Meeting the Master Ch. 03

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Big Dick

© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me — the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This part can also stand alone – but it would be so much more enjoyable if the reader checks out the first two parts. In the first part – a Dom and sub relationship is developed from online to meeting for real. This is both guys first time with another male, but the roll play made it easier to swallow. No pun intended! I purposely kept the additional sex involving women to a minimum in this part because I chose to post it to the Gay Male category. In part 2, the Master uses the slave in erotic ways – and then they both end up with a couple of bisexual women. This part continues where that one left off – with the most dominant woman Rhonda getting to ‘use’ the slave for her own enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy the story:

********************* Friday evening with Rhonda

Before the night was over Rhonda decided to tame me – just a little bit further than you had explored. As my Master and sexual owner, you wanted only to tease me, play with my clit, spank me a little and most of all – get quite a few blowjobs. Rhonda decided that it would be fun to rape me with her strap on dildo.

While you and Jenny were in one bedroom Rhonda had encouraged me to put the cuffs on my ankles as well as my wrists. Being submissive in bed is a thrill when an aggressive person is sharing that bed. It was easy for her to tie my wrists to the headboard. But to my surprise, she pulled my legs up to the headboard as well. Instead of being tied to the bed where my clit was exposed and easily toyed with, she had other ideas. She pulled one leg up toward my head and tied it off, then followed suit with the other. I was confused as to what good this did. She no longer could sit on my face… my arms and legs were in the way. She couldn’t ride my cock – it was pointing straight at my face and was not in any position to be useful to her.

Instead, Rhonda got off the bed and with her back to me – pulled some leather straps up her legs until they framed her firm ass cheeks. Turning back toward me I saw she wore a cock. Not just any old cock – this one was made of firm rubber – and had to be 10 inches long. The base was very thick – and then it smoothed out so it could be attached to those straps framing her crotch. She looked menacing to me – and I – well, I must have looked extremely vulnerable. Suddenly I realized that my ass was waiting to be fucked by this bisexual tomboy. She had penis envy and her dick wasn’t ever going to get soft. Rhonda took some jell and smeared my puckered asshole while occasionally sliding one or two fingers inside. I was ready – but I wasn’t willing.

I begged and pleaded for her to not take me. “Please Mistress Rhonda, don’t use that on me. No — no don’t fuck me with that toy. It is way too big. Besides, my Master promised me there would be no ass play. He’s not into it. I am not into it!”

“Be quiet little one. You are a girl tonight – you are a girl this weekend. It is time for you to find out what it is like to have your virginity taken by a wonderful Mistress.” With that – she aimed the tip of her black rubber dildo at the opening of my helpless ass – and began to thrust her hips forward.

Slowly she inched that toy deep inside of me. I thought I was full – and I was told it was only 4 inches. Oh my — what will happen when she plows deeper? Rhonda was a cool customer – enjoying the feeling of my rape. She watched me intently as she pushed and prodded that fake cock deep into my Ankara bayan escort ass.

My eyes were as big as saucers and I sucked in all the air my lungs could hold – feeling my ass getting filled with her toy. I was amazed by the sensation of being fucked. It must be affecting her as well – the pressure against her clit was rubbing her to orgasm, while fucking my open ass.

More and more she pushed and prodded the fake dick into my lubed up ass. Much to my surprise, my own ‘clit’ was beginning to appreciate the rape. Even if I didn’t like it in my mind, my cock had other ideas. I watched her large swaying tits move back and forth as she plowed my virgin ass. The scene of her fucking me with her huge tool – was just too much – I shot my wad all over my stomach, and chest. It pooled in my belly button, and ran down the side of my chest to the bed. She was extremely pleased by my show of affection, and told me that I was hers to use tonight.

She thrust her thick fake cock into my ass – and continued to ‘tame’ me as she described it. Only this way could I really be considered a ‘bitch’. And if my Master wasn’t going to fuck me – then she was forced to do the honors. It seemed like forever, but was most likely only 25 minutes before the pressure against her clit caused her to have a fabulous orgasm. She closed her eyes, and held my waist while she slowly moved up and down – pressing the fake cock against her clit. She had her orgasm, and then slowly undid the straps around her waist. Oh my – she was going to leave that huge rubber cock inside my ass – with my legs spread wide open – and vulnerable to all sorts of attack.

Rhonda left the room – I assume to visit with jenny and my Master. I fell into a deep sleep as my legs went numb, and the cum on my chest dried up into white globs.

********* Slaving away a fresh Saturday morning.

The next morning I awoke – still bound to the bed, but my legs were released – while my wrists were trapped in the cuffs. I didn’t remember having my legs released – how could that be? Surely I would remember not having them tied to the headboard, bending my waist in two and the numbing feeling as the blood worked to be pumped that far. The fake cock was gone from my ass, and so was the bag that Rhonda had brought to my room when she decided to rape my ass. Now I needed to pee. I needed to roll over, since my back was sore from laying in one position the rest of the night. I called out to my Master. After 10 minutes – you came to the side of my bed.

“I heard that Rhonda raped your ass – took your virginity. Now you are a Bitch – aren’t you?” You taunted me.

“Yes Master – she fucked me – but good.” I meekly replied. “Now can I get free and use the toilet?”

“I don’t want your ass — that is good for you – but I still deserve a morning blowjob before I release you.” Then reaching over to the nightstand, you pick up the tin of Altoids. “Here – chew some of these up in your mouth!” And you proceed to push 3 or 4 peppermints into my mouth.

When I had chewed them up – you tell me to keep the next ones in my mouth while I am serving you, and you stuff 4 more behind the others. My mouth has a cool burning sensation, and my sinuses are totally clear.

Sitting on my chest – I flash back to yesterday morning – when I sucked your hefty prick off. Here it is again – all full of sperm and just waiting to be sucked. I nibble at your mushroom head, and then relax my jaws while you cram nearly 6 of your full 8 inches in my mouth. In minutes the cold burning sensation takes your dick nerve endings to a new level. Those mints are making all your sexual energy more potent. Your full, thick cock is fucking my helpless mouth. My eyes are watering and the teardrops roll to each side of my face – finding a home in the weirdest place – in my ears. My nostrils flare as I suck in enough air to keep me alive, while your powerful shaft is blocking Escort bayan Ankara some of my breathing passageways to my throat.

You yank your full shaft from my mouth, and to my surprise – I follow it – raising my head a few inches from the pillow I try to recapture it.

This amuses you.

“My little girl likes sucking a big cock – doesn’t she?” You taunt as you climb off my chest and angle yourself a little bit to the right of my head.

I don’t answer – as it sinks into my mind: I really was trying to continue sucking your big prick. You had pulled out of my mouth – and instead of turning my head so you couldn’t ram your shaft back in – I chose to follow the prick with my open mouth, desperately eager to continue sucking it again.

Your thick shaft is sticking straight out from your body, and your full balls dangle down 3 inches from your crotch. Looking past your rod, my eyes examine those dangling balls a moment to see that just like your cock is bigger than mine, so too are your balls. I know you have come many times this weekend – but they still hang low and appear full.

“You must like what you see – you are staring at my cock and balls with great intensity.” You stated after examining my eyes and their gaze. “Why don’t you be a good little slut and beg your Master for this juicy cock?”

Just as you had suspected – I wanted to be used this way. I glance up to your smiling face and slowly start to say the words your pulsating cock needs to hear. “Please Master – I am your pet, and your bound slave. I really want to suck your thick cock – and then be set free so I can go pee.”

Ahhh, the ulterior motive behind my obedience: The need to urinate!

Never the less, I did beg; and it turned you on. You thrust your full head past my lips and deep into my mouth. I suck and run my tongue over the mushroom head. The mints while somewhat dissolved, are still very potent to your sensitive flesh.

Groaning – you are thrilled by the ecstasy that my mouth, and more importantly, the mints are causing to your massive cock. Gripping the back of my head – you force me to gag on your pole a little more. All you want is the thrill and power that comes from having your ‘girl’ suck on you this way.

I begin to let my mind wander – I am your slut. I am a girl – no longer deserve to be a Man. With a thick cock but shorter and smaller than your rod – there is no comparison as to who the Man is in the room. I am sucking him. I am pleasing him. I have a clit – which is throbbing for its own attention, but because I feel weaker – and less of a man than you, it becomes necessary that I express this weakness – by paying homage to your power. I suck on your cock, and swirl my tongue around the extremely sensitive nerve endings – until your grunts become one massive moan. My mouth overflows with your cum. Yes, some is swallowed – but I remember your instructions — and I try to swirl my tongue around your wet cock – while your salty sperm mixes with my mint flavored mouth.

“Ohhhh Susan, this is too good — I have NEVER felt anything like this before —- those mints and your tight little mouth are just too much!” You compliment me as your pet – the girl you named Susan.

You wipe a bit of the remaining cum from your cock on both of my cheeks – marking your property. It is humiliating for me – but quite erotic for you. There is no harm, just a mind game that makes it clear who is in charge.

You set me free and I scramble to the toilet to relieve my aching bladder. Right after that, you command me to crawl to your side – and lick and suck off the remaining sperm that oozes from your dangling shaft. Not being bound to the bed – and knowing that I have suffered every sexual degradation I ever dreamed of, I allowed myself to be put on my knees once again in front of you. I licked, and cleaned your cock like a good slave.

The only sexual tease you did Bayan escort Ankara to me this morning was to have my hands bound in the cuffs behind me while you teased my ‘clit’ till it got hard. Then explaining just how this was going to feel, you oiled up both your hands and began to twist my ‘clit’ from both directions. Holding it at the base, you wrench my delicate cock in your strong hands. “See how it distorts – and expands harder – and thicker when I do this?” You gleefully explain.

I squirm in your grasp – but it only makes you manipulate my ‘clit’ (your self appointed owned cock) even more. You twist the skin on my hard member one direction as your other hand grips the base of my shaft tightly keeping pressure of the blood from leaving.

My knees buckle as your inadvertent touch to my slick head sends shivers of ecstasy though the nerve endings. The power you have over my body at this point is amazing. I helplessly stand there, and let you rub the skin tightly one direction and then the other. But the pleasure is real. I feel it. I desire to cum – and you are not letting me – NOT YET!

I can see my cock as the head turns a deep purple color. It is slick with the oil, and your hands are wringing my helpless ‘clit’ to your satisfaction.

I beg to cum. “Please Master – make my dick squirt off – make it shoot its load – I need it!”

“Your WHAT? Your dick?” You admonish me. “This is not a dick. It is too small to be a man’s dick. It is a girls’ clit – and my playtoy. Now ask me correctly!”

My mind sinks back to remember – that I am bound, and helpless. I know that my cock is not as big as yours, and that you make fun of it by calling it a clit. But I desire to cum and am helpless to achieve orgasm by myself in this particular condition. I relent and the words again seep out from my lips in an adoration of respect and desire. “Please powerful Master, please rub the tip of my clit – so that I can cum.”

The smile on your face is unforgettable. The power you have at this moment should be preserved on film. A naked boy stands in your presence bound and helpless to stop you or make you speed up. Yes, I am younger than you, and weigh less than you. I don’t have the same size cock as you – but this new way you are treating my tool is something that you have felt before. You know just the right amount of attention before I would lose the sperm in my tight balls.

My breath is short – my eyes are glazing over. You watch with great enthusiasm as I buckle again and again under your knowing touch. My legs want to give out – I can barely stand still. Yet you keep applying more oil to your hands and my clit while you wring it out. Each moment that the palm of your hand touches my sensitive nerve ending in my cock head I shudder and grow closer to ejaculation by your masterful hands.

My self control is at its lowest level – and you, my Master, relish the influence you have at this moment over my throbbing cock. As you continue to distort the hard flesh, I groan and lose my load all over the floor. It feels so wonderful to be allowed – no, controlled, into coming this way. You instruct me to show my appreciation. I gratefully kneel down and beg for your thick cock again. It is full and desires one more sucking. I comply and lap at your nice head and apply just the right amount of pressure on your soft underside. It takes little time since you are excited for your ball sack to empty and spray my face with your cum.

The rest of the day was easier on me – you, Master had to leave, and thus not stay the Saturday night as originally intended. I sat in the hot tub – I showered often – scrubbing my body to get rid of the shame I now felt. I cleaned the rooms we had had sex in, and tried to wonder if I it all had been real? Could I really have served a Man? Did I really let him treat me like a little school girl – eager to learn how to suck his massive cock just right? Would I ever see my Master again? What will happen to me now that I have embraced my submissive side to a new angle – serving a Master?

The end?

(Or should there be more?)

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