SissyMandy – Mistress’s Little Cocksucker

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After sucking five cocks in the gloryhole room, I can definitely feel the cum sitting in my belly. It’s an indescribably satisfying feeling, to say the least. Mistress sits with me afterwards, kissing me and licking cum off my face. I love sucking it off her tongue.’Knock, Knock…’A well-groomed, bearded man sticks his head in the door.”Brenda…? Is that you?””Master Charles…? I presume?”Brenda greets him with a hug and a kiss. It’s obvious they know each other.”What the hell have you been up to, Bren? I haven’t seen you since that sissy party in San Mateo.””I’m in love, Charlie! I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend and a cute new sissy.””Mandy, darling,” she turns to me, “this is Master Charles, a friend of mine. He’s a sissy trainer.”I’m not sure how to address a Sissy Master, so I just say, “Hello, sir.””How long have you had her?” he asks Brenda.”She submitted to me a few weeks ago, but we’ve been pegging her a few months now. She’s got a great ass.””Has she been bred?””She’s been fucked a few times with rubbers, but she’s not ready yet to feel cum in her pussy. This is actually the first time she’s been fed.””Being bred is a special day in a sissy’s life,” Charles tells me. “Cherish that day, Mandy, it only happens once. How many loads did you swallow tonight?””Five, sir.””Doesn’t it feel great having all that cum in your gut?”Yes, sir. I love it.””Has she had her fill?” he asks Brenda.”She has. We’re done with the room, if you were wanting it.””Excellent! That fuckin’ bitch of mine needs a good feeding. The little cunt’s been a shit all week.””What did she do?””I caught her having phone sex yesterday without permission. Then last week, she was showing off her ass on the webcam. I beat her ass good for that.””Well, the room is all yours. I need to get my sissy home.””Get in here, bitch!” Charles yells.It’s disturbing to see a terrified sissy coming in with her mouth gagged, her hands cuffed behind her back, and a heavy chain-leash attached to her collar. She’s taking baby steps because her ankles are cuffed with a chain so short, she can only shuffle her bare feet maybe twelve inches at a time. And to top it off, she’s naked, except for a pair of panties covering an over-sized cock cage. The bruises around her nipples tell me he treats his sissies like shit.”Mandy,” he says to me, “take a good look at that pathetic little whore. This is what happens when a sissy disobeys her Master.””Turn around, bitch! Show Mandy your cherry-red ass!””She doesn’t need to see that,” Brenda jumps in. “My sissy doesn’t get punished like that.””Suit yourself,” Charles says nonchalantly. “Say… there’s a big sissy party around September in San Francisco if you’re interested.””I might be, it’ll depend on Mandy’s progress. Shoot me an email when it gets close.””Will do, Bren.””C’mon Mandy,” Brenda yanks my collar “let’s get you home and put you to bed.”As we’re walking away from the gloryhole room, I can hear Charles yelling, “On your knees, whore! Get your ugly slut-face in that hole!”~~~~~”He’s mean,” I tell Brenda as we’re walking out to her car.”Charles has his own training style,” she says. “It’s certainly not my style, but I’ve heard he trains good sissies.””Sit in the front seat next to me,” Brenda says when we get to her car. “We need some personal talk-time, you and me.”She’s silent as she drives the first few blocks, but I can tell something is on her mind. Finally, she asks me, “Did that bother you when Charlie’s sissy came in tie-up and beaten-up like that?””It did. I felt so sorry for her. How can she let him do that to her?””Don’t feel sorry for her, Mandy, she gets off on that shit. It turns her on to be humiliated like that. Charlie’s specialty is training sissies for bondage. Her owner probably wants to abuse her, and she probably thrives on abuse. Everyone gets what they want.””That’s fuckin’ gross,” I say in astonishment.”We don’t judge other people’s fetishes, Mandy. What’s gross to you is a turn-on to another sissy. When I start taking you to sissy parties, Escort Çukurambar you’re gonna see all kinds of weird, perverted shit. Sissies agree to be treated the way they are before they ever even submit to their owners. Just like when I told you what I expected from my sissy before you submitted to me.”For instance, we, Sherry and I, told you from the start, that we’re going to feminize you. So while we expect you to accept, without question, everything we do to turn you into our perfect girlfriend, we’ll never subject you to the kind of punishment you saw tonight. You never agreed to that. I’m not into kinky shit anyways, so you don’t have to worry about being mistreated that way.””That’s good to know. I was wondering if you were going to ever do that to me.””Never, Mandy. I never will. Some things I’ll make you do will feel humiliating at first, but you’ll like all that stuff once you get used to it. Besides, I think you like a little humiliation, am I right?””Yeah, a little humiliation does turn me on, like wearing stupid clothes. Can I ask you about something else?””Sure, Mandy. You can always ask Mistress anything.””What did Charles mean when he asked you if I’ve been bred?””That’s when a sissy has sex and accepts a man’s sperm into her sissy-puss for the first time. It’s kinda like when a girl gets her cherry popped. A sissy comes of age when she gets bred.””So when I got fucked at the motel, that didn’t count?””No, because that was more like a gangbang, and I made them all use rubbers. When I decide to have you properly bred, I want it to be your special night. I want you to remember it as a beautiful experience.””Who breeds a sissy?””Her owner or master usually breeds her first, but since a Mistress obviously can’t breed her own sissy, I will choose a surrogate for you. I already have someone special in mind, when you’re ready to take that step.””Do I know him?””No, but you’ll meet him real soon. I think you’ll fall for him right away.””When will I be ready?””When we both decide you are. You took a big step tonight. I really fell in love with you tonight.””I think I’ve already fallen in love with you, Mistress.””You’ve been in love with me for a while now. When a sissy learns to trust her Mistress, it’s only natural for her to fall in love with the special relationship a Mistress has with her sissy. And we do have a very special relationship. That’s why I’m very particular about the man you’ll be bred with.””Don’t I get to choose?””Normally not. Since you’ve given yourself to me, it’s my decision when, where, and who you’ll be bred with, and I’ve pretty much decided who it will be. Would you like to be bred soon?””I think so. All this cum in my tummy makes me feel tingly all over. I’d like to feel that in my puss.””Okay, I’ll start setting it up, but you won’t know about it until he’s with you. I’ll ask you first, while you’re with him, if you want his sperm inside of you before I give him final permission fuck you bareback.””Bareback…?””Bareback is fucking without a rubber. It’s the absolute ultimate for both the man and the sissy. A sissy needs to know what she’s doing before she can fuck bareback.”We’ll start watching some videos about sissy-fucking, so you can learn about it. I’d like you to know how to cum from your pussy before it happens, but I won’t stop you from being bred if you can’t yet. As long as you click with your breeder, that’s the most important thing.””I trust you, Mistress, I’ll do whatever you say.””I know you do. Close your eyes now, and get some rest. We’ll be home soon.”I rest my head in Mistress’s lap, and she pets me the rest of the way home. Sherry’s still gone when we get there, and I’m hoping she’s having great sex like I just had. When Mistress puts me to bed, she straddles my face. She holds my head up to her wet pussy and lets me lick as long as I want. She tastes so damn good.She wasn’t lying when she said her pussy was dripping wet when she watched me sucking demetevler escort cock. She’s so wet as I lick her, and I can tell she’s been wet all night. I must have fallen asleep as I licked her, because the next thing I know, Sherry is waking me up the next morning.~~~~~”I heard you had a wonderful time last night,” she whispers in my ear.”It was amazing, Sherry. I realized I’m a cocksucker, and I swallowed five loads. It felt so good.””Mistress told me about it as I was driving home this morning.””Did you have great sex last night, too?””I did. I brought you a treat. You still hungry for some cum?””I fell in love with cum last night. I love the taste of it.””Want some?””Yeah.”Sherry straddles my face and holds my head up to her pussy like Brenda did last night.”Eat, baby,” she says.I put my tongue inside her and it tastes of cum. She must have just been fucked, because it tastes as fresh as the cum I ate last night. I feel something strange triggering inside me. I lick every trace of sweet-tasting cum out of her, and I want more.The videos say sissies get addicted to cum, but I’m not sure if I am or not. I just want to lap at Sherry’s cunt, trying to get more. I lick her clean and ask her if she can bring me more when I get home from work.She laughs, “You silly sissy, didn’t I tell you that you love dick? I’m so happy you finally realize it now. We’re gonna have so much fun together, you, me, and Mistress.””I fell in love with her last night.””You’ve been in love with her longer than you think. C’mon, cocksucker, let’s get in the shower. We’ve gotta get you ready for work.”~~~~~I’m feeling wonderful driving to work. I’m thinking to myself, ‘What a difference a day makes.’ Yesterday I was cussing Brenda’s name, and today, she’s turned me into a cocksucker, and I’m in love with her. My new cage feels more confining, but as long as I don’t get an erection, it’s actually more comfortable to wear.I walk into the office, feeling confident that no one can see my better-concealed cage. Except when I walk past Janine’s desk. She giggles and calls me Markey again. Then she follows me into my office, and I’m getting nervous.”I need you to sign this contract first thing, Mark,” she says, “then I’ll be out of your hair.””Sure, show me where to sign.””You’re in a happy mood,” she notices, “you must have had fun last night, huh?”‘Fuck…’ I think, ‘why is she asking me shit like this?’I’m determined to act cool and not make her suspicious. “It was alright. I took Sherry out to dinner, then we came home and watched a movie.””Sounds nice. I didn’t mean to pry into your personal life. I know it’s none of my business.””No, it’s not,” I say, trying to be nice because I really like Janine. But trying to be forceful at the same time, because I can’t afford to have her find out I’m a sissy cocksucker.I sign her papers and she goes back to her desk. I’m thinking I might have just dodged a bullet. At exactly ten-thirty, as usual, I get my morning text from Brenda.’Good morning, cocksucker,’ she texts, ‘still feeling good about last night?”I feel wonderful, Mistress.”I knew you would… cunt licker.”Your cunt was delicious last night.”It’ll be even more delicious tonight… stud. I’m your bitch tonight. I expect to be treated like one.”Stop it, Mistress, you’re trying to get me hard.”Just testing the new cage, cocksucker. Does it feel more comfortable?”It did before you started teasing me. Now needles are stabbing me down there. It hurts.”Good to know it’s working. See you tonight, cunt licker… ass fucker… pussy pleaser.”You’re such a tease.”I know… I’m gifted that way. Good bye, cocksucker.’I can’t tell you how many times the needle-like spikes in my cage tormented me all afternoon. Every time I’d think about Brenda, my cock started getting hard. The cage made me cringe as the spikes felt like they were piercing right through me. I was forced to train my thoughts away from my erotic urges. It was the only way I could get relief dikmen escort bayan from the ‘erection enforcer’ my new cage was designed to be.~~~~~My love for my Mistress is burning strong as I rush home to be with her. I’m glad Sherry’s car is gone and only Brenda’s car is there. I’ll have her to myself tonight, I hope I can please her.There’s a note taped to the door going into the house. ‘Come into my bedroom, darling. I’m waiting for you ~ Bren’Pain shoots through my cock as it instantly tries to get hard, only to be controlled by the spikes in my cage. I rush into the bedroom, dying to be unlocked. There’s my Mistress, all sprawled out on a perfectly-made bed, wearing the most seductive lavender-laced, baby doll negligee. The candle-lit room smells of sweet incense, a most erotic ambiance to be with my Mistress in all her beauty.”Hi, Mandy-doll,” she seductively says. “I’ve been waiting for you. Come join me.”My cock is killing me as I go to the side of the bed. She gets up to meet me with a luscious kiss that only causes my cock more pain.”How does your cock feel, baby?” she giggles mischievously.”Fuck… It’s trying to get hard, and the damn spikes are killing me.””Awe… poor baby. Let me take care of that for you.”I start unbuckling my belt as fast as I can. “Let me do that, Mandy,” Brenda stops me, “Mistress serves sissy tonight.”She knows the pain I’m in and quickly pulls my pants and panties just below my balls and unlocks me.”Aaagh…. God!” I sigh, “That fuckin’ thing was putting a hurt on me.”She gets up on her knees and wraps her arms around me for another kiss. This one is much deeper and much longer than the first. The blood rushes into my cock and it feels so damn good to be free again. She flutters her fingertips all over it, teasing me for what’s to come.”Ooo… sissy got really hard, really fast.””Shit… what did you expect? Keeping me locked up like that.””I expected you to get really hard, really fast, and you did. That’s why I keep you caged, so that when I let you have your cock back, you can experience your manhood more intensely than you ever have before. When I start pimping you out to lesbians, it’ll be one of the qualities in you they’ll die for.””But you keep taking my manhood away.””You’ll never lose your manhood, Mandy, we’re just storing it away while you’re learning to be a little feminine sissy-sex-pot. We can still play with your manhood any time we want, like we will tonight. I’m training you to be a bisexual sissy who can please anyone, and who’s desired by everyone.”I love you, Mistress,” I take her in my arms.”Call me Bren tonight, sweetheart. We’ll go back to our Mistress/sissy relationship tomorrow. Tonight, we’re lovers, as deeply in love as anyone can be. I give myself to you as you’ve given yourself to me.”So… enough of the mushy shit… would you like a blow job to start things off? After last night, I’ve been so fuckin’ horny for you.””I’d love a blow job, Bren.””Tell me, order me. I’m your bitch. Order me like those guys ordered you last night.””Suck my cock?””That’s a question, not an order.””Suck my cock!””Suck my cock, who?””Suck my cock… Bren!””Not Bren… Bitch! Call me a bitch!””Get down there and suck my cock, you bitch!””Yes sir! Anything you want, sir!”~~~~~She passionately kisses my neck as one hand cups my balls and the other lightly wraps around my stiff shaft. Her lips then travel straight to my nipples, which are amazingly sensitive.”The suction cups are doing wonderful things to your nipples, baby,” Brenda comments as she kisses them.”I know. They’re so sensitive now. You’ve shown me so many wonderful ways to get pleasure.””We’ve only just begun.”My tits scream in delight as she sucks and bites on them. She’s alternating between the two in an erotic rhythm that dances in harmony with the song her fingertips are playing on my cock. She eases herself off the bed and gets on her knees, grinning up at me and sliding my pants the rest of the way down my legs. I take off my unbuttoned shirt, and lay it over her head.”Nice move,” she giggles under my shirt-tent and sucks my balls into her mouth.I close my eyes in ecstasy as her lips pull at my testicles. She knows just how far she can go before my pleasure turns into pain. My balls feel so swollen and full of cum by the time she turns her attention to my shaft.

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