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Part 1: The Beginning

In the mid 20th century the world changed, it started in America where the white man and woman did their level best to subjugate anyone who was of colour. Murder and violence of all kinds were all common place, white men killing indiscriminantly and without care for the people who were the victims of their crimes. Then Oswald Dewile came into the public knowledge. His violence against the white person was legendary, that his movement was so well known and that they could never catch him because the minorities were always hiding him. The end of white rule around the world started with the battle of Danom Creek a small known part of North Dakota, it was the first town to fall but like in a pandemic other towns and cities started to fall quickly to the torrent of change. Whites were taken by force mainly some went quietly however.

Within three years of 1952 the US had been over run by the Black rule movement. With in ten years the western world had fallen to the same movement. The eastern world would come in later when the traders were looking to move the stock more freely. Then orientals and arabs were being moved around in much the same matter. You had a ruling class the black race and The Chinese upper classes then you had well just about every body else. Few countries were spared from the changes and the ones who did survive the initial change would change later on.

In the African republic of England, then Koji Embala became the most famous of all African masters when capturing Prince Alexander at the tender age of nineteen. Alexander an attractive young man in and of his own right, was fucked on international television by Koji and his massive 11” uncut cock. If that was not enough for Alexander who screamed himself hoarse during the fucking, he was passed onto the rest of Koji’s party. By the end of that first night Alexander’s deflowering was a moment of world wide entertainment. The boys broken visage the next day, his face dripping with cum and his ass dripping cum out of it was introduced to the world as the newly owned slave of King Koji I. Britains royal family and white government fell in a single week, the king and his wife murdered and the heirs enslaved. White rule was over long live Black rule.

Similar stories were carried out all over the world.

Now some seventy years on, you did not see a white boy or girl free. Whites were slaves, they were allowed clothes to a certain degree. Usually a pair of skinny shorts for the white boy if he was lucky, if not a g-string or a thong. White girls did fair some what better, they were made to wear bikini’s that left zero to the imagination.

Matthew was a tall black football player, the darkest black. His father Nigerian his mother from Jamaca. Matthew was a little over 6ft 5” in height 220lbs in weight solid muscle. Today at the age of twenty-one he Ankara Escort would be required to take at least one slave as a birthday present from his father.

Matthew was woken in the usual way, his alarm performing perfectly. A wet hot mouth enveloping his large black meat. Matthew groaned as he cracked an eye open to look down at his naked waist. His blond slave was slowly nursing his cock to full hardness. Matthew moaned as he took hold of the blond’s ears and started to pull the mans head into his groin. Matthew had no pubes prefering to stay shaved. His cock was a solid 10” in length and another five in girth. His slave struggled to take it when he had first been given to Matthew when he turned eighteen. Three years later the twenty five year old slave had become accustomed to every sexual whim Matthew had. Including being passed around his friends and used by the other blacks in the house hold.

Thomas gagged as his head touched the smooth skin at the base of Matthew’s cock and was held there.

“Good Thomas, take it like the whore that you are. Get my cock wet for your boy pussy.” Matthew said moaning loudly as he let up on the boys head allowing the white boy to come up for oxygen. Blue eyes that Matthew loved to look into sort his dark brown eyes out pleading him to be gentle. A moment later the blond’s head was being pulled back down his cock and then back up. Matthew laughed at him, like he always did. Thomas was a top slave outside of this bedroom, he had been breed many times successfully his children had been sold to breeding programs all over the world not that the boy would ever know that. After a few more minutes of this Matthew pulled him off his cock and dragged him up his body to crush the smaller blond to his chest. Matthew could feel the blonds much smaller dick pressing against his own and smirked. “Little Tom-Tom is awake I see. He is always happy to see me.” Matthew said barking out his own laugh at the blush on Thomas’ face. “I have a present for you Thomas, you can have it by sitting on my meat.” Matthew said to him as his right hand moved behind Thomas’ back Thomas felt a cock touching his ass crack. “Would you like your present?” Matthew asked him with a smirk as the boy sat up exposing his hairless 6” cock a black cock ring encircled his cock and balls a large prince Albert ring protruding from his cock head which looked much to big for the blond. Similar rings in the boys nipples all made from gold the word slave tattoo’d in black lettering stood boldly out just above his cock. Matthew kept his overly big cock pointed up while Thomas raised himself up lining his body up with the monster he sat slowly down on it. Scrunching up his eyes and grimmacing from the pain as the bulbous head passed his sphincter. Thomas hated the initial intrusion and moved to rub his cock with his free hand but had it slapped away. No he Etlik Escort would not be allowed to have his release today. That was not what this was about, not that Thomas knew this yet. Once four inches of his cock was in Thomas tried to take a breather but again that was not the name of the game today. Matthew was running out of time with his slave. So with his big black hands pulled the boy down the rest of his cock quickly moaning loudly at the feeling that illicited for him and enjoying the yell of pain from his boy who was not accustomed to this brutal action. Thomas tried to adjust so Matthew flexed his cock making the boys eyes bug out as this effectively rubbed his prostate.

“Please master.” Thomas said as he tried to keep from being moved.

“Either start riding my cock slut, or I will fuck you.” Matthew growled at the boy. Thomas looked like he wanted to cry. He hated being fucked by Matthew, everyone knew he hated being used this way by Matthew. Matthew growled as he tired of waiting and using his hands lifted the boy up then fucked up into him like a piston. Thomas did cry out because of the invasion and the pain of being fucked like this. “You may touch your cock but if you come before I tell you, you will wish you hadn’t.” Matthew said to him. Thomas started to stroke his cock. It was slim but pretty nice to look at for a white cock and Matthew knew that the boy did like the stimulation he got from his hole being fucked. Matthew mind you was fucking him and fucking him hard. He would be broken from his fucking any minute now and he would be unable to finish if he did not fuck the boy hard. Thomas’ eyes were rolling into the back of his head as Matthew approached climax. “Boy come.” Matthew ordered. The boy was on edge and he knew that he boy was shaking from holding back his orgasm as Matthew said this however it was like a switch was turned on and the boy came hard. This in return sent him over the edge. Crying out the white boys name as he came deep in the boys bowels. The boys ass muscles squeezing the cum out of Matthew’s balls. When he was spent and his cock softening he pushed the slave off of him to one side then sat up. His chest was covered in the slaves cum grabbing his t-shirt from the previous day off the floor he wiped the cum off his chest as the door to his rooms was knocked on.

“One second.” Matthew called as he grabbed the pair of black boxers of the floor which would do for the moment and put them on. Tucking his cock and balls comfortably into the tight fitting fabric. He looked at Thomas for a moment longer before opening the door. The two slavers standing in front of him were all smiles.

“Your father said you have a slave you want rid off.” DeShaun Williams said to him.

“Yes, this piece of shit was fucking my sisters maid without permission several nights ago, I can not have this in my house Escort Bayan hold. Take him and be done with it.” Matthew said to him his old friend smirked at this. It was an excuse and little more than that, Matthew did not need a slave he had grown bored of. That and they wanted new blood in their breeding program. Matthew excepted the clip board with the sales contract on it which he read before signing. Three more men dragged Thomas out of the bed he had shared with his master for three years.

“We have found a program for him, which is well suited for the likes of the unruly stallion.” DeShaun said to him.

“If you want to keep him satiated then I suggest you either plug that ass or fuck him regular.” Matthew said to him DeShaun laughed as Matthew turned to look at his former slave who was struggling clearly not wanting to be taken from his home for a new one. He had a good life with Matthew and he knew it. But he was to old, for a young bed warmer such as himself a gentlemans companion he was twenty five and passed his sell by date. He’d been cuffed behind his back by the time Matthew was facing him and a chastity device was being applied by the man between his legs. Thomas was screaming at them so he was quickly gagged . One he was not a threat to anyone Matthew approached him and kissed his cheek. “If you are lucky they may let you keep your balls, misbehave and you may become a geld. We need new blood and you have grey in your hair. So I need someone who is young and attractive.” Matthew said slapping the boys rump. Thomas cried as he was being dragged out of the bedroom for the last time. Matthew followed in his boxers to the front door, other slaves in the house hold were watching Thomas’ progress. Though Thomas had no idea his own father was watching sadly. Thomas had been bred on this ranch, he had been born here but he would not die here.

“Be a good boy Thomas and do as you are told.” Lisa the cook slave called to him. She was approaching her forties and was heavily pregnant with one of the sons children, no one was to sure who’s no one cared. It would be a slave, they would never acknowledge the child’s existence. She would be sold shortly as she was beyond her breeding years and attractiveness in the eyes of their father. He had been angry when he had discovered his own children had bred a female slave and got her pregnant. Not because she was pregnant but because they had chosen the cook of all things.

“Shaun be sure to send photos of the finished article.” Matthew said to him. “Thomas we will not meet again, I doubt I would recognise you if we did. Thank you slave.” Matthew said to him as the door to the slave transport van opened. Twelve trussed up slaves were already in the van. Some of them had never been of their property of birth let alone in a moving vechile. Most of them were eighteen years old and of to an unwanted future.

Matthew turned from his former property and walked back into the house. Ordering breakfast as he went. The cries of the slaves going to auction were music to the black boys ears.

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