Patty’s Lace Ch. 11

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 011 Weekend Party For Two!

Patty brought the elephant ear and coffee for two from the kitchen and set Young up for breakfast as he found some Bugs Bunny for Saturday morning cartoons, sitting on the floor in front of the couch. She lay back on the couch while the Wascally Wabbit was being chased by Elmer as they laughed at them.

Yosemite Sam came on and Patty ecstatically cheered “My Favorite! The fastest gun north, south, east, annnnnd west of The Pecos!”

Young looked at her and said, “You a rootin’ tootin’ bob-tailed wildcat?”

She replied, “I’ll give ya wildcat!” and pounced.

They rolled around in the floor, and she ended up in his lap, with them feeding each other the elephant ear. A few more cartoons and chatting about plans for the day, they finished up breakfast and got ready to hit the road. Finding her dress and putting it on, she asked to be zipped as Young was tucking in his shirt.

Patty asked when Young’s next shift was as he zipped her dress, and he replied, “Monday Evening.”

When she suggested he bring a uniform, his eyes lit up as she said, “It makes sense.” The precinct was just a few blocks away, easily within walking distance of her place.

He packed the car with a couple of uniforms and enough changes for a week, to Patty’s surprise and delight, then they took off on Santa Monica Boulevard toward downtown with Eminence Front by The Who playing on the radio.

When they turned right onto S. Western Ave, Patty asked if they could stop at Ralph’s and in a few minutes, they were in the store without a list. Tossing some staples into the basket, coffee, bread, orange juice, and just about any kind of junk food someone could think of, they finished up in the household cleaners.

Back in the Stang, they continued on S. Western making the left onto West Pico. As they passed by The Blue Boutique Thrift Store, Patty started punching James’ arm. “Stop, Stop!” She shouted. “Let me out here!” Pointing out the window. He got the car stopped a few doors up and looked at her puzzled as she grabbed her purse and jumped out turning to say, “Circle the block, I’ll be just a minute.” then took off toward the thrift store.

He went up to Hobart making the right, then onto 14th, up to Oxford then back to Pico. As he circled the block, Patty sprinted to the thrift store and the Ultra-Lacy Full Slip worn by the hanging torso mannequin outside the store by the 2992 street number stickers. Looking up at it as it seductively fluttered in the breezes from the street, she then went inside. In just a few moments, that slip was in her hands, and she was looking for the tag. It read, Wonder Maid Non-Cling on front with the back reading Style 2911S Size 34 100% Antron Nylon. Patty guessed the S meant short as this was definitely a mini full slip. The shopkeeper and Patty went inside the store as Patty asked if she had anymore slips hanging around.

Finding the rack Patty started thumbing quickly through more lacy full slips as the shop keeper cracked open two large dresser drawers packed with folded half-slips, camisoles, and other lingerie. She picked eight from the dozen full slips all very lacy and vintage in a variety of colors hanging them over her arm and just picked the half-slips and camisoles by color or style of lace, not taking time to look at any tags, condition or if the waistbands on the half-slips were still good or dead setting them on the dresser.

Setting the full slips on the checkout counter, she found a hand basket by the door. The shopkeeper grabbed one also when she saw the pile of lingerie on the dresser. Looking in the drawers the shopkeeper found only some panties, a few plain white half-slips along with plain camisoles as they filled the baskets.

Spotting Young in the Stang in front of the store as the shopkeeper started ringing her up, Patty said, “Be right back.” and went out front. The passenger side window went down as she approached the car and leaned into the open window kissing Young’s cheek and telling him to find a parking spot or circle a couple more times to kill a few minutes. When he asked what she was doing, she replied, “I believe You will like it.” She didn’t notice the two guys walking by as she leaned into the car, with her Fabulous Bubble Butt up in the air and her sundress fluttering in the breeze showing off Miss Hollywood’s gorgeous lace. They noticed her though, if looks could burn, Patty’s hot ass would have been on fire.

She turned to go back in the store and they both smiled at her, with her flashing a delicate smile at them as she passed. Back inside, she found nothing was rung up yet. This kind of upset her, until the shopkeeper said she didn’t want to ring this many items up without her present. Patty smiled and said, “Makes sense to me.” The Wonder Maid from outside was first, and as the shopkeeper went to put şanlıurfa seks hikayeleri it in a bag, Patty said, “Please hand her to me”. Patty held and stroked the beautiful full slip as the shopkeeper rang the others holding them up, commenting on how gorgeous the lace was on some, how silky others were and that she would have to pay more attention as she would like to have some of them herself. When she was finished the shopkeeper said, “I can see these will have a good home, but when will you find time to wear all of them? That will be $388 dollars, and Thanks, I may close early today!” Patty laughed and replied, “I only have two pair of jeans, one new and one cut off.” as she pulled a roll of cash from her purse and peeled off four Franklins saying, “Keep the change, Thanks for all your help.” The shopkeeper said, “You’re quite welcome, I will close early today!” as Patty picked up the two large bags and headed for the door.

She strolled up W. Pico examining the beautiful lace bust of the new to her Wonder Maid full slip. One of the guys she smiled at before was walking toward her, a blonde guy who looked like he should be catching waves out in the Pacific. She smiled again, and he turned around walking beside her looking into her eyes then down at the slip in her hands.

“That is Very Nice!” he said.

Patty held the Wonder Maid up by the straps and said, “I hope she fits.”

He replied, “I’m sure You will look so sexy in it.”

Patty looked at him with a wide smile, “Thank You”

He asked, “Would You like to go out, go dancing or something? Perhaps You can wear if for me?

Patty replied, “Her” gently shaking the slip at him.

He said, “Could you wear her for me?”

Patty said, “You’re cute, but I’m taken”

He said, “Awwww damn, can’t blame a guy for trying though!” Putting a card in one of her bags he said, “For when You are not taken, Hope to see You soon, Lacy Lady!”

She smiled at him as he turned and walked down the street. Looking to her left, there was the Stang with the window down. Young stopped in the street got out and opened her door as she walked between some parked cars. Fishing around in the bag, she found the card and put it in his hand. Putting the bags in the back seat with the groceries, she handed him the Wonder Maid as she stepped into the car. He closed the door, and she took the gorgeous slip as the police siren yelped.

Looking back, the police car was right behind him with the blues flashing. Young walked to the back of the Stang leaning on it as the officer stepped out of his car. It was Skytower who recognized Young as he walked up. Fist bumping, he said, “What are you doing out here man? By the way, one more day of being 29, Happy early Birthday!”

Young looked up at Skytower and replied, “Thanks, what’s up?”

Skytower said, “I got a call about a white Mustang just going around and around and around the block some more out here. Very suspicious activity! Who do you have in the car with you? New girl I need to be introduced too?”

“Yep, new girl!” Young said smiling.

Skytower looked over Young’s shoulder and said, “Miss, please step out of the car.”

Patty set the slip on the dash and the door opened. She stepped out and went to the back of the car, leaning on it by Young and said, “Hi Sky, how’s the day.”

Officer Skytower looking surprised said, “Hey Patty, how has life been treating You?”

Snuggling up to Young as he put his arm around her shoulders, then looking up at Skytower, Patty purred, “Very Well, and You?”

Skytower replied, “Good, Good.” Looking at Young he said, “I got a message for You from Sarge. Man, he is missing you, they gotta rookie riding with him, fresh out of the academy. Step inside my office. Good to see you, Patty.”

Young pulled Patty close, kissing her luscious lips, saying, “I’ll be right back”

Patty sat back down in the Stang and started playing with the new to her Wonder Maid as the guys stepped into the patrol car.

Young asked, “What’s up with Sarge? What’s the message?”

Skytower replied, “He misses You, that is the message, that rookie is driving him fucking nuts, he actually has to play cop for now. That’s why he has been out of sight. Hey man, do You know who that is?”

Young asked, “Who?”

“Patty man, do You know who she is?” Skytower answered.

Young replied, “Well yea I do, Sarge and I have kept our eyes on her for damn near a year, keeping that ass out of trouble.”

“You know we call her The Hardest Working Chick in Show Business, right?” Skytower asked.

Young, chuckled saying, “That’s pretty good, I’ve not heard that.”

“So, you two are hooking up?” Skytower asked. “I’ve not seen her out for over a week.”

“Well, you were never one for subtlety, Sky, but yea,” Young replied.

“Just be careful, man” Skytower said.

“It’s all good.” Young said, “She just a country girl trying to make it by in the big, bad city. I’m finding there is a lot more to her than any of us saw when she was running the streets.”

“How so?” Skytower asked.

“That rough exterior is just an act. She is very street smart, but she is also highly intelligent. She is her own person, but in many ways, that full grown woman is a little mountain girl. No, she does not want a daddy or someone to dominate her, she seems to want someone to look up to, someone to trust, I guess a hero, so she does not have to make her way, all alone. I’m going to try to be that for her because she is quickly becoming my hero!” Young replied.

Skytower answered Young with, “Well, I hope it works out for you guys, Patty is gorgeous, and I always thought she was out of place running those streets and could do much better.”

Young said, “You won’t see her in the streets anymore, she’s been banned, not by me, but by Sarge. He told her he’d haul her to jail personally if he caught her pulling anymore tricks. But he also gave her a choice.”

“What’s that?” Skytower asked.

“We have a meeting up in the hills next week” Young said then added, “Sam’s going to be there, Quinn may be also. They are looking at letting her work Katz in the back. Sarge has already talked to Quinn about Patty, and she said she would take her under her wing and beat her into shape.”

Skytower said, “Holy shit dude, That’s a rough bunch! Quinn is a trip, though. What she sees in Sarge, I’ll never know. Think Patty can handle it?”

Young laughed and said, “You should know man, you fight them off up to a 1/2 dozen at a time. Hell, you may even get a chance to toss Patty around the ring.”

“I’m getting too old for that shit, but the show must go on!” Skytower said, “Besides, the girls and I are just playing, you think Patty can handle the real ripping and fighting they do?”

“If she likes what she does and fights like she fucks, she’ll have no problems.” Young replied.

Skytower laughed and said, “Ohhh, here we go, Mr. Subtlety, anything else I should know about Catty Patty?

“I’m just saying man, when she likes to do something and puts her mind to it, she can do anything she wants” Young replied.

Skytower said, “So she likes to fuck, that’s what you are saying”

“Man, you gotta one track mind.” Young replied.

Skytower pressed on, “Well yea, Imma dude, what do you expect? But the question is, does she?”

“Does she what?” Young asked.

“Love to fuck,” Skytower asked. “Does she love cock?”

Young looked at him for a few moments.

“C’mon man, spill the beans.” Skytower urged.

“Yes, she does, that was one of the actual reasons she was running the streets.” Young said then continued, “She said, she can’t get enough sex and that she may as well get paid for doing something she loves. She is a hot bundle of energy with an XXX mind. I’ve not seen her wear pants in the entire time I’ve known her, always a dress of some sort, always with a gorgeous slip under. She is always ready and will figure out how to fuck anywhere at the drop of a hat.”

“Does she still do that thing she did in the streets” Skytower queried.

“What thing?” Young asked.

“The lingerie thing?” Skytower answered. “The main reason she looked out of place to me was how she dressed for work. Way too elegant, way to classy for those streets. When I saw what she did with that lingerie while working, especially those gorgeous slips, I wanted to have a go at her. Kind of a shame though that she just tossed them in a trash can or left them in the dirt when she was done.

“Yea yea, she still does. The reason I was riding around the block is because she saw a slip at that little thrift store she wanted and came out with a bag full.”

“WOW,” Skytower said then looked at the radio as he got the dispatch, “Lucky Dog You Are! I gotta go, take care, Cowboy. I’m rooting for You and Patty. Everybody needs somebody.”

Stepping out of the patrol car, Young asked, “By the way, Sky, How’s Lisa?”

Smiling wide, Skytower said, “She’s doing well, and all I ever wanted. Thanks for asking. Do me a favor man, have Patty teach her the lingerie thing.

Be Safe and will do. How’d we get this far above our league with our beautiful ladies? I’m rooting for you guys also. Young said.

Skytower laughed, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Dunno man, somebody must be watching out for us.”

“Yep, Yep, Be Safe.” Young replied as he closed the patrol car door.

Skytower took off, Lights flashing, Sirens wailing and Laughing behind the wheel. The Stang pulled off cruising up the street as Patty looked at Young and said, “I sorry.”

Young glanced at her and said, “Sorry, for what?”

“For getting You pulled,” Patty said, “Did Sky give you a ticket?”

Glancing over again, Young took Patty’s hand and kissed it. The slip fell to her lap as he held her hand saying, “No need for You to be sorry, and no, I did not get ticketed.” Kissing her hand again, he let go as he said, “What’s that you have there?

Patty settled into the seat and started purring as she said, “This is what I noticed as we drove by the store.”

Young said, “Let’s get a look at her!”

Patty held the slip up by the straps, turning her toward him, as he glanced back and forth from the slip to the road, then back to the slip. “She is Beautiful.” he said as Patty showed the wide lace of the slip’s hem off to him.

Young reached over touching Patty’s gorgeous lace and she let the slip drop then placed his hand on the silken lacy pile of a slip in her lap. Holding his hand as he played with her slip. Patty started purring again as he rubbed her thighs with her. Settling into the car seat more she spread her legs pulling her dress and Miss Hollywood up. He took the hint and used the slip on her, caressing the inside of her thighs, and petting her kitty with it. Patty closed her eyes, holding her hands over his, and started slowly grinding her hips into the seat. She opened her eyes when he made the U-turn pulling in front of her building.

Sitting up in the seat, she straightened the disheveled dress and slip she was wearing as best she could as he shut the car down and opened her door. Stepping out, her dress and Miss Hollywood fell into place. She pulled the cold bags from the backseat, handing them to Young then grabbed the rest of the groceries and the Wonder Maid. Looking up she noticed the gorgeous slips and other lingerie hanging on the pull line and thought, “Those have only been up there about two days, maybe is time to get them down.” as they made their way to her place. Placing the bags in the kitchen Young said, I’ll get the rest and to the street he went.

Patty looked at the bags, then the slip, then the bags again, and grabbed the slip. Unzipping herself, the dress went over her head, into the hamper. Miss Hollywood was next followed up with the taps. The Wonder Maid went on and while she was a little tight in the bustline, Patty’s breasts made the Lace Bust of the slip stand up filling the cups full. The flare of the slip’s body hugged her waist following her curves and snugly flowing over that fabulous bubble butt. Pulling the slip up and donning a vintage white high waist lace garter belt then opening a package of Cuban Heel Mayfair Stockings, White heels finished the outfit and Patty was soon ready for Young’s return.

The door opened and he stepped in. The first thing he noticed was the black contrasting seam of Patty’s natural color stockings as Patty filled the fridge wearing that enticing Wonder Maid. Young put Patty’s bags of slips in front of the armoire’ his bag on the chair and the wardrobe bag of uniforms over the back of the couch. Going to her in the kitchen, Patty’s body tingled at his touch. She stopped what she was doing and froze in place, just leaning her head back saying, “Mmmmmmmmmmm” and slowly nodding as she gave herself to his hands.

Young brushed her hair away and started kissing the back of her neck. Hands at the sides of her breasts, he slowly ran his them down her sides following her curves over the slip to her fabulous ass rubbing it with the slip for a few moments. Even though she was standing at the fridge with both doors open, Patty felt warm.

They turned to meet each other face to face with her putting her arms around his neck. They kissed deeply as he resumed rubbing her ass with the slip. A leg came up and Patty pumped her hips and slip into his bulge as she was moaning low. The kiss finished and she lay her head on his chest as she continued to pump him. Young watched her fabulous ass moving and the lace of her slip gently swaying back and forth in the mirror of the armoire’.

He kissed the top of her head and asked, “What are you going to name her?”

Patty stopped pumping his bulge and leaned back in his arms, saying, “I dunno, why don’t you name her for me?” with a sparkling smile.

He let her go and she stepped into the living room, modeling the slip, striking poses, dancing seductively, and spinning. He closed the fridge doors as he watched the show for a few minutes until she said, “Well?”

He just motioned for her to keep going as he moved his bag, sitting in the chair. She came to him, and she started shuffle dancing just a few inches away making the slip bounce and dance with her. After a few more minutes, he said, “I got it, Layla!”

He stood and Patty danced back into his arms. Leaning back with her arms around his neck, his arms went around her waist. Grabbing his right hand with hers, she moved it down to that fabulous ass as she said, “Layla, I like that, Layla, she is! Let’s get these goodies put away and You can show me how much You like Layla!”

Young asked where he can hang his wardrobe bag, and she led him to the sewing room. Hanging it between her dresses and some lacy full slips they went back to the kitchen. Putting away the rest of the groceries, they played with each other, and Patty put her dancing playlist from the laptop on.

When the groceries were done, Patty went out on her balcony and pulled the slips camisoles and other lingerie from the line as a long re-mix of Out of Time by Hall and Oates played. Handing them back through the window to James, he watched in amazement to see her clad only in Layla outside during the day messing with the line. He also admired each item she handed him then laid them over the back of the couch.

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