Pre-tournament ritual

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Pre-tournament ritualBilly was off to University, he was heading to the University of British Columbia. And so were his sluts.Many already were, but had exchanged from the local ones to the great British Columbian University. Billy and his sister were originally from Halifax. With parents being in the Navy they had moved so much around not only Canada but North America. The two spent three years between Montréal and Québec City. So much in fact the two spoke French around each other until Maria snapped out of the hypnotic state. The family had been to Halifax, Winnipeg, Montréal, Québec City, Boston, Miami, Vancouver, Victoria, and finally Los Angeles. They had enjoyed Vancouver and Montréal the most, though Victoria and L.A were close behind. The two loved sports such specifically hockey and volleyball. Both cities were beautiful, and had great sports programs throughout the city. Victoria was similar to Vancouver in weather and sports programs. Los Angeles was great in sports and had fantastic weather. Plus Billy had made Maria and her friends his personal sluts there. He was excited to take them to his favourite city.***3 months later***Billy had made the hockey team and Volleyball teams. Fortunately the Volleyball season didn’t start until the last week of the playoffs in hockey, so he was covered.Billy had a gigantic hockey tournament in Seattle. He had refrained from being addicted to his sluts as they were addicted to him. He fucked about 5 times per two weeks. But he hadn’t been able to get as much as a blowjob in three weeks. Not because his sluts were standing him up (they were THAT addicted to him and he would **** them and probably kill them if they did) but he was just too busy. He and his sluts had had to put up with masturbation, Billy didn’t have nor want a girlfriend, and he had forbidden his sluts from taking any other man or woman other than him or another slut and only when he said so.But because this tournament was over a three week span, he would be able to fuck each slut with plenty of time to spare for focusing on practice, games, strategy and everything hockey related in between. He had a plan. Fuck three of his whores during a two day span before departing for Seattle. Meanwhile the 9 other sluts would have all gone to different hotels, from his. Each one would have a roommate or two and a cover story. Such as, sisters, tourist friends, teammates of sports, etc. On the second to last day before Billy hopped on the Seattle bound bus, he went over to one of his slut’s houses. Living in Acadia Park like himself (The student only dorms) he was visiting Eleni’s dorm. Her roommate: Emma another slut. He would be doing a great threesome with them.Billy walked over to the number Emma had texted him. He rang the doorbell. Within a second of his forefinger of pressing the doorbell, the door whipped open. “Master, welcome to our dorm.” Emma smiled at him.Billy looked both ways down the pathway before answering in a whisper. “Fast service slut.”Billy walked in: It was evident they had tidied up. Odd things were jammed into corners, cupboards and closets. He turned to Emma and Eleni.Both were naked. Emma was shorter than Eleni. With shoulder length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a fit body and C cup tits. She was saving up to enhance them to pleasure Billy more. Eleni could’ve been Emma’s sister. Her dirty long blonde hair came a quarter ways down her back. She was about 5 inches taller than Emma, leaner than Emma but not by much. She had green eyes and DD cup tits that made her roommate extremely jealous and horny. Together they could probably make a cure for erectile dysfunction Billy closed the door and directed the two girls into positions he adored the most. Emma was given the job of sucking his 8 inch babymaker, while Eleni would have her asshole searched by his tongue. She leaned over the couch clawing at her ass cheeks to spread them, meanwhile Emma was leaning forward while kneeling, with both of Eleni’s incredible legs were on either side of Emma’s face. Billy was nude within seconds. He bent down positioning his member at Emma’s face. She waited for him to give her the OK. Billy leaned his upper body forward. Simultaneously, he poked Emma’s lips with his swollen cock and sucked on Eleni’s anus. Emma greedily wrapped her lips around the head of Billy’s cock while Billy went to work on Eleni. The atmosphere to Billy was as good buca escort as any. Sucking on one of his personal sex slave’s asshole and having, another of his sluts’ milk his cock. Eleni tugged her ass cheeks to give Billy complete access to her ass. The girls had learned to love his licking of the ass. And some had even learned to appreciate the glorious art of anal sex. Though none had yet to withstand the pain of anal fisting. And once before when lesbian dominatrices had attempted to fuck one of Billy’s sluts during summer break. He had driven out to her house and DOUBLE ANAL FISTED HER. The girl had had to receive medical surgery and the police had never been able to find anybody, because a) The surgeons had washed all the evidence away with plastic surgery and disinfectant and b) The girl hadn’t seen Billy’s face because he just walked up to her from behind, clamped her mouth dropped her pants and panties and stuck his two Michael Phelps size mites up her butt.Meanwhile Emma sucked him like his dick was a lollipop and would be the last nutrition she would ever have. Eleni managed to force through her moans:“Master, may OH GOD! M-mmay I a-a-a-a-assss-hum-p-p-p your face? Oh FUCK!”Billy was too much absorbed in licking Eleni; he just gave her the thumbs up. Within the second Eleni rammed her arse as if she had a cock and his face was a pussy. Emma began licking with a new ferocity so much that Billy came, even though a second a go he wasn’t even ready to let loose his ejaculate.“Switch it up whores.” Billy grunted. Emma swallowed and assumed Eleni’s old position and vice versa.Billy always took 3 Viagra before each slut-fuck. He needn’t though; he had outstanding stamina and consistency. His record on going as long as he could without jazzing while fucking her pussy was 22: 05 min. After 5 minutes he had an equally big eruption. So it was no big surprise when Eleni got an equally big drink. Finally he decided it was time for a proper fuck. Emma had the tighter and better pussy to fuck, but Eleni’s was a tad tastier.He had Eleni mount his mouth and Emma his babymaker. Both girls began humping like it was a necessity. (Billy had trained that into them) Although it was kinda painful to have a girl jump up and down on his mouth Billy kept lapping up the tasty juices. After about two minutes of this Eleni warned her master she was on the verge of letting loose her lady juices. He told her dismount his face and remount with her tits in his face. Billy enjoying each second of burying himself in Eleni’s big juicy, tasty, sweaty, beautiful jugs was heaven for Billy. Emma hated not having her master envelope himself in her boobs. She rode him harder causing him to cum into every depth of her cunt. When she was about to blow she yelled out.Billy had both sluts position their cunts 6 inches from his mouth and finger themselves and over his face burst over his face. The two rubbed, inserted, slapped, and tugged until equally large waterfalls came down on Billy’s waiting tongue. He lapped it all up. Billy stood. He redressed himself and slapped each chick’s ass and came over all four tits (to Emma’s delight) and then left. A usual goodbye.Two minutes later, Billy was standing in front of his mirror admiring the life many men would kill their own mothers for. He had received many scouts from NHL teams such as the St Louis Blues, Philadelphia Flyers, Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens. 4 TEAMS WERE INTERESTED IN HIM! From this he could reckon he was a top prospect defenceman. On top of the idea of possibly becoming a professional ice hockey player, was the love of having 12 sluts who would kill each other just to kiss him, let alone fuck him. And if that wasn’t enough his sister was amongst the group of whores. In the vision of the average man, he was living it.Billy removed all of his clothes and flexed his boner. He had always had great stamina, and on top of that every day he fucked (quite often) he would take 3 Viagra pills. So he almost always had a constant hard-on and his balls constantly refilled themselves. Have you ever heard of where a mom’s tits produce far too much milk? Well Billy’s balls were quite often blue and his dick hard from sperm over filling him. He did his usually remedy; without looking pop in one of his 200 porn DVDs or shuffle them on his Ipad or laptop. Because his Ipad was charging and the latter was under a virus search, he randomly buca escort bayan put in a film. He didn’t lube his dick was already soaked with pussy and jizz.Today’s featured presentation featured Rachael Roxx on a boat. Her so-called boyfriend and sucked the hopeless dick dry down her throat, in one swift movement he returned the favour in three minutes flat. Than Roxx jumped off his mouth and onto his cock. In seconds both, were moaning and screaming and Billy’s moans were added to the collection. Less than 60 seconds later jizz shot from Billy. Next Billy would just watch the fuckers and not touch his cock and see how long it would take to cum. This way, he got to actually enjoy the scenes, and enjoy his cock jerk in spasms. After30 minutes of the two rocking the boat with Rachael took the 10 inch cock between her jugs, in her pussy, up her butt, and between her ass cheeks. Billy’s cock jerked as if it had nerve problems. The grand finale was his cock squirting for ten seconds and then saluting the scene. Billy went to bed preparing for tomorrow’s fuck fest.Camille was a French-Canadian of St-Jean de Chrysostome. They spoke French on the rare occasion they were alone together and weren’t screwing. But today they would screw for a good hour to two hours. Camille was bout 5, 5 with straw-blonde coloured hair. Her face was beautiful with hazel eyes. Billy loved enhanced asses and tits. Exactly what Camille was built of. Her F-cup silicone knockers always had a yummy liquid squirted across them. Her ass was worthy of Jennifer Lopez. Also perfumed with the delicious liquid but always a different flavour. Camille lived about a five minute walk away from Billy’s dorm. Billy arrived and knocked on the door. Camille flung the door open completely and stood fully showing off her beautiful body. Billy’s constant boner grew to a new length: Ten inches. Camille flung her arms around Billy’s neck and kicked the door shut. Billy didn’t even object. He was THAT horny. She was just too arousing, with her big silicone ass and her silicone mountains.Camille clawed at his shorts and buttons flung themselves in every direction, then as she flung his shorts and boxers to his ankles, and inhaled his cock to the hilt. She was in Billy’s opinion the best cocksucker amongst his twelve. Her tongue worked magic and could make Billy cum within 3 minutes. With his blue balls 1 minute. And sure enough a gigantic wave flowed from his dick. “My ass, finger fuck my ass.” Besides another slut named Kate, Camille was also the best at finger fucking Billy. She inserted two fingers and slid them to the depths of Billy’s anus. She fucked good and hard, and then licked him ‘til his second cumshot arrived. It was time to suck Camille. In the rapidest of movements, Billy was sitting up straight, with Camille’s legs wrapped around his head and her crotch up his mouth. He sucked and licked as Camille humped his lips. Finally after 4 minutes of pure bliss for both fuckers Camille came. Billy was surprised Camille was still hydrated; he thought she would’ve gone bone dry. Finally it was time to stick it into Camille. She couldn’t wait. She clambered up onto his lap and flung herself onto his pole, she let out a deep sigh as Billy’s cock penetrated her. Then she rode him. Oh boy did she ride him. It was if she was on Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes race. She came within 30 seconds, and continued through in the same breath despite letting loose another wave of juice on his waist and crotch. Even with her great speed, Camille doubled her acceleration. Her screams pierced the air along with Billy’s “OH FUCK! YES! HOLY SHIT!”s. Finally he too came with earthshaking force. Camille raised herself and leaned against the wall and opened her silicone cheeks. Billy ran to fuck her ass. Her surgery had made her asshole slightly bigger and yet tighter so that she didn’t feel any pain and yet Billy received the finest anal he could imagine. He pounded her anus while fingering her clit. Her screams redoubled. She came over his waiting fingers. When he had his third orgasm of the session, he made sure to do it up her ass and jam them up there. Than when he removed his dick he picked Camille off the floor, and sucked and licked as his cum ran down his throat. Camille grabbed hold of Billy’s cock, and jerked him. Billy grabbed her wrist and threw it off of his member. He forced her down onto the escort buca ground.He aimed his cock between her mountain and thrust skyward. Catching the idea, Camille sandwiched Billy’s hard-on. The hard tits, pressing against Billy was far too much. He came and his sperm shot onto her boobies, her chin and her lips. She gladly licked him. Billy was finished. He had to save his cum for someone else. He kissed her goodbye, and then for the fun sucked her tits ‘til she squirted onto the rug.Billy had redressed and was walking around campus. There was a serial r****t around the city and he was targeting the students. Of course this was Billy. So far, he had fucked 4 strangers and impregnated three. He planned to add to both lists today. With his cock still rigid as a board walked out into the rain. He crossed the soccer fields, and saw a hot babe running around the track. He went over and sat down in the bleachers watching porn on his Ipad. When she finished and went towards the apartments across the way, Billy made sure to take an alternative route. He watched her from thirty metres away. She entered one of the tall buildings that required an electronic key to get in. He caught the door before it swung shut. As she went into the elevator he saw her press which floor she wanted through the mirror on the back. He also caught a sight of her sweaty, perfect ass. 5th floor.Billy raced up the staircase his cock thumping in anticipation. The elevator opened. She walked out with keys in hand, as she unlocked the door; Billy raced forward and gripped her around the waist. “WHAT THE-?” Billy picked her up and sprinted into her room . He slammed the door, and locked it. The girl sprinted to the phone but he rugby tackled her. “What’s your name? Tell me it and you will actually live.” Billy growled. The girl terrified whispered. “Pamela.”“Well Pamela, you are going to become my slut. Don’t even bother saying you’ll never want someone as low as me. ‘Cuz all twelve of my current sluts said that and they all worship me. Okay. Get naked, don’t worry, we’re not going to fuck. Yet. We’re going to take a shower.”Now you’re probably thinking; this is getting old. What with the shower in every story…But this always turns the girls into Billy’s whores. The water relaxes them enough for Billy to eat their asses. Which gets them into a sexual mood enough to realize their forced and begin to like it.This is what Billy did. He took Pamela into the shower and soaped up her cunt. He revolved his forefinger repeatedly enough to get Pamela a bit more comfortable. Billy could see she was warring with herself. This was always a good sign for Billy. Then he plumped his finger up her anus. Within seconds Pamela was humping his hand. A true slut, Billy thought. He made sure that her ass was clean enough to eat out of, than actually ate out of it. He had picked Pamela up and raised her onto his waiting mouth, so she was about 8 feet in the air. Billy rarely ate pussy. He saved that for his ten inch love-pole. Pamela’s was truly the best tasting natural ass he had ever tasted. Even with the salty sweat and soap up it, it was outstanding. With Billy’s experienced tongue lodged up her, Pamela felt the same hot, loving, craving, lust for Billy all the other sluts had felt. She ground her hips into his face. In no time flat additional liquid was flowing down Billy’s body.Pamela jumped down and sucked Billy. He wasn’t going to protest. Her mouth was just as experienced, licking the tip and flicking it and kissing brought Billy to the edge. Then she went took in his balls and his entire length. A river of cum washed straight for Pamela’s stomach.Billy plopped Pamela onto his erect manhood and ravaged her. He slammed her up against the wall. She pushed against him but he slapped her. This was where he showed her who was boss. He pumped into her for 10 straight minutes. Then he sucked her DD cup jugs and buried his face in the valley. He pumped faster and faster until she came all over him forcing him to cum. She tried to stop. But he exploded inside her.“What if-?”SLAP!“You address me as master whore.”“My name is-“SLAP!“Whore.”“Mater, what if I become pregnant?”“If it is a girl, it will become my slut by age 5. If it is a boy you and the others will be its and my sluts. If you aren’t pregnant, you will go on the pill.”“I have a boyfriend master.”“Dump him slut. Come it is time you meet the other sluts.”Billy redressed himself and walked out with his new slut. Who was still nude with cum all over her.As they walked down the street Billy behind her acting like he didn’t know her. He thought“Every girl’ll be my slut.”

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