Sub Bottom wants Dominated

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“Sub bottom wants to be dominated”

The area I’m from is considered a mid-size populated area. There are plenty of bars, night clubs and some unique watering holes in the area. Later I would find other places like a bath house, but more on that later. I always seem to live within walking distance to three bars. This was convenient when I just wanted to have a few drinks and listen to a band or maybe just a singer at times, but none the less, entertainment. I found myself daydreaming about sexual adventures at the bar I was at. Catching myself watching a server move as they delivered drinks to the different tables. The singers would dance around the stage. The strong bar back bringing in the full kegs to replace the spent barrel.

Up until now I had tried things like ass play with my girlfriend, and myself. I got a better response from myself. I was becoming very frustrated not getting that personal connection I wanted. I started an online profile. This started with Craigslist post. Single male looking to be gangbanged, Cum dump on me, submissive bottom wants to be used Etc. I was so excited when I started to get responses. I would go meet them as I didn’t want them to know where I lived.

I met this one guy, from craigs list, who lived 10 min away in a really nice house and seemed to be really well off. Everything was going as I expected. This tall guy answered the door and invited me in. I was hoping to get fucked hard. To my surprise he didn’t waste any time. He, Rico, directed me through the house showing me around. There’s a pool table we can play 9 ball later. That’s the entertainment room if we want to put on a porno. This is my exercise room and finally the man cave YOU will be getting used in. That’s what you wanted right, why you came over tonight. To be used and covered in Cum. “YES PLEASE” I was so excited and all I could think about as Rico was showing me around was places, I could be used in. He striped my clothes off and pushed me on to his bed. He ties my arms behind me. Pushes my knees up to my chin and ties a rope through the crease of my bent legs and around my chest weaving through my armpits.

He finished tying me up, pulled me around so my head was laying back over bursa escort the end of his bed while my ass was sticking up in the air. I felt a warm fluid pool up in my hole and then run down my body. He gave my checks a push apart really quick and the pool of lube went straight into me. I started to say something, and he stuck his cock in my mouth replying with shut up you slut. I told you the rules. Now just hang while I get everything ready. Before leaving he put a blind fold on me. Then just left the room. A few minutes later I heard a car pull up and honk. He opened the door walked over stuck his cock in my mouth, almost ready hang in there. Putting a cloth soaked in something like poppers because my body instantly became hot.

As he was leaving, he gave me a smack on the ass and said you’re going to love this you dirty sex slave. I laid there getting higher by the min. He came back and didn’t say a word just startled my head and started scull fucking me. I felt that familiar warm gooey liquid back on my ass hole and hands pull my checks apart allowing it in me again. As he lets go some of it runs back out and back over my hip. He pulls out and without a word leaves again. At least I thought so because his cock was back in my mouth in second. The drool and abundance of saliva was still running from my lips. This time he grabbed my head, pushing his Now massive cock deep in my throat. I’m so high by now when he pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum on my nose it was a huge turn on as it slowly rolled down the side of my nose and into my eyes. While it also made its way into my nose. The cum just seemed to keep coming this time down my chin and neck.

Now I there was a silence and again that pool of, now hot, fluid on my ass. This time my ass was opened with the tip of a vibrator being plunged in me. You could hear it pushing through the lube as it spilled out from my hole. The huge vibrator had taken up the space in me and it had to go somewhere. Now I had a vibrator being thrusted in my ass and a cock thrusting in my mouth. Then he picked me up and carried me into another room. I was still tied the same way, but it seemed like I was on a much bursa escort bayan smaller table. Huge hands grab my thighs and I hear a voice say let’s fuck this slut up. Ok grab your weapon or weapons and he’s hear for the night. We, wait what I think “we”, have 8 hours to abuse him. A cock starts pushing into my ass and one in my mouth.

Both cocks invading me with hard, fast and deep thrust. I felt them changing places and heard more voices now. They were calling to each other from the other rooms. Bring that bitch here and cheers following . I was dripping cum everywhere. Then I heard the guy that invited me over come up and say he was having a great time and took off the blindfold. Where is everyone. They disappeared what the hell man. I came over for you to use me for a fuck toy. We never talked about a gangbang. He didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I’m the only other person here. Come on I’ll show you. He gets me up and unties my legs but leaves my arms.

Now look no one is here not even any cars OutFront. We sit down on his front porch and hit a pipe he has all ready out there. I had never smoked rock but wow did it make me horny. Ok time for the blindfold again. I do like the vulnerability of not seeing what’s going on. He puts my ankles in restraints then places a rope under my knees and my shoulders. My arms are now tied to the ropes above my head. I hear an, machine and I’m being lifted, now the ankle restraints are attached to my hips. I hear him go back inside and the door close. He must have dosed me with something I was getting so hot. There were hands on my hips, chest and my ass. In front of me I could hear a humming sound and then it was the sound of a machine pumping.

It was placed below me now pushing its tip in my ass. A voice rang out faster man, no deeper, Hey put the double dildo on it and turn it up. It stopped for a moment then it was two huge members being violently thrusted deep into my ass. The door closed and the outside lights came on. I was sure anyone passing would see me getting machine fucked. I would spasm as the waves of excitement would wash over me. I could hear the sounds of a crowd clapping. escort bursa After I had cum twice and was just hanging there limp, I was taken down and again I’m telling Rico : hey I didn’t say anything about being ok with a group of people using me, What’s going on here? Argoth no ones here but us and we just came in from our walk. Look at me I’m covered in cum and my ass is stretched open wide. There’s no one here lets go play some pool and have some drinks. You need to loosen up. Here have this its my own mix you will love it.

I’ll break, how about we play some nine ball? sounds good to me Rico. By the way this drink is really good can I get another? I fix a drink and its my turn. I line up my shot and feel the tip of a pool stick pushing on my hole. He says lets make it interesting. You shoot the balls while I shoot your ass. Sounds good to me so I line up another shot while he puts two sticks in my ass and starts pushing one at a time alternating and getting deeper. He had me bent over the side of the table pounding me. Then he wedged the sticks on the ground pushing me on my tip toes so if I sat back on my heals they would push further in me. I looked up and there he is in front of me. I’m blurry from the drinks and all the fucking but I swear I see people coming up and standing around him and the pool table. My ass starts to tingle from being spanked, someone hand is on my hips pushing me down on the pool sticks.

My arms are stretched out across the table and tied down a dildo is being forced into my mouth while I can feel warm gooey liquid running down my ass crack, in my hole and down my legs. The sticks are replaced by a guy how slams my ass until he cums on my back then again, and again, and again. While I am becoming a Cum dump ass, Others are filling the rest of my holes there is so much CUM on my head it looks like I took a shower and didn’t rinse the soap off. Everyone leaves and Rico comes back in. As he is untying me he says Argoth I had a great time using you, can you Come back in a couple weeks. I’ve got so much more to share you with, I mean with you. I’d love to and you swear that no one was here but you and me? I swear Argoth I swear. He was walking out when we went by a fucking machine and a sex swing on the front porch, I had a flash back of being strapped in here and fuck by five guys, Rico are you sure I said. I promise just you and me. I pull out of the drive and look in my mirror. I swear I see the garage door open and it’s full of people standing around. I dismiss it as being messed up and fucked hard.

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