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On Saturday morning, Janet announced that she’d invited her sister, Rosemary, and Rosemary’s boyfriend over for an alfresco lunch. We went to the market in the morning and bought fresh bread, cheese and cold meats, as well as a plentiful supply of local wine; very cheap and very good, as I’d already discovered. The local beer was mostly gassy and expensive, but the wine was better even than the varieties I’d drunk in the UK. Like the Australians, the South Africans had clearly learnt the trick of keeping the best stuff for themselves, and exporting the rest.We set out table and chairs on the patio, around the cocktail pool. This pool was certainly one of the star features of Janet’s uncle’s apartment, built into the first-floor patio above the garage, and overlooking the beach. It was lovely and relaxing at the end of a hot day to jump in and wash away the sweat and dust, or lean over the edge with a bottle of wine, watching the waves break along the beach. And unlike the beach, it was possible to sunbathe topless without being ogled by the local youths, who (Janet assured me) would openly masturbate with their hands inside their shorts while staring at your tits, then laugh and swear at you if you protested.I’d met Rosemary once before, when she came over to the UK on a short visit. She was a couple of years older than Janet, and looked very like her, with a similar boyish figure and pale blue eyes, though she wore her hair longer and used more make-up. Her boy-friend, Andy, was sweet, sensitive and funny, and I liked him at once. He lacked that arrogant sense of entitlement that I’d noticed in a lot of white South African youths, which always got my back up.Janet had insisted that bikinis were de rigueur – for the girls – and after the meal we lounged decadently in the pool, glasses of wine by our sides. We bossed poor Andy around mercilessly, getting him to top up our glasses and bring us titbits of food. He took it all in good part, but eventually made an excuse to go inside and “check some messages” on his phone.“That means he wants to play some online game,” announced Rosemary. “He’ll be gone for ages. I might as well work on my tan for a bit.”“Anyone mind if I take this off?” she went on, reaching behind her back and starting to undo the strap on her bikini top, “I’d like to get rid of these tan lines.”“Go ahead,” I said, and she took the top off, letting her tits swing free. They were a bit bigger than Janet’s, but she had the same tiny areolae and perky nipples.“I think I’ll do the same,” said Janet. “Come on Annie, you too. One out, all out.”So, we took our tops off too. We smeared on plenty of sun-cream (it was starting to get rather hot) and lay down on the sun-loungers by the pool.The effect of the sun and the wine made me quite sleepy, and after a while Bostancı Escort I dozed off. When I woke up, I noticed with interest that Rosemary had removed her bikini pants as well, and was sunbathing totally naked. Like me, she’d shaved off all her pubic hair, and I could see the plump bulge of her bare mound.If that was acceptable, I was happy to follow suit. I slipped off my pants too, and rubbed a bit more cream on my genital area; sunburnt labia are no fun.As I was rubbing it in, I noticed Rosemary watching. She smiled.“I do love sunbathing naked,” she said. “There’s actually a nudist beach over the other side of Table Mountain, over by Camps Bay. Sandy Bay, it’s called. It’s pretty, but a bit isolated, and I don’t like to go by myself. This is much nicer.”At this moment, Andy strolled back to the pool. I tactfully put my towel over my pudenda, but Rosemary pulled it away again.“Don’t worry about him,” she giggled. “He won’t stare, will you sweetie? Except at me.”Andy bent down to kiss her. She began to pull at his swim-shorts.“Come on, bokkie, you need to get naked too,” she insisted. “Let’s give Annie something to look at.”“Oh, I’m sure she doesn’t want to see my dick,” he said.“Actually, I do,” I said. “Come on, let’s see.”He shrugged and pulled off his shorts. I was pleased to see that his penis was already semi-hard and starting to stand up from its nest of pubic hair.“Mmm, you naughty boy,” purred Rosemary. “I hope it’s just looking at me that’s got you excited, and not Annie’s pussy.”She reached out and took hold of his organ, rubbing her hand up and down the shaft. Not surprisingly, this quickly caused it to get fully erect.“What d’you think, Annie?” she asked. “Good enough to eat, eh?”She leant over and took the tip in her mouth. Andy breathed in sharply and smiled as she began to slurp on his dick.I heard a giggle from Janet, who had woken up as well.“Go on, Rosie, let Annie have a taste too,” said Janet. “She loves sucking cock, don’t you, sweetie?”“Sure, go on Annie,” said Rosemary eagerly. “Give it a lick. He won’t mind, will you, bokkie?”“Well, no, not if you don’t,” said Andy with a smile, “and if Annie wants to, of course.”“I never say no to a stiff one,” I said. Andy walked over to my sun-lounger, his erection bobbing in front of him, and I took the warm throbbing pole in my hand. I gave it a quick lick, then put it right into my mouth. I sucked on it expertly, licking my tongue round the shaft and sucking in my cheeks to stimulate the sensitive tip. Then, to his evident delight, I stretched out my neck and took his whole length down my throat.Andy roared out with pleasure. “Ah fuck, Rosie, she just deep-throated me.”Rosemary squealed with delight and clapped her hands.“Annie, you filthy slut,” she shrilled. Bostancı Escort Bayan “I can see his cock bulging out. Let me touch it!”She reached out and poked the bulge of Andy’s knob as it pressed against my throat like a large Adam’s apple.I could have kept it up for longer, but I didn’t want to show off too much and wasn’t sure if it would be good form to make him come. Rosie might prefer to keep his jizz for herself. Besides, he was pretty big, and I didn’t often test my gag reflex to that extent. I leant back and let his erection slide out.“I’ve not taken one that big for ages,” I admitted, licking my lips.I looked at Janet. She was gently masturbating, sliding a couple of fingers in and out of her cunt, which already looked pink and aroused.She blushed when she saw me watching. “Watching you suck Andy’s cock got me so turned on,” she admitted. “See how sticky I am.”She held out her fingers, and I went over and took them in my mouth, sucking her cunt juices off them.“D’you want a taste too?” asked Andy. Janet didn’t need asking twice. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked vigorously on it. Rosemary began to finger herself too, clearly turned on by the sight of her boyfriend’s cock in another girl’s mouth.“Fuck it all,” said Janet suddenly, letting Andy’s cock slip out of her mouth. “We’re all as horny as hell now, and I really need a fuck, but there’s no way you’re going to be able to satisfy all three of us insatiable sluts. No offence, sweetie, I know you’re good, but we need reinforcements.”She picked up her mobile and scrolled down her address book. Then she pressed a number and waited until someone answered.“Hey, Kofi,” she said, “Yeah, I’m good. Look, Kofi, we’re having a few drinks over at my uncle’s place. You know, the one on the beach. There’s me, Rosie and Andy, and my friend Annie from England. No, you don’t know her, but she’s hot as fuck.”She winked at me.“Is that Swati with you? That’s cool, bring him too. I don’t care about the footie, this is better. Look, get an Uber, stop at the offie and get a few more bottles of wine, then get on over here. Bring your cozzies, ‘cos we’re in the pool. Though you might not need them for long. Call me when you get here, and I’ll buzz you in.”She quickly hung up. “That’ll make them come,” she smirked. “Come on, bokkie, let’s have a swim while we wait.”She jumped into the pool, closely followed by Andy. I watched as they swam back and forth, laughing and splashing each other. Every now and then Rosie allowed him to kiss her, and I could see his hard cock nudging against her body under the water. However, whenever he tried to enter her she playfully pushed him away.“Not yet, bokkie, let’s wait for the guys to get here,” she insisted. “Otherwise poor Annie and Janet’ll Escort Bostancı get jealous.”“Don’t mind us,” giggled Janet. “We can look after ourselves, can’t we, babe?”She laid down on top of me and began to rub her body against mine, our tits and pussies pressed together. I began to feel aroused again, and wrapped my arms and legs around her, holding her close.Her hand slipped between my thighs and I felt her rubbing at my pussy lips before her fingers slipped inside my sloppy cunt-hole. I purred with pleasure.“I know what you really want, sweetie,” she murmured, wriggling her fingers around, making me squirm.“Tell me,” I giggled. “Tell me what I want.”“A big thick black cock, fucking you in your wet cunt, you filthy slut.”“I do, I want a massive black cock as thick as your arm, big enough to split me in two.”“I want to watch you getting fucked, you dirty slut. I want to watch him cum inside you.”“Oh, fuck yes, I want that. Then I want you to eat his sticky cum out of my cunt. Slags like you love eating cum, don’t you?”During all this filthy talk, she was pumping her fingers in and out of me with a juicy slurping sound. I was starting to build towards an orgasm when to my disappointment Janet’s phone rang.“Ah shit, sorry, sweetie, that’ll be the guys,” she said, removing her fingers with a slurp and wiping them on her towel before answering it. “Okay, just a sec, Kofi.” She leant over the edge of the balcony and buzzed open the massive electric security gate to let them in, before coming back to me and kissing me on the lips.“You’re so hot, Annie, I almost wish I wasn’t going to have to share you this afternoon,” she said, “but I hope you’re ready for a good fucking.”“We’ve still got a few minutes,” I said, and pulled her down onto the lounger again, before starting to lick her perky nipples.I looked up as two young black guys walked onto the patio. Rosemary jumped out of the pool, completely starkers, and gave them each a hug, while Andy floated on his back in the pool, his erection poking up at ninety degrees like a submarine’s periscope.“Fuck man, you weren’t kidding about it being a party,” said one of them.“Shit, is that Janet and the other girl?” said the other, looking at where Janet and I were cuddling on the sun-lounger.“Yah, this is Annie,” said Janet. “I was just getting her wet for you. Come on, get your kit off. We both need fucking.”The guys didn’t need any more encouragement. They quickly undressed and came over to us, their black dicks swinging between their legs. Both were circumcised and well-hung, I was pleased to note, and one of them was practically erect already.Janet giggled. “Annie, meet Kofi the Cock,” she said. “It looks like he’s up for it already. Go on, Kofi, get to work on Annie. She’s our guest, so she gets first dibs. Swati, give me your dick here.” She took the guy called Swati’s cock in her mouth and began to slurp away expertly.I spread my legs wide and used my fingers to spread my labia apart, exposing my glistening wet flesh and open cunt-hole. My whole pussy was already pink and puffy with arousal after Janet’s fingering.

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