Lola’s Comes Over

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Sorry I’ve taken so long to post, everyone. Been working on writing for other ventures. I will have more stories up for you this month. As always, be sure to leave feedback so I get a better sense of my audience. I will try to get Stranded in a Strange Town Chapter 2 up sometime next week. Cheers.

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My Daddy always taught me one thing. From the first time we fucked, he told me: “Baby, if your pretty place is going to get excited for anyone, it’s going to be me, and only me.”

Now, I understand that it’s nearly impossible to get excited off one person alone, but my Daddy is different from other Daddys. He takes care of me like a sister and fucks me like a whore. He loves me with every ounce within his heart. He watches my moves from time to time, guiding me in the right direction, making sure I don’t misstep.

My Daddy had only that one rule. For a long time, I followed it. Whenever I masturbated, it would be to the thought of my Daddy’s fat cock going in and out of my little pink pussy. Sometimes, I’d picture him eating me out or fingering me. Other times, he was pumping in and out of my asshole, getting me so aroused that my juices would foam onto his shaft that he’d have me get down on my knees and lick them up. But lately, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been having different daydreams.

I’ve been picturing myself fucking girls. I know that sounds super bad, because my Daddy is so good to me and his cock pleases me in ways no one else could. I don’t know why, but when I go to touch myself, the thought of fat pussy lips riding my face or soft tits brushing up against my own nipples has been causing me squirt all over, making a huge mess in between my legs and on my bed sheets.

I’m not sure what started my attraction to other women, but I have been feeling immensely guilty about it. I didn’t want my Daddy to feel that my attractions and devotion to him was less than before, so I decided to make this experimental phase a fun experience for the both of us.

Whenever Daddy wanted to play, he would normally give me a phone call, and the conversation would usually go something like this.

Ring ring.

Me: Hi there, Daddy.

Him: Good morning Baby, what are you up to?

Me: Just sitting in bed thinking of you. I’m really horny.

Him: Of course you are, slut. Are you touching yourself?

Me: Maybe…

Him: Slip a finger into my little pussy.

Me: It feels so good already.

Him: Now lick your slutty finger.

Me: It tastes good, too.

Him: Now get your finger wet and explore that little asshole of yours, Baby.

Me: [Moaning] Can I have a present, Daddy?

Him: No, you may not. You’re going to tease that pussy all day until I come over and fuck you like the little slut you are and feed you every last drop from the cum inside me.

I am, openly, Daddy’s very deep slut. After teasing my pussy to the point of no return, Daddy would come over, quietly enter my room, slip off my shorts, flip my little ass over, and start us off by eating me like I was the most delectable thing in the house.

Today, things were different, though. Today, I wanted to surprise him for being so kind to me. Daddy never took me for granted, and always gave me what I want. I decided that, all things considered, my new attraction to women could be beneficial for the both of us.

He called me around 7 PM. I was lounging around in my shorts when I picked up the phone.

“Hi,” I said into the receiver. I knew that he could immediately sense the change in my voice.

“Hello there,” he replied in a cheerful manner. “What’re you up to, my little baby?”

“Just hanging out at home,” I told him, biting my bottom lip at the idea of his smile, “Will you be coming over soon?”

“Soon, Baby,” he assured me, “Just finishing up some things at the office. Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet,” I said, “I will in a few, though.”

“Should I bring bahis siteleri home dinner?”


“What are you in the mood for?”


“I have a nice, big feast ready for you, you dirty slut,” he whispered into the phone receiver. “No, Cecilia, those were supposed to go out yesterday.” My heart ballooned at his use of my nickname and the idea of him bossing people around at work. My pussy was leaking, and I was playing with my nipples just as my doorbell rang.

“Who’s that?” asked my Daddy, suddenly suspicious. He’s told me countless times that he trusted me, but didn’t show it often.

“Just the mailman,” I replied coyly. I opened the door and greeted my guest with a kiss on the lips, Daddy placed on mute. He began accusing me of all kinds of things.

“A mailman at this time, huh? Hello? You gonna tell me who’s at the door, or what? Baby – Katrina – hello? Katrina answer me right the fuck now. Did you hang up? Are you cheating on me? Hello?”

“See you soon, Daddy,” I purred into the phone, pressing ‘End.’ My guest had a smile on her face and a brightness in her eyes. I grabbed her hand and lead her over to my bedroom.

Less than an hour later, the front door handle turned. I barely heard it over my and my guests’ breathing. I left the chain locked, so when Daddy opened the door and saw that, he nearly lost his mind.

“OPEN THIS GODDAMN DOOR RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, KATRINA.” He yelled, banging. I giggled at my friend.

“He can be a little overprotective,” I assured her. I walked over to the front of the house, and had to stifle a laugh at my Daddy’s reddened cheeks, burning through the crack in the door. I unlocked the chain and opened it wide.

“Who the fuck is in here?” he demanded, going around me. He walked into the kitchen, then the bathroom, and finally, the bedroom, where he saw the culprit, lying on my sheets, naked.

“I KNEW IT- Oh- Well, hello,” Daddy’s immediate change in demeanor caused him to blush even deeper, and I wrapped my arms onto his torso, kissing the back of his neck and ears.

“I brought you a toy,” I whispered, “And you’re going to fuck us both tonight.”

Daddy was rarely ever caught off guard, but I can honestly say I’m proud by his reaction. He stared at our guest in complete silence. He looked at me for validation. Rather than speaking, I slipped my shirt over my head, letting my C-cup breasts hang free.

“Come here, Lola,” I demanded of the sexy Latina lesbian that I befriended at the gym. She complied, walking over to me and started to make out with me. I arched my chest out as she bent over and sucked my tits. I led us to the bed. I was so horny I could feel myself nearing my first orgasm from the very act itself.

I peeked at my Daddy. He was still in work clothing; a navy-blue suit and white button down. His erection was growing with each passing second. The bulge in his crotch was impossible to hide, and the face he had on started exciting me more. His mouth was open, his eyes low. He watched her suck his baby’s tits, lick the saliva off my nipples, lick my stomach and belly button. He absentmindedly started stroking his cock softly outside his clothing.

“Let me- ah- help you with that,” I said, reaching over to unzip his dress pants. His cock was nearly begging to spring free from his boxers, but I wanted him to get as comfortable as possible, so I told him to lie down on the bed.

Daddy moved automatically. Like a robot, like he was entranced under my spell. This was odd to me. I’ve often seen Daddy change his strong, still exterior into the softer, malleable sweetheart I knew he was inside (mostly, whenever I’d suck his cock, he’d become pliable under me) but this time, it seemed he was unable to do anything except lie back and stare at me and Lola in a daze.

“Take his boxers off,” I said to Lola, shocked by the command that came out of me as much as my Daddy was, now looking at me with wide eyes. Lola, on the other hand, seemed radissonbet to enjoy me telling her what to do. She bent her big ass over and kissed my Daddy passionately, moving down to his stomach, pulling his boxers down, and licking his rock-hard cock. I grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her aside.

“I didn’t say you could lick his cock,” I reminded her, jealousy roaring inside my chest. I leaned over Daddy’s torso and licked his cock myself, watching it glisten with my and Lola’s slobber.

“Come on,” she said lightheartedly, “Let me get some of that dick.” Her casual attraction to the both of us was apparent as she spoke these words into the space between my legs, her warm breath brushing against my clit, making it nearly impossible to feel jealous anymore.

“Daddy, what do you think?” I said, closing my eyes and succumbing to the feeling, “Who should suck your cock first?” I leaned my head back and squirmed, my shorts slipping off my hips.

“No need to fight, ladies,” Daddy replied, his hard exterior back in full-force. He grabbed Lola and brought her down to his dick, “There’s plenty enough for everyone.”

While she licked him like a lollipop, Daddy told me to “put my little ass in his face,” eating my pussy and my asshole like it was lunch and he was starving. He made me feel precious. He slapped my ass hard anytime Lola would take him deep into her mouth.

Watching her take my Daddy’s cock was as difficult as it was sexy. I knew I shouldn’t feel jealous, but I wanted Daddy all to myself. Still, I was attracted to her; fat ass, tan skin, thick

thighs and thick hair. Her big lips shone like she was wearing diamond lip gloss everytime she glanced up at me from Daddy’s cock.

“Papi, let Baby take over,” she suggested, grabbing my face and kissing me, her thick tongue taking over mine, “You want a taste of your Daddy’s dick?”

I nodded, because it was all I could do, because her kissing me, talking about my Daddy’s dick, sucking my Daddy’s dick and Daddy underneath me with my little ass covering his face was enough. I could feel my first orgasm of the night building, and building strong. I rode Daddy’s lips, hard, and pulled Lola’s mouth closer to mine. I stroked her hair as I came, my orgasm shooting throughout me from beginning to end. I moaned loudly at the intensity.

“Fuck!” I said, and the sound was muffled in Lola’s mouth. She smirked as she pulled away from me popped me off my Daddy’s dick and put his hard cock inside her. She grabbed the back of my hair roughly and forced my face onto her pussy.

“Eat it,” she demanded. It was hard to keep a steady balance. Daddy was fucking her as she moaned and used his dick for her own pleasure. Daddy’s cock was always so good to me, and the image of her using it brought out a fire within me. I wanted her to get off. I wanted her to stay on. I wanted her to cum.

“Eat my fucking pussy, you little bitch,” she told me, slapping my ass, turning around to moan at my Daddy, who was pumping her with all his might. “I’m so close to coming… Neither of you stop.”

If there was anything I could say about myself and Daddy, it’s that we didn’t walk away from a challenge. He fucked her, she fucked him and I focused on eating her pussy, listened to her body movements, watched her contract and tighten, helped her reach her peak. When she did cum, it was all white coating from beginning to end, Daddy’s dick thick with arousal. It was my turn.

“Slut,” I said to her, half in sexual toying, half in jealousy. “Look what you did. You dirtied up my Daddy.”

She was still on her come down when I lifted my face from her pussy and kissed her lips. She still tasted like Daddy.

“You want to cum all over my Daddy’s cock and think nothing of it, huh?” I asked condescendly. I pulled her off Daddy, who was letting us both take over, and brought her down to my tits.

“Lick my nipples, you Spanish slut,” I demanded. She did. “Now lick your betsalvador orgasm off my Daddy.” I said, staring down at her. She moved over to my Daddy’s cock, licking the bits of her pussy that were still left over.

“Not like that,” I said, “Move the fuck over. Let me show you how it’s done.” I knew the way my Daddy loved getting his cock sucked. He loved when my lips tightened around his shaft, lightly going over his head. Daddy was moaning, deep, manly moans as he lay his head back and enjoyed the show.

Lola took ahold of his cock, “Like this?” she asked me, mimicking my movement. Daddy’s cock swelled underneath her hands.

“Just like that,” I said, guiding her head, and every so often, switching places.

We took turns licking his dick. I moved to the beat of Daddy’s drum, I had to admit that Lola was a wonderful student, willing to learn how to make Daddy cum.

“Are you close, Daddy?” I asked, looking up at him from his cock. He pushed my head back down onto his shaft and whispered that he was.

I took over his dick willingly. I knew from his movements that he was going to cum soon, so I started jacking him off, stroking him into my mouth. Lola slapped my ass and licked my pussy, getting me nice and wet and in sync with Daddy’s orgasm.

I moaned onto his shaft, his cock taking up my whole mouth. “God,” I tried to say, but the hardness of his dick muffled any noise coming out of me, except my incessant gags that were becoming more frequent with every nod of my head. Lola slapped my ass again, licking the inside of my pussy slits as well as my asshole.

“F-fuck baby. Don’t you wanna ride Daddy’s cock for your present?” Daddy asked me. I knew from his stutter that he wasn’t going to be able to hold it in much longer.

“I think Lola deserves the present,” I told Daddy, lifting myself off him, “Don’t you?”

Lola’s mouth left my body as she took over sucking Daddy’s dick. Using two manicured hands, she played music notes on his shaft, my Daddy twitching and hardening. He was going to blow.

I leaned over and whispered, “I want you to cum all over this fucking slut for us, Daddy,” I bit the bottom of his earlobe, “Do it for me, Daddy.”

He came, busting all over Lola’s face, his cum splattered on her lips and cheeks. She wasn’t expecting my Daddy’s load, but I was. I wanted to laugh at the pathetic, shocked look she wore, cum dripping off her chin and ruining her hair.

“Oh… Fuck…” Daddy said, leaning his head back into my pillow and closing his eyes.

Immediately, my jealousy grew stronger. I cuddled into Daddy’s arms and buried my face in neck, readying myself for the post-coital nap we always shared before round two. Lola was staring both of us for her next step, but I ignored her, clinging onto my hubby. She excused herself to go to the bathroom.

“I love you, Baby,” he told me, kissing my forehead. It was crazy how four simple words could cause my heart to soar. After 20 minutes, she still hadn’t come back. I went to check on the front door, which was unlocked upon her departure.

“Did you have fun?” I asked Daddy, walking back into the room. He was still reeling in from his orgasm, half an hour later, but he nodded, opening his arms for me to join him. I did, and he held me.

“A lot of fun,” he said, kissing my lips, “You little fucking slut.”

“Am I your favorite slut?” I asked him, already knowing the answer. He kissed my lips, then my neck, then my tits, the my stomach, then my feet, and back up to my thighs and pussy.

“Open your legs so I can show you, slut.”

I lied back, enjoying the feeling of Daddy taking over. Lola was fun, but there was nothing like my Daddy’s guidance. His tongue brought me over the edge almost instantly, and I let the sensation take over me, jealousy and longing for Lola long abandoned.

Still, the thought of a pair of fat tits in my face was still hiding behind my eyes. Daddy softly slapped my thighs, a strong hold on my pussy, just as I came down his throat, squirt lining his lips.

“Wow,” I said, panting as his cock hardened for me a second time.

“Wow indeed,” he murmured, kissing my lips. I decided that from now on, I would be bringing Daddy more toys to play with. He sure as fuck deserved it.

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