hartford, appreciating both his intelligence and his wry sense of humor. He was a programmer, and she had just enough experience of her own in that discipline that they could talk about his work without her feeling like a complete idiot. She found his green eyes, the smattering of freckles splashed across his cheeks, and the boyish smile he inevitably wore while destroying opponents in whatever game they were playing all very attractive – all of that was nothing new. But she had never before looked at him and felt the intense desire that was painting a flush across her cheekbones and spreading warmth through her lower abdomen.

She was not, she thought wryly to herself, really his type. He tended to hook up, rather than date, and his hook-ups were generally tall and thin, and they were often blondes who were only slightly smarter than your average box of rocks. She, on the other hand, was just shy of five foot five, had dark brown hair that brushed her collarbones, and had a very round rear end to go with the generous hips that flared out from beneath her small waist. Hooking up was not really Amanda’s style, and she definitely thought that she could give Daniel a run for his money intellectually. No, she was certainly not his type. Why then, was she, after being friends with him for almost five years, suddenly overcome with the desire to rip open the button-down shirt he was wearing and run her hands all over him? It was inexplicable and, quite frankly, idiotic.

Amanda suddenly realized she’d been staring at him for the better part of several minutes. Her gaze left the cuffs of his rolled-up sleeves and the forearms whose freckles she had been contemplating earlier and settled, seemingly of its own accord, on Daniel’s face. She was startled to find his eyes gazing back at hers, his mouth quirked to one side, with a somewhat quizzical expression on his face. She tore her eyes away, fearing that somehow she had revealed to him every dirty image in her head, including the one that even now, was searing itself into her mind’s eye – Daniel, kneeling on the floor with one of her legs thrown over his shoulder, hungrily devouring her clit as he slowly thrust two fingers in and out of her. She fought to keep her breathing under control as she clenched the hemline of her dress with one hand and smoothed her hair behind her ear with the other. She scolded herself for being so easily flustered and made up her mind to focus her thoughts back on the game that was being played.

As she looked around the table, she could see that Daniel had the largest pile of chips in front of him, followed by Brian who was sitting next to him with a slightly smaller stack. All but Daniel and Brian folded, muttering about lousy cards, and the two men faced off over the four cards already dealt face up. Amanda hadn’t been paying attention to the bostancı escort bayan earlier betting, so she didn’t know who was in a stronger position. Brian appeared to be contemplating his bet while Daniel waited, so she guessed it had been he. Her attention was drawn to Daniel’s restless movement of his chips, and her focus drifted back up to his mouth, which was still smirking, to his nose, which had its own dusting of freckles across the bridge, and finally to those green, green eyes which were – damn it! – definitely smiling directly at her.

Amanda felt hot all over. Why was he smiling? Had her thoughts been written so obviously across her face? Was there something in her teeth or in another equally embarrassing place that was causing him amusement? She didn’t know, but she had to extract herself from the situation before she exploded. She rose to her feet and excused herself to the bathroom.

Her walk to the bathroom took her around the side of the coffee table and behind the chair where Daniel was sitting. As Brian scooped up the chips that he had obviously won from the hand that had just finished, and the other men at the table congratulated him for making such a big dent in Daniel’s stack, Daniel twisted around in his chair and gently grabbed Amanda by the wrist, enveloping nearly half the length of her forearm in his large hand. She stopped short, taken aback.

“Hey,” he said, giving her the same lopsided grin that he so often used to turn on the charm for hot girls at the bars their group of friends usually frequented, “could you grab me another Corona on your way back?”

“Sure,” she replied, silently congratulating herself on not allowing the pounding of her heart to betray itself by making her voice tremble, “no problem.”

As he released her arm, Amanda could swear she felt every nerve ending tingle as he slowly dragged his index finger down the inside of her wrist and to the center of her palm before he said, “thanks,” and drew his hand back entirely and turned to face the coffee table once again.

Amanda forced herself not to sprint down the hallway as she headed for the bathroom. It was, distressingly, closed, indicating that someone else was already there. She wiped damp palms against the fabric at her hips and tried to calm her racing heartbeat by taking deep breaths. In and out…in and out…she met with only marginal success, but it was progress. She tried to think rationally. What the hell was going on? Had Daniel been flirting with her? They didn’t really have that kind of friendship. They weren’t even particularly touchy or affectionate – not usually, anyway. Amanda breathed a sigh of relief as the bathroom door opened.

“Sorry,” said Kate as she exited, “didn’t mean to hold you up – Sherlock got in after me, and I had to corral him before I could leave.” By way of illustration, she held up the squirming bundle of black and white fur that was her cat.

“No worries,” Amanda began, trailing off as her friend disappeared back down the hallway toward the living room, “it’s fine…”

She hurried into the bathroom, pushing the door behind her. She put both hands on the edge of the vanity and stared into the bowl of the sink, still trying to focus on steadying her breathing. She had just gotten herself back into what felt like a regular rhythm when she heard the unmistakable “click” of the door closing and locking automatically. She lifted her head and, as she looked into the mirror, felt her heart leap into her throat as her eyes met Daniel’s vibrant green ones.

She whirled to face him and found herself pinned against the edge of the bathroom counter, their bodies not quite touching, his hands resting just outside hers on the corners of the vanity. He was a good deal taller than she was, and she had to tilt her head back to meet his eyes. She could feel her pulse racing as she gazed up at him. Did she trust herself to speak?

“What are you doing?” Her voice was a hoarse whisper. She was using every ounce of her self-control to stop herself from touching him, from acting on the wild fantasies filling her head, from ducking under his arm and dashing out the door, from spontaneously combusting due to the heat spreading outward from her core.

“You were watching me.” It wasn’t a question. “You were thinking about me.”

She started to deny it. “No, I was just…”

He cut her off. “Do you know how I know that you were watching me and thinking about me?”

She shook her head wordlessly.

“Because I was watching you and thinking about you. Because I can’t stop myself from watching you and thinking about you. Because every time I’m around you I think I’ll go crazy hoping that I’ll look at you and find you looking back. And I finally did.”

She looked at him, half skeptically and half hopefully, wanting to believe him but finding it hard to reconcile what Daniel was saying with her own insecurities and her knowledge of his dating history.

And suddenly, with blinding clarity, Amanda ümraniye escort saw it. She saw that his pupils were dilated so that there was barely any green visible at all, that his breathing was just as shallow as hers, that his arms were tensed beside her to the point of trembling, and, finally, most excitingly and most terrifyingly, that through his jeans he was visibly hard.

She felt a rush of wetness between her legs, and a thrill of feminine power drew a slow smile across her face. He wanted her. The signs were unmistakable. She reached a hand up towards his face and ran one finger along the five o’clock shadow that roughened his jaw line.

“Do you want to know what I was thinking?”

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple moving jerkily beneath the skin of his throat. He gripped the counter harder as if to prevent himself from touching her.

“Tell me.”

She paused for a moment, trying to figure out how far she wanted to take this, and then decided to throw caution to the winds and go for broke.

“I was thinking,” she said, trailing her finger down along his neck where his pulse was throbbing rapidly, “about you fucking me,” her finger continued its journey down the line of buttons of his shirt, “up against the wall,” her hand reached the end of the line and pressed firmly against the bulge at the front of his jeans, “until neither of us could stand, let alone walk.”

He made a strangled sound in his throat, and whatever control he had been exerting over himself utterly broke. One of his hands came up to the back of her neck and tangled itself in her hair as he crushed his mouth to hers, swallowing the moans that escaped her lips as the other hand cupped the curve of her bum and pressed their bodies together.

Oh. My. God. She thought wildly as she gripped the fabric of his shirtfront with both hands. It was becoming difficult to think at all as he nipped at her mouth and their tongues danced around one another. Daniel was now moving his hand up and down the side of her waist, occasionally brushing the curve of her breast with his thumb and drawing little shuddering gasps from her. Everything felt so good.

The hand that had been in her hair came down to the other side of her waist, and with a slight grunt of exertion he lifted her off the floor and set her on the edge of the vanity, settling himself in between her legs, pressing his jean-covered erection against the damp satin of her panties as the front of her dress hitched up between them. One hand splayed against her back, supporting her, as the other resumed its exploration of her breast through the fabric of her dress and bra, growing bolder by the moment until it closed around her hardened nipple and gently pinched.

Amanda’s sharp inhale tore their lips apart for a moment. Daniel took the opportunity to move his mouth to the side of her neck, swirling his tongue around the pulse point there with an intensity that went straight to her core. Amanda could feel herself melting into a pool of boneless sensation and decided that she was giving him too much of the upper hand.

She pushed against his chest with both hands, just hard enough to disconnect both his mouth and his hands from her body. He had only a moment to look confused and concerned before her hands descended to his belt and began to unbuckle it.

She had barely begun when Daniel halted her progress by catching both of her wrists in his left hand and, with the other, tipping her chin back up to look him in the eyes. She could feel the tension that gripped his entire frame in the pressure of his hands on her.

“If you do that,” he managed through gritted teeth, “I’m not going to be able to stop myself.”

Amanda allowed a mischievous smile to spread across her face, eyes shining with triumph and desire. “Good,” she said simply, and, pulling both of her hands free of his grip, she renewed her attack on his belt.

Daniel responded by dropping his head to her shoulder and devoting the same frantic attention to the opposite side of her neck, returning his hands to their earlier positions in her hair and on her waist.

Despite the distraction, she succeeded, finally, in undoing the belt as well as the button beneath it, and she was able to ease the zipper down over the bulge that was pressed against it. She wrapped one hand around his length through the soft cotton of his boxer briefs and gently squeezed.

Daniel tensed, pausing in his ministrations to her neck, and groaned quietly. Then, as if seized by the same defiant impulse that had prompted Amanda to take control of the situation earlier, he reached his right hand between them and cupped it against the heat between her thighs. She sighed, dropping her forehead to his chest, and used all of her rapidly dwindling concentration to slip her hand inside his underwear and slide it up and down the rigid, silken shaft.

Daniel hissed his appreciation of her actions into her shoulder and pulled his mouth back up to slant it over hers, his tongue escort kartal demanding entrance. At the same time, he pushed aside the strip of satin covering her sex and plunged two fingers inside of her.

Amanda would later reflect that it was a damn good thing he had kissed her, because she was sure that otherwise her moans would have been audible to the entire party.

She twitched her hips toward his hand and clenched her muscles around his fingers, barely retaining enough presence of mind to keep dragging her hand along the length of Daniel’s cock, twisting her wrist slightly to create a corkscrewing motion.

They were moving together now, each with one hand clinging to the other for stability, as they stroked one another to new heights of fevered passion. Daniel began using his thumb to make little circles against her clit as he continued to thrust those two fingers in and out of her. Amanda tightened her grip on him and began to pump up and down in time with his movements.

Daniel’s kisses were becoming increasingly frantic, and Amanda could feel herself just starting to tip over the edge into ecstasy, when suddenly someone rapped sharply on the door and called, “Amanda, are you okay?”

It was like being doused in cold water. They broke apart instantly, gasping for air. They hurriedly withdrew their hands and looked nervously at one another.

Suddenly Amanda had a flash of inspiration. She replied weakly, “No, I’m not really feeling well, but Daniel’s in here holding my hair back while I puke. Just a second.”

Daniel, who was quickly refastening his pants, mouthed “good idea” as Amanda slid carefully off the edge of the counter. She flushed the toilet and sagged against him, wrapping an arm around his waist. Daniel checked to make sure he was all zipped up before reaching for the knob and opening the door to a worried-looking Kate.

“Sorry you’re not feeling so hot,” Kate murmured with concern. “Wow, you look really flushed.”

Amanda nodded faintly. “Yeah, I guess I had one too many,” she replied.

Kate shook her head. “We should’ve made you drink more water.”

Daniel hitched his arm a little higher around Amanda’s ribcage, taking more of her weight onto him, before agreeing, “she definitely did not have enough water to keep up with her drinks.”

Amanda smiled ruefully at them both, shaking her head as she admitted that she hadn’t had more than one glass of water. She sighed heavily, “I should probably go home and lie down.”

Kate looked from one of them to the other, biting her lip anxiously. “Daniel,” she asked hesitantly, “do you think you could take Amanda home? I can’t really leave my own party, and she obviously shouldn’t drive.”

Daniel gave a little shrug. “Sure. I just lost all my chips anyway, so the guys are going to finish playing without me. I’ll be glad to take her home.”

Amanda looked up at him gratefully through her lashes, willing her features to remain calm as she smiled. “Thanks Daniel. You’ve been so nice…I really appreciate it.”

Kate looked relieved, and, having resolved the situation to her satisfaction, led them back down the hallway to the entryway of her apartment. They put their shoes back on, made their goodbyes and walked slowly out the door, Amanda still leaning against Daniel’s side.

They made it all the way down the breezeway and around the corner before Amanda couldn’t take it any more. She stopped walking and pulled away to face him.

“So, are we—” She didn’t get any farther than that before Daniel’s lips came crashing down on hers. His hands locked around the small of her back and pulled their hips together, making it very plain that he was still every bit as hard as he had been in the bathroom.

“We,” he growled between kisses so hard they were nearly painful, “are going back to your apartment,” he dipped his head to the hollow above her collarbone and drew figures with his tongue, “where I will fuck you until neither of us can even move.”

Amanda’s legs nearly gave out beneath her, and it was only the tight hold that Daniel was maintaining around her waist that kept her on her feet. She flung her arms around his neck and molded her curves to his body as she kissed him on the mouth, the jaw, the throat, and finally the mouth once again, her tongue dueling with his.

She gasped out her assent: “You’re going to have to survive the car ride first.” She dragged one hand the length of his zipper, pressing firmly against the place where his cock strained against the fabric of his jeans.

Daniel grabbed her wrist and pushed her backwards until she was up against the wall of the breezeway, pinning her arm above her head. He lowered his mouth to her earlobe and scraped his teeth over it. He whispered into her ear, “You’re playing with fire, little girl. Better watch out; you might get burned.”

She thrust her hips against his and gave a low, feminine chuckle. “Big talk, big man. Let’s hope you’re carrying a big stick.”

She ducked out of his grasp and set off at a run for Daniel’s car, giggling all the way. She could hear his rapid footsteps approaching behind her as his long legs allowed her to outpace her easily. Despite her head start, he reached the car just as she touched the door handle.

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