Marriage Rut

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Several years into our marriage we hit that rut. Wanting to liven things up, I suggested trying something new. After a few ideas of what to do, we decided to try the strip club. I have never been to a club like that before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I trusted his instincts when he said “…just wear something sexy.”

I dug out my little black dress that I thought I’d never get the chance to wear again. Found where I stashed my sexy underwear and heels.

That night, we left the house around 8, grabbed a couple drinks and headed to a place called “The Living Room.”

It was nothing like I expected. This place was classy… and CLEAN! We sat near the stage but not too close, I was still kind of shy even after a few drinks. I noticed another couple sitting at the next table. They looked like they were having a blast! She was getting a lap dance for her birthday.

I could feel the wine kicking in a little… along with some twitching I was feeling down below. Was I getting turned on because all the beautiful women dancing around half naked… or was it the wine? I’ve never been with another woman, and I was kind of scared of the whole idea. Whatever the reason, I’m getting quite wet just being there. These women really are gorgeous.

A conversation started between us and that other couple. They seem like a fun pair. Jennifer is quite outgoing and loud, Mike was the same. We’re having fun, so it’s all good.

A few more dancers come and go… I am in full turned on mode. I am loving being here and letting loose. I am planning in my head how I’m going to ravish my husband when we leave here.

Jennifer and I leave the guys there while we take a trip to the restroom. She waited for me to finish and come out of the stall.

“Are Kadıköy Escort those real?” and nods to my chest.

Caught off guard, “eh, yeah…” Hers were obviously not.

“Can I touch them?” She stepped closer to me.

“If you really want to…” I laughed a little.

Her dainty hands looked so little trying to cup my boobs.

“Nice.” She muttered and kept massaging them. I let her well, because it felt really good. She got a bit closer, her hands still on my chest. She leaned in to kiss me.

I hesitated, I had never kissed a woman before. My mind was a wreck… do I kiss her? Do I tell my husband? Do I not kiss her and tell my husband?

…too late, she made my decision for me. There I was, pressed put against the bathroom stall, making out with another girl in a strip club.

That is not like me… or so I thought. This was hot! Her hands all over me… I am soaked! This woman, has me completely horned up and ready to fuck her! How does that even happen??

It finally sinks in how long we’ve been gone from the guys.

“We have to get back!” I pulled away and smoothed my dress and hair.

“What’s the matter?” he asked as I sat down.

“She kissed me in the bathroom!” I blurted out not really knowing how he’d react.

“Well, did you enjoy it?!” He grinned.

I sure didn’t expect that, but commented back with “of course I did!”

“Good, I have a surprise for you then.” He waved at the dark-haired dancer that I had been eyeing up all evening.

“What did you do??” I squeezed his arm.

“I got us a private dance.” He winked. I was so stunned he would do such a thing… I followed her back into the dark hallway with him in tow.

“Don’t be scared, I’ll Ataşehir Escort be gentle” the dancer joked. “My name is Janessa…” she sat me down in the chair. My husband sat in the chair off to the side.

“Just her, I just want to watch…for now.” He whispers to Janessa.

Tonight, has been a whirlwind of crazy. Coming here, making out with another woman, and now getting a private lap dance… This is all out of my realm of things. Before tonight, I didn’t even know I could be turned on by another woman!

The music starts, and Janessa is doing what she was paid to do. She’s quite good at it. Her ass is bouncing in my face. I try not to look like I’m enjoying it too much, but I really am. She takes my hands and lays them on her hips… She’s shaking them side to side. I just want to pull her closer and rub my tits on her ass cheeks. I didn’t.

I peeked over at my husband. Clearly, he is enjoying the show. He adjusted his semi hard cock and gave me the nod to go ahead. Janessa turned around, her breasts on my face…

“You can touch me back if you want to.” She rubbed my face between her boobs

My hands followed her curves until her nipples were in my mouth.

“There ya go, suck on them…” she straddles my chair.

She’s grinding her pussy against me… Her tiny little thong is rolling off to the side just inviting me in. I wanted to touch her… to feel her pussy lips around my fingers. I wanted to feel the heat from her on my skin, not just through my dress. She must have seen me looking down because she asked if I wanted to feel her.

“Yes” I stuttered. She pulled my hand from her chest and slipped it down between both our legs. Pulling her thong over to the side, I gently caress her lips.

Bostancı Escort You can go inside, if you want.” She stood up, dropped her panties to the floor and propped her foot up on my seat. Her pussy smelled sweet.

My right hand reached up around her ass cheek. My left hand first petted downward over her lips and coming back up separating them between my fingers. Oh my god, she’s as wet as I am. Could she really be enjoying this too? Her hands were now on my neck and the back of my head… She is pushing my face into her.

I’ve never done this before, what if I do it wrong? My thoughts run crazy though my head. I know what feels good to me, so that’s what I start to do for her. My tongue going in and out, licking any juices… my fingers curling forward, looking for that magical spot.

I feel hands on my knees. My husband has taken all he can just watching. He opens my legs and leans in.

It’s getting harder to concentrate on what I’m doing to her. My tongue is going faster, my fingers are going deeper, she keeps thrusting into my movements.

He pushes my dress up and pulls my panties off with a smoothness I have never seen him have. He eagerly dives into my own wetness, licking with such amazing enthusiasm.

How does this even happen? One moment, I am in a humdrum marriage and then next I am eating out a stripper while my husband is going down on me? I can’t get enough of touching those nipples… tasting her pussy… How can I be turned on this much by another woman?

The second song comes to an end… and she steps back. She smiled and tucked a little piece of paper into my hand.

“Call me sometime, Janessa xxx-xxx-xxxx”

Still stunned and out of sorts, I clumsily pull my own panties back on and we leave the room.

I am completely soaked… and left hanging.

“Com’on, we need to go!” I grabbed my husbands hand, gave an evil grin and pulled him towards the door.

The ride home was filled with flirting and groping followed by the best sex we’ve ever had…

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