My Boyfriend and My Two Dads Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: “Answer It”

MICHAEL: Never have I ever… gotten a lap dance by a stripper.

(Three fingers in the room went down.)

JACOB: You asshole! He only said that cuz he knew I went to a strip club over fall break.

HANNAH: Mia, I can’t believe you’ve gotten a lap dance!

MIA: It was at my cousin’s bachelorette party. Her friends basically forced me to. He wasn’t even that cute.

MICHAEL: How bout you, Eric? Was it a guy or a girl?

ERIC: A guy, duh. My dads got him for my 18th birthday.

(All six other people in the room gasped.)

MICHAEL: Hold up, hold up, hold up! Your dads got you a stripper?!

ERIC: It was like a silly joke. It’s a guy they know, he does a bunch of their friends’ parties.

SARAH: What was he like?

ERIC: He was really hot! This Brazilian guy, probably round 35. Great body! But not like I could take him seriously with my parents and everyone else sitting there.

HANNAH: That’s so funny. Was he like wearing a thong?

ERIC: Yes! A red one.

SARAH: Was he hard?!

MIA: Of course he wasn’t hard, you weirdo!

ERIC: Well, actually…

JAMAL: Dude! No way.

ERIC: He wasn’t like hard hard, but I’m sure he fluffed up. He kept shoving it in my face.

JACOB: Dude. My 18th birthday, my dad gave me his old phone and got himself a nicer one.


Seeing my son interact with his boyfriend, I have to say I think they both did good for themselves. I was extremely worried when he first started college. All parents are, but Eric was more coddled than most kids. When I started homeschooling him my plan was to do it for a year until we found another school, so he wouldn’t fall behind. But he begged to stay at home so we let him. By the time he was ready for college he wasn’t particularly awkward, but I still worried he didn’t have enough real-world experience.

When he told us he was gay as a teen, a part of me was relieved (elated, even!) Sure, I was bummed out he would have to deal with some of the same bullshit as all of us, but if he ever wanted to talk about gay relationships or sex his father and I were much better equipped for that. My own gayness always felt like something that made me less qualified to be a parent. As it turns out, it was a huge plus.

Eric had told us he’d had sex with a few guys in college, but he settled down with Will. I was happy for him (and myself). At his age I was a huge slut, fucking anyone I could find. Granted, some of it was lots of fun. But I was glad Eric didn’t seem as interested to dabble in drugs or too much casual sex.

That might be partly because he was always exposed to it and it didn’t seem like such a big deal. Growing up, sex in general was taboo for me, but gay sex was the ultimate sin! So his dad and I always made a point to not hide it from Eric when we kissed or touched each other. The first time he walked in on us having sex my initial instinct was to freak out and make a big deal out of it, but I fought it. Sven didn’t seem to care much either; he said he’d walked in on his parents or heard them have sex lots of times. I was very proud of the progress we had made, in just one generation, that allowed Eric to feel so much more comfortable with himself and the concept of male relationships and sex.

I knew things hadn’t been as easy for Will growing up, so while he was staying with us I wanted him to feel extra welcome. He was a nice kid, you could tell. And it was tough for someone his age in our neck of the woods. In my 20s I was sucking dick in gay clubs and fucking in bathhouses; and here he was cooped up in a house with two middle-aged men instead, without a car of his own.

The first week seemed to go pretty well. The boys seemed happy to be done with school, and I kept busy making sure everything round the house was in tiptop shape. Sven had a really stressful week at work. I could feel how relieved he was the second he walked back in on Friday evening. Ankara escort He jumped out of his suit and left all his clothes on the floor right by the front door, and walked naked to the kitchen to give me a kiss.

“Mmm,” I moaned as he grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck. I could smell his musk even with my back turned.

“Where are the boys?” he whispered as I stirred the soup.

“In their room. They’ve been there all afternoon.”

“Wonder what they’re up to.”

“Probably Bible study,” I retorted and turned around to give him a proper kiss.

We made out in the warm kitchen that smelled of food. His exposed dick started to twitch and poked my leg a couple of times.

“Should I add some cream to the soup?” I asked, grabbing his dick and giving it a few jerks.

“Mm, I’d love to, but so tired tonight,” he said and I could hear it in his voice. “How about dinner and a movie instead?”

“Okay,” I agreed, kissing him again. “But remember what you promised! Our sex life won’t suffer just because there’s other people in the house now.”

“Deal. How about I about I fuck you all day tomorrow? No -,” he kissed me, “- matter -,” another kiss, “- what.”

“Sounds good. Now go tell the boys to come down, and you go grab a quick shower if you want. Dinner’s ready in five.”

“Wait!” he said, and quickly walked away. I heard him rummage through our room and walk back.

“Since I’m not fucking you tonight, I don’t want your ass to feel neglected.” He pulled out a black butt plug, one of the larger ones we had. “I want you to wear this during dinner.”

I looked in his eyes and he flashed me his mischievous shit-eating grin. I reached for one of the drawers and pulled out a small bottle of lube (we had one in every room of the house).

I unbuttoned my jeans and Sven pulled them down. He quickly lubed up the plug and gave my ass a quick kiss before inserting it. It was ribbed and although it wasn’t huge, it took my hole a few seconds to get used to it. Once it was all in, Sven pushed and pulled it in and out a few times, fucking me with it.

“Eric! Will! Dinner’s ready!” he yelled out at the top of his lungs.

I gave him a playful smack and pulled up my jeans and buttoned up quickly before the kids came downstairs.

Five minutes later we were all at the table. Sven was the last to join us, hair still wet from the shower, walking up to the table barefoot wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

“All set?” I asked and got ready to dig in.

“If I may,” I heard Will say and raise his glass. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him speak out. So far he seemed to be the type to only speak when spoken to. I wasn’t sure if he was just shy or felt awkward around us.

“To David, for making this gorgeous dinner,” Will continued, “and to Sven and David both for letting us stay here. Thank you guys.”

“You’re welcome, son,” Sven said and patted Will on the shoulder. “We’re happy to have you here.”

“Yes, Dads, thanks,” Eric said as we all took a sip of our drinks. “If there’s anything we can do just let us know.”

“Actually,” I chimed in, “now that you mention it. I have a bunch of chores to do tomorrow but if I give you the list you can run them for me. Seems like I’ll be… occupied otherwise.” I winked at Sven and started eating. I could feel the plug inside my ass, while Eric and Will were talking about which professors they’re happiest to never have to see again.


I was usually the first one up in the morning. I would take a piss and put on some shorts and go out for a run right away, sometimes as the sun was rising. So I was shocked to wake up on Saturday and see it was almost noon. Fuck, I needed that.

I stretched in bed and reached for my dick, hard as a rock. Unfortunately David wasn’t there lying on my right. Too bad. With the boys moving in and my hellish week at work, it’s been too long since we fucked. Granted, our “too long” was probably most people’s Ankara escort bayan “not even that long.” We liked doing it almost every day. Our record was a 120-day streak without missing one.

We were both pretty slutty back when we met, and kept it up for a while, with each other as well as with other people. Things changed quickly when we became parents. But Eric leaving for college meant a sexual renaissance for us. David and I both started working out a bit more. Bought more sex toys. And fucked. In every room of the house. And then some.

I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. When I was done, I crawled back into bed and texted David to join me.

“Are you staying in bed all day?” he asked a couple minutes later, walking in the bedroom.

“That depends on you,” I said, and pointed to my dick. I was hard again, and slowly jerking it up and down, using my saliva as lube. “Are the boys home?” I noticed he’d left the bedroom door open.

“They’re at the mall, running my list of errands,” he said, taking his clothes off. He got on his knees in bed and started sucking my cock.

Fuck, this felt good! I closed my eyes and lay back, gripping the back of his head with my right hand. It’d only been a few days, but the sensation of the tip of my dick and my Prince Albert hitting the back of David’s throat was something I couldn’t get enough of, ever. I let go of his head and started playing with my nipples.

My nipples were super sensitive, just a pinch could often make my dick go fully hard in a matter of seconds, which is why I got them pierced and kept increasing the gauge of the nipple rings every few months. (This was a real problem when Eric was young and would reach for my nipples or try to put the rings in his mouth.)

I lowered my hands and put them on both sides of David’s face as it was bopping up and down my dick. I had huge hands, which I always disliked until I realized how much he’s into it; especially when his submissive side came out and he wanted to be slapped around. I pulled David’s face up and started kissing him.

He was hard by now as well and we started jerking each other off while kissing. He pinched my nips, and I slapped his ass.

“Aah!” he screamed out. I loved watching him squeal and squirm like this.

SLAP! I smacked his ass again, as hard as I could from this position. The echo reverberated throughout the house.

“Fuuuck!” David yelled out. “You fucking asshole. I love you!” He started kissing me again.

I reached for the bottle of lube on my nightstand but he grabbed my wrist.

“No. I want you to fuck me dry.”

“You sure?” Sometimes precum and spit weren’t enough, but David knew what he was signing up for. He nodded.

I flipped him over and started eating his ass. As a courtesy to me he kept his hole completely smooth.

I rimmed David’s ass for a good 15 minutes. Even though his dick had gone soft I knew he was enjoying himself as my tongue went round and round and inside his hole, my hands holding his cheeks spread open.

That’s when David’s phone started ringing. He must’ve brought it up after I texted him and left it on the bed. He pushed the button to mute the ringer.

“It’s Eric,” he said, glimpsing at the screen.

“Answer it, maybe he needs something,” I said, still holding his ass spread open.

“Hey, Eric.”

“Hi, Dad,” I could hear Eric’s voice as David held his phone to his right ear. I went back to the task at hand and continued licking David’s pink hole.

“I went to the bank, but they wouldn’t give me any information about your account,” I overheard as I shoved my tongue as deep as it would go inside David’s ass, which he’d made sure is ready for rimming and fucking. “I showed them your card and my driver’s license to show we have the same last name, but you gotta do it in person.”

“That’s okay, I thought so anyway, it was a long shot,” David replied. His dick was starting to get hard again. “I’ll Escort Ankara do it on Monday, don’t worry about it. Thanks for trying.”

“Oh my god, and you’ll never guess who we ran into,” Eric continued as I pulled my face away from David’s hole and started sliding my thick index finger in it.

“Who? (Ah!)” he said with a barely discernible moan. I looked up and his eyes were closed.

“Cynthia, at the bank! Did you know she still works there?”

“Yeah (ah!) I saw her a few months ago.” As David talked, I put my middle finger in his hole as well, and started fucking him fast with both fingers. “Although (ah!) to be fair I do most of my banking from home, so (ah!) I hardly ever go there.”

“She says hi to you guys! Her son’s applying for colleges so she was asking how I liked the school I went to.”

“Aha. I’ll make sure to check if she’s there on Monday,” David said, trying to control his voice from trembling as much as possible.

I got to my knees and inspected his ass one more time. I was leaking precum all over the place, and used some of it to lube up David’s hole.

“If you want I can go back and ask.”

“No thanks Eric, it’s not that… (aaah!!) important.” As he said that last word, my dick entered his hole. It was tight and a bit dry but I shoved it in in one swift move. I looked at his eyes and they were wide open now. I’ve known him for most my life, I could tell exactly what they were saying. It was a mixture of “What the fuck are you doing?!” and “Please don’t fucking stop!”

“Okay, let me know if you change your mind. We’ll be here for a bit longer,” Eric continued, oblivious to our activity.

“Okay. Did you do (ah!) everything else on the list?”

I was picking up my pace and properly fucking David at this point. Our bed didn’t make any noise, but as I went faster the sound of my low-hanging balls hitting his ass (Slap! SLAP!) got louder.

“Think so. We got the towels you wanted.” (Slap! Slap!) “I know you said black but I got em in brown cuz they were on sale. Is that okay?”

David’s eyes were closed again, as I fucked him faster and stronger, pumping up and down. His left hand was clutching the sheets in a tight fist.

“That’s fine, just keep the receipts,” (Slap! Slap!) “and I’ll take stuff back if I… (ah!!) if I need to.”

By this point I wasn’t focused on anything else going on in the room, just how good it felt to be inside my husband. His hole was now relaxed and loosened up. His dick was fully hard, as I jerked it up and down as I fucked him.

“Honestly it’s a really dark brown so you can’t even see the difference,” Eric carried on about the stupid towels.

“Okay. Are… Are you guys, um, headed home right (aaah!) after?”

The sensation of being fucked and having me play with his dick put David over the edge, I could tell. His words sounded weird, his cadence up and down, his voice stuttering. I wondered what would happen if he had to cum right now. I jerked his dick faster.

“We were going to, but if you guys want we can hang out here longer? We’re not necessarily in a rush.”

“That’s (ah!) fine, just (oof!) text me before you get here,” he said and bit his lower lip so strongly I was worried he might draw blood.

“Okay, Dad. Love you!”

“Love you too,” he said and hung up the phone.

David opened his eyes and looked into mine.

“Oh, I was trying so hard,” he said with a smile on his lips and sweat running down his face. I leaned forward to give him a kiss. “Oh I was trying so hard not to yell on the phone, Daddy. Ah! Oh, I’m ready to cum.”

I continued to fuck and jerk him more aggressively. “Are you ready? I’m ready too. Do you want Daddy to cum inside you?”

“Oh yes, please! Please.”

A series of loud grunts and moans echoed around the entire house, as we both screamed in ecstasy, cumming at the same time. David’s load shot all over his belly, his hairy chest, and his face. I felt my dick pump out load after load inside of him.

I passed out on top of him soon thereafter. We cuddled and kissed and played with our cum like two curious boys. We jumped up to head to the shower as Eric and Will texted to say they were on their way.

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