Mum’s Church and Charity Work Ch. 06

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Mags had to leave just after nine the next morning; she had a hairdressers appointment. Mum and Jack had an extra hour in bed then they showered and had breakfast. Jack had to be at Babs’s shop at twelve to collect the van then go to the school to pick up the seats then take them to the Church Hall. Mags was at the school when he arrived with the van; she was standing at the door with Kay, the headmistress. It didn’t take them long to load the van with the chairs as Kay, and the school janitor had two trolleys, the seats were all stacked in units of ten, half an hour later they arrived at the Church Hall, it was buzzing, lighting and a speaker system had been set up. May was there; she hugged Mags then gave Jack a slightly longer hug. Quickly, the seats were arranged, the hall looked impressive, they had sold all the tickets, Ken was happy about this. She and Liz were both in the room, dressed in jeans and tight-fitting tops, they both looked good.

Jen, just after her inauguration ceremony, had taken John aside and told him that he was now going into one of the Church’s Care Homes, he would be able to give limited assistance to the inmates. The plus point of this change was that there were medical staff there that would be able to help him. Jen had appointed a locum vicar to look after St Peters Wood Church until a full-time vicar could be selected. John had accepted this.

Mum arrived, she looked stunning, she was wearing a tight-fitting top and very tight leggings, her beautiful Camels Toe looked gorgeous. Jack asked, “What have I to do tonight? Nobody’s told me.”

Mum smiled then said, “To give me, May and Mags great fucking afterwards, I thought Babs and Kay would join us, but they have been invited to a friend’s Birthday party. May told me that Jen and Liz would be interested in joining us for the bodysuit party, they haven’t confirmed yet. May told me if this happens, she’ll give you a Viagra which will keep your cock hard for at least four hours. I’m just hoping that everything runs smoothly, the Marks and Spencer staff here are very organised.”

They did a running of the show; Jack was noting the times that everything took. It was being done with military precision. It was now four-thirty in the afternoon; they all went home to prepare for tonight.

They arrived back at six-thirty, the show started at seven, Jack was amazed at how well it ran, the audience was impressed with the clothes that were presented. Then came the lingerie part of the show, Jack felt his cock harden when he saw Mags, Mum, May, Val, Babs and Kay strut the catwalk, every one of them was a very sexy woman.

The hall emptied quickly, Jen and Liz came backstage, Jen told mum that she and Liz would love to go back to her place for an Indian, she also told mum that they had both taken the liberty of bringing an overnight bag, Jen didn’t want to take the risk of drink driving, she also didn’t want to use her chauffeur. Jen was dressed in her style of Bishop’s attire; she looked super; she had a gold chain and Cross, which hung sensually between her enormous tits. Liz looked stunning too.

They arrived back at mum’s, mum and Jack were busy getting everyone a glass of Champagne, everyone was pleased with the night, it had gone perfectly, Jen had spoken with the manager of Marks and Spencer, he had given every one of the attendees a voucher for ten per cent off their next purchase at Marks and Spencer, that way he could ascertain whether the evening was profitable for him.

Everybody was correct in their behavior, Jack never had any experience of Jen, though there were times when he could have, the situation wasn’t right. The big question mark was Liz, the ex Bishop’s widow, nobody apart from Jen knew anything about her, there were strong beliefs that Jen and Liz were lovers, but nobody knew for sure.

Jack had been chatting with May, Jen and Liz, Jack decided to lighten things up a bit, he said, “A group of nuns were standing at the gates of heaven, waiting to be absolved of their sins before entering heaven, to the first nun St Peter asks, “Have you ever had any contact with a penis?”

“Well,” said the first nun,” I once had very brief contact with the head of a penis.”

St Peter replied, “That’s all right, my dear, dip your finger into the holy then pass on into heaven.”

The next one then admitted, “I once got a bit carried away; I massaged it for a bit.”

St Peter said, “Well then put your whole hand into the holy water then pass on into heaven.”

There was now a bit of jostling in the line, with one of the nuns trying to get to the front.

St Peter said, “What’s happening here?”

The nun who was trying to improve her position said, “If I’m going to gargle the holy water, then I want to do it before Sister Mary sticks her arse in it.”

Liz said, ” Very funny, I think that we’re all guilty of doing naughty things with cocks, but for me, I’ve not had much opportunity lately, I suppose that’s life.”

May said, ” There are cocks, and there are cocks then there’s Jack’s cock, as yet I haven’t had it personally, but I believe that it is magnificent.”

May was now stroking the outline of Jack’s erect cock in his trousers; it looked impressive. Jen took the initiative; she asked, “Jack, have you a room where you could entertain three ladies with three starving cunts?”

Jack smiled then led the three of them into his bedroom, thirty seconds later, they were all naked. All three had perfect voluptuous bodies, for once in his life Jack didn’t know where to begin, all three were intelligent, assertive niğde escort and self-assured women, May took the initiative and said, “Jen, you help me make this big beauty hard, Liz, you give him some kisses and let him play with your big tits.”

Jack said, ” As there are three of you then could I suggest that first on of you that cums first, then the second and third. The first one to cum gets me first, then the second and finally the third. May and Jen then started to kiss and touch before starting to 69. Liz said, “My nipples are so sensitive, I can cum when they are sucked and played with gently.”

Jack loved how Liz kissed; she was a very sexy woman. She had a beautiful vulva, smooth and swollen with a long sex slit. Jack spread her cunt lips open, out popped a fair-sized clit, it was crying out to be sucked, Liz had spread her legs for him, Jack was soon sucking her big clit as he finger fucked her, initially with two fingers but now with four. Liz loved it; she was grunting with pleasure; she was also gripping his fingers tightly. Liz has powerful cunt muscles. Within three minutes, Liz came, she cried out, “I’m cuming, I’m fucking cuming.”

Jack felt her hot cum in his mouth; it was sweet and delicious. They cum kissed for several minutes; Liz was licking and sucking the cum out of Jack’s mouth.

May and Jen acknowledged Liz’s orgasm but continued 69ing to see who would be second. Jack knew it would be May; he knew that May would like to spend lots of time with Jack.

Jack asked Liz how she would like to be fucked? Liz replied, “Darling, with this big beauty, there’s only one way, that’s doggy style. I love it deep and hard; it looks magnificent. It’s been a while since I last had a cock, I’ll be able to take him; I’m so looking forward to being fucked by him.”

Jack then made Liz bend over an armchair, using the arms for support. Liz’s ass was high in the air, level with Jack’s erect cock, Jack teased Liz’s huge clit with the bulbous head of his cock, Liz loved this, Liz said, “Jack, I love that, I love my clit teased, I love how you do it, it makes me feel wanted and appreciated.”

Jack then slid inside Liz’s wet cunt, she quickly took his full length, he soon had a powerful rhythm going, he was also stroking Liz’s big clit which was giving her so much pleasure. Then Jen gave a loud shriek, “I’m cuming, May that was terrific, you had me on edge for several minutes then finished me off, your timing was perfect. I’m the lucky girl that’s going to get Jack’s magnificent cock second; I’m so excited.”

Jack and Liz didn’t respond as Jack sensed that Liz was close, Jack kept pounding into her hungry cunt, Liz had told him that the head of his cock had been hitting and stimulating her cervix, Liz loved this, then, Liz, had a massive body shaking orgasm, she was shaking and trembling with it, Liz said, “Jack, it feels so good that’s one of the strongest orgasms that I’ve had in my life, I want to see you again.”

They kissed tenderly and affectionately; Jack told her that he looked forward to seeing her again.

Jen was similar in many ways to Liz; they loved to kiss and touch; they also both loved cock, especially Jack’s massive cock. Jack asked Jen how she would like it; she too was like Liz, doggy style. Jack put Jen into the same position that he had done Liz, once again he teased Jen’s huge clit with the head of his cock before sliding it inside her, he soon had a perfect rhythm going, he was also stroking Jen’s clit, Jen loved it, Jen said, “Jack, I’m having a first with you, the head of your cock is stimulating my cervix, that’s never happened to me in my life before, it feels so good, I’m close to it baby, do you want to feel my cum slide down your cock and onto those heavy balls of yours? I feel so good with you.”

Jen then like Liz had a massive orgasm, she was shaking uncontrollably for thirty seconds then regained her composure, Jen said, “I loved that Jack, you make me feel so good.”

Jack then spent some time kissing and touching with May, he loved teasing her big tits, he loved playing with her sex slit which was so like Mags, they both liked the same type of teasing, Jack asked, “May, how do you want me?”

May replied, “I want to go on top, I want to give you the fuck of your life, I want to arouse you as you watch my big tits wobble as I ride you, Jack, I want to give you so much pleasure so that you want to come back for more, I also want to share you one day with Mags, a mother and daughter, we will be so dirty with you, now please let me go on top.”

Then it started, Jack lay on the bed and May went on top. May was so deliberate in everything that she did; Jack began to rub her clit as she rode him, May loved that. May soon had a powerful rhythm going; her tits were bouncing everywhere; this was arousing Jack. May was giving Jack a fantastic ride; she was gripping his cock tightly at the base and head of every thrust she gave him. Jack then realised that May was in control; she was controlling the ride. Jack knew that he was going to cum soon; he also sensed that May was also very close. Jack held back, two minutes later, they both came simultaneously; it was a fantastic feeling for both of them. May bent over; they kissed tenderly and affectionately, May said, “That was fantastic; it can only get better if we both work on it.”


I’m sure that there are a lot more chapters to this story. I look forward to any suggestions from my readers. I’m now working on “Three Sisters”, Jack is a thirty-five-year-old successful businessman, his mum is sixty and widowed. Her sister is fifty-eight and also a widow. The youngest sister is fifty-six, she is a spinster, but she had an affair with Jack when he was twenty, she was thirty-six then. I have many ideas in my head; it promises to be a good story. Any suggestions are welcome. Regards, Jack.

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