Marty’s Quest Ch. 02

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It was Thursday. Again. Marty watched the kitchen clock tick past the half hour mark, it was getting on towards midnight and insomnia plagued Marty for the second Thursday in a row. This wasn’t normal insomnia, mind you. No, this was brought on by the lust of a nineteen year old, who in twenty two and a half hours would be in a park, with his new mistress, Catherine.

His thoughts drifted to last Friday, the adrenaline pumping through him, as he approached her. The thoughts of her skilled hands coaxing stream after stream of cum onto her pristinely trimmed muff. The weakness in his knees as he exploded, and the awkward walk back to his car, his body trying to recover from all the new sensations that only a late night, public handjob from a strange woman met on the internet can bring.

Marty drained the last gulp of milk from his glass and set it next to the sink. He flipped the light off, resigned to try his hand at sleep once more, but as he strode past the kitchen window, another familiar sight caught his attention. The faint reflective glimmer of the neighbor’s hot tub. Marty decided that some fresh air would do him some good, and if not, than a second chance to see his neighbor’s wife, Allison naked would.

Last week, Marty was stranded in his yard. Star gazing to calm his nerves before his first meeting with Catherine, he hadn’t noticed that his neighbor Roger had joined him, well not him, but had decided to get in his hot tub. Something Marty cared very little about, until Allison sauntered out and disrobed in front of her husband and more importantly, the undetected Marty one yard over.

Darting through the gloom of the living room, Marty made his way to the garage. His plan of attack was to use the door on the side of the garage to quietly exit the house. He’d be perfectly positioned between the yards where he could see if Allison would make a second nude appearance or not. With any luck, the new angle would reveal more of the show this week, and since he wouldn’t be out in the open, Marty might get to have a little fun of his own this week.

The garage gave him little trouble as beams of moon light pierced the room, allowing Marty to spot any ill conceived booby traps, like the weed eater he gingerly hopped over. The outside door gave way with nary a squeak and Marty pushed it shut after him, leaving it ajar, just enough to beat a quick retreat if he had to.

Marty made the transition from the warm side path, and into the lawn. His bare feet sank into the soft grass, making it easy for him to creep along the side of the house and soon, Roger’s hot tub was in view. There was Roger, tossing a spent beer can towards an open bin not too far away. The aluminum pinged off the bin and landed beside the bin with a clink.

“Fucking hell.” Roger muttered before a belch. Marty had only seen Roger drink once or twice and knew he was no alcoholic, but tonight he was definitely blitzed. He mumbled to himself incoherently and seemed to be struggling to stay awake even. While it was not the nymph like form of Allison, Marty found himself curiously interested in what was bothering his neighbor. Sure Roger was noted for being the neighborhood dick, but he seemed genuinely miserable.

Last time, Marty had stayed after Roger’s quickie with his wife to see him exit the hot tub and be greeted by a male acquaintance who, as Marty briefly saw, was more than happy to suck the remaining juice and chlorinated water from Roger’s dick for him. Perhaps he had been found out. Marty began to speculate.

Maybe, he thought, Allison hadn’t been in bed yet, maybe she saw him getting man head from the house and is gonna leave him! Marty had mixed emotions about that. As sad as it is to see a couple fall apart, Marty had been pining for Allison since his penis could become erect. If she were free, he could swoop in and take her away. Marty’s cock started to ache in his gym shorts. He was hesitant to touch it, in the off chance that he should be happened upon in the yard, with just a half naked drunkard in view, Marty would casino siteleri probably fail at explaining away his hardened member as a product of mental fantasizing, that shit can be done inside. As if to ease his pain, Allison arrived.

She, a vision as ever, walked towards her husband, her body clad only in a towel, much as it was last week. Unable to resist the straining anymore, Marty slid his dick from his shorts and rubbed the head with his finger tips. Meanwhile, Allison was curling her fingers into the soft terrycloth of the towel, unraveling the top and opening it to him. Marty could only see her from behind, the rectangle of fabric blocking the good bits like a giant censor bar. Everything under her shoulder blades and above mid thigh was shielded from view.

Marty was unbothered by this, he was a teenager, he had to be resourceful in his masterbatorial undertakings. Sometimes he didn’t have the internet and so late night television, fashion ads, or other materials had to cut it. So a real life, mostly hidden from view, woman of his dreams was more than enough for Marty to hack it. Slow, deliberate pumps were administered to Marty’s cock. He watched with mounting arousal, anticipating what would happen next.

What did happen, was heart breaking. Roger waved Allison away, and although Marty was rewarded with the briefest of views as she spun back towards the house, she was all to quickly covered by that damnable towel. Her face was clearly troubled, her pretty eyes cast down, hidden from sight. Marty tucked himself back in his shorts and made his way up to bed. Some how sleep managed to wrestle Marty into submission for the night, and finally with the chirping of birds to signify it, Friday had arrived again.

Marty sprang from bed with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. Gone were the bacon, eggs, and toast that awaited him on the kitchen table, inhaled in a matter of seconds by Marty. His parents took note of his mood, and his Mom asked the question on their minds.

“What’s got you in such a mood, today?” His mom’s singsong voice and innocent question made the last scrap of bacon stick in Marty’s throat. I’m getting some tonight from a woman that’s your age in the park, would undoubtedly be the wrong response, and with his parent’s collective eyebrows raising unison like an unspoken timer on his response Marty winged it.

“I’m going out with some friend’s tonight.” He lied, hoping that his parent’s wouldn’t grill him on it. His dad called the b bluff.

“Who’s back? I thought you were going to end up stranded this summer.” His dad inquired, the tone in his voice was evident, he knew something was off.

“I, uh, just some of the guys,” Marty continued, his hole growing deeper as he dug, “just stopping up for the weekend.” Vague and with no names used to reference should his dad check his story out later, Marty danced around the topic.

“Well, I need you to help me move some shit in the yard first.” His dad said, the change his voice seemed less pressing now.

“Yeah, what needs moving?” Marty asked, keeping the new topic afloat.

“That stack of leftover bricks on the side of the house, you know, from when we redid the patio,” his dad explained, “anyway, Roger’s giving me seventy five bucks for them, so he can build something for his yard. I just need help putting them over in his yard for him.”

“When?” The eagerness in his voice so evident that his father grinned.

“Allison gets home from work at noon today, she agreed to show us where to stack the bricks, since Roger will be gone most of the day.” To Marty, who had wondered how he would burn most of the day away to get to his lustful reunion with Catherine, spending a portion with Allison was perfect. The hour and half between then and noon flew by and before he knew it, Marty was standing with a stack of bricks in his arms, his dad instructing him to take them next door.

Marty crossed the yard and saw, to his mingled fear and delight, that Allison was waiting for him in her yard. She yüksek bahisli casinolar was still dressed from work, a pair of aqua flats, accenting her tanned legs, a thigh length black skirt, and a flowery blouse with spots of color that matched her shoes. It was a modest, yet stunning outfit for her, thought Marty as he drew nearer.

“Hey, Marty!” She waved, her smile sent a shiver through him and he was able to steal a look into her sapphire eyes. With a graceful turn she showed Marty where to set the bricks. He did as instructed, starting a tidy pile next to their patio door. “I’m gonna change real quick, I’ll be back out in a sec.” She said, slipping inside. Marty nodded absently before leaving to grab another handful of bricks.

He found his dad on the phone when he returned and knew that it meant this was a solo project now, any other time, this would bother him, but this was a task that Marty was thrilled to have to handle alone. With the second load of bricks in hand, he made his return. The yard was empty and after dropping the second stack he made the return trip for round three. By now the sun was taking its toll on Marty and his shirt was growing damp from sweat, his eyes stung, but with another load of bricks filling his hands he’d just have to deal with it.

To Marty’s dismay, Allison was back in the yard and had slipped into something more comfortable. A pair of running shorts, that exposed her shapely thighs in all their glory. Her breasts were restrained in a white tank top, that struggled against the hefty lobes of flesh that it fought to cover. Her brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her smile sent Marty’s dick unchecked into a full hard on. She was stretching, preparing to go on one of her jogs around the block.

Marty stared uncontrollably as she bent to touch her toes, the already sinfully small shorts slid up what little thigh it covered and showcased the bottom third of her ass. The material in the center bunching up and outlining the hidden sex underneath its shiny fabric. Marty, with little to no blood in his brain at this point froze, mesmerized by the view. When she looked back at him it took Marty far too long to react and spurting some mangled sentence about grabbing the last of the bricks Marty flew off into his yard, his boner leading the way, like the mast of a ship.

He was able to fight his erection off before retrieving the last few bricks, his father was still engrossed on the phone. He trudged back through the yard one last time, sure he was about to get a stern talking to from Allison, but she had vanished. Presumably on her run. Marty set the bricks down, straightened out the stack, and retreated to his room, sullen.

At 9:58 Marty shut off his car and exited onto the road. Across from him was the park, the park were to his adulation Catherine waited for her young boy toy. He made is way towards the picnic area where they met last week, freshly showered and changed, Marty felt more confident this week. There she was, blonde hair unmistakable in the lamp light. She was not fingering herself this time, she stood clad in a green sundress and flip flops. As Marty arrived on the scene she greeted him with a wolfish grin.

“There’s my toy. Right on time.” her husky voice slick with desire. Her fingers curled, come hither, for Marty to follow. He did, like a lamb to slaughter. She led him out of the wedge of light and into the secluded darkness of the park beyond. In a stretch of grass, nestled behind a tree she ordered him onto the ground. Marty sank to his knees. Catherine stepped to him, and lifted the dress. “Eat.” She hissed. Marty gladly obeyed. He had experience in the field of pussy eating, having done so in the past on numerous occasion with girlfriends. This was totally different ball game. Catherine would have had way more experience than the few girls that Marty had dated, and he knew that only his A game would sate his mistress.

He leaned forward, touching his nose to her trimmed bush. He kissed mobil casino gently at the top of her pussy, intent on building her up a bit before conquering her clit with his tongue.

“I said eat, toy.” Came the order again, and Catherine clutched the back of Marty’s head in her hands and thrust his face into her slit. Uninterested in the seductive foreplay Marty wanted to provide, she held his head tightly until Marty’s tongue went to work in earnest. He lapped at her clit, feeling the bulb of verves slip along his tongue with each pass. “That’s it.” Catherine purred. Marty, feeling bold, started his licks farther down now, getting the tangy juice of Catherine’s wet snatch in his mouth. Each lick started closer to her searing hot opening until Marty was licking her from hole to clit. Each pass now causing shudders through Catherine’s body until she grabbed Marty’s head and stopped it at her clit. Marty took the cue, and concentrated his efforts. The quaking grip of Catherine’s fingers in his scalp signified that she was about to cave.

“Fuck.” Was all she blurted, but her knees buckled and Marty could feel a fresh jet of juice hit him in the chin as he continued to work through her sopping orgasm.

When finished, Catherine pushed Marty onto his back, the blow knocked the air from his lungs. When he regained his wits, Marty realized that Catherine had already removed his engorged rod from his shorts. She was between his knees now, her blonde hair masking his cock from view, but when her lips parted over his tip he knew what was happening. She wasted no time, bobbing furiously to withdraw the cum from Marty’s dick. Instinctively he tried to sit up, but a skilled hand pressed him back onto the grass. His mind focused on the rhythmic sucking noises emanating from Catherine’s mouth. Her tongue swirled the head with the start of each new plunge, and down she went, to the base each and every time, a voracious head shake to take the last bit of him in her throat with each turn. Marty’s head was swimming now, the constant waves of pleasure making his toes curl. He felt like he could lay there forever, but Catherine was ready for it to be done.

Her hands, unneeded until now, sought out his balls, and with his sac in her grip, she squeezed. It hurt at first, but it seemed to do the trick, as an instant later, Marty could feel the surging pulse of his semen on its way to being released. The first blob of his spunk fired off half way into Catherine’s bobbing motion, she moaned when it filled her mouth, and quickly pressed her face all the way down onto Marty’s twitching member. She held his spitting cock in her mouth, pressing every drop she could from his swollen balls. Blast after blast emptied from Marty as the deep sensations made him twitch and writhe all over until every bit of his seed had been deposited into Catherine’s waiting throat.

When she had her fill, she let the spent and shrinking dick slide from her mouth, stood over Marty with a smile and left him there. Breathless and drained it took Marty several minutes to remember that he had a lower body, and several more to understand that he was half naked and outside still. When blood circulated through his brain once more and his wits were about him again, he left for home.

As he had last week, he checked his email, seeing if Catherine had left another response. She had.

“Boy Toy,

Next time you will fill my cunt with your cum. Friday.”

His cock was too drained to become erect at the prospect, but he had a week to regain his strength between now and then. He sank into a deep sleep that night, without worry or care. It was Wednesday that he had his next meeting with Allison.

His dad had pimped him out as a work mule again, his task was to water the lawn, where his dad had just reseeded it. To his terror, Allison approached him and with her customary smile and invited Marty to join her…and Roger… for a get together they were hosting that night. He hesitantly agreed, going only because he’d get to spend time with her.

As the time approached, Marty made his way next door. He rang the bell, and Roger ushered him inside. They talked briefly and Their attention turned when Allison appeared from the kitchen, followed by her friend.

“Marty, you made it!” Allison exclaimed, then she introduced Marty to her friend from work. Catherine.

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