Rick Needed a Beer, Gets Much More Pt. 08

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…I suggest you read previous chapters first to understand characters…

Friday night finds me walking next door, wondering what I am doing. Should I help Sue out her husband? As much as I struggle with my gayness, it seems cruel to force it on him. What if he is straight and has just lost interest in sex? This plan of hers could backfire and be a real mess.

I knock on the door and she answers, gives me a light hug, kiss on the cheek, and a seductive wink, and leads me back to the den where Eric is watching a baseball game. She says “have a seat, I’ll get you a beer. Dinner is almost ready. You BOYS get to know each other.”

He says “it’s about time we invite you over, she insisted that since we have lived next door so long that we should get to know you better. It’s been months since I’ve seen your girlfriend’s car in your driveway. She was a real babe. I bet you miss her. I guess you’re on a long dry spell.”

I responded “yes, she left me because I worked too much and didn’t spend enough time with her. She was a cutie, and a great fuck, but something was missing in our relationship. I haven’t thought about her in weeks, and don’t miss her a bit. I’ve been really busy lately. I’ve been getting into a new area of litigation (not wanting to tell him my new interest is man on man) that has been keeping me busy. I’ve had a lot to learn (thinking to myself sucking cock, taking cock up my ass). The senior partner in my firm (thinking Rob, Tim, Bill) tells me I’m a natural and should have been practicing in this area all along. I never dreamed I would enjoy this new area so much and am glad I got introduced to it. I’m thinking of specializing in it.”

“Tell me more about it, Rick.”

“Clients in this area (thinking in the gay closet) depend on complete confidentiality. I’m not able to discuss it. Tell me what you’ve been up to. I haven’t seen you around lately.”

“We bought a cabin up on the lake. It’s really a great place, really isolated, but needs a lot of work. I’ve been spending a lot of time there making repairs and fixing it up. My wife doesn’t care much for it, though. I could use the help of a strong man like you on a couple of the projects I have planned. Maybe you could come up some weekend?”

Before I could respond Sue called us to dinner. She opened a bottle of wine and poured us all a glass as we sat down. She served spaghetti with fat long Italian sausages. She stabbed her sausage in the middle and stuck one end into her mouth and seductively sucked the marinara sauce off it, then turned it around and sucked the sauce off the other end. She was definitely planting the seed for what she hoped would happen later. I decided to go with it, stabbing my sausage in the middle and sucked the marinara sauce off one end, making and holding eye contact with Eric. I turned it around and licked the length of the sausage, then sucked the sauce off. Before pulling it completely out of my mouth I pushed it slowly in and out of my mouth several times. He looked away, and I glanced at her and she smiled and winked at me. I drained my wine glass and poured us another glass and toasted “to making new friends”.

We ate, making small talk and finished off the bottle of wine. She started talking, directing her conversation to her husband. “you may not be aware, but the window in our upstairs bedroom gives us a great view of Rick’s back yard. He apparently enjoys tanning as I’ve seen him laying out in a bikini, and he looks really hot.”

I blushed and said, “you’ve been spying on me?”

“Yes, Rick, and you’ve put on some great shows. Hon, he and his girlfriend loved fooling around on the deck. He would eat her pussy until she would be writhing with pleasure and then fuck her for what seemed like forever. But he really surprised me last week. He had a man over Saturday. He had an even skimpier bikini than Rick’s, and a BIG bulge. He was tall like Rick and had a fit, tanned swimmers build, and not a hair anywhere on his body. I watched them thinking they were just two guys grilling burgers and drinking beer. Then I got the shock of a lifetime. Rick started rubbing baby oil all over his boyfriend, pulled his bikini off, exposing his huge cock, it had to be at least 9 inches, and proceeded in sucking his cock, deep throating it, and swallowing his load. And it gets better. Rick then fucked him, followed by him getting fucked by his kaynarca escort boyfriend.”

I injected, “this is really embarrasing. I had no idea you could see us and that you watched. I’ll quit fooling around outside. Please don’t tell anyone what you saw.”

Eric said “I didn’t know we had a faggot living next door.”

She continued, “Hon, be nice, he’s our guest. And I thought he might be able to help us get our love life back on track. You want me to suck your cock, and I want you to eat my pussy, and Rick seems to enjoy sucking cock and eating pussy. Maybe he could teach me how to suck your cock and teach you how to eat me. Let’s give it a try, Hon, OK? please?”

“If he can teach you how to suck my cock, I’ll give it a try.”

She jumped up grabbed his hand and I followed them to the bedroom. We all quickly undressed and I admired her great body, one any woman 20 years younger would be proud to have. Eric also looked great, muscled, fit, with a light crop of hair on his chest and running down his stomach, to a nice, fully erect cock. Sue lay back on the bed and said, “show him how to eat my pussy like you eat your girlfriend! I can’t wait!”

I looked at him and he nodded to go ahead. I got between her legs and he lay down next to her to watch. I gave him some instructions and then dove in, licking her clit, tongue fucking her slit, licking and sucking. She started moaning, and said “that feels fabulous, Hon, watch, I want you to eat me just like he does. Why don’t you try before I cum in his mouth!”

He said “I want him to teach you how to suck my cock first.”

He rolled over on his back and I got between his legs and grabbed his cock and started stroking it. It was 6 inches, a little shorter than mine and not as fat. A perfect size for sucking. I said to Sue “you have to find out what your man likes, listen for feedback and their reactions. Some men love to start off with you sucking their balls, like this.” I took his balls into my mouth, swirled them with my tongue, gently sucking on them. He started moaning, a sign he liked it. I then started licking the length of his cock and then sucked it into my mouth, engulfing the full length, bouncing my nose on his stomach, bobbing up and down, enjoying having his cock in my mouth, looking forward to him shooting his load in my hungry mouth, when I remembered I was supposed to be teaching her how to suck cock. I reluctantly released his cock and told her to do what she saw me doing.

She took his cock in her mouth and tried to take it deep, but gagged and pulled off. She tried again, but couldn’t get more than half of his cock into her mouth.

He said “Rick, I think you need to let her watch you some more and learn.”

I gladly took his cock back into my mouth and worked to show him that men in general, and me in particular are much better cocksuckers than women. He was moaning and grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my face. He was close and I sucked hard, used my tongue, and was rewarded as he fed me his cum. As I milked him dry he said to his wife, “that’s how you suck cock. I wish you could do that. Rick, show me again how to eat her pussy.”

I moved over and dove in to her tasty cunt, nibbling and sucking on her clit. She amazed me how hot and aroused she would get from my eating her. I stopped and asked him if he was ready to try and he said “no, Rick, you look like you have her ready for fucking. Give her the fucking like you gave your girlfriend, or for that matter, fuck her like you fuck your boyfriend.”

She pulled me up and said “I’m so horny, it’s been so long since I’ve been fucked. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to eat me or fuck me. Rick, please fuck me.”

I pushed my dick into her wet pussy, pumping slowly and deeply, and kissed her, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I had almost forgot her husband was in the bed with us when I felt him starting to rub my ass, pushing a finger into my asshole. He separated my legs, moving between them and I felt him positioning himself to fuck me as I fucked his wife. I slowed my pace and relaxed to allow him access. He stuck his cock in, pushed hard and filled me with his cock. I couldn’t believe that I was again getting fucked while I was fucking a woman. I didn’t resist as it felt wonderful, her squeezing my cock with her pussy and him massaging my prostate with each penetrating küçükyalı escort stroke of his cock. I felt an intense orgasm building in me, waves of pleasure pulsing through me, when she started shuddering, having her own intense orgasm sending me over the edge and I pumped my load deep into her cunt.

Eric hadn’t cum yet and continued to probe my ass with his cock, saying “your ass is great. I love your tight ass”. I felt him push deep, hold his cock there and I felt it throb, jerk and unload his seed in my ass. I love that full, hot feeling of a man cumming in my ass, and was hoping he enjoyed it as much as I did.

He pulled his cock out and rolled off onto his back. I rolled off and the three of us lay there, me in the middle. I thought this seemed like an awkward moment, but before I knew it I fell asleep.

I woke to find Sue sleeping with her head on my chest, her hand on my stomach, and her leg draped over mine. Eric was not in the bed. He must have decided to sleep on the couch. It felt good having her so close, but I needed to get home. I tried to move out from under her without waking her, but she stirred, wrapping her arm around me and moving on top of me, kissing me and whispering in my ear, “you can’t leave without eating me and fucking me again.”

She moved up my body so that she was squatting over my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth and whispered “eat my pussy, you cocksucker!” as she proceeded to grind her cunt on my face. I licked and sucked on her clit and probed her delicious pussy with my tongue. I could taste my cum mixed with her juices which were now flowing into my mouth. She was moaning, trying to be quiet as she orgasmed on my face.

She slid down my body and took my cock into her drenched pussy and started licking her juices off my face, stuck her tongue in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with her tongue as she started to ride my cock with her pussy, in total control. She whispered “you like it when I sit on your face and make you eat my pussy, don’t you? when I’m on top and fucking you, don’t you? After you cum in my pussy I’m going to sit on your face again and you are going to suck your cum out of my cunt like the good little cocksucker you are, aren’t you?”

‘Yes, I love eating your pussy and can’t wait to suck my cum out of it.”

She continued to fuck my cock with her hot pussy and fuck my mouth with her tongue. An Intense orgasm was welling up in me as I sucked on her tongue, imagining it was a cock. I unloaded in her cunt and she sat up, her hands on my chest, and as I looked up at her I couldn’t help but think that she was a beautiful woman. She said “Rick, you are a great fuck, and now you are going to suck your cum out of my pussy. You love to eat cum don’t you, cocksucker?”

“Yes, I do love cum, and I love eating your pussy.”

She move up again planting her cunt on my mouth and I licked her and tongue fucked her, lapping up all of her pussy juices and my cum that were mixed together, tasting delicious. She started to shudder, having yet another orgasm on my face. She moved down, laying on top of me and we passionately kissed for several minutes. She stopped kissing me and said thanks for getting Eric to let me suck him and fuck me, but that she wished we could have gotten him to suck my cock which would have proved to her that he is gay. I said I had to leave as I had an early morning, put on my shorts and t-shirt, picked up my topsiders and tried to sneak out without waking him.

I was startled to find him sitting in the living room nude and stroking his erection. He said “I heard you fucking my wife again. Get your gay ass over here and suck my cock again!”

I walked over and stood between his legs, leaned over and turned on the lamp, and took off my t-shirt, unfastened my shorts letting them fall to the floor, and kicked them off. The sight of him sitting there naked, and the thought of having his cock in my mouth again was arousing me, as my cock was also growing to it’s full glory. I looked and saw Sue peeking around the corner with her phone recording the scene. She winked that sexy wink of hers at me. I asked Eric “did you enjoy me sucking your cock?”

“yes, Rick, I must say that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Please suck my cock again.”

“Did you enjoy fucking my ass?”

“Yes, it was so tight, better than any sancaktepe escort pussy I can remember.”

“So you liked fucking my ass, a man’s ass, better than fucking your wife?”

“Yes, please suck my cock?”

“I would love to, but you have to suck my cock first.”

“Rick, I’ve never sucked a cock before, that would be gay, and I’m no faggot.”

“You let a man suck your cock and you fucked a man in the ass. Now you ARE going to suck your first cock. I’m betting you are going to love it and mine will be the first of many.”

I looked over at Sue and she was recording with one hand and rubbing her cunt with the other. l stepped closer to Eric and grabbed his hand and brought it to my cock, wrapping his fingers around it and started stroking it with his hand. “It feels good in your hand doesn’t it?”

“Yes, the same as mine but different at the same time.” He was now stroking it by himself.

“Now lick it, taste it, you know you’ve been looking forward to having a cock in your mouth, sucking it, bringing pleasure to it.”

He leaned in and tentatively licked the head, slowly taking into his mouth, running his tongue around it, exploring it. He was soon moving up and down the shaft,

taking about half it’s length. His mouth was hot and wet and he was beginning to really get into it. I asked “do you like sucking my cock?” and he nodded yes. I said “you’re doing great. It’s hard to believe I’m your first cock. You are a natural cocksucker. Suck my cock good, you cocksucker.”

Sue moved closer, behind his chair so she could get a closer shot and pick up all the sucking and slurping noises Eric was making as he was getting me close to orgasm. I said “I’m getting close now and you are going to take my load in your mouth and swallow it.”

She winked at me and I started to cum. My first shot went in his mouth, then I pulled my cock out and shot a couple of shots on his face before pushing my cock back into his open mouth. He continued to suck, getting my full load. I asked “you like me cumming in your mouth? You like the taste of my cum?”

He took my cock out of his mouth to speak and said “yes, I did like it.”

With my finger, I wiped my cum off his face and fed it to him. He licked my finger clean. That’s when Sue stopped recording and let her presence be known. She said “Eric, I suspected you were gay, now I have proof. I just recorded you sucking Rick’s cock, and you really looked like you were enjoying it. You want to see it? I want you to see how gay you are.”

She turned on the smart tv and uploaded the video and turned it on. Eric and I were both still naked, and I noticed that he still had a hard on as he watched himself on the screen. I had told him I would suck his cock after he sucked mine, so I kneeled between his legs and began sucking him off. Sue said “isn’t this a sight. My gay husband getting off watching a video of him sucking a cock while another gay cocksucker gives him a blowjob. I want you out of my house tomorrow.” and she walked out of the room and slammed the bedroom door.

I continued to suck his cock and fingered his asshole and he came in an explosive orgasm rewarding me with more of his delicious cum. I told him I had an early morning and left, saying “Eric, you really are a good cocksucker. I’m sorry about tonight, but if you would like to get together some time, just the two of us, give me a call.


The next morning I overslept and was rushing around getting ready to go watch Tim competing in the triathlon, hoping I haven’t missed too much when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and it was Eric. He came in and gave me a hug and awkwardly kissed me. He said “I’ve been thinking ever since you left last night and I want to apologize for calling you a faggot. I know my marriage is over, but it should have ended long ago. I’ve been in denial for too long and you have helped me face the truth, I’m attracted to men…I’m GAY, and I accept it. You showed me how to suck cock and as soon as I started sucking your cock I thought to myself, why haven’t I done this before? It was so natural. And now I understand why I’m not sexually attracted to Sue, or any other women. I don’t know how you can eat pussy like you do. Pussies stink and the thought of eating one is repulsive to me. Thank you for helping me accept the real me. I would love to get together with you. I’m moving up to the lake cabin, you are welcome any time.”

I said Eric, I’m proud of you, and envious. You’ve decided to follow your heart and take the path less traveled. I’m still stuck at the fork, unable to decide which path to take…

…to be continued…

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