Real Hazing

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Welcome to Hell Week.

“What do you mean anything?”

“What I mean Beth, is that it’s hazing – they can ask us to do anything they want and we either do it or we don’t get in” Sam replied.

“You mean like wash their clothes and clean their rooms?”

“No! Dammit Lilly I mean – they can have us do anything. Why the fuck else would we be naked in cages right now? We have to do everything they tell us to. To them, to their friends, to strangers. Whatever they say to do, we have to do. Whatever they want. And then next year we get to do the same to the other new girls.”

“But what if, you know, we can’t do it? There are some things I won’t do it’s too ewwy.”

“Beth get over yourself, ewwy or not you’ll do it or you’ll find a share house and pay rent this year. Why do you think this deal was offered to us 3? We’re the hottest and we’ll be fucking amazing – the other skanks will just be sorority holes for guys, we’ll be royalty – guys will do anything to please us if we do this. And Lilly stop freaking out, it’s one week of them in control of us, 3 girls who did exactly this last year and look at them now! They don’t go to classes and get awesome grades – why? Because they’re royalty!”

“Damn straight bitch.” Amanda, Sarah and Steph were all standing in the doorway listening to their bitches talking.
“So which one of you actually said the word ‘ewwy’?” Amanda asked staring at the three naked pledges in their cages. “Tell me, I’ll find out one way or another.”

Steph pulled a bag off her shoulders and opened it in front of the girls. Inside was a tripod, video camera and too many toys for the scared, naked teens to count.
“Don’t be scared sluts, you’ll love these when your covering them with your cum on camera.” Steph was leering at the girls as she said this, watching them shiver as she went over to Sarah and started pulling out all the toys from the bag. Some of them Beth, Lilly and Sam didn’t even recognise but they knew enough to recognise the butt plugs and the huge strapons coming out of the bag to keep their mouths shut.

“So who’s up first?” Amanda demanded of the scared teens, watching them look at each other worried.

“I like the blonde bitch” Sarah said, speaking up for the first time. “She looks petrified, I can’t to hear her moan.”

“Who cares if she moans, it’s day 1, they’re meant to scream – remember what Becky did to me last year first up? I barely slept for the first 3 days!” countered Amanda.

“Fine, take the brunette”, Steph said as Beth whimpered in her cage, “I’m pretty sure she was the one who was worried if this would be ‘ewwy’”.

Sarah approached Beth’s cage and reaching in through the door pulled Beth out by her hair enjoying the little squeals of pain emanating from Beth’s mouth.

“Wanna make the others watch, or do you wanna blindfold them so they can only hear what we do to this slut?”

“Sarah you’re evil – they need to watch or they won’t learn.” Steph said grinning, “We wouldn’t want them to repeat the same mistakes as this little slut would we?” Steph said as she spanked Beth hard on her right butt-cheek.

Beth groaned but knew better than to say anything in protest. “What was that Slut?” Steph demanded.


“Nothing what? Who am I whore?” Steph had moved over Beth’s body as the girl crouched on her hands and knees. Grabbing Beth’s hair and wrenching her face upwards Steph demanded, “What’s my name you little whore?”

“I…ahh!” Beth screamed as Sarah moved behind her with Amanda and both of them slapped her ass. “I don’t know! Please!”

“Well you’re not a completely dumb bitch” said Steph as she dropped Beth’s head. “At least you’re honest to say you don’t know something. Still a little disappointing my little slut, you could have at least tried Mistress.”

Beth felt something hard hit her pussy from behind.

“Mistress! I am so sorry! Please I know better now!” Beth said cringing as more spanks rained down on her ass and someone slapped her pussy. She couldn’t see Amanda, but she knew she was back there stinging Beth’s ass with unmerciful hands. Her pussy had stopped being hit though. Sarah had moved away from the unprotected cunt and had started digging around in the bag of toys she had brought. Beth was beginning to become truly scared.

Steph looked at the already half defeated girl below her, “You’re going to be too easy slut, I wanted at least a little bit of fight. Maybe that’ll come when we offer you up to the boys?”

Beth looked up terrified, ‘Offer me up?’ she thought. ‘I thought we were starting slow, what did she mean by BOYS? More than one?’.

Steph laughed looking at Beth’s face. “It’s OK darling, you’re not going to them yet. No right now you’re our new toy to break in. Now kneel and face my cunt.”

Beth went white, looking quickly over at Lilly and Sam, both of whom were still in their cages naked and could do nothing else but watch Beth’s humiliation. She moved her body to kneel in front of her new mistress as Steph started to strip of her tight mini skirt and tank top. Beth had no idea what was coming but she knew it was Ankara Escort going to be something horrible. Both Sarah and Amanda had stopped moving and were watching Beth’s face. Steph loved having her cunt licked but she loved having her asshole eaten more.

When Steph had stripped down to her only her panties, she never wore a bra, her perky B cup tits didn’t need one and she loved being able to play with her obviously hard nipples whenever she wanted without a bra getting in the way, she moved to straddle her human toy’s face. “Have you even licked pussy before whore?”
Beth shook her head, no, too scared to say anything. Her face was directly below Steph’s g-string covered pussy and she could see that the girl’s underwear were wet and sticking to her mound.

“Like what you see? Me, Amanda and Sarah have been looking forward to this for a year so you better believe I am wet. I was made to go first too, believe me you’re getting off light. By now last year I had a fist in my ass and was begging to be thrown out of the building.”

Beth had no idea what to make of what Steph was saying, although she was now visibly shaking from the idea of having her ass stretched enough for a fist to fit in. Her ex-boyfriend had once touched her asshole but learnt the hard way that she didn’t like it. Luckily she was only sucking the tip of his cock at the time or she could have bit the whole thing off.

“Earth to whore! What are you thinking about! I said take off my thong!” Steph was beginning to get pissed, she hated being ignored and this worthless little cunt wasn’t paying any attention to her.

Beth reached up to her mistress’s waist to pull down the panties when Steph’s hand shot down and slapped her face. “What do you think you’re doing? Use your mouth slut! Sarah do you have handcuffs over there?”

Sarah grinned and nodded before passing a pair over to Amanda who quickly knelt behind Beth and cuffed her hands behind her back. Beth felt trapped. Above her was a wet, thong covered pussy, a girl was holding her hair to it as another girl was cuffing her hands behind her back next to her butt. She had never been so restrained and was beginning to panic.

“As I was saying whore – use your mouth and I better not feel ANY teeth.”

Beth looked up and tried to get a hold of Steph’s wet thong. It was hard to hold onto the material without the possibility of nipping the girl with her teeth. Beth soon realised what she would have to do, and snaked out her tongue slipping it between the girls upper inside leg and her pussy, running it along her wet slit.

Steph’s hand shot down again but this time didn’t hit Beth, it grabbed the back of her head holding her mouth and tongue in place. “Fuck slut! You’ve done this before haven’t you?”

Beth tried to shake her head but Steph didn’t care, instead grinding her pussy against the girls face she said “Maybe this should go for more than a week, I think I want this tongue every day for a year.”

Beth almost pulled away – she couldn’t even think about licking pussy daily for a year. But as her tongue continued up and down Steph’s panty line she had to admit it didn’t taste bad. The musty smell was beginning to fill her face and she knew she would stink of pussy.

“Fuck it take them off now, and I mean right now.” Steph ordered Beth, who quickly latched her teeth onto the bit of thong she had in her mouth before pulling her body and Steph’s thong to the floor. “Good bitch, like the taste of my wet panties?”

Beth nodded her head before dropping the thong to the floor.

“Open wide, now you get to taste it all.” Steph once again moved forward and held Beth’s head guiding her face between her legs. “Eat my cunt. Oh fuck yes!”

Beth dove into Steph’s pussy. She was beginning to break, and knew it. Steph’s juices were delicious and had already leaked enough from Steph’s pussy to cover Beth’s mouth. Her tongue darted in and out of her mistress’s pussy, licking from her clit to as far in as she could go. Steph’s legs began to tremble, this virgin cunt licker was good. She knew she had to get on the floor before she fell. She held onto Beth’s head and dragged her face forward as she lent backwards before falling on her ass and back with her legs around the slut’s head.

Amanda saw her opportunity. She loved seeing how ass virgins reacted to their first taste of anal action. She moved behind Beth’s hunched over body and spread Beth’s tiny ass cheeks wide. Amanda had to say Beth had one of the nicest little pink assholes she had ever seen. Not a single hair surrounded the tiny virgin hole which opened and closed as Amanda pulled Beth’s butt cheeks wider apart.

Beth had lost all control. She could feel someone touching her ass, knew she had to stop them but couldn’t do a thing. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and her face was being painfully buried in the most delicious cunt in the world. Even if she could stop the person touching her ass she wouldn’t want to leave this pussy. Her tongue continued to drive further and further up Steph’s hole, which was rewarding Beth’s effort with more pussy juice Etlik Escort than she could handle, it was beginning to cover her neck and run down to her small tits.

Just as she thought she was about to make Steph cum however something happened that made her stop licking.
Something warm, wet, soft yet firm was pressing against her asshole. She couldn’t figure out what was happening until she heard Sarah.
“Fuck Amanda you dirty bitch. You don’t know where the slut’s been, how can you just lick her asshole like that?”

Her tongue!? Amanda was licking her asshole?! Beth’s mind was exploding with the information it had just received but was quickly brought back to reality when Steph began to buck under her mouth. Her mistress was finally cum and Beth could feel the tension in Steph’s hand and arm increase as it forced her face deeper into the dripping cunt.

“Fuck yes you little Slut! Eat me! Eat my pussy. Ah ahhhh!” Steph had stopped making sense and was just holding onto Beth’s head with one arm as the other arm stretched above her head trying to grip the floor. “I’m fucking cumming!” Steph managed to gasp out before her pussy gave a quick shudder and exploded.
‘What the fuck?’ Beth thought, ‘Is she pissing on my face?!’ But the thought was driven from her mind as she felt something painful happen to her ass.

Steph’s pussy was convulsing continuously, squirting hot clear cum. Beth was desperately trying to pull away but couldn’t as Steph’s arm spasmed holding Beth in place.

Eventually the arm relaxed and Steph managed to roll free of the soaked, handcuffed girl bent over on her knees. Amanda had upped her game while Steph violated Beth’s 18 year old face, she had been violating her 18 year old asshole with her fingers. Amanda had dealt with anal virgins before but Beth was something else. Her asshole almost had no give to it whatsoever. No matter how much she spat on the girls asshole it refused to budge. Sarah actually had to come over and hold the bitch’s ass cheeks open so Amanda could slip 2 fingers up Beth’s spit covered asshole.

Beth was groaning in protest, finally able to voice her objections to the mistreatment of her untouched orifice. “Please, stop…please it hurts.”

Steph looked up, hearing the whore talk for the first time in minutes made her curious as to what had been happening to the slut while she had her cunt eaten. She saw Amanda kneeling behind Beth with her tongue sticking out a bit between her teeth and Sarah straddling the teens back facing away bent over obviously holding the girl’s ass apart.

“How many are in there?” asked Steph coming out of her daze.

“Only two, but it won’t stop there.” Amanda replied looking up and holding a 5 inch dildo in her other hand. “I want the bitch to be able to make this disappear in there before I’m done with her.”

Steph smiled weakly then realised her sluts mouth was still available. She rolled over and put her face next to her fuck toy’s. “Did you like eating my pussy whore?”

Beth couldn’t answer, her mind was reeling as she felt another finger enter her ass. Someone slapped her ass cheek making her wince in pain but she still couldn’t make words come out of her mouth. “Answer me slut or it’ll get worse, we have more than one size dildo in that bag – the big ones still hurt my pussy never mind my asshole.”

Beth’s eyes watered as she looked up and stared at her tormentor’s face. “I loved eating your pussy Mistress.”
“Good slut! You’re going to love this even more I promise you.” Before Beth could even begin fathom what Steph meant she saw what was happening. Steph had rolled onto her front and was backing her ass towards Beth’s face. “You just had your asshole licked. Now do mine.”

Beth couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t see or hear the other girls in the cages but she knew they were still watching. Knew they were judging her actions as she tried to edge away from Steph’s oncoming ass. Sarah however had let go of Beth’s ass knowing the timid whore wouldn’t want eat asshole voluntarily. She turned around still straddling Beth’s back and slowly pushed her cunt onto Beth’s neck and the back of her head. Beth could feel the wet pressure forcing her downwards, and knew she couldn’t escape. Steph had reached back and spread her butt cheeks and Beth could see her tongues destination. Steph’s pink asshole looked up at her almost winking as Steph stuck her ass up into the air.

“Eat my asshole slut, I promise I’ll like it. I don’t really care if you do.”

Amanda meanwhile had watched Beth’s head lower and was preparing to strike. As soon as she saw Beth’s head dip between Steph’s butt cheeks she struck and shoved the 5 inch plastic cock up Beth’s once-virgin asshole.

The effect was immediate. Beth’s body whether voluntarily or not tried to lunge forward, away from the violating object, but Sarah was sitting on her back and holding her head to Steph’s asshole so all Beth managed to do was thrust her head further into Steph’s warm ass crack forcing her tongue up Steph’s ass.

“Oh fuck yes!” cried Steph, loving the warm wet penetration. “You dirty fucking skank!” Escort Bayan

“Thought you might like that” called out Amanda who was pumping Beth’s ever loosening asshole with the dildo faster and faster.

“I will…urrghh…make it up to you in the shower..ahhhh!” Steph managed to moan into the floor as Beth plunged her tongue as far as she could up Steph’s asshole.

Sarah however was no longer needed on Beth’s back. The bitch had realised there was nothing she could do, meaning Sarah was free to get ready. She walked over to the cages and sat on top of Sam’s as she dug through the bag of toys. She looked between her legs at Sam’s terrified blue eyes.

“Don’t worry blondie, your turn will come soon enough – and you’ll be mine. Hope you don’t mind getting a bit wet though.” Sarah grinned as she found what she was after, three matching six and a half inch long, two inch wide double ended strapons, complete with little bumps all the way along the shafts for that extra bit of pleasure. She loved it when the girls matched.

Sarah looked over at the scene before her. Beth was done for. She could see the will to resist leave Beth’s body as the girl was abused at both ends. Sarah at least planned on pleasuring the girl a bit. Sarah stood, throwing one last look at Sam who was already looking back at the scene of Beth’s violation, and began to strip. She hated wearing clothing and a strapon, unless it was heels and even then it had to be for a special occasion…like when she got to fuck guys and girls with her toys.

By the time she was naked and preparing to pull up her strapon Steph was cumming again. Her entire body was shaking as Beth buried her tongue up the girls ass and her hand was below her cunt rubbing her clit as her other hand held Beth’s head in place. Amanda’s arm was a blur pumping the dildo in and out of Steph’s now accepting asshole.

Amanda looked and watched Sarah insert one end of the strapon up her cunt before she walked closer to Beth. A smile appeared on Amanda’s face. “So soon? I was just having fun.”

Sarah smiled down at the ass obsessed girl, remembering only too well the last time Amanda had had her ass for the evening. “You can keep her ass, we just need a different position. I want to be under the girl, inside her.”

Beth weakly lifted her head. Her neck was beginning to get sore but that was the least of her worries when she saw Sarah’s strapon. “Wha…what’s happening?”

“Shut up slut!” Amanda was still behind her and spanked her hard for daring to ask a question. “Haven’t you figured it out? You’re nothing but three holes to us.”

Sarah smiled, remembering Amanda screaming she was nothing but one hole to her – that girl really loved to abuse people’s assholes. Even her ‘boyfriends’ had a hard time getting attention paid to their cocks with Amanda!

Sarah lay down in front of Beth and told her to straddle her cock. Beth attempted to move forward and fell with her face hitting Sarah’s ‘cock’.

“You’re right whore you do need to suck it first don’t you.” Sarah grinned up evilly before holding Beth’s hair and forcing her cock into her mouth. Beth gagged as the strapon reached her limit and began to enter her throat. “That’s it you little slut, does this remind you of all the jocks you got on your knees for?”

Beth tried to pull away but her anal abuse had begun again with Amanda shamelessly pushing more and more of the dildo up her sore asshole. Beth couldn’t decide which abuse was worse then quickly remembered the taste of Steph’s musty asshole and knew if she didn’t get away soon she would be broken forever and remain these girls’ toy.

“That’s enough slut you’re almost enjoying this too much.” It was true, Beth had slobbered all over the strapon and had even stopped gagging as she focused on the feelings coming from her ass. Was she really beginning to like them? She can’t really have been pushing back onto Amanda’s invading thrusts had she? She didn’t even have time to think as Steph grabbed her hair and pulled her forward until her cunt hit something hard and wet.

Beth didn’t need to look down. She knew her pussy had hit Sarah’s strapon and that she was about to get fucked.

“What are you waiting for bitch?” Sarah’s face was red with sweat, Beth’s facefucking had forced the other end of the strapon into her cunt, and she was beginning to get hot. “Get on my cock and make me cum.”

Beth couldn’t have stopped herself even if she wanted to, her pussy was begging for cock. ‘Wait what?’ Beth thought confused, ‘How am I horny? They’re using me.’

All thoughts were driven from her mind however when Sarah lined up her cock and thrust into Beth’s dripping cunt.

Beth screamed.

She finally got what she had been craving since she was thrown naked into that cage. Her cunt was full, stretching even as Sarah pumped her cock deep into Beth’s cervix. Steph laughed menacingly, the same laugh she had when Beth tried to pull her face away from her asshole a life-time ago. Beth looked at Steph standing there, and at Amanda kneeling next to her and for the first time saw why Steph was laughing.

They both had identical double ended strapons to the one buried in her cunt.

‘What had Amanda said? ”Haven’t you figured it out? You’re nothing but three holes to us”. Three. Oh Shit.’.

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