On All Fours

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On All FoursAll Set Human Sculpture Rentals: You have recently been accepted by their selection panel and have been invited to be placed on view for a 90 minute stint at the Hands-On Sculpture Reception in a neighboring state. The attendees will be mostly couples. Drinks will be served. You will travel there and back in the company limo. You will be paid the usual and customary first timer fee of $2,500. You will be placed, nude, on a rectangular pedestal about a foot off the floor. You are to remain in this stationary position on all fours. There will be markers on the pedestal where you are to keep your palms and knees for the duration. Your hands are to be placed directly below your shoulders and your knees will be about 16 inches part. You are not to speak. You may move slightly if in contact with a guest. You may not speak unless expressing pain or elation.You arrive as planned. You are greeted by your host and shown your shower and dressing room before being invited to help yourself at the bar. You do. At the appointed time prior to the arrival of any guests you disrobe in your dressing room and proceed into the gallery. You realize that you are not the only item on display, and feel a bit disappointed. There is artwork hanging from the walls and several selected sculptures in the area where your pedestal is located. You assume your required position. Your hands are comfortable below you, yet your knees feel a little awkward being so far apart. You host approaches you and looks you over. Clearly he approved and tells you are stunning you are and thanks you for your willingness to be a piece of human art at this reception. He places a large shallow silver bowl on the pedestal below your face, maybe for tips you imagine. He asks you to look forward, “Use the blonde hair of the bartender across the room as a focal point.” He looks at you again and nods, “Perfect” he says. He leaves. The lights are lowered.Soon you begin to hear noises. People wander in. They look at the artwork on the walls, and yet also see you. Soon a gentleman and his lady friend come close. The man reaches out and runs his fingers through your long blond hair. “Very nice!” he says to the woman as they pass by. You feel a gentle hand on your ass. It moves slowly. Small orbits, it must be a woman. “Mummmm” you hear. Yes a woman’s voice. A man’s voice breaks in, “Yes, a fine butt indeed!” Smack! You feel and hear his open hand strike your left buttock. You want to cry out, you don’t. “Come Tom” you hear her say, “You can come back to her later.” And artemisbet yeni giriş they walk past you without looking back.The room is getting more crowed. Two women, girls really, not more than twenty and a young man approach. “Oh, I love her tits!” says the girl in the push-up bra. The other girl stands at your side and you feel her hand moving on your breast, over your nipple which is already hard. Then, “Ouwwwah!” you exclaim as she pinches it. The other girl laughs and pinches your other nipple. They stand there latched on, tugging and twisting. The young man said, “Come on, you’re hurting her!” and pulls them away. They wander off.Again you hear interest behind you. Soon more hands. You know from the rear your cunt lips are fully exposed. Now you feel a hand, then two, then three – caressing you butt cheeks. Soon a finger wanders down. You can’t tell if it that of a man or a woman. Now two fingers, maybe three. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. The fingers are busy. It feels good. Your breath quakes. You want to close your eyes, but know you shouldn’t. Your host comes over and speaks to the owner of the fingers. “Very nice, don’t you think?”“Oh yes,” says a man with a foreign accent. “Very nice. So pretty!” The man steps forward into your view yet the fingers continue their exploration. It must be a woman. She knows. Soon you feel her dipping her finger into your cunt. Then out, then in and round and round. You know you are getting wet. She speaks to the man in a foreign language. He talks back. She come around and faces you, kisses you once on each cheek, then paces her finger in your mouth. You taste yourself.You see a large man wearing a white turban across the room by the handsome bar tender. Slowly he approaches you without breaking eye contact. He speaks in a deep voice yet a kindly tone as he touches your lips with his fingers. Using both hands he massages your scalp though your long blond hair. He uses one hand to separate your tussled hair, while apparently using the other to free his massive cock. You sense an exotic aroma. He presents his penis for kisses which you oblige, tasting a new sweet distinct flavor. You open your lips tentatively to invite him in. Slowly he pushes the visiting head into your warm mouth. You twirl your tongue around the throbbing visitor as he pulls back his foreskin. He pushes and pulls. You’ve never sucked off a man without using at least of your hands. You suck him in each time he retreats. You continue. You feel his tension build. Your eyes close artemisbet giriş making you oblivious to any observers. It matters not as you are lost in your own sensuality and seeking to pleasure him. Soon he erupts and globs flow out in spurts. You learn why there is a bowl beneath your face as his seed overruns your lips. You can’t move your hands so you finish him as best you can, licking up afterward. When he recovers he removes a clean handkerchief from his pocket and wipes around your chin and mouth. You thank him; he thanks you and bows before backing off. A few minutes later you hear women’s voices behind you. A hand touches your butt and rubs slowly and lightly.“Isn’t she lovely!”“Oh, to be young again…” another hand touches your ass. “Can you imagine just being here like this naked, exposed, letting anyone touch you?!”“Mummmm, I think it would be wonderful”“You do? On display? Naked?”“Oh yes – to be anonymous, experiencing affection from anyone and everyone…”“I’ve never felt another woman’s breast…”“Well, go ahead.”No, I’d better not.”“Oh, go ahead, you might like it.” “Is that what you are afraid of?”“Well…. maybe.”“Go ahead.”You feel a lite, hesitant touch on your right breast.“Oh, go ahead Sally, Really touch her.”“Oh, go ahead Sally, really touch her. Cup those tits give ‘em a squeeze!”“Go on! Like this.” You feel a confident hand hold your full tit, surrounding it, lifting, feeling its delicate feminine weight. The women giggled a little amongst themselves. Now another hand, and still another – circling and fondling – teasing your nipples. You want to tell them not to stop, but you mustn’t. You feel like a cat wanting to rub up into the patting hand. “Here, reach down and play with her shaved pussy.”“No, no, I could never do that.”“Sure you could. Watch.”You sense fingers toy your clit. You feel nice, unafraid, knowing these women are not going to hurt you.“Oh. Mandy! Stop! You shouldn’t be doing that.”“Why?” and the curious fingers continued to explore.“Next year, I hope they have a naked guy here. I’d like to handle his package and squeeze his balls…”The host passed by and asked, “You girls enjoying yourselves? The touching stops and the hands fly away from your body.“Oh yes! She is wonderful. What a good idea to display her.Three leave without looking back like schoolgirls being caught by the principal. The last one let her hand slide down the flesh of your ass, across your back and onto the back of your neck. She leaned close and whispered in your ear, “I love your body. You artemisbet güvenilirmi must have a wonderful job.” She smiled in your face and kissed you on the lips. You are still gathering your thoughts as you feel new hands fondling your breasts. The nipples are again sought, but the hands are much more caring… soon one moves around between your legs from the back. Fingers trace your clit and soon play around your cunt lips. One enters and pushes in far and withdraws. You are extremely moist, nearly dripping. More pushes and just as you begin to enjoy the attention you are again interrupted by another cock before your face. Clearly you are expected to receive it. As you open your mouth it presses in eagerly. This gentleman is not so gentle. He nearly forces you off your pose as he jabs his prick into your face. Instead, you try to concentrate on the delicate finger in your cunt. It knows what it is doing – must belong to a woman. Eyes now closed. Your mind is racing – enjoying your circumstance. Without notice the man cums as short spurts empty into your mouth. He pulls out and finishes on your face. You feel the hot sauce dripping down, off your chin and into the bowl. He leaves. You see the Asian man approach you, unzipping on his way. You are nearly spilling from the finger now dancing in your harbor. The man presents and you accept. Such a skinny prick. Never felt such a slim one – but very stiff and firm. He is careful as if he wants you to want him. And you do as you suck him still feeling the finger in your center joined by occasional Hard and crisp nipple pinches. You shriek for a moment nearly choking on Mr. Thin Penis, but remain firm on all fours. He soon can hold his no longer and exclaims in Japanese utterances as his juice coats the back of your throat and escapes down your chin dripping into the silver below – a veritable collection of the global fluid you have brought on. The lights flicker and the crowd thins. Soon the room is empty accept for the handsome blond bar tender. He is loading tray will empty glasses. You wish he’d come over and lay you over your pedestal, pull out his cock and fuck you until you come to crisis. It wouldn’t take much.Again the host interrupts your reverie and walks you back to your dressing room. He handed you an envelope containing twenty-five one hundred dollar bills and thanks you. You shower, brush your teeth in the shower, patted yourself dry and comb your hair out before the mirror then proceeded to get dressed. Little did you know that your host was in his office jerking his cock furiously as he watched your every move from the other side of the two-way dressing room mirror. He deposits his contribution into the silver bowl, meeting you as you leave the dressing room, escorts you outside and thanks you again as he holds open the door of the limo.

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