My Best Friend’s Dad

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I awoke to the sound of Alicia’s cellphone ringing on the desk in the far corner of her room.

“Hey,” I murmured, still half-asleep. “You gonna get that?”

We were sharing her queen-sized bed, after having spent the night watching ’80s horror films and pigging out–a typical Friday night, but a tradition that would be coming to an end sooner than either of us wanted, since we had been accepted colleges four hours apart from each other. The past month had been a flurry of activity: we had both turned eighteen (Alicia on the fifth, me on the seventeenth), attended our senior prom, and in less than three weeks we would be graduating.

Alicia groaned as she crawled over me. As she reached her phone, I heard her yell, “Shit!”


My eyes were still closed, and a string of expletives escaped my friend’s lips until she picked up the phone and began apologizing profusely. “I am so, so, so sorry,” I heard her saying as she rifled through her drawers. “I’ll be there in twenty. I am so sorry.”

I stretched and yawned as I sat up. “What’s up?”

“I totally forgot that I agreed to work the morning shift today, and now I’m fucking late.” She hurriedly threw on her work uniform. “I was supposed to be there at seven, and it is now…” She looked down at her cellphone. “…7:30. Fuck!” She grabbed her visor and nametag and was almost out the door when she turned back to me. “You can go back to sleep. Hang out, do whatever. My dad won’t care. Maybe I’ll see you when I get off at four.”

And just like that she was gone. I heard the front door slam seconds later and considered going back to sleep. After laying back down and attempting to drift back off, it was clear that more sleep wasn’t going to happen, so I decided to get up and around. I was unsure whether or not Alicia’s dad, Stan, was awake or not, so I tried to keep my noise to a minimum as I took my belongings into the bathroom across the hall and ran the shower.

Alicia’s house was like a second home to me, the shower as familiar as the one in my own home. My mind began to come alive as I eased under the stream of warm water, and my thoughts turned, not for the first time, to my friend’s dad. Alicia’s parents had divorced many years ago, and now her mom worked on the east coast, seeing her daughter twice a year on average. Stan was universally acknowledged amongst the girls in our grade as being the “hot dad,” standing over six feet tall with a muscular physique, constantly disheveled salt-and-pepper hair, and icy blue eyes.

I often teased Alicia about how attractive her dad was, to which she would roll her eyes and scoff. Little did she know that my teasing was only half-joking. I often imagined circumstances in which he and I were alone together, times like now…

But of course nothing would happen. Stan had known me since I was a little girl and undoubtedly had zero interest in being with someone under half his age. I still absentmindedly rubbed my crotch thinking about him without a shirt on, his piercing eyes devouring me as he plowed into me. Unfortunately, the water turned cold before I could bring myself over the edge. I grumpily finished rinsing and promised to finish the job once I got home to my own bed.

Pulling on sweats and a baggy t-shirt, I threw my hair into a messy bun and returned to Alicia’s room to gather the rest of my belongings. As I zipped my duffel bag, my stomach began to growl. I’d have to make a stop at the fridge before I headed out. I double checked once more that I had my wallet, cellphone, and keys and made my way down the stairs. The kitchen was immediately to the left of the staircase, and I glided in and peered into the refrigerator. Helping myself to a yogurt and a bagel, I sat my purse and duffle bag down on the table as I ate.

As I discarded the empty yogurt carton, I heard noise coming from the living room, which was on the other side of the foyer. Thinking it was Stan, I decided that I would pop in to say good morning before I headed out. However, as I drew closer, I quickly realized that the sound I was hearing were the exaggerated feminine moans of a porno. My breath caught in my chest as I put two and two together, but I couldn’t stop myself from drawing closer until I reached the doorway and peered in on the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed.

On the couch Esenyurt Escort Bayan on the right side of the room was Stan with his pajama pants around his ankles, stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen (although I had only seen two with my own eyes) while two women, one of whom was being thoroughly fucked from behind, kissed on the television hanging on the left wall of the room. I could hear Stan breathing hard as his hand flew over his knob and instantly felt the blood flooding to my vagina. The man in the scene slapped the woman’s ass that he was pounding at the same time as Stan’s eyes drifted to where I was standing.

His face went pale as the realization hit him. He stuttered as he attempted to pull up his pants and turn off the television at the same time, both of which took a comical amount of time to achieve. I stood in the doorframe awkwardly throughout the whole ordeal, unsure of whether it would be worse for me to stay or leave. What felt like hours passed in awkward silence before he spoke.

“I…am so sorry. I had no idea you were here.”

“Well, it is Saturday,” I said to my shoes.

After a long pause he spoke softly. “I think it would be best if we agreed to never speak of this again–to anyone.”

I bit my lip as I considered what had happened…and what I wanted to happen. I closed my eyes tight, willing myself to action. There would never be an opportunity like this again.

I looked up into his eyes, apprehensive but resolved. I steeled myself and strode to the couch, where I moved a leg to either side of him.

“Tiffany, I don’t think-“

I covered his mouth with mine as I had wanted to for so long. For a moment, he reciprocated, meeting my lips enthusiastically, but then he placed a hand on my chest, pushing me just far enough away that I couldn’t reach.

“We have to stop.”

“Why?” I knew it was childish, but I pouted at his rejection.

“You know why.”

I didn’t answer, instead sitting, still straddling his lap with my arms crossed in front of my chest.

He sighed and avoided my eyes. “Believe me, I want to….but it’s wrong.”

“You want to?” I repeated, unsure of whether I heard him correctly.

His eyes locked onto mine, and he said in barely more than a whisper. “More than anything.”

I decided to push things further, and lifted my shirt over my head. Since I had been planning to simply drive home and go back to bed, I hadn’t bothered with putting on a bra, and my large breasts were exposed to him. My nipples hardened in the cool air, and he drank in the sight, visibly fighting against his baser instincts to take me then and there.

“We shouldn’t.” His eyes were glued to my chest, and I felt his bulge twitching against my thigh.

I leaned forward, pressing my chest into his face. He nuzzled his face into my boobs and brought his hands up to caress them. I moaned as his tongue circled my left nipple. I felt him groan in response, a guttural sound that vibrated the skin of my breast as his stubble pricked and teased me. He switched and lavished attention on my right nipple for a time before alternating back and forth. All signs of resistance slowly left his body as it tensed in desire below mine.

When he surfaced for air, I caught his lips with mine. I sighed as his tongue traced my lower lip. His hands slid down my bare back and settled on my still clothed ass. I twerked my ass a couple times and he slapped it before sliding first one and then both hands down my sweats. He massaged each ass cheek as our tongues wrestled, and I caught myself grinding on his erection, which was now pinned directly under my vagina.

His right hand moved slowly down the cleft of my ass until it rested on my drenched mound, to which he inserted one thick finger. I groaned into his mouth and pushed against his hand, which was gently rocking in and out of me. A second finger joined the first, and his hand moved faster. I cooed into his mouth as he fingerfucked me and half-expected to wake up any minute in Alicia’s bed from the most vivid wet dream of my life.

I reluctantly hoisted myself off of his lap and grabbed the waistband of his pajamas. He lifted his ass, allowing me to slide them down past his knees. I didn’t waste a moment licking his heavenly cock from base to tip, provoking a Avcılar Escort Bayan soft moan to escape his lips. I repeated this action several more times before taking the tip into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the ridge a few times, and he groaned in response. After sucking the head for several moments, I was ready to take the plunge. I lurched forward, taking probably around six inches down my throat. He gasped, “God you’re good,” which made me smile to myself. I pulled off for air and quickly went back down, taking another inch. His body tensed as I took more of him into my mouth, finally resting my nose against his pubic bone. I held it there until tears stung my eyes, forcing me to come up for air.

Then he attacked me, lifting me over him and laying me on my back on the couch. He adjusted himself so that he was between my legs. His tongue traced my vagina from bottom to top three times before he took my clitoris into my mouth. Just as I felt ready to explode from the pleasure, he pulled himself up and positioned his rock hard dick at my entrance. He searched my face–I guess for signs of hesitation or regret, but, finding none, pushed his fat cockhead into me.

His eyes never left mine as he spread me open, stretching me farther than I had ever been stretched before. It hurt a bit, even though I was more than well-lubricated, but he gave me time to adjust. When he finally bottomed out, he stopped moving altogether and let me acclimate to his size. As the pain subsided, I found myself grinding against him, which he took as a green light to begin fucking me in earnest. He tried to be gentle, but we were too eager to take it slow, so he fucked me hard and fast as I squirmed under him.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Stan.”

“You like this?” he asked. “You like fucking someone twice your age?”

“Yeah, I do. Fuck your daughter’s friend!”

He stopped suddenly, and my stomach clenched as I realized that I must have crossed a line.

“Fuck,” he said. “I already want to cum.”

I let out a sigh of relief and contorted my face into a pout. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Can’t keep up?”

He growled, “Oh, I can keep up alright. Get on your knees.”

I complied and he entered me from behind. God, he felt even bigger from this angle. He grabbed my hips and drove into me again and again. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, his hand snaked around and found my clit. I exploded on contact, screaming gibberish as his cock drilled into me. He didn’t slow as I slumped forward onto my arms.

“I’m gonna cum!” he roared. He flipped me onto my back and thrust into me again. Then he pulled out his cock and shot thick ropes of cum all over my body.

We for a moment in silence punctuated by his panting. Then I ventured, “I think I’m gonna need to take another shower…”

A devilish smile crept onto his face, and he scooped me up and carried me out of the room and up the stairs. When we arrived at his bedroom door, he hoisted me over his shoulder, freeing up a hand to open the door. I laughed as he threw me down onto the bed and crawled over me, placing white-hot kisses on my neck and finally my mouth. I could feel his cock against my inner thigh, still hard enough to cut diamonds. I pulled away from his searching mouth. “About that shower…”

He stood up, offered me his hand, and led me to the room’s private bathroom. I had never been in Stan’s room before and never realized that it had its own bathroom. Compared to my dinky house, Alicia’s house was like a mansion. Stan adjusted the water temperature and stepped inside. I didn’t hesitate to join him, and his mouth was on mine as soon as the curtain closed.

He moaned and then said something that surprised me. “I’ve been thinking of this since the day you turned eighteen…Not that it’s been that long.”


“Why does that surprise you?”

He soaped up a loofah and rubbed it between my breasts.

“I don’t know…I guess it’s because you’ve always been every girl in our class’s crush. It just seems like you wouldn’t be interested in someone like me.”

“Someone with these tits–” He rubbed the loofah on my ass. “–and this ass?”

I couldn’t help beaming at his compliments.

“You have a gorgeous smile,” he noted.

We switched places so that I could rinse the soap suds from my body. His arms wrapped around me from behind, and I ground my behind into his stiff member, which elicited a moan from his lips. God I loved the sound of that man moaning.

I felt him position himself behind me, and he thrust into me. I’d never had sex in a shower before…and I’ll admit that it was a bit more awkward than I had imagined. Nonetheless, I found myself convulsing on his cock in a matter of minutes, and moments later he came inside me.

As we were drying ourselves off, he cleared his throat and asked whether I was on the pill.

I tapped my right arm, “Depo shot.”

“That’ll do just as well.”

“Even better. I don’t have to worry about making sure I take a pill at the same time every day. I’m very forgetful.”

As I wrapped the towel around my hair, he came and stood in front of me, placing his hands on my hips. “So…?”

“So what?”

“What do we do now?”

I was at a loss. “Um…do you want me to leave?”

He kissed me roughly before saying emphatically, “No.”

“Well…” I looked down at the ground, embarrassed by my request before I had even made it.

He placed a hand under my chin and tilted my face up to meet his gaze. “Well?”

I bit my lip. “I’d love to see how that movie ends that you were watching.”

He looked surprised, and then he grinned and led me to his bed. As he reached for the remote he asked, “Do you want to see it from the beginning?”

I found myself nodding enthusiastically, as he pressed a few buttons. The film began by showing a woman with red hair lounging poolside in a green bikini that barely covered her nipples. Then it cut to a woman with blonde hair entering the scene who was wearing a pink thong bikini. She made her way over to the redhead and joined her in the lounge chair. As they began to make out, I felt Stan’s lips gently kissing my neck.

The women began stripping each other, first shifting each other’s tops so that their breasts were fully exposed, and eventually discarding the tops altogether. The redhead moaned as the blonde buried her face in her massive chest. They pawed at each other for a while until the blonde stood up, bent over, and slid down the bright pink thong, exposing her sex to the redhead who wasted no time in burying her face in the blonde’s mound.

Stan breathed in my ear, “Does that turn you on?”

I moaned in response as his hand reached between my legs. My eyes drifted closed for a while as I enjoyed Stan’s ministrations. When I opened them, the women were sixty-nining on a lounge chair. Then the film cut to a man getting out of a truck and unloading pool cleaning equipment. The camera followed him into the pool area, where he spotted the women too happily engaged in pleasuring each other to notice his arrival. He acted surprised–terribly–and sat down his equipment. He rubbed his hand over the tent in his pants, and then the camera cut back to a close frame shot of the blonde eating out the redhead. When the camera focused back on the man, he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it vigorously.

Stan slipped a finger into my sopping wet mound just as the redhead, who was lying on top, noticed the onlooker. In true porno fashion, rather than being shocked or angry, she beckoned him over to her. He obeyed and she wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock, still moaning from the actions of the blonde’s tongue. I could barely concentrate at this point, as I found myself bucking my hips into Stan’s hand.

He guided me onto my knees and entered me from behind. I cooed in pleasure as he rocked his hips gently, allowing me to acclimate once again to his size. On the screen, the blonde and redhead were working on the man’s dick in tandem. The sight, coupled with what was happening behind me, made my head swim with pleasure. I couldn’t believe that my fantasy of being with my friend’s hot dad had really come true.

As the man onscreen entered the blonde from behind, ripples of pleasure coursed through my body and I creamed on the dick inside me. It wasn’t long before Stan grunted, “I’m gonna cum.” He fucked me harder and the feeling of his balls slapping my clit prolonged my own orgasm until I could no longer support my weight on my forearms.

When he had finished, Stan joined me where I had collapsed at the foot of the bed and pulled me into his chest.

“So,” he said after an eternity. “What do we do now?”

I replied with a smile, “Well, we have until 4.”

I never did see how the movie ended.

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