My Cousin Jacqui

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About every other summer, my cousin would visit for a couple of weeks from Texas. This year, Jacqui and I were both 16. I was in awe of how beautiful she had become. She was my height, 5′- 8″ and slender. Her waist length hair was so dark it looked almost black, but in the sunlight reddish highlights seemed to sparkle. She had legs that didn’t end with an athletic tone to her whole body. Her pert breasts were about a 34C. I knew all this because I often found relief while fantasizing about her. She was bold, and thought it funny to make me blush by saying or doing sensual things while we were around other people. She could say something out loud, but in a way that only I could hear, and then laugh at me when I blushed at her banter. We always got along very well, but I knew my erotic dreams would never be realized–I would never try anything with my cousin.

I worked during the summers, usually doing farm or ranch work. One day, I arrived home after everyone else had already eaten and had scattered doing their own thing. I heated leftovers and ate alone in the kitchen, wondering why it was so quite in the house. I assumed the family had taken Jacqui to visit a neighbor or something and decided to shower and change before they returned. Living in the desert, I prefer to shower outdoors, weather permitting and tonight the situation was perfect. Undressing in my room, I made sure no one was in sight as I slipped a towel around my waist, gathered soap and shampoo, and headed into the backyard. It was dark, I had turned off the lights on that side of the house, and I threw my towel over a lawn chair, walked to the faucet and adjusted the water for my shower. Our well water was stored in a tank on a wooden tower, and became quite warm during the day. This made for an awesome bathing experience.

I wet my body from head to toe and dropped the water-hose into the grass. Taking the bar of soap, I lathered myself completely and bent to retrieve the water to rinse. I thought I heard a gasp behind me and turned quickly to see if someone were there. I couldn’t see anyone, and assumed that I had soap in my ear or something. I rinsed the soap from my head and face, feeling the tickle as water trickled through my ass crack and down my legs. The temperature of the water was sensational, and I took my time, rinsing my cock and ball sack especially well. A slight breeze began to stir and I felt my skin turn to goose-flesh, my nipples hardening under the cool air. My cock began to stir, raising above his previous half-mast position to almost fully erect. I thought I heard something again, and turned to investigate. Without a flashlight, I peered into the darkness, but again saw nothing.

I shampooed my hair, the lather thick, rich, and fragrant. Rinsing again, the water against my skin stirred sensations over my whole body as it trickled, running across my exposed flesh onto the grass at my feet. I spread my legs and allowed the warmth to soak my skin at every point of contact and relished in the wonderful feelings this provided to my fully naked body. I stroked myself slowly, then realizing that I’d taken longer than usual, and knowing that my family might return at any moment, I dropped the hose and reached for the towel draped over the back of the chair, except–it wasn’t there! I quickly looked to see if I’d dropped it into the grass, knowing that my shower would be wasted if I had.

Searching revealed that the towel had truly disappeared. Thinking that I may have dropped it and mis-remembered placing it on the chair, I walked to the faucet and turned the water off. My erect cock bouncing with each step. I slipped my feet into my Sperry-Top siders and retraced my steps toward the house, watching the ground intently, hoping to come across my missing wrap. A stone wall surrounded our house and I heard an odd rustling outside the yard as I neared the backdoor. I sat the soap and shampoo on the steps and walked toward the un-gated opening to investigate the sound, still naked.

To my left, and past the corner of the fence, I heard the rustling noise again. I walked toward the sound, hoping no one would show up and catch me wandering nude through the yard. It was really dark, and I could barely see my own hands as I turned the corner and caught a brief shadow moving swiftly away from the house and toward the equipment barn in the rear. I didn’t see anything again, but remembered I had a clean pair of coveralls hanging in the barn and decided to retrieve them to wear back into the house. Both roll-up doors were down, so I opened the gaziantep swinger smaller personnel door on the right and stepped into the semi-darkness inside.

A dim light in the back of the shop was sometimes left on for a night light in case we needed to enter after dark. My mouth dropped open and my softening cock pulsed with quick life as I saw Jacqui standing in the faint glow before me, my towel in her hand. She was wearing a very thin thong panty, black and stretched high on her hips. The vee at the top providing a frame below a beautiful navel and smooth, velvety skin. The fabric at the front was pulled snugly into the obvious gap in the flesh between her tanned legs. Her ample tits were barely constrained within the confines of a black sport bra that may have been a couple sizes too small. Draped loosely around her shoulders, she wore a translucent black throw with sleeves to just below her elbows. It hung at the back to her knees, but covered nothing with its presence. I traced every detail of the delicate wonder before me, slowly raising my eyes the her face. The coy smile framed by her dark hair took my breath and I struggled to comprehend what was happening. I felt my cock twitch and only then remembered that my body was fully exposed before my beautiful cousin.

“Looking for something,” she asked smiling.

“I think I found it,” I said allowing my eyes to further absorb the exotic bouquet standing unashamedly in front of me, my towel extended in her hand.

When I reached toward the towel, Jacqui pulled it back and said, “Oh, no dear one, it’s not for free.”

I caught her glances at my not throbbing dick, a shudder twitching it with each beat of my quickened pulse. Unconsciously, Jacqui began to fondle her breast with her free hand, tweaking the nipple and pulling it lightly between her thumb and finger through the fabric of her too-small bra. My breath felt hot in my throat, my face burned as if it were on fire.

“So, what do I have to do for my towel,” I asked.

“Well, your parents went boweling with the Johnsons, and I told them that I would wait here for you since you were late from work,” Jacqui quipped in a singsong schoolgirl voice. “They said they would be veeeerrry late, and for us not to wait up for them.”

“Where were you while I showered,” I wondered aloud.

“Sitting on the fence by the big tree in the yard,” she replied. “You really looked like you were enjoying yourself there.”

I blushed, but with my already flushed condition, she’d hardly be able to notice. She continued to fondle her nipple, even as she had lowered my towel to her side. It fell to the floor and her now free hand went to her pussy and rubbed with the middle finger in a small circle at the top of the slit visible beneath her black panties. Jacqui paused her movements and began in a thick, soft, Texas-sweet voice, “We’re sixteen. This could be my last summer here, and, well, I’ve dreamed of playing with you . . . like this, for as long as I can remember. If we don’t tonight, we’ll probably never get another chance for this.”

My mouth just fell open. The rush of blood that rose in my already throbbing cock was immediate. I wished I’d had time to finish my usual shower relief, this was just too much. Seeing my mental struggle, Jacqui reached for my hand and turned pointing toward the far side of the shop. She had been busy, and she’d had a plan, obviously. A couple of the sleeping bags we stored in the building were spread out on the floor. There were several lit candles placed around the makeshift bed, and Jacqui had Willie Nelson’s Stardust CD playing very softly to one side.

Without speaking, she gently pulled my hand, leading me to stand in the middle of the improvised love-nest. She turned facing me and reaching her slender arms around my neck, softly pulled my lips to hers, and kissed me. The realization that our passion for each other was mutual inflamed the kiss, and our lips parted in unison as our tongues sought the warmth of each other as one. Our bodies, melded together, were hot and Jacqui’s moans brought even further heat as I felt her begin to grind against my loins. My cock was upright between us and was caught between our navels in the lustful right-of-passion we enjoyed. Without breaking from the kiss, I slowly began to slide Jacqui’s wrap down her shoulders. She lowered her arms, allowing the thin, meshed fabric to fall to the side.

I felt her hand encircle my engorged penis as she began to slide her hand around and up and down very slowly. I pulled the straps of her bra down her arms and she removed her hand from me long enough to reach down and swiftly pull it up over her head, tossing it to the side of the bed. Her breasts released from their prison were even more beautiful than I had dreamed they would be. Nipples the size of a thimble, encircled by a very pink areola stared straight out at me. Kneeling down between my feet Jacqui extended to the tip of her tongue and caught the little string of pre-cum that swayed from the small slit at the tip of my meat. “I’ve wanted to taste you forever,” she breathed.

I stopped her before she could continue to engulf me in her mouth saying, “Let’s taste together.” I sat on my haunches in the middle of the sleeping bags, and reached for the thin straps at each side of her thong. Slipping my thumbs beneath the fabric bands, I closed my hands around them and began the gentle slide, intent to expose the treasure of her sex. The neatly trimmed little patch of very dark hair on the swell above her pussy was exquisite. Her panties were now inside out, the band below the crotch, the thin ribbon that rested in the fold of her pussy held by her very moist lips. I pulled gently again and watched as the flesh of her parted, allowing the fabric to escape and fall. Jacqui spread her legs slightly and the thong dropped to the ground. She dripped with dew, now just before my face.

She turned around and thrust her beautiful ass toward my mouth, knowing that I wanted our oral encounter to be mutual. She bent forward and the darker ring appeared just above the few fine hairs where her flesh parted into pink folds. Instinct took over, and I leaned into her and let the tip of my tongue encircle the ring, lapping gently as I rimmed her. Her moan was audible above the soft music, and she pushed against my face lustily. She sat back against me, forcing me to lay back onto the bed below. Keeping her crotch pressed firmly into my face, Jacqui leaned forward and softly kissed her way around the purple head of my cock. As she lowered her mouth to take me in, I continue to hungrily lap at the twin lips enveloping my tongue. Her taste and scent together were incredible. Slightly sweet, slightly salty, completely delicious.

As she bobbed on my prick, she softly massaged the lower shaft with both hands, her breasts pressed against my stomach, her nipples firm against me. She scooted up slightly allowing my oral ministrations to be focus on the firm little bud beneath her clitoral hood. Jacqui’s clit was about the size of a pencil eraser, just enough to inhale between my lips as I continued to roll my tongue across it. My senses were in flames. What I saw, what I felt, her moans around my cock, the smell of her, and that taste . . . it was to die for.

Jacqui’s knees contracted suddenly against my shoulders. A shudder ran through her frame and she pressed her pussy forcibly into my face. A shrill moan vibrated into my cock as she came with surprising force. The vibration of her moans and her humping on my face threw me completely over the top. My cock swelled into her sucking mouth and a heat of passion surged through me. It began in the muscles of my thighs, ran upward through my balls and caused a tingling sensation in my nipples. Jacqui was still cumming, and the intensity of her sucking increased as she came. Thick ropes of my seed shot into her throat and she contracted her cheeks around me, swallowing over and over. I felt wetness at the base of my cock as the ejaculate she couldn’t swallow dripped from her lips onto my flesh.

As our orgasmic release began to subside, the weight of Jacqui’s body increased as she relaxed against me. We didn’t speak or move for several minutes, our bodies still impassioned with our sex. My cock now lay in a pool of wetness on my stomach, and Jacqui’s cheek nestled warmly against it there. She had moved downward enough that my face was nestled softly between the warmth of her ass-cheeks.

She raise her head and flipped my softening cock into her mouth with her hand and suckled gently on the tip. Withdrawing from me she said, “I’m not finished with you yet.”

She slipped sideways off of me and scooted down between my legs. Lowering her velvet mouth onto my reviving dick, she went to the hilt taking me completely into her mouth and throat. I became fully erect as she continued for a moment. When I was fully hard, she stood straddling me and took my bobbing tool in her hand and squatted down sexily. My cock encountered her opening and the tip slipped easily inside. She paused, enjoying that first sensation fully, and then began to slowly lower her pussy around my cock. She was oh, so wet, and so, so hot. No virgin, I’d never experienced anyone that felt like this before. When my cock had completely penetrated her depths, she sat back and began, slowly at first, to rock gently back and forth. Her eyes were closed, and soft mewing sounds came from her throat. Her long hair swayed from side to side across her back.

I reached to her breasts and began to fondle the nipples, toying with them, teasing them with soft flicks of my fingers. Jacqui leaned forward until the little swollen buds were within reach of my eager tongue. I suckled one, then the other as she rocked softly on my rod. The tempo of her bucking increased and the now familiar muffled moan began in her chest and escaped her lips loudly. She raised herself to an upright position with her hands squarely on my chest. She bucked and rocked with jerks and jumps, milking against me with her tight little twat. She raised to the tip of my cock, and paused, with a strong contraction of her pussy around me, then dropped herself to my full depth and stayed still as she climaxed. I felt the added moisture as she squirted in release against the base of my meat, a wonderful aroma of her sex wafting upward to my nose.

As I began to rock against her again, she pulled off of me and with heavy breaths said, “Not yet, I want more!” She put her chest on the bed as she raise her ass into the air. “I’ve never had it in the ass, and I want to give that to you,” she said, her voice husky with passion.

I would never have resisted this offer and eagerly position my cock at the throbbing, circled entrance. We were soaked in our mutual juices and as I pressed gently against her, she opened for me and I felt the tip of my meat slide into her warmth again. She inhaled sharply and I paused knowing that this was new for her. After a brief pause, I slowly lowered myself into her. At the hilt, I waited for a second then began to slowly withdraw from the tightness I felt. When the tip was just outside of her, I thrust forward and quickly impaled her ass. She moaned and pressed her cheeks against me. I felt her squeezing me, and began to fuck her ass with abandon. We rocked against each other with forceful slaps of flesh, the smacking sound echoing in the confines of the shop walls around us.

Just as the familiar swell began in my balls and the tightness griped my ass and thighs, Jacqui screamed loudly, “I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Fuck me baby, fuck my ass. Deeper. Deeper, Yes, that’s it, YES, YES, YES!!!

She lurched back against me and I stopped in my thrusting as shot after shot of my sperm was loading into my cousin’s ass. I felt the heat of my load wash over the head of my dick and Jacqui trembled with the aftershock of her strongest yet release. Spent and truly satiated, I slumped against her, holding onto her sides with my hands, keeping myself impaled as deeply as possible. As my meat softened, and slowly fell from her ass, Jacqui lowered herself to the bed and lay still. In a moment, she rolled onto her back and reached up, pulling me down beside her. We settled into a spooning position with her back against me, my cock pressed against her flesh.

“That was fuckin’ awesome,” I breathed into her ear.

“I thought we might never get to do it,” she smiled as she spoke.

“I had no idea you’d be willing with me,” I said.

“Oh, you have no idea how horny I get being around you. I’ve been watching you jack off as you showered in the yard every night since I got here. When your folks began to talk about bowling tonight, I knew this would be our chance,” Jacqui said.

“Well, I hate to think of you leaving for home,” I responded.

“That still four days away,” she winked as she nestle more closely against me.

Somehow, we drifted off to sleep and I woke before the sun came up. I shook Jacqui’s shoulder gently and said, “We’d better straighten up a little before someone comes around looking for us.”

She stood, without embarrassment, naked, beautiful and stunning. I quickly gathered the sleeping bags and threw them into the shelves where they were stored. Jacqui slipped into the see-through wrap she’d worn earlier, I into my towel. We walked holding hands toward the house and entered through the back door. My folks were asleep in their room and I kissed Jacqui softly before she went into the quest room. “I’ll see you in a while,” I said.

“It’s going to be great day,” Jacqui smiled lowering her hand and gently caressing my cock once again.

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