Mom’s Bachelorette Party

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Mom’s Bachelorette PartyMy mom decided to get married after many years being single. I guess that since I just turned twenty one and would finish college soon and move on mom decided to tie the knot with this guy. Don’t get me wrong, he is an alright guy, I just think she could do better. Mom is not a super model, she is just an average looking woman. They decided to have a bachelorette party and asked me if I would be the designated driver and I said yes. I thought this would be fun. All of mom’s friends are married so I figured this would be a pretty laid back night. When the night started, we went to eat at this fancy restaurant. They did all kinds of stupid things. Then afterwards most of the ladies went home leaving mom and four other ladies to go clubbing. None of these ladies seemed like the party a****l type, kind of homey and what not so I figured we would hit a club or two and then call it a night. But Was I ever wrong. The first club I dropped them off at the door and then went to park the car. When I made it into the club they were drinking and dancing and acting like total sluts. After an hour we went to another club, again when I got in there I could not believe it. I sat at the bar and watched as these horny married women hot on guys and flirted their asses canlı bahis off. This place was a meat market and the men were circling these ladies. I was trying to keep an eye on all the ladies but that was next to impossible. As the night went on and the more they drank the worse it got. They were lifting their skirts as they danced-they were not wearing panties! These ladies are all married and in their late 40’s and early 50’s and they were acting like teens! And this club was full of guys that were my age! Finally they were ready to leave, they were all plenty drunk. We loaded up in the Tahoe and headed to mom’s house which was about 30 minutes away. As we drove the ladies were talking about everything that happened. One of them fucked two guys in the parking lot. Another gave a couple of blow jobs and then fucked someone in the booth. They were so slutty and giggled about it the whole way home. When we got there I was so horny from hearing these stories I was just going to go to my room and jack off. But they wanted to drink some more and talk and they wanted me involved. So I became the butler and mixed drinks. They proceeded to talk about sex. Some of the guys they had met were texting them. They began to send pictures of their pussies to them. They were fingering bahis siteleri each other and had me take the pictures. They decided to invite some of the guys over, they showed up in about five minutes! And they invited three and seven dudes showed up. And in another five minutes everyone was naked and starting to fuck. I could not believe this was happening. And I was right there in the middle of it all and still pretty sober. It was a porn movie but real life. I did not know this stuff really happened. Guy were going from pussy to pussy. This went on for a little more than an hour and the guys had blown their wads and left. The ladies were pretty much out of it. Betty, my mom’s best friend, came over to me. She said she could not believe what had happened and asked me to not say a word ever to anybody. Then she asked me why I did not get in on the action? I told her I did not know for sure. Then she looked at my rock hard cock and said I should give her a try. I asked her if she was sure. She said she just fuck several strangers, it would be great for her to do something for me. I dropped my pants and mounted her right there. I was so revved up that it only took a minute and I was adding my cum to the rest deep in her cunt. I was a little embarrassed but Betty told güvenilir bahis me that happens and I was welcome to hit it again when I recovered. Then Ronda, a chubby redhead came over and wanted me too. I fucked both those ladies and then went to bed only to wake up a few hours later to my mom and Laura both naked in my bed playing with my hard cock. I could not believe mom was acting like this. But thinking she was drunk and would not remember, I figured what the heck and buried my dong deep into her. I fucked the heck out both Laura and mom and filled each pussy with my spunk. They went back to sleep when we were done and I decided to go and find the last of the five that I had yet to fuck, Kim. Kim the oldest of the five and the better looking. I found her naked on the couch. I played with her wet pussy for a few minutes and then she pulled me on top of her I fucked away on her tight sloppy cunt dumping a good sized load in her. I went to mom’s bed and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and made breakfast for everyone as they woke. Most of them did not remember much of what happened. One of them had shot some video and that was pretty embarrassing for them and funny at same time. Betty remembered fucking me and so did Ronda, both of which I fucked several more times over the next several months. Mom never said anything about fucking me so I figured she did not remember. And I never fucked mom again. But I am more than ready to be the driver and butler for the next party they have!

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