My Special Weekend

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We handed the joint back and forth as we passed each other getting dressed for our night out. Camille paused and dropped her towel, giving me a nice look at her round brown ass.

“Stop….bend over Camille, show me that wet pussy, baby”.

I couldn’t help myself, this was the first time in our long relationship that I was being given total nasty perverted freedom, and I was taking every advantage!

She stood 6 feet from me, spreading her ass cheeks, looking totally humiliated. I closed the distance between us in 3 quick steps. I laid my arm across her lower back holding her in place and brought my other hand down sharp across her exposed pussy…

“I’ve been a bad girl she said quietly” I knew then it was on!! (It was the phrase we had agreed on weeks before that meant “total” trust invoked)

I slid my hand along her wet slit, stopping at her hard clit, softly spanking it, and pinching it, her pussy juices now flowing down my arm.

“Get dressed…” I stood and crossed the room, catching sight of Camille in the mirror as she righted herself on trembling legs, pussy juice now dripping down her thighs.

I closed the door behind me and stood in the hallway. This was requiring a lot more will power than I had imagined. My pussy was throbbing; I crossed the hall to the guest bathroom and closed the door, part one of my plan didn’t allow Camille to touch my pussy (that may need to change this weekend had just begun!) . I slid my hand into my panties and rubbed my hard clit feverishly, I came within seconds grabbing the door handle for support.

I quickly dressed in black leggings and a long silver and black tailored suit jacket, with knee high black boots with a silver heel, my black sheer bra exposing itself every time I moved; my nipples hard and aching for exposure.

Camille met me downstairs wearing the outfit I left for her, (nothing she would have worn on her own of course, which made it outrageously exciting!) The silky flowing black material of the wide legged pants flowing over her round ass and full hips; the open long shirt with her beautiful huge tits pushed up and out of a tight silver sequined camisole made me weak….

I was stunned to see her looking so sexually eager, oozing a feminine sensuality I had almost forgotten; we’d been together for years those days were only memories. And never had she worn such feminine clothes, it just wasn’t her, but damn she wore them well…..too well….

I let her come to me and turned her around reaching into the back of her pants, sliding my hand down the outside of the snug fitting silky panty girdle I had selected for her. I squeezed her pussy through the crotch of her panties feeling the thin padding of the adult diaper I had left for her to wear…I knew this was way over the top and she was humiliated, but then that was the point.

“I hope you remembered your extras…I like it when my nasty bitch is prepared…” I whispered in her ear, my voice trembling with desire, my tits straining against her back…

I could feel her tense as topkapı escort I slid two of my fingers into her pussy, which was wet with renewed anticipation; I slowly slipped my fingers out and along her asshole lubing her sweet hole until she moaned. With my +other arm I reached across her chest and pulled her against me, whispering in her ear.

“I believe you have something for me.”

Camille opened her hand, offering the small purple rippled anal plug.

I slipped the plug in her tight ass quickly, pressing it firmly between her cheeks, pulling her thin diaper and tight panties up, which would no doubt hold it right where it was.. I reached up and pulled her camisole down, her new bra left her nipples totally exposed, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have those huge dark nipples so available! I rubbed them between my thumb and finger, finally shaking them firmly. Camille moaned, grinding her ass against me…

“Let’s go, we have plans, our bags are in the car….” I said dropping her tits back into the camisole, rubbing my hands along her ass as I stepped away.

I watched her step away from me, my eyes watched her move to the door…It was after 10, when we slid onto the freeway…I reached over and slid Camille’s top down her nipples rock hard, I could see she was squirming in her seat..

“Rub your nipples baby, I know how hot you must be with your ass full…you just keep squirming; we got quite a few miles to go..”

We hit the 70 mph speed zone and traffic grew thinner until it was just us and the line of truckers in the right lane. Camille started to pull up her camisole; I roughly reached over and pulled it back down.

“Keep squeezing those nipples; let those truckers see what a nasty bitch you are!” I swatted her hands away as we passed the first few trucks, slapping at her nipples lightly, she held her tits up for me her head thrown back , her humping more aggressive…I quickly stopped….

“Why don’t you light me a cigarette…and sit still for a minute, such a nasty bitch getting off on a little cock up her ass…” I squeezed each nipple firmly shaking her big tits one at a time..

I snatched the cigarette from her hand, “now put your hands in your lap, and leave those titties just the way they are..

Camille’s head was down her face was flushed as we passed truck after truck, I turned the inside light on to ensure everyone saw her tits if they were so inclined to look our way…many did and honked their appreciation.

“I’m pulling over at this rest stop, put this blind fold on.” I handed Camille a thick blindfold. Camille looked like she was about to object, but the rules she had chosen for this game didn’t allow her to object, it was about trust and exploring sexual boundaries.

I slid into the last parking spot under the tree facing the small deserted rest rooms..we were the only vehicle. I lit a joint and passed it to Camille. I pulled a bottle of tequila out from under the seat and took a hefty pull straight from the bottle, I needed courage, this was new territory, I passed fatih escort the bottle in exchange for the joint. The alcohol was a last minute decision, but Camille didn’t hesitate to tip it up.

I turned the music up and opened the door…I looked at my watch and knew I would be seeing headlights soon. I went around the car and pulled Camille into my arms, swaying with the first surge of my tequila buzz… I swayed to the music, holding the joint in one hand…Camille slid her hand inside my jacket squeezing my nipple; I quickly stepped back and slapped her hand.

She leaned against the car, her blindfold keeping her in place. I kissed her roughly, handing her the bottle, “2 minutes”

I stepped to the back of the car and quickly prepared for the next phase of the evening…

When I pressed against her this time she moaned as she felt the strap on press against her thigh. I reached behind her, quickly reaching into her ass for the butt plug.

“I think I have something you might like better. ” I slid down and sucked each nipple, drawing in as much of her tit as I could fit in my mouth. My hand quickly slid into the front of her panties…she was so wet, I wanted to lick her clean, but knew that would have to wait..I pulled my hand out and licked my fingers loudly.

I slid my hand back in pulling her to me for a kiss at the same time…I kissed her hard, pushing my tongue further and further into her mouth. I pushed 3 fingers into her pussy, feeling her gasp against my mouth , I pulled away, moving my hand to her clit “Do you have to pee, nasty bitch, cause it looks like all the bathrooms are closed” Camille stiffened. “You do have a diaper on.” I heard the truck pulling in…the lights flashed 3 times and went off…

I turned her around and pushed her over the hood…I stood next to her and rubbed her ass, I pushed her panties and her diaper down and spanked her, Yanking them back up I leaned into her ear, my voice revealing my excitement, “You know you want to …so warm, and wet…I promise to reward you with the same, you are such a hot nasty bitch” …I was throbbing with her hesitation..I was struggling with maintaining my role…

Camille turned around and rubbed against the strap on…she grabbed my hand and pressed it against her crotch, I could feel the warmth of her piss spread…it was almost too much, but then I heard the crunch of gravel behind me…

There was a picnic table just to the left on the grass…I reached into the backseat and grabbed the bag of supplies…

I led Camille by the hand to the table …”get up on this table I have more for my nasty bitch..”

I pulled her pants off leaving her in her panties bra and camisole..Camille clenched…exposed and blindfolded her body ached to come; she humped against the wet diaper, squeezing her legs together.

I stripped her of the wet undergarments quickly…washing her pussy while she squirmed; her hands squeezing her tits..I took my time washing her ass…

I pushed her legs up and licked her ass dry humping my own pussy eyüp escort on the edge of the picnic table.

The soft sound to my left reminded me of my plan.

I spanked her pussy quickly, she raised her hips in unison…I roughly slid 3 fingers into her sopping pussy fucking her until she came hard..

I raised up onto the picnic table sticking my fingers in her mouth as a guide for the strap on to go in…she gagged at first but latched on…I grabbed her hair, fucking her mouth.

“Suck it, bitch, make it nice and wet …”

I slapped her hands away from her pussy I pushed her legs open , spanking her clit…Brian stepped out of the dark his big dick in his hand…I motioned him forward…I slapped Camille’s thighs, distracting her

I got in front of her pushing the strap on into her pussy…she wrapped her legs around my back…pulling me in…

I pushed her back…lifting her ass off the table..slowly I slipped the head of my slippery cock into her ass…she bucked asking for more…Camille was definitely ready for anything., but instead .I climbed on top of her again, this time slipping off my pants losing the strap on and putting my pussy over her mouth…she immediately lapped at my clit with earnest… While Camille licked my pussy, I leaned forward pushing her legs apart, I spread her pussy, leaning down to lick it right at the tip of her clit..then sat up as

Brian stepped forward, softly slapping her clit repeatedly with his dick…then backed up…I sucked her clit like a little cock, she humped my mouth forcefully holding my head in place..once again I pushed myself up…this time Brian stepped forward and once he was within a few inches of Camille’s clit he let lose a stream of piss, which although I couldn’t really tell (but Camille told me later) caused her to immediately pee as well..Camille bucked on the table, obviously loving the hot hard stream on her clit. I slid my pussy just out of reach, letting her lick my ass while her pussy was pissed on…Brian stepped back once he was done… I quickly washed down her pussy, her legs, pulling the top two towels out from under her.

I slid off her face…and brought a fresh cloth to wash her face, her chest still heaving..

“I love my nasty whore” I whispered quietly..I spanked her thighs lightly. “I have more”

I put a fresh diaper on her and allowed her to get dressed…Once we were standing by the car again…I grabbed Camille from behind, holding her arms together behind her back..

“Just do what I say bitch” I pulled her back onto my lap as I sat in the large chair I had placed there earlier..I held her arms with one hand and roughly shoved my hand down the front of her panties.

Brian stepped forward..I pulled my hand from her wet pussy and stuck 2 fingers in her mouth, spreading it for Brian’s dick. He fucked her mouth, occasionally taking his dick out and rubbing it on her face…I pinched and rubbed her clit and managed to get the butt plug back in her ass.., Brian pulled his dick back one last time and slapped it on her tits, coming all over her big dark nipples. He quickly walked away tucking himself in.

I quickly helped Camille clean up and we headed back down the highway, this time the top up, 200 miles from the hotel.

To Be Continued…

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