Night Before the Wedding

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Note: This is just a little story about a conservative bride to be that learns a lot on the night before her wedding. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


The night before the wedding.

Amanda Thomas sat next to her fiancée Tommy on their new sofa in their new apartment.

“Geez Mandy it’s been two weeks. It’s not like we haven’t done it before,” Tommy said as his hand dropped to her bare thigh below the hem of her micro-skirt.

“I know but I want our wedding night to be a little exciting,” she purred. She lifted his hand from her tanned leg. “It’s just two more days.”

“Can’t we just touch or maybe you know?”

Amanda knew that he was referring to having oral sex which is something she had refused. “Tommy please. I told you how I feel about that.” She tried to hold onto his hand but he jerked it away and stood to go get a beer from the small kitchen. She followed him inside and as he reached into the refrigerator she moved up behind him and pressed her small but firm breasts into his hard back.

“After we are married. You know…..maybe then.”

“It’s your sister isn’t it?” He growled. He popped open the beer can and slid from her arms. “Miss Goody-Two Shoes.”

Amanda knew that her close relationship with her older sister Kate caused jealousy with him. “My sister has nothing to do with it.” However she had conversations with Kate about sex and oral sex many times in the past.

“I’ve heard her talking about sex and shit she won’t even go to an “R” rated movie.”

“Fred is not complaining,” Amanda snapped back at him.

“No, but I can see he is not happy,” Tommy grinned. He finished his beer and tossed the can across the room. It smacked against the wall above the small garbage can and fell down inside. Streams of foamy beer rolled down the wall as well.

“TOMMY!” Amanda cried out. “You got beer all over the wall.”

“Sorry,” he said before grabbing a napkin. “I guess I’ll have to get used to living with a woman.” He thought back about his bachelor apartment with two other guys and how messy it normally was.

“Are you sure you really want to get married?” Amanda asked as her eyes got teary.

“Yes of course,” he said realizing he had gone too far. “I guess I’m just getting nervous. I mean excited.” He pulled her petite body into his and kissed the top of her forehead. They kissed lightly and moved back into the living room.

“I better go,” she said forcing a smile.

“This is crazy,” he said for the forth time. “Why can’t you stay here?”

“I told you that I want our wedding night to be exciting.” She grabbed her suitcase. “I won’t see you again until the wedding.” She started to leave but turned around. “What has Brian planned for your bachelor night tomorrow?”

Tommy lifted his shoulders. “I’m not sure. Probably a porn movie at our apartment. I mean his apartment.”

Amanda wanted to say something about Tommy watching porn movies but decided she didn’t need another argument. “Well don’t stay out too late because I don’t need you falling asleep when I’m walking down the aisle.”

“Don’t worry,” he said before they kissed one more time.


Kate Reynolds was almost finished with her needlepoint present for Mandy when she heard the doorbell. It was almost 9:00PM so she was shocked to get a visitor this late at night.

“Who is it?” She asked loudly by the door.

“It’s me,” Mandy yelled. The door opened and she walked inside. “Where is Fred?”

“Over at his mothers,” Kate answered. She recognized the worried look on her sister’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Tommy and I argued again about…”

Kate put down her needlepoint. “Sorry you had to see this. It’s for you.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said before giving her sister a hug. They moved to the sofa and sat down.

“A lot of men are like Tommy,” Kate started. “Just normal pleasures aren’t enough. I guess I’m lucky to have Fred.”

“But hasn’t he ever tried to get you to ….”

“Yes after we were married but I just said no,” Kate smiled.

“Has he……you know….done it for you?”

“Yes sometimes when he gets really frisky. But I told him not to expect it back.”

“But if you like it then why not return the pleasure? Tommy has done it to me and I really liked it.”

“If I do that then he will want me to do more things that are not normal,” Kate answered. She hugged her little sister to her. “Don’t worry Tommy will be the same as Fred.” They had a cup of tea and Amanda started to leave.

“What are we doing tomorrow night?” She asked Kate who was her maid of honor.

Kate smiled. “I have a reservation for us girls at Tony’s.”

Amanda had hoped for something a little more exciting. “What time?”

“At seven. I think Fred is going to Tommy’s bachelor party. Do you know what they are doing?”

“Uh no,” Amanda lied.


Brian Davis had everything set up. Tommy was picked up by Fred and taken to dinner and when they returned the surprise party would start. Brian güvenilir bahis knew that Tommy knew about the party but he didn’t know that was that the party was going to be at Tommy’s apartment. The girls would cost him some big bucks however he thought it was about time that his roomie knew what real sex was all about.

Two other guys from the wedding party were there when the three women walked in. “Hi I’m Candy and this is Tiffany and Babs.”

The guys introduced themselves and then Brian pulled Candy into the kitchen to cover the details. “I want you to give him the works.”

“The works like in blowjobs and even fucking?” Candy asked. They had discussed the blowjobs but not the fucking.

“Yes and I want to include his brother-in-law Fred as well,” Brian grinned. Tommy had told him many times how wimpy Fred was.

“It’s going to cost you another $500,” Candy said firmly.

“Shit,” Brian said out loud. “How about you just do the blowjobs and if it looks like they will want to fuck then I’ll give you the thumbs up?”

“That will work,” Candy grinned. She looked at the clock and saw that they had fifteen minutes before the guys arrived. “So do you want a sample now?” Her fingers moved down over his well endowed bulge.

“Yes but I can wait,” Brian smiled. “I want to get the camera ready.” He had planned to take some secret photos of Fred so Tommy could have them if he ever needed them.


“So your big day is almost here,” Fred said to his soon-to-be brother-in-law. They sat at a small bar near Tommy’s apartment. Fred didn’t know what Brian had planned but his job was to make sure the back door was unlocked and that he kept Tommy out until 8:00PM.

“Yeah, I can’t wait,” Tommy smiled.

“Mandy is a nice girl,” Fred tossed back.

“Yeah, really nice.”

Fred could see something that reminded him of himself a few years ago. “You’ll be happy to be married to a nice girl. At least she won’t be messing around with someone else.”

Tommy sat back and sat his beer mug down. “That’s enough to make you happy? Just knowing that she won’t fuck around on you?”

“You have to take what is dealt to you,” Fred replied.

“Right,” Tommy smirked. “Right.” They finished their beer and Tommy wanted to go but Fred insisted on another one. Both knew it was Fred’s job to keep Tommy out until the party was ready. Finally around 8:00PM Fred paid the bill and they headed to Fred’s car.

“I need to stop by your apartment to pick up something for Mandy,” Fred said. “It will only take a minute.”

“Good because I forgot my watch,” Tommy said as he sat back in the car seat and closed his eyes. A few minutes they walked up to the door and Tommy opened it.

“SURPRISE!” Brian and the two other guys screamed.

“SHIT!” Tommy laughed. “If you guys mess up this apartment Mandy is going to kill me.” He saw that Brian had put a chair in the middle of the floor. “What the fuck is that for?”

“Have a seat and you’ll find out,” Brian laughed.

Tommy went along with it and didn’t even complain when the guys tied his feet to the chair legs and then tied his hands behind his back. “Now what?” He heard music in the hallway and turned to see three almost naked women walking in. “Oh shit.”


“That was really nice,” Amanda said after leaving the restaurant with Kate. The girls had given her a few sexy undergarments and after a few glass of wine she was feeling pretty good. They moved into the car and drove back towards Amanda’s house. On the way they passed a couple of strip joints.

“The guys are probably in one of those,” Amanda said softly. “Tommy thinks that Brian is just going to show a porn movie but I know Brian better than that.”

Kate stopped at the light and looked at the small bar next to them. “Fred would never go to a place like that.”

Amanda turned and looked at the bar and window sign. She laughed. “I hope not because that is a male strip bar for women.”

“Oh God. Do women actually go to places like that?” Kate gasped.

“I guess they like to look just like men do,” Amanda grinned. She saw two older women walking it that looked like her grandmother. “Why don’t we stop?”

“No way!” Kate said before peeling out when the light turned green. As they moved a few blocks away Amanda sat up.

“Would you stop by my apartment?” I forgot some makeup that I’ll need on Saturday.”

“OK,” Kate answered. She was still thinking about a place where men undressed and women did whatever to them. She parked the car next to Tommy’s. “Is he still here?”

“Probably not. Fred must have driven him.” Neither saw Fred’s car parked a few spots away.

As they walked towards the apartment Amanda saw lights flashing on and off through the closed window blinds. “What the hell is that?” She moved closer and then heard the music and the guy’s voices. “Come on lets go around back.”

Kate followed along nervously up to the back door and then quietly into the small kitchen. “Shhh, this way,” Amanda türkçe bahis whispered. They tip-toed down the small hallway and then stopped behind a large artificial plant.

“YEAH BABY! TAKE IT OFF!” Brian yelled.

Amanda moved down onto her knees and peered under the thick foliage of the plant. She had to cover her mouth when she saw her fiancée tied to a chair while a naked woman shook her massive breasts back and forth in front of his face.

“Amanda let’s……..go,” Kate whispered. Her body was trembling and she knew that her sister should not be seeing this.

“That asshole,” Amanda whispered. It was then she saw another woman sitting back on a man’s lap on the sofa. “Is that Fred?”

Kate quickly moved forward and saw her husband face looking over a naked woman’s shoulder. What really got her attention was that he had both hands up under her arms cupping her gigantic breasts. “I’ll kill him,” she said as she started to stand but Amanda pulled her back down.

“No, I want to watch.”


Tommy thought that the women would just strip and dance around him but when two of them removed everything and sat on Fred and Billy’s laps he knew it would be more. The one named Candy had her tits rubbing against his cheeks as she moved forward and straddled his lap. He tried not to get hard but it wasn’t working.

“How about sucking Candy’s nipple?” She whispered in his ear before pulling back and aiming her raised tip into his lips.

Brian tried to twist sideways but her hands cupped his head and kept his mouth centered. Her nipple forced into his lips against his teeth. He glanced over at Fred and saw him fondling Tiffany’s tits and decided to go for it. His teeth opened and let her nipple inside where he licked and suckled it. After only experiencing Mandy’s tiny tits he was in Breast Heaven.

Amanda and Kate where frozen in shock as their men sucked and touched the two women’s breasts. “We have to stop this,” Kate whispered.

“No, I want to see how far they will go,” Amanda said firmly. It was then that Candy pulled Tommy’s mouth up to hers and fucked her tongue in and out where her nipple had been.

For the next five minutes the women moved from man to man kissing them and letting them touch their titties. Tommy figured that was it until Candy moved down on her knees in front of him. “And now for some real fun,” she giggled. Everyone was quiet as she unzipped the fly on his jeans and reached down inside.

“Oh God,” Kate gasped when she saw Tommy’s long hard penis move out and into the naked woman’s hand. She had never seen another man’s penis and to see her new brother-in-laws was too much. She took rapid and deep breaths.

“Shhh,” Amanda whispered again. She wanted to go and rip off the woman’s head but something kept her quiet.

“Don’t,” Tommy gasped embarrassed that the other men could see his manhood and that this women was about to make him cum in front of them. Her experienced fingers soon had him moaning and lifting up in the chair.

“If you liked that I’m sure you are going to love this,” Candy giggled. She leaned downward and licked off the few drops of pre-cum that had formed on the swollen red crown.

“We have to stop this,” Kate whispered. She had forgotten about Fred until she saw someone’s shirt fly onto the floor. She twisted around and saw the dark haired woman removing her husband’s slacks. “What is she doing?”

Amanda didn’t care what she was doing because she was watching in amazement as the woman kneeling before Tommy soon had most of his six inch penis down her throat. It was then however that Fred’s naked body moved down on the floor in front of the sofa on its back. She too saw only her second hard cock as the woman leaned over and took most of it into her mouth.

“She can’t do that,” Kate gasped. Again she started to stand but Amanda held her down.

“Kate we have to see how far they will go.”

Tommy and Fred didn’t know how far they were going to go because at that moment both were brain dead. They were receiving their first blowjob and didn’t know where they were.

Amanda and Kate stayed quiet and watched two professionals perform their magic. They also saw how excited and happy it was making their men. It was then Amanda saw the third woman pulling out Brian’s long and very thick penis. “Oh my.”

Since Fred and Tommy were about the same neither women were expecting something as big as Brian. The woman had both hands around his shaft and still had three or four inches on top. It was then that Amanda and Kate knew their panties were soaking wet.

Kate was leaning so far over to see Brian better that she almost pushed the plant and Amanda into the room. “Get back,” Amanda whispered.

“Are you ready to cum baby?” Candy asked Tommy after popping off her soft lips. Tommy could only nod. “Well actually I have something even better.” She turned and looked at Brian who was lifting Babs up onto his raised pole. He smiled and gave her the thumbs up.

“Let’s güvenilir bahis siteleri go,” Kate whispered again. She had seen enough and was upset seeing how big Brian’s penis was.

“OK,” Amanda said figuring the men were not going to last any longer. As she started moving back she saw Candy stand and then straddle Tommy’s lap. Seconds later her mouth flew open when her shaved pussy lips moved downward until his penis disappeared. “Oh no.”

Kate too was watching Fred’s penis as it disappeared and reappeared. The woman was rising and falling quickly and seconds later she heard him gasp. This time she didn’t say anything as they moved back and then out the back door.

“It’s over,” Kate said trembling as they sat in her car. “I’m getting a divorce next week.”

“I’m not getting married,” Amanda sobbed. She leaned back on the seat and closed her eyes. But all she could think about was Brian. “God did you see how big it was?”

“Yes,” Kate answered knowing what Mandy was talking about. She then shocked both Mandy and herself. “I wish that was me.”

Amanda turned to look at her. “Did you say that?”

Kate put her hand over her mouth, “Oh God I did say that.”

It was then Amanda smiled. “You know we both love them very much and……..”

Kate sat up. “And…”

“And it’s only 9:00PM.”


“And do you remember that little bar we passed?”

Kate bit her lower lip. “I couldn’t.”

“You have to. We have to,” Amanda smiled.

Kate didn’t answer but did start the car and did back out of the driveway. Neither spoke as the car hurried back to the little bar and parked in the back. “I have a few dollars.”

“Me too,” Amanda smiled.


Brian’s hands had worked themselves free of the ropes and now were cupping and caressing the large knockers in front of his face. This was his last fling before he settled down with his little conservative wife and one that he would always remember. He looked over at Fred who smiled back at him as Tiffany’s pussy pounded up and down.


“Hello ladies,” the fat bouncer said to them after they paid the attendant. “Where would you like to sit?”

Kate looked at the large circular dance stage and saw a few seats up front. “Do you want to go up front?”

“No, let’s sit in the back,” Amanda answered. They moved through the crowded table area and into the hard seats. The stage was empty when a cute guy walked over wearing very thin and very tight black cotton shorts. The shape and size of his sex was very apparent.

“My named is Adam. What can I get you?”

Kate giggled and blushed as she tried not to look at the hidden weenie. Amanda too made an effort to look up. “What do you suggest?”

“Our special tonight is SEX ON THE BEACH.”

Again both women giggled. “Is that really a drink?” Kate asked.

“Yes, it has fruit juices, Peach Schnapps and Vodka.” He smiled. Adam could tell the married women were here for the first time. When they walked in he traded one of his tables for this one.

“OK we will have one,” Amanda said. This time she didn’t tried to hide her eyes capturing the shape of his cock. After seeing Fred and Brian her interest in other men’s cocks had risen sharply.

Adam moved away and Kate laughed. “He has a cute butt too.” As they waited for their drinks the lights dimmed and a spotlight focused on some curtains behind the stage. A large hand moved out, followed by a muscular arm and then a shirtless body.

“That’s Manuel,” an older woman sitting next to her whispered to Amanda. “He’s the reason I came back.”

Amanda didn’t look the woman’s way because she couldn’t take her eyes off of the tiny G-String the dancer was wearing. The man’s penis was long and hard and was covered by something that looked like a tight thin black sock.

Kate leaned forward as the man smiled and turned to squeeze his buttocks in and out. The other women started clapping and yelling. “Take it off! Let’s see it!”

Amanda couldn’t believe that these women were probably mothers and grandmothers and that most of them were married. As Manuel turned and lifted his covered penis a few times Adam returned and put down the drinks. “I’ll run a tab for you.”

“Thank you,” Amanda smiled. She peeked down to see his bulge longer and harder. She wondered if he had gotten it that way just for them.

“I dance too,” Adam grinned. “But mostly private dances in the back rooms.”

Amanda saw him look over her shoulder and glanced that way to see a young black man walking an older grey-haired woman to a doorway. “How does that work?” Kate was too involved with Manuel to know what was going on.

Adam smiled. “There are private rooms where I dance and do what you want.”

Amanda took a sip of the drink. “How would I know if I could trust you?”

Again he smiled. “Normally it’s the other way around. The women get pretty wild.”

“How much?” Amanda was glad it was dark because he really couldn’t see how red her face and neck was.

“Normally it is $50 for 30 minutes but for you I’ll make it longer.”

“Longer?” Amanda giggled. Her eyes were directly focused on the crown shape of his manhood which was only a few feet in front of her face.

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