Mandate 22

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The house was just as Gavin remembered it. It had a dark wood front porch with a bench swing and flowered pots hanging from the overhang. A bright red front door welcomed him as he knocked on it. Gavin could hear the sounds of the neighborhood around him as he waited for someone to answer the door. Kids were playing down the street, riding their bikes without a care. A loud moan came from inside somewhere the house and he adjusted his dick in his pants, he was excited for the afternoon. Gavin was eager to learn.

The doorknob turned and a very naked Rick filled the doorframe.

“Hey man!” Rick said loudly, pulling the door fully open for Gavin to enter. Gavin couldn’t help but smile at Rick’s bold personality. He was an intense, full throttle kind of man. They slapped backs in that way men do when they greet a friend and Gavin noticed Rick’s still damp dick flopping against his thigh. Who he had just shot his load into was a mystery at the moment as Gavin followed him through the house.

“How are things?” Gavin asked him as they walked down the hallway.

“Fucking fantastic,” Rick said, scratching his balls lightly.

“That’s great. Amelia’s good?”

He nodded and gestured to a room as they passed by, the door wide open to show two naked bodies tangled on the bed.

“See for yourself,” Rick said casually and kept walking.

?Peeking inside the room, Gavin could see that Amelia was on her hands and knees on the bed. One of her sons, it looked like her youngest, August, plowing his cock into her from behind. Her breasts, saggy from breastfeeding six children, slapped against her stomach in time with August’s grunts. Clearly, they had been going at it for some time, Amelia’s cunt dripping with at least one other load and their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat. Gavin left them alone and found Rick down the hall in the living room, sprawled out on one of the couches, two cold beers resting on the coffee table.

“Thanks,” he said, picking one up to take a swig and took a seat in one of the armchairs.

“So you’re finally ready to take the plunge,” Rick said conversationally and Gavin nodded.

“I’ve seen the benefits, I’ve done the research and Marsha’s on board. I think it’s time,” he said firmly, confident in his decision. Rick went to respond, but was interrupted.

“Daddy!?” a girl’s voice called out. Meghan, Rick’s youngest child, bounced into the room, unconcerned with her father’s lack of clothing. It looked like she had just come from school, her uniform slightly wrinkled from the day at school.

“Yes baby girl?” Rick said, pulling her by the waist in between his spread thighs when she got close enough to reach.

“William texted and said he isn’t going to be home tonight for dinner,” she said, bouncing a little up and down on her feet as her father’s hands roamed her ass. Gavin couldn’t take his eyes off of Rick’s hands squeezing his daughter’s cheeks under her skirt.

“Okay thank you,” Rick said with a pat on her behind to send her back off to whatever it was she was doing.

“Have you…?” Gavin asked once she left the room.

He shook his head. “Not yet. She’s got another few months or so before I start training her and I’m enjoying the build up. She’s too eager for it and I like to tease the ones with greedy holes. Besides, I’ve got enough cunt in the house between my other girls.”

And that’s exactly why Gavin was here.

Different countries had different customs, different traditions. Most of America had moved into a world where sex was everywhere in everything. Sex was accessible in all areas of life from home to work. Hell, the gas stations in some cities offered a hole to pump while you were at the pump and ‘filling up” took on a whole new meaning. There were spas were dedicated to sexual taboos and you could order a fuck buddy through room service at most hotels. Sex hadn’t just become normalized, it had been commercialized.

Canada had evolved to a place where sex was out and about in the public as well, but the wilderness that still existed across most of the country kept some of the more primal traditions still in practice. Mating and breeding there was more tribal and animalistic. They ran their country around the idea of a patriarchal society with alpha, beta and omega levels. The states on the border between the two countries were a beautiful mix of old and new beliefs. Some believed that it was their duty to prepare their offspring for the new sexually freed world, while others were more conservative and liked to partake in the debauchery, but not within their own family.

Gavin had been raised to believe that sex within your own family was morally wrong, but after many years of study and soul searching he had come to a different understanding. As a father, it was his duty to make sure his daughters were successful members of society. No longer would he rely on others to help train them for what they would encounter in the real world. This is what brought him to Rick.

Rick Etiler Escort had fathered six children with his wife Amelia. Two boys and four girls. Both parents took great pride, and pleasure, in making sure they were sexually mature and ready to embrace the world around them and fulfill their true purpose. The men were to breed and the women were to let them, just like nature intended.

Another groan and loud slap came from the bedroom where Amelia and August were still wildly humping. You could hear the telltale thump of the bed frame against the wall. Gavin chuckled, happy to be surrounded by a progressive, well-balanced family.

“Sounds like Amelia has enough cock on her hands too to not be jealous,” Gavin said, tipping his beer in Rick’s direction.

“That’s for damn sure,” Rick laughed. “Those two boys don’t let that woman’s thighs touch for most of the day!”

“I couldn’t help but notice you recently had some fun too,” Gavin said, gesturing to his friend’s limp cock.

Rick grunted in agreement.

“I gave Penny a load before she went out for the night,” Rick said, his thumb picking absently at the label on the beer.

Gavin adjusted his dick again and leaned back.

“That’s gotta be the life man,” Gavin said in awe.

“Well,” Rick said, “that’s why you’re here isn’t it? To learn all about it?”

Gavin nodded. “Tell me what I need to know.”

Rick grinned, his smile clearly visible even beneath his thick, shortly cropped beard.

“It’s the fucking sweetest pussy you’ll ever fuck,” he said, raising his bottle in a toast.

Gavin gently clinked his bottle neck to his friend’s and motioned for him to continue. Rick leaned in, resting his elbows on his knees.

“When you mate with a woman, your goal is to create a life. A life that, hopefully, will become an ideal combination of you and that woman. In a son, you hope for a cock that’s a good size to stretch his mother and with balls full of potent seed to breed. In a daughter, well, her pussy is made to grip her father’s cock nice and tight. They’re literally genetically designed to be a perfect fuck. Helping them achieve their full potential and fulfill their purpose is a parent’s greatest joy. I’m so glad you want to start fucking your girls.”

Gavin nodded eagerly in agreement. “The girls see so many of their friends being seeded by their fathers at this age, it’s hard to understand why I’m not breeding them myself. I could find a suitable bull, hell – I would just call you over Rick.”

Rick nodded and chuckled.

“You could pop their cherries in a second, but I just don’t have the heart to outsource a task I know I can do myself. And potentially, do it better because I am their father,” Gavin continued.

“It’s true, it doesn’t look like much right now, but this pecker breaks in plenty of virgins each year,” Rick said, grabbing his junk and jiggling it.

“Nothing better than cherry puss,” Gavin agreed, raising his bottle now for them to clink.

“So what can I do to help? Are your girls expecting this?” Rick asked him.

“To be honest, Veronica has been hinting at it for almost two years now. Ever since she’s become of age, she does everything she can to rub up against me or flash me her cunny,” I explained. “She’s still cherry, her mother checks both girls each week, of course. She’s waiting impatiently to turn 21 for me to arrange a breeder for her like a good girl, but she’d welcome my cock at any point.”

“That’s great news,” Rick said, reaching down to squeeze his balls gently. “And Cate?”

“Ah, well my Cate is a different story,” I sighed. “She wants absolutely nothing to do with sex and fulfilling her body’s purpose. She’s perfectly happy to wait the two and a half years until she turns twenty one before the Mandate forces the issue. I’m hoping that if I break her in, she’ll take to it easier.”

Rick nodded thoughtfully.

“Sounds like my Wendy, a real nervous and reluctant filly. She turned eighteen and I popped her that same morning. Squealed like a pig the whole time and cried for her Momma but at the end of the day, it’s not up to her.”

“If I remember correctly that was what, two months ago? Me and the family came over for brunch to celebrate,” Gavin recalled.

“Yes, quite the scene if I remember it right. You had just walked in when I stuck my cock in her for the first time and got to hear the victory scream first hand,” he chuckled. Gavin laughed with him, remembering it well.

“I’d never heard you cum so hard,” Gavin said, still laughing.

“Ah yes, tightest twat I’ve ever had my Wendy has,” Rick said proudly.

“Oh yeah?” Gavin said, rubbing a hand over his crotch as Rick preened, eager to show off his daughter.

“Fuck yes. She didn’t love it the first month, hell she still doesn’t, but now she spreads her legs like a good girl for me when I tell her to. She’s definitely learning.”

“What do your lessons look like with Fatih Escort them? These days it feels like they have so little time before they’re married and under someone else’s care.”

“Yes, Mandate 22 is pretty strict. At most you have one year if you wait for the formal twenty-first birthday, four if you pop them ‘early’ at eighteen. If you don’t get them bred in that timeframe then they’re off and free to choose another mate. If they aren’t handled correctly, you can seriously set them back years of positively contributing to society.”

“When Marsha’s father selected me to be her bull I was honored but it was immense pressure to knock her up in that first year. She took quickly thankfully, but that pregnancy and the next were difficult on her body and she’s been unable to be bred since.”

“A shame really, I recall her puss was exceptional,” Rick said kindly.

“Oh yes, still is,” Gavin winked. “All the more reason why I want to feel what Veronica and Cate have between their thighs.”

“Mmm nothing better my friend, nothing better!” Rick agreed. “It’s one of the reasons why I kept Amelia barefoot and pregnant for the first six years of our mating. When the two boys came first I was only mildly disappointed, but as they came of age and I saw how they did in fact have the family jewels, I was all the more happy for my wife. As you saw earlier, she takes great pride in making sure they’re satisfied.”

Although Gavin had no sons, he wasn’t a stranger to how Mandate 22 impacted young men in his state, being one himself at one time. While it was more traditional to wait until a woman’s twenty-first birthday to take their virginity, men were highly encouraged to start fucking anyone they could as soon as they turned eighteen.

“My Marsha volunteers at the orphanage down town three nights a week. Comes back bowlegged and dripping jizz every time,” Gavin chuckled.

“I’m sure they’re happy to have her,” Rick smiled and continued his earlier train of thought. “When Amelia popped out four girls in a row, well I thought I’d hit the jackpot and couldn’t wait for them to grow. And for Wendy and Meghan to be twins? Double the pleasure, as they say.”

“What made you decide to fuck Wendy first when Meghan is so eager for it?” Gavin asked curiously. “I haven’t decided yet who to pop first with my girls.”

“Like I said earlier, Wendy needs the most work so I started there. She needed the most time to be broken in and I like to give each girl the right amount of attention that they require each week.”

“So by that logic, you’d recommend that I start with Cate?”

“Actually no,” Rick said thoughtfully, scratching his balls again. “I’d start by fucking your wife. Do you mate with her in front of them?”

Gavin shook his head. “No, Marsha plans on keeping our sex life separate from mine with the girls. She understands and agrees with the need for it, but she doesn’t want to have any part of it.”

“They need to see your dominance and Marsha’s acceptance of her true role. The best way to teach them is to give them an example of what that looks like. Fuck her where they can watch,” Rick suggested.

“I don’t know that she’s going to go for that,” Gavin said thoughtfully, although the idea of mating in front of his daughters did turn him on.

“That’s not really a choice she has, now is it?” Rick said with a wink and Gavin laughed along with him.

“I guess not,” Gavin said wryly. “So what else to you recommend?”

“Well after you show them what’s expected of them, I’d tease and then eventually fuck Cate. Although it sounds like she’ll be more reluctant than you’d like, just like with my Wendy.”

Gavin nodded.

“You only saw me once during Wendy’s birthday brunch, remember?”

“Yeah you came down for some water, dick swinging and dripping with cum and virgin blood,” Gavin recalled with a snicker.

“That’s right,” Rick chuckled. “Once you settle in between her thighs, don’t let her close them for at least 48 hours. If you have any chance to make her hole a needy little cunny, it’s then. Keep her filled constantly so that when you’re not inside of her, she misses you.”

Gavin nodded thoughtfully. “And did this work for you with Wendy?”

“She still doesn’t want to fuck me, but she cums on my cock every time,” Rick winked. “In fact, like the Canadian tradition, I trained all my girls to cum when a man is cumming inside of them.”

“Oh wow that sounds fucking amazing,” Gavin said, unbuttoning his jeans now to make room for his growing cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Sure it sounds amazing, but it also looks and feels fucking spectacular,” Rick said suggestively.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I thought maybe a demonstration of one of my sessions with Wendy might be helpful to you, give you some tips,” Rick explained, rubbing a hand across his broad chest to absently scratch at his nipple.

“I would love that,” Gavin said, eager Halkalı Escort to learn.

“Have you been able to watch a father breed his own daughter before?” Rick asked as he stood up from the couch and stretched.

Gavin shook his head. “Just some videos online.”

“Wait til you see it, the magic,” Rick said. “I’m telling you, there’s nothing else like it.”

Gavin nodded quickly.

“I can’t wait,” he said, cupping his cock now under his jeans.

“Why don’t you take your cock out and jerk off?” Rick suggested. “You can give her a ride when I’m done with her.”

“I’d be honored Rick,” Gavin said solemnly, but Rick waved him off.

“She’ll hate it,” he said wickedly. “It’ll make me cum twice as hard knowing that you’re just going to plow her next.”

Gavin couldn’t help the surprised laugh that left him. Rick was so deliciously cruel.

“Wendy!” Rick called out. “I’ve got a load for you!”

Gavin’s eyes widened slightly at the directness of Rick’s demand. He was going to have to seriously re-think how he communicated with his wife and girls.

Slowly, we heard soft footfalls down the stairs and finally a shy Wendy appeared. Stunning, like her mother, she was dark haired and green eyed. She wore an oversized, bulky and shapeless dress that no doubt was her attempt to make herself less attractive. She approached her father and I warily, hands linked behind her back.

“Yes Daddy?”

“Strip, I’m going to seed you,” Rick stated bluntly and cupped his sac for emphasis, his cock flaccid against it.

She hesitated, her eyes darting to Gavin before seeming to steel herself to her fate. She quickly lifted her dress up and over her head and folded it neatly on the coffee table and then waited for her father to speak again.

“As you can see, she’s not wearing undergarments,” Rick said, reaching out to cup and squeeze her full, pouty breast. “Once a girl in my family has had her slit opened she’s to be accessible at all times. I highly recommend you institute this in yours as well. It allows for immediate and easy access for a woman to fulfill her body’s purpose and take seed on demand.”

Gavin nodded thoughtfully and mentally made a note to make Marsha comply with this new rule immediately when he got home. He felt a little foolish for not thinking of it himself.

“Get my cock hard,” Rick said and gestured to his cock, still standing.

Wendy knelt at Rick’s feet and quickly sucked his soft cock into her mouth. His full, dark bush tickled at her cheeks and lips. The slurping as she suckled on him noisily was the only sound in the room now. The sounds of Amelia and August fucking were no longer heard.

“Don’t forget to get yourself wet,” Rick reminded her and her hand shot down to rub her pussy.

“Your girls will need to learn to lubricate with little to no foreplay so that they’re ready to be penetrated almost immediately,” Rick explained helpfully. “My girls know it’s their responsibility to be wet and willing whenever I demand as good practice for the real world. If I had to spend time warming them up with foreplay every single time I fucked them, it would be a second full time job.”

“Foreplay is something I enjoy with the women I mate with though,” Gavin countered.

“Of course,” Rick said, placing his hand on the back of Wendy’s head to guide her tongue and sucking mouth, his cock lengthening. “I have what I call ‘special time’ with each girl once or twice a week and on special occasions as rewards for their behavior. During that time they get fingered, eaten out and fucked until their creaming. Isn’t that right Wendy?”

Wendy made a noise and then winced slightly when her father pushed his cock against the back of her throat.

“Uh-uh, you know better than that,” he chided gently and held her head in both his hands to hold her still. “I like to harden in their throats, helps them learn how to take my full length a little easier.”

Gavin watched as Rick started to gently fuck his cock into his daughter’s throat, her cheeks red and eyes wet with the effort not to gag.

“Good girl,” Rick cooed, stroking her throat. “Swallow Daddy’s cock.”

His thrusts got faster and rougher, all the while her little hand rubbed her clit in hopes of turning herself on enough to be fucked without pain. The base of Rick’s cock now stretched Wendy’s lips tight around it. She winced as he seated himself fully, her nose smashed against his full pubis, closing her eyes so his hair didn’t get in them.

“I’m surprised you let your bush get so out of control,” Gavin commented, pulling his cock out now to let it harden comfortably, his own neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair on display.

“As you can see, I keep all my girls completely bare,” Rick said, grinding his groin into Wendy’s helpless mouth. “I like the way their softness feels – on my fingers, my tongue, my cock. When you fuck a bare cunt with a pelt like mine they go wild at the added sensation.”

“Oh really?” Gavin said, intrigued.

“Yep, it’s a rough texture rubbing up against their sensitive clit and lips. They may hate it when it’s in their face, but they love having it between their thighs.”

“I’ll have to grow mine out, see what my girls think,” Gavin said, his growing confidence in making his dream to fuck his daughters a reality clear.

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