My First Time Was with a BBC!

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I was alone at home and it was one of those very warm nights. I was hot and restless! I decided to go over to my friend T’s house. T was a couple years older than I was (23). Anyway, he was one of the only black guys that lived at our apartment complex and he was always home alone. We had known each other for years and in the summer, we always went swimming together late at night.

When I got to T’s house, he was in a silly mood. He was teasing me, touching me, and kept trying to wrestle, etc. I noticed that tonight he was acting a little different, though. He kept putting his hands on my ass and kept placing my hands between his legs (more than normal!). I have to admit that I secretly liked it, but I blew it off and suggested that we go swimming. (I knew that if we stayed inside that something was bound to happen!!)

On the way to the pool, T was talking, but I was lost in thought. I was thinking about the hidden tension between us that I had been trying to ignore. Every time we wrestle, T always rubs my thighs, grabs my ass, and puts my hands on his cock. Up until now, I had always just laughed it off and pretended that he was just joking. I guess that he knew that it really turned me on because I was still hanging out with him…

Anyway, we jumped the fence and snuck into the pool next to the rental office. I took my shirt off, threw it on the ground, kicked off my flip-flops and dove in. While doing this, I didn’t know that T took off all of his clothes and put his feet in the water at the other end of the pool.

The moon was full and the night was full of its dim light. The pool itself had a light in one corner, but it was very old. The water shimmered with what little light there actually was.

When I came up at the other end of the pool, I wiped the water from my face and looked escort bayan gaziantep around for T.

T called out and said, “Close your eyes and follow my voice.” I’m experienced enough now to know what happened to me in that moment. I was so turned on and my hot, little ass wanted –no, needed- to be fucked!

I swam to his voice with my eyes closed and my heart racing. When I got close enough for him to reach out and grab me, his hand pulled my head closer to him. When I felt my knee touch the pool wall, I reached up and put one hand on each of his thighs. (This was it; something was finally going to happen! I was so nervous, but more excited than I had ever been!)

T said, “Open your eyes.” His voice was as strong as the thighs I was holding on to. I did as I was told and gasped with an excited gaze as my eyes opened to the sight of him stroking the big cock that I had secretly been fantasizing about. I was dizzy with excitement, fear, and wonder. This was all happening so fast.

I looked up while I bit my lower lip. I looked into his eyes and I saw, what I later learned to be, dominance, desire, and lust. My gaze shifted back to the huge cock that was growing thicker, longer, and harder with every stroke. I know that he saw me lick my lips and my mouth start to instinctively open.

T said, “I know you want this dick, baby.” My eyes kind of closed, my face flushed, and my lips parted slightly to release a soft moan of submission. I could not control what the sight of his enormous cock was doing to me; I was powerless to what my body wanted and what T’s voice commanded.

T pushed his massive cock down and told me, “Suck this dick, baby. Suck it.” That was followed by T rubbing his huge cock all over my face and lips and lightly smacking me in the face with it. “I knew you were a little whore. I knew it, baby.” said T. I had never sucked a cock before, but did what I had seen in porno movies. I kept me teeth out of the way of my lips and sucked as hard as I could, taking all that I could fit into my mouth. Which was not very much, at first.

After awhile, I could take more and began to lick, suck, and tease T’s big, fat cock like I was born to do just that! T’s cock belonged in my mouth and I made love to it with my lips, tongue, mouth, and hands. T started to moan and shortly thereafter I tasted my first blast of semen. It was very salty and a little sour, but I loved it immediately. T grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled me back. I was shocked and surprised, but I was very turned on by his doing that. He stroked his massive cock while it shot cum all over my face. My face was completely covered.

After T’s last blast hit my face, I reached up and grabbed his cock in put it back in my mouth. Cum was oozing from my face back onto his shaft and I hungrily tried to suck it all into my mouth where it belonged. I stopped a couple times to take his cock and rub it on my face until he saw what I was doing. Then he took control and wiped all his cum off my face with his dick and watched with a smile while I sucked it off and swallowed it.

When T was satisfied that I had swallowed all that I could, he pulled me back by the hand that was still in my hair and said, “You like that?” I just smiled an embarrassed and very self-conscious smile. We both laughed.

T jumped into the pool and got behind me. I could feel his huge cock between my ass cheeks and he placed a strong grip on both of my arms, pulling me closer, while he licked and sucked on my neck. I instinctively started to push my ass back into his cock and could feel it starting to get hard again.

He was walking and dragging me with him along the edge of the pool to the shallow end where the steps leading down into the pool were. When we got there, he pushed me up a few steps and said, “Get on your knees.” I did as I was told. My ass, at this point, was halfway in the water still.

T gently, but firmly, pushed me forward until my hands were on the concrete portion that surrounded the pool. My back was naturally arched and I could feel his knee between my legs urging them to part. My ass was completely out of the water now and my legs were farther apart.

I had never felt so open before… My senses were more alive than ever before and I swear that I could feel the water slowly beading down my ass.

I could feel that T was rock hard again because the way that we were; his massive cock fit right in between my wide open ass cheeks. I could feel his big cock throbbing with every heart beat through my little pink virgin asshole.

T grabbed my hips and started to grind his big black cock into me and dry fucked me until I had an orgasm without even touching my cock. I would have done anything to feel that much pleasure again!! I knew then that I belonged to T now! 🙂

When I was done having my orgasm, T laughed and knelt down, hands still on my sides, and started to tease my little hole with his tongue. T did this very slowly and patiently, as if he was trying to discover what exactly I liked. His hands slowly moved to my ass and I could feel him caressing it and opening it wider while he searched for my buttons with his tongue. I was already rock hard again and T tongue fucked me all the way to another powerful orgasm. This was my first time ever experiencing two, back-to-back. It was amazing!!

T told me after I was done shivering in pleasure that I should come over the next day so that we could finish what we started. I just moaned softly indicating that I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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