River Ride

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Musical sounds of water cascading over rocks lulls you into a dreamy state as your horse plods along the trail. Click, clack, click go the mesmerizing patterns of hoofs hitting the rocky trail. The air is cool and blowing ever so gently across your face.

Looking about you, you keep sensing someone watching you. Peering intently into the thick brush along the river, you fail to see anyone at all. Lonely, the trail fades away behind you. Peaceful and tranquil, the day passes slowly by as you absorb every moment of this ride.

Its not often you get to ride alone on a secluded trail and feel the world dissolve away from you. Ahhhhhhh, smell that wonderful aroma of horseflesh and sweat and leather mix together?

Listen almost hypnotically as the saddle creaks under you. Echoing, the horses hooves keep stepping farther and farther away from reality. Coming to a nice calm spot in the river, you glance around anxiously. GOSH, that water looks inviting!

Stealing glances around the heavy brush surrounding you, you consider a skinny dipping session. The only thing hindering you is the same recurring feeling that you are being watched. Maybe not such a good idea, you say reproachfully to your self. Dismounting, you amble over to a soft spot of grass, leading your horse along behind you. You loosen his cinch and tie him out to graze a bit where he can reach the water. Taking your saddlebags from your mount, you dig out some goodies to munch on and a nice cool soda, then lie back and enjoy the coolness Escort Büyükçekmece of the air and the stillness of the day.

Feeling alone at last, relaxing and enjoying the moment, you take the making out of your bag and roll a thin joint to savor. Ohhhhhh, GOD! That’s a good one! Nice and heady, just sweet enough to fill the air with the intoxicating aroma of “smoke”. Feeling a nice soft buzz, you lie back and inhale the smoke deeply. Smiling, you can’t help but wish Bodie were here, NO one blows a shotgun like that man! Cool and crisp air pushing ahead of a wonderful fall cool front relaxes you and you lie back watching the clouds change.

Gazing out across the water, it seems to almost call to you, begging you to come in for a dip. Looking around to make sure there is no way you could be seen, you stand and walk to the water. Finishing the last of your pencil-thin joint, you flick the roach into the water.

You sit on the bank of the river and take off your shoes and socks. GOD! That feels divine, stretching your feet and wiggling your toes, you giggle just thinking of what you are going to do next. Standing, you strip your blouse over your head and take off your sports bra. Then, you slip your pants off, wiggling those beautiful hips and easing out of the tight jeans.

Panties slide slowly down your legs and you kick them off girlishly. Walking into the water, you sigh as the warmth of the warm river water feels almost as if it is gliding up your thighs. Çatalca escort The water tickles as it reaches the fuzzy down that guards the entrance to paradise between your legs.

Then it creeps slowly up your lips, making them spasm from the sensation. Water gliding up and over your sweet ass, it moves tantalizingly up your tummy and tickles the bottom of your breasts.

Your nipples tighten and get rock hard as the warm water mixes with the coolness in the air to exhilarate every sensation your body has. Standing in the water, you feel the warmth overtake you and you slide gently forward to submerse yourself and take a leisurely swim.

Stroking around the small calm pool at the edge of the river, you float to the edge and lie there with the water gushing gently over you. Grinning, you can’t resist the girlish desire and you position yourself so the water cascades across your thighs and the pulsating water tantalizingly massages your womanhood.

Your hand mindlessly moves to caress your breast, to lift it and roll the nipple between thumb and forefinger. You squeeze it and pinch it softly, before tugging back on it and letting go. Lying there in the water, you feel the sun beating down on your splendid body and sense the heat penetrating your every fiber.

Oh, GOD! What a sensation! Fingers creep, as if by themselves, to crawl up your thighs and run teasingly along the edges of your well heated pussy. The lips nearly ache, they are so stimulated.

Dancing Esenler escort bayan like soft caresses of butterfly wings, you play gentle games with the swollen lips, stroking them, tugging on them, massaging them with the palm of your hand.

Throwing your head back, you lie there and explore every square inch of yourself, starting at the outer lips, running fingers through your pubes, then sliding gentle fingers inside to softly stroke your inner lips. You part them with a wet finger, massage along each side, first working one side and then moving to the other.

You press gently against the lips, at the top where the little hood covers your clit and massage your quivering clit without so much as even touching it. Moaning softly, you daydream of an imaginary lover, you imagine her hands, her lips, her tongue. Parting the lips a bit more, your fingers slide softly inside a bit deeper, not gouging your way in, but slow and steady insertion.

Moving your palm, you use the base of it to massage in slow circles over the top of your lips, teasing your clit and rubbing it lovingly, all the while your fingers slide in and out of your puckering snatch never quite sinking inside all of the way. This game is better than full penetration, this is slower, sweeter and MUCH more erotic.

Your womanhood throbs against your fingers, you feel your inner core gripping your fingers, feel your pussy convulsing against your wet fingers. A soft groan fills the air, and you lie there with the water still cascading over you, as you please yourself in a slow and rhythmic manner.

Sighing, you reach climax and shudder from the sheer intensity of it and marveling at the length of its duration. My GOD! It seems it will last forever! Lying back, smiling inwardly, you melt into the moment and daydreams carry you away.

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