MaryJane’s Epiphany Ch. 08

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This is a continuation of a fan-inspired series that chronicles the adventures of a young couple exploring the limits of their sexuality. The results are fascinating and unpredictable. The story has evolved from the first person perspective of the husband, Paul, to the adventures of his wife, MaryJane, (MJ) as she discovers the true depths of her sensuality.


Paul had barely finished coming in MJ’s mouth when she started to orgasm really hard on Chloe’s tongue. She kept rubbing his dick head against Lymon’s while she came. The feeling of that thick purple helmet touching his was electric! He was losing control as she rubbed the heads sensuously together! He sucked harder on Lymon’s fingers that tasted so strongly of MJ. He ran his hand up and down the old man’s firm, slender back. Lymon smiled and watched MJ coming on Chloe’s face.

Paul really didn’t want to lose any more control here, not now when he was so vulnerable. He wanted to join MJ and share Lymon’s dark treat like he had only a few hours ago with Andre! It was hard to imagine how this past couple of days had changed him; he’d never been curious about sucking another man’s cock. Well, maybe a little, but not inclined to be some dude’s fucktoy! Andre had changed all of that by seducing and forcing him to suck a hot, thick, nasty, black monster. He could barely get it into his mouth! Now he was fantasizing his next encounter with Andre. He craved Andre’s cock and balls. The taste of his cum was intoxicating! All of this contact with Lymon was making him crazy, he wanted to drop to his knees right this second and taste that black candy. He was hot, weak with desire. Chloe had joined MJ in servicing their cocks. She kissed and licked each one and MJ as well. Paul wondered how much longer Lymon could go without shooting a load, hell he was just about ready to come again from all this attention. It occurred to him that these two bitches might have fucked Lymon dry. They’d done it to him enough during the past year! Chloe went down on Lymon, stuffing as much of that meat as she could down her throat, sucking away! MJ kissed Chloe’s face, licked Lymon’s balls and deepthroated Paul. Whoa! That was good! She’d cupped his balls in her hand and shoved a finger up his ass! He closed his eyes and thought about doing the same thing to Andre. He quit stroking Lymon’s back and slid his hand deep into the older man’s ass before he gripped the cheek as hard as he could. Lymon tensed, groaned, threw his head back and came in a series of deep sighs. Chloe gobbled as much goo as she could but a couple of drops ran down his shaft.

Paul was close now. His nut sack was tight; he could feel a nut coming! MJ’s fingers were working their magic on him from the inside while her mouth and tongue caught Paul’s hot load. Paul shot a couple of hot wads in her mouth, then she ran her thumb up the ridge to drain him dry. She sucked his head for every drop. He couldn’t believe what a nasty bitch she was. Always had been.

She stood up and hugged both men. She kissed Paul first and then Lymon. Lymon didn’t seem to mind Paul’s cum on her lips and face. Chloe kissed and hugged MJ, then Paul and Lymon. Paul could taste Lymon’s cum on her. MJ embraced them both again and whispered, “Go on, give each other a little hug, be sweet to each other! It won’t kill you! Men!” She and Chloe snorted and laughed at their sheepish expressions. Lymon gave him a little smile. Paul winked back at him.

Chloe took Lymon to his bedroom. MJ showed Paul the guest suite. She kissed him deeply and said: “Let’s shower and get some sleep. You have to fuck me later and go to work tomorrow!”

After showering, Paul lay there thinking about what to say to his wife about the latest sexual turn of events. He thought about how turned on he was when Andre called him into the office and pulled out his cock. How seeing it so thick and hard entranced him, held him in thrall. How he’d put a deepthroat on that black hose, thrilling to the taste and smell! How was he going to tell her that he was as hot to worship a big black cock as she was? Thinking about Andre, his hands, his lips, his cock made Paul hard again. MJ felt it and started stroking him. She closed in on him, intent on some sex. He ran his finger down her ass and fingered her asshole. She gripped his cock tighter and kissed him passionately. He really did love this woman, hot slut that she was, but needed to be with his new lover, Andre. Her cunt felt tighter and hotter that ever when he slid his finger in. At least fucking that big dick hadn’t stretched her out of shape! She worked her hips back and forth fucking his finger. He kissed her harder; she was really turned on, as hot as he was. She made little noises and he decided to put it to her, she was ready! He rubbed his cock on her pussy lips, teasing the clit, till she rasped, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me now!”

He did. It felt so good that he nearly shot his load right away! He put some long strokes on that clit making her moan and squirm. He fucked her long and hard into the night, her legs wrapped around his waist.

His phone alarm woke him hours later. He slid off the bed and fumbled through his pants pockets trying to find it. When he finally turned it off he noticed that Chloe, not MJ, was asleep on the pillow next to him. She opened her eyes and smiled at him, “Buenos Dias, chico. Besame.”

He crawled back next to her and tasted her lips and tongue.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “That’s nice. MJ woke me during the night and asked me to sleep with you.” She kissed him again. “She really wanted to be with him when he woke up. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I have to go to work so there’s not really any time for fun right now.”

“Si, me too. Lymon is taking the boat out today. MJ and I are going to crew for him.”

Paul laughed, “That’s some work!”

“Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!” She smirked. “Tell me, will you drop me at my place on the way? I promised MJ that I’d get bring her car over; she’s going to be ‘occupado’ this morning.” She winked.

“Sure, no problem.” He started running water in the sink for a shave. “You were right, she’s having one hot fling with this guy.”

She joined him in the bath, started the water for a shower. “True, they’re fuckin’ like guppies!”

She stepped into the spray and her nipples popped up, hard, round, and brown. She looked delicious, her wet skin shining and dark eyes calling him. He quickshaved and joined her. She felt amazing in the warm water. This was one of her favorite places for sex. Paul had been fucking her for nearly as long has they’d lived in the apartment in Van Nuys — almost a year and a half. He knew what she wanted when she started a shower. It wasn’t long before she was sucking him off in the warm spray. He leaned against the shower wall and found sweet release in her mouth.

They toweled off and dressed quickly. Chloe turned on the feed in the living room to check out Lymon’s bedroom. The large screen displayed a view of Lymon’s naked rear. He was facing the bed, MJ on her knees, facedown with her arms splayed in front of him. Chloe switched to a side view. MJ’s ass was in the air obscenely stroking the length of Lymon’s hard-on! He wore a big smile as he guided her slowly back and forth along that black shaft. He was in control of this pussy, no doubt about it. His right hand was on her ass, two knuckles deep in the hole, measuring the stroke. He used his left to knead her left nipple. Her breathing was ragged and deep. Her eyes were rolled up under her lids. She was in a fuck-spell like Paul had never seen! Chloe cued the audio. Lymon was giving her instructions: “Grip it, that’s good, keep that cunt tight on my cock, yeah, that’s right! Work it! good girl, mmmmmm, hold it at the bottom, squeeze hard, oh yeah! Grip it, grip it good! Now slow stroke, oooohh, yeah, good pussy.”

MJ continued to pant and groan as she performed for him. The silk sheets were bunched in her hands, her eyes unfocused. Lymon was in total control, taking her places that people only dream about. This was no dream!

Paul was amazed, no one had ever worked her like this, not even close!

Chloe put Paul’s hand on her tit. “He’s puttin’ some mojo on that pussy! He’s tamin’ that cunt!”

“Damned if he ain’t,” Paul agreed, “I’d have never believed a dude his age could get a hard-on, much less fuck like that! Look at her, she’s his fucktoy now!”

Chloe took his hardening cock in her hand and pulled him onto the couch.

“You gon’ be late for work with this hard-on, chico!” She licked the head.

He continued to watch MJ’s round rump stroke Lymon’s black beauty. It glistened with her juices. Her head lolled and her eyes rolled up. Her face contorted in an expression of pain or ecstasy — maybe both! Lymon maintained control, telling her to stroke it slower and squeeze harder — he wasn’t letting her come. Her feet flexed in random circles with her toes clenching and splaying, clenching and splaying. Lymon spoke with quiet confidence in voice that could just be heard over her ragged breathing:

“Slow now, squeeze it, good, good, hold it there, that’s right hot bitch! Stroke it, work it, DEEP!, yeah, that’s right.”

MJ writhed on the end of that

“Yeah, you’re right, he’s definitely taming that cunt!” Paul’s voice betrayed a quiet admiration for the old man. He’d never seen MJ aroused like this, struggling to comply with Lymon’s commands as he worked her to an amazing climax.

Chloe took him deep into her throat. She stroked his balls and fingered his ass. He played with her wet clit. They watched Lymon teach MJ some new tricks as he put her through her paces.

Lymon finished her by making her squeeze the head of his cock for a couple of minutes while he stroked it. Then he smacked her ass hard, shoved her to the sheets and pounded away on that cunt while they writhed in mutual orgasm!

It wasn’t long before Paul and Chloe were locked in a hot ‘sixty-nine’ and their own mutual satisfaction.

Paul had to fuck Chloe again at his apartment before he left for work. She wanted to do him like MJ was doing Lymon, slow strokin’ dog style, no sense going to work horny. Watching MJ being tamed by Lymon had fired both of them up. Chloe would be with MJ and Lymon later. He was fantasizing about being done like that by Andre. Chloe was fun and MJ was the bomb, but his desire for Andre’s cock was persistent and thrilling. He needed more. He needed his mouth and ass filled with some thick black cock! He’d nearly pushed MJ away and gone down on Lymon last night! Jeez, he was turning into a black cock slut! Just like his wife.

It was a relief when Andre asked him to step into his office later that morning.

Andre undid his belt and trousers as Paul knelt, waiting, at his feet. He was semi-rigid and stroked it to it’s full glory as Paul watched and answered questions about the previous evening, why he was late for work, and what he thought about this thick, black, pole in his face. Paul was mesmerized by it. Andre rubbed it on his mouth, smearing the precum across his lips! The feel and smell of it was making him crazy! He almost came himself when Andre shoved it into his mouth.

Chloe got a call from Deron, Lymon’s friend who also worked for Lymon as a man Friday. He was black, tall, beefy and about her age, forty-five. He was going to pick her up in the limo and take them all to the marina. The limo wasn’t booked for any events today and Lymon didn’t mind using it for his own personal use. He had purchased one some years back when he found out that he could buy one for quite a bit less than he thought. He owned five now and Deron managed them. The business made some money — there was always a need, especially in the Los Angeles area, and using one occasionally was ok with Lymon. If MJ needed a car, she could use one of Lymons. Well, duh, Chloe thought. MJ called her right after Deron and apologized for the change in plans but would she be so kind as to grab a couple of items from her lingerie drawer?

It sounded like Deron was going sailing with them. Chloe wondered if he was going to be in on the action. It was possible, likely even, since Deron had worked in Lymon’s films years back and was still a personal friend of the old man. Chloe’d sneaked some peeks at his stills from the files. He had a nice one. This was gonna get interesting with those two big black cocks and that cockslut girl friend of hers. She was glad she came back to the apartments, she needed a nice slutty swimsuit and a hat for sailing. She grabbed an extra one of each for MJ, just in case.

The limo, a stretch retro-caddie, arrived and she was surprised to find out that Reggie M was coming along today. He was one of the current porn stars Lymon was using in his films. Three trophy cocks and two hot cunts, this was gonna be a regular orgy, she thought. “What the hell, somebody’s gotta do it, might as well be me!” She sat between the two studs, letting Reggie put his arm around her.

Reggie made some small talk as they drove to Lymon’s. Chloe was definitely interested in this handsome young stud. She’d checked out his stills in the file, too. She didn’t hide her attraction to him. She ran her bare foot up Deron’s leg as he drove, might as well get this party started right. He stroked her leg while Reggie cupped her breast. She thought about how wild this whole thing was getting; She’d fucked Lymon, Paul, and MJ and now she was heading for a day of more fucking and relaxation on Lymon’s yacht.

Lymon had told her that they were going to meet the production crew to shoot some footage this morning on another sailboat that he’d rented. They’d shoot some more while sailing on his yacht this afternoon. He liked to party and they were going to party, but he was also a businessman — he had to make the most of the opportunities. This job had its perks, and fucking the boss was only the beginning. She thought about MJ getting longdicked this morning. Whew! That old man was taming her girlfriend’s coochie! Paul was right to wonder WTF!? She’d have to talk to that girl and find out what’s up. She was sure acting a fool for that big black dick! She leaned into Reggie who was squeezing both of her tits now and kissed him deep while Deron stroked the inside of her thigh. She trembled a little. Life was very good for this chica, oh yeah!

This was gonna be a real party with these guys and MJ. She wondered if Lymon had some other surprises planned for today?

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