Mother’s Nasty Boy Ch. 05

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Thank you for all the response to the last story. Very encouraging. Hope you like this one.

As soon as Todd opened the door he heard his mother call out, “Todd, come here!”

She was sitting in the living room on her antique chair, and sitting across from her on the long couch was a woman Todd didn’t recognize. She was pretty though, maybe in her late thirties like his mother. She had round cheeks and with dimples that appeared with her lovely smile. Her smile made Todd smile in turn. Somehow she gave him the feeling they were both smiling about a naughty secret. She was full figured almost a little plump. She had large breasts and a cut down top that revealed a remarkable cleavage. She was wearing a black and white checkered dress, cinched in at the waist with a shiny white belt.

“This is Desiree,” said Todd’s mother. “I want you to be on your best behavior.”

Todd blushed. His mother seemed to forget he was eighteen. It was embarrassing having her say stuff like that in front of a stranger.

But Desiree smiled at him and the look in her blue eyes told him that she understood. She must have a mother like his, Todd thought.

“I’ve been telling Desiree, about your problem,” his mother said, clearly impatient that he was spending so much time looking at Desiree’s cleavage.

Todd turned to his mother in confusion. “Problem?”

“You know,” snapped his mother, “about your masturbation.”

Todd felt like he had been slapped in the face. He turned back to Desiree burning in shame. His heart was pounding. How could his mother say that in front of this beautiful woman?

But Desiree patted the part of the couch beside her. “It’s okay,” she said. “I’m a professional. Now come and sit beside me. I want to talk to you.”

Todd sat down on the edge of the couch. He realized he was trembling, but try as he might he couldn’t stop the tremors from running up and down his arms and legs. He tried to relax but his heart was racing.

Desiree put a hand on his back. Todd felt her hand rubbing his back. It was soothing, but it didn’t reduce his feeling of anxiety.

“It’s okay,” she said, “try and relax. I know this is difficult. But I’m used to this. I do it all the time?”

Todd turned and stared at her, “you do?”

“Of course,” she said, “I told you I’m a professional.”

“You talk to guys about…about…you know.”

She smiled, “you mean masturbation?”

Todd nodded.

Her laugh sounded like tinkling bells. “Of course. That’s part of my job.”

Todd couldn’t help but ask. “What is your job, exactly?”

His mother’s voice was sharp, “Desiree is because you are touching yourself all the time, and I won’t have you doing such disgusting things in my house.”

Desiree smiled at Todd. He could see the softness of her pouty lips.

Desiree said to his mother, “I understand totally,”

“He does it all the time,” said Todd’s mother shaking her head in a combination of amazement and disgust.

Desiree nodded sympathetically. “Now from what you told me you have resorted to jacking him off.”

Todd’s mother nodded. “Better that than having him doing what he calls ‘beating his meat.'”

Desiree looked Todd right in the eyes. Her voice was calm, understanding. “You see Todd your mother doesn’t like you jacking off. That’s why she let’s you use her vagina or her hands. But you’ve been taking too long.”

Todd was conscious of her perfume, a slight flowery scent mixed with a musky smell that made him want to bury his head in her lovely neck.

“Too long?” he said.

“Yes,” she replied. “Your mother has told me that she would prefer it if you would come faster. You know, get your rocks off quicker.”

Todd realized his cock was rock hard. “Okay,” he said, not sure of how to react.

Desiree giggled. “I’m here to show your mother how to get you off quicker. I am a registered sexologist, and I specialize in showing mothers how to get their sons off quickly.”

“How do you do that?”

His mother interrupted. “She knows how dirty boys like you think and react.”

Desiree shook her head. “Actually it’s not that easy. Each boy is unique and requires custom treatment.” She reached out and stroked Todd’s cheek. “I figure out what turns you on, and show your mother how to do it properly. It’s what we call the workshop approach.”

“Have you worked with many boys?” Todd’s mother asked.

“Hundreds, and before I did my degree I was a whore.”

“For how long,” said Todd’s mother.

Desiree smiled. “Oh, maybe five years. I can’t count the number of men I’ve sucked or fucked.”

Todd looked at her glossy pink lips and thought of her blowing him. Maybe he would get to shoot his come into her mouth. He bet himself she would be good at swallowing it, unless she was going to do a spit ball.

“Did you like being a whore?” Todd asked.

“Todd!” said his mother. “That’s not a polite word to use with company.”

Desiree laughed. “That’s okay. Yes, I liked what I did. I was a slut. Or if you like sex izle a hooker, or a prostitute.”

Todd’s mother came and sat down on the other side of Todd. “Sit back,” she said. “Stop perching on the edge of the couch. Desiree will think you a rude boy.”

Todd slid back. Desiree watched him with those bold eyes, thrusting her breasts towards him. He was getting hot.

His mother said, “You’re experience sounds excellent. You understand, I can’t have him keeping me awake all night, jigging around as he jacks off.”

“Okay,” said Desiree. “Let’s get down to specifics. How many times a night does he jack off?” Desiree reached down to her purse and took out a palm pilot.

“Judging from the stains on the sheets, when he’s by himself he does it three or four times.”

Desiree smiled at Todd. “Is that about right?”

Todd nodded. “I guess,” he said. “Unless I get my hands on some really good porn. If I have a good video I might go five or six.”

“That’s disgusting,” said his mother shaking her head.

Desiree laughed. “Of course it is,” she said, “that’s what makes it so exciting.” She scratched at the palm pilot with her stylus. “Okay. Now what about the day time.”

“You mean how many times?”

“Could you break it down to in the bathroom and outside?”

“Sure. About three in the bathroom. And sometimes outside.”

“And what about sex with girls?”

“Ah. I don’t do much.”

Desiree arched her carefully plucked eyebrows. “I’m surprised. A good looking boy like you.”

Todd blushed again. “I’ve only touched a few girls. You know like their breasts. Once I touched a girl’s cunt, but only through the panties.”

“Did they jack you off?”

“One did. But she wasn’t very good at it.”

Desiree nodded as if she totally understood. She made a few more entries into her palm pilot. “And what does your mother do about this condition?”

“Ah. Well last night she let me come inside her.”

“You mean you squirted your cum into her vagina.”


“Did you do all the pumping when you were inside her?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well did she rub you with her hands and let you finish in her cunt, or did you fuck for more than a minute before ejaculation.”

Todds mother tutted in disgust. “He certainly fucked me. The little animal was making all sorts of grunting noises. He kissing me, grabbing my tits, and telling me to spread my legs wider.”

“I see,” said Desiree sucking the end of her stylus. She tapped it lightly on her pearly white teeth. “Have you thought of giving him hand jobs?”

“Of course,” his mother said. “I started doing that. I was using latex gloves and baby oil. I thought it would be less disgusting that way. But late at night I don’t want to go and get all that ready.”

“You could have it beside the bed,” Desiree said.

Todd’s mother nodded thoughtfully. “I suppose I could do that. I’ve already decided that he’s going to sleep in my bed every night.”

“Have you thought about having him do it in your mouth?”

“That’s totally disgusting.”

“Of course. Many mothers are reluctant, but it is convenient. When you swallow his cum there isn’t any mess on the sheets. I find if you hold the balls up and suck the tip in deep, when he shoots you can hold the whole load in your mouth and swallow it. Even if it takes several swallows.”

“Hmmm.” Todd’s mother nodded again. “I can see that working.”

Desiree smiled in agreement. She put the stylus back in it’s holder on the palm pilot and reaching down put it back in her handbag. “Well then,” she said to Todd, “let’s take a look.”

Todd said, “a look?”

Desiree reached out and stroked his cock through his jeans. “Pull down your pants and we’ll take a look at the source of the problem.”

Todd cock was throbbing and he hoped that Desiree might take care of him. Just in a professional way, of course. He unzipped his fly, undid the button, and wriggled his pant’s down over his hips. He kicked them off.

“You’ll pick that up after,” his Mother warned.

“Yes mummy,” he said, suddenly feeling small again.

Desiree reached down and stroked the hard shift of his dick through his underwear. The tip was poking up over the elastic waist band of his underpants. There was a clear drop of liquid glistening at the top.

“That is quite big.” Desiree said and she trailed her long fingers up the throbbing shaft of his cock and delicately scooped the drop at the end. She conveyed it to her mouth, careful not to let it drip onto the couch, and deftly flicked it between her lips.

“Mmm,” she said as she swallowed. “I love the taste of pre cum. That’s one reason I’m addicted to sucking cock.”

Todd felt the strain in his cock. If it got any harder it was going to burst. “Do you like sucking cock?” he asked.

She looked at him in surprise. “Blowing guys wasn’t just a job it was a vocation.” She leaned closer to him a wicked look on her face. “You’re a little mother fucker aren’t you?”


Her fransız porno smiled widened and she reached down and put two fingers on either side of Todd’s cock tip. “Did you come in your mother’s vagina last night?”

Todd felt her fingers increase in pressure. He desperately wanted her to move them up and down. “Yes,” he said, starting to writhe in frustration, “I fucked her.”

“Between her spread legs? Did she spread her legs for you and let you into her hairy pussy?” Desiree’s fingers started to move up and down in a light jacking motion.

Todd’s mother leaned closer taking a good look at his cock. “I told you he’s a dirty little bastard. He shoved his dick into me and then said dirty words to me. To his own mother.” Todd could see her cleavage, and the sheerness of her blouse made the darkness of her nipples show through.

Desiree had a shocked tone to her voice, but she was smiling. “Did you? Did you say dirty words to your mother while you stuck your little prick in her?”

“Yes,” said Todd squirming against her fingers, trying to increase the pressure and speed.

“Don’t be a naughty boy,” Desiree said, “stop moving or I’ll stop rubbing.”

Todd’s mother was full of scorn. “I told you he was a filthy animal. Full of bestial lust, like all men.” She leaned down to get a closer look at Desiree’s fingers as they stroked Todd’s cock. “You see how he’s twitching when you do that. That just shows he’s a filthy little fucker.”

Desiree nodded. “He is. I know he’s probably thinking of having his cock sucked.”

Todd couldn’t help giving a shudder. The sudden thought of Desiree’s mouth on his cock was like an electric current through his cock. Then he had an image of his mother licking his balls at the same time.

Todd’s Mother snorted. “He certainly is. I can tell it. When he was fucking me last night, he was thinking about it. It’s disgusting.”

Desiree grinned, “It certainly is.”

Todd willed himself to be still. Desiree increased slightly the pressure and speed and he had to grit his teeth to stop from moving. He wanted to grab Desiree’s tits and shove his cock between them.

As if reading his mind, Desiree said, “you’d like to touch my tits, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” Todd gasped. He was beyond lying. He started to reach out his hand. Desiree grabbed it and guided it her left breast and rubbed it around the large tit. “Oh god,” she said, “I love a man’s hands on my tits. Makes me hungry for cum.”

Todd started to thrust a bit, hoping Desiree wouldn’t notice. Her smiled widened but she didn’t stop rubbing him.

Desiree said to Todd’s mother, “I can see that he responds to certain stimus. Dirty words turn him on. He likes to think and talk about mother fucking. He also seems to have a thing about cock-sucking.” She took her fingers off Todd’s cock and stood up. “I think we need to have a more clinical setting.”

His mother stood up also, “I’ve prepare his room. Seeing he’s sleeping in my bed now, I thought it was the best place.”

Todd walked behind his mother. Conscious of his erection pointing upward, held there by the elastic of his underpants. Behind him was Desiree.

They stopped in front of the door to his room. Desiree bumped into him from behind. Todd felt her breasts push against his back. Desiree giggled and held them there just the bit longer.

Todd’s mother opened the door and walked in. Todd was amazed. Since he had been out his whole room had been changed. Instead of his bed there was the kind of bed you find in a doctor’s examination room. It had shiny steel sides and a black padded vinyl top. There was a large circular light fixture hanging over the table, casting a bright circle of light on the black vinyl.

Against the wall where his bookcase used to be was a high pale green cupboard with a built in counter. It was just like one he had seen in doctor’s offices. It had drawers of all sizes below the counter and on the hutch above.

His mother went to the table and pulled a long stretch of wide white paper across the top. “Take your clothes off and get up on this,” she said.

Todd pulled off his underwear, conscious of both his mother and Desiree watching him carefully as he eased it over his erection. He quickly stripped his shirt off and then hopped around one leg and then the other as he pulled off his stocks. At each hop is cock waved in the air, up and down, back and forth.

He climbed up on the paper, feeling it crinkly under him. It felt strange but he managed to get straight without tearing it or bunching it up. He lay there with his legs pressed together. His cock was standing up, angled slightly to the left.

“Stay there,” his mother commanded and to Todd’s surprise his mother and Desiree left the room. Desiree last, with a saucy wiggle of her bum and looking back with a mischievous smile.

Todd lay there. Without thinking he reached down and started to play with his prick. He always did when he was just lying in bed. Not like jacking off, just rubbing teen porno it softly to keep it soothed. Sometimes, of course, he got thinking about something really dirty. Like spraying cum over his mother’s face or ordering her to be his cum slut and suck him off. The thought of that started his cock twitching and he started to rub for real.

The door opened and his mother said, “Look at that. What did I tell you he’s a depraved and disgusting animal.” She crossed herself, raising her eyebrows to the ceiling and muttering a prayer.

Todd opened his eyes and froze in mid-stroke. His mother was wearing a nurse’s uniform, complete with the white stocking and white shoes. Behind her Desiree was dressed as a candy-stripe. She had his pink striped uniform with a skirt that only came half way down her thighs. Both she and his mother were showing an incredible amount of cleavage, any more and they would fall right out of the uniforms.

Desiree giggled. “Well he doesn’t waste any time does he.”

They came in and stood on either side of the table looking down at Todd. His mother to his left, Desiree to his right. Desiree ran a finger between Todd’s nipples down his stomach to his navel. Then she ran it down to the base of his erection. She said, “we’re going to have to take some measurements?”

Todd looked up at her. It was hard to see her face around the jut of her large breasts. She smiled and lent more towards him. “Do you mean the length of my cock?” he asked.

Desiree tapped his cock playfully making it swing back and forth. Todd’s mother just frowned watching the exchange.

Desiree said, “Of course not silly. I mean the amount of cum you can shoot, and how often.”

“How do you measure that?” Todd asked wanting to grab Desiree’s tits. He turned away in case he actually did, but all he saw them were his mother massive jugs. He wanted to bury his head in them and say dirty things to her in the worst way. He closed his eyes to try and keep control.

“Open your eyes,” snapped his mother.

Todd flicked them open and stared at her. She had that angry look on her face. “You’re going to pump come do you understand you filthy little boy.”

“Yes mummy,” Todd said. He felt small again and wanted to cringe. He needed his mummy to jack him off to make him feel better. Then he thought about what Desiree had said about liking to suck cock. That will do nicely he thought. He’s like to pump his come into that hot bitches mouth. It made him feel good to think about calling her a hot bitch.

Desiree went down to the foot of the table and pressed a button. He almost cried out when the table between his legs split in two. Each leg was carried away as the two parts rotated away and Todd’s legs were spread apart. The gap between his legs allowed Desiree to stand between them, she pressed close, and Todd could feel the heat of her body as her stomach pushed close to his cock.

His mother went over to the cabinet and put on a pair of rubber surgical gloves snapping the rubber on her wrists in a professional manner. She came back and replaced Desiree between Todd’s legs. Desiree went over to the cabinet and came back with a tube of lubricant. Todd’s mother held her hands out over Todd’s stomach and Desiree squeezed a healthy circle of transparent lubricant. Todd’s mother rubbed her gloved hands together to smear the lubricant liberally over her hands. She held her hands up ready. Desiree came close to Todd’s cock and taking it in her fingers she delicately put a condom on the top. “This is the best way to get one on,” she said and she bent down and sucked Todd’s cock into her mouth with the condom. She slurped on it noisily getting spit all over and then she took her hands and pulled the slick condom down. She slurped some more on the condom covered head and Todd arched in pleasure. She was a real pro. He couldn’t wait until she sucked his cum into her cute little mouth.

“You like that don’t you?” she said taking his hand and pushing it against the tight skirt just where her cunt was.

Desiree moved close to Todd’s head her breasts close to his mouth. “Now your mother’s going to jack you off. You’ll come in the condom and then I’ll weigh it.” She leaned a little closer. “Then I’m going to eat it. No sense in wasting it, is there?”

She nodded to Todd’s mother. His mother reached down with both hands and wrapped them around his cock. She started to rub his cock up and down. Her fingers were tight on his cock and felt good. Todd started thrusting back.

“Are you going to come for your mother,” Desiree asked as she opened her top and showed Todd her breasts confined in a lacy bra. She reached into the middle and undid a clasp. Her breasts popped out.

Todd reached and grabbed them. They were so soft and round.

“That’s it,” she said holding his hands to her breasts. “Feel my breasts while you’re mother rubs your cock.”

“Oh, yeah.” Todd gasped and he pulled Desiree close so he could suck on her breasts.

“Make sure when you come up his cock you squeeze a bit just before the head and then force the flare of his cock tip through them so it pops out the other side,” Desiree said to Todd’s mother who was working his cock fast and hard. She pulled her breasts away from Todd and her left one came out of his mouth with a pop.

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