Key Wested – Chapter 3

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Following our mid-day tryst, the rest of the afternoon passed fairly uneventfully. As was the norm, none of us had gotten dressed after our sex session. We put away the groceries Bret had brought in. The kitchen space was pretty small for four people, and moving around each other nude afforded plenty of opportunity for casual skin to skin contact. The girls seemed to be going out of their way to brush up against our cocks, and their nipples were visibly erect from lightly touching Bret and me, and each other. The sexual energy was palpable, unabated by our romp in the living room.I found myself checking out Bret’s now flaccid dick, wondering about the transformation that seemed to take place when he got hard. I had never seen anything quite like it, the base of his cock swelling up disproportionately to the rest of his normal sized penis. More than anything, it reminded me of a traffic cone. Laura noticed me looking at Bret’s member, and gave me a sly smile. She leaned her naked body up against me, and cupped my package in her hand. She put her lips to my ear and whispered “It’s nice, huh?” She enjoyed fucking Bret, and the thought of his balls slapping her ass as her drove his fat shaft deep into her pussy, combined with her light caress on my own dick made me tingle.I nodded in agreement. The girls were openly bi and very much into sex with each other, but Bret and I seemed to be exploring one another’s limits. I had dabbled in some guy on guy exploration in the past, and I suspect Bret had, also. We had incrementally escalated our interaction and were now freely applying hands and mouths to each other’s cocks, and frottage was becoming a favorite activity. Laura had made it clear to me that she was very much into watching us, and Denise seemed to be enjoying our experimentation, also.The plan for the evening was to go out to dinner, and afterwards Bret and I were going to fuck Denise. She had watched us double up on Laura the night before, both of our cocks crammed into her cunt, fucking her simultaneously while Denise watched and masturbated. Denise had made Bret promise that we would give her the same treatment tonight. I didn’t know how things would unfold, but I assumed there would be fairly liberal contact between Bret and me as we fucked his wife. Denise is a gorgeous, sexy woman and I loved fucking her, but I have to admit I was also looking forward to having Bret’s cock available to me. His cock was the extent of my attraction to him. I had no desire for intimacy with Bret, certainly didn’t want to kiss him, or otherwise physically engage with him, but I was totally fascinated by his dick. I had a feeling his interest in me was similar.We got ready for dinner, and the girls were already starting to make good on their promise to get Bret and me up for yet another round of sex. They were both still naked when they sent Bret and me downstairs, already dressed. It didn’t take much to dress for dinner in Key West, shorts and tropical shirts were all that was required of us. We could hear the girls Kuşadası escort laughing upstairs, and we knew something was up. They finally came down the stairs, and their outfits were both creative and sexy as hell.Denise had opted for a very short red plaid skirt. A sleeveless white blouse completed the ensemble, unbuttoned and tied just below her tits. The faint darkness of her areolas under the thin material eliminated any doubt as to whether she was wearing a bra. When she twirled around to show off her outfit, the pleated skirt flew up enough to make it quite clear she had forgone panties, also.Laura had taken one of my tank tops, a light blue cotton tank that was too large even for me, and turned it into a dress. She had gathered it up with a matching sash tied around her waist. The top draped from her shoulders, the deep armholes open nearly to her waist. The effect was to completely expose her from the side, showing off plenty of side boob, and promising frequent glimpses of nipple. The shirt was just long enough to cover her ass by a couple of inches, and it rode on her hips provocatively.“Wow,” I exclaimed, turning to look at them both. I walked over to Laura and put my arm around her. I slid my hand down over her ass to confirm my suspicion that she was naked under the shirt. She knew what I was doing and giggled.“No panties here,” she said as she lifted the bottom of the shirt up to her waist and spun around, displaying her freshly groomed pussy to all of us as confirmation. I noticed that she had trimmed her pubic hair a little more closely than usual. Normally she shaved her lips clean and left a strip above her slit. Occasionally, she would trim her ‘landing strip’, as she called it, more closely, so that her mons was nearly hairless. She had done that now, and I commented on her close coif. “I don’t want to be seen in public looking less than my best,” she explained, a not so subtle hint that she did not expect the tank top stay in place or to cover much.I looked over at Denise. Her tits were on the small side, and didn’t come close to filling up the loosely tied blouse. It was quite apparent that from certain angles it would be easy to see inside her blouse, and I knew she wouldn’t be shy about flaunting her perky breasts. I was starting to get hard already. I knew this was going to be a very interesting evening.We decided to go to a place that was all the way at the south end of the island. We picked it because we knew that they would be cool with the girls’ scanty outfits. If you know Key West, then you probably know where I’m talking about. It opens to the tops optional beach, and topless women are a common sight at the bar.  It was quite a distance from Bret and Denise’s townhouse on Front St. so we called a cab. In a few minutes a minivan was there to pick us up. The girls got in the side door, stepping up into the van in a way that completely exposed their naked pussies to the driver. He was a young guy, a surfer type. I saw his eyes widen and Kuşadası escort bayan then a smile crease his face as first Denise, and then Laura deliberately flashed their honey hole at him. Bret got in and sat sideways, and I slid in next to the girls.Almost immediately, Denise reached her hand inside Laura’s top and began to play with her nipple. Laura closed her eyes and smiled as Denise stroked her tit. I saw the driver watching in the rearview mirror, which looked like it was adjusted to give him a perfect view of the backseat. Bret put his hand on Denise’s thigh and slid it up under her skirt. I did the same with Laura, running my fingertips up the inside of her thigh until I found her warm, damp cunt. She squirmed and parted her legs slightly as I pushed the shirt up out of the way and easily slipped one, then two fingers inside her.With each of Denise’s caresses of Laura’s tit, the material of the tank top moved a little to the center. Denise was clearly doing it deliberately and it finally fell completely away from Laura’s breast. Denise took her hand away and Laura made no effort to cover her exposed nipple. I could feel her pussy get wetter as she got turned on by the exposure.Much too quickly, we arrived at the restaurant. The driver turned around to announce our arrival, and smiled broadly as he surveyed the scene in the backseat. I was finger fucking my girlfriend, her pussy exposed and one of her tits completely out of her top. Bret had pushed his wife’s skirt all the way up to her waist. Her legs were open enough that I’m sure the driver had an excellent view of her swollen vulva.We paid the driver, and I got out of the van. I turned to help Laura out. She leaned forward, and the tank top fell back over her breast. She took my hand and started to slide out of the seat, then looked around the parking lot and stopped. There were two guys walking on a course that was taking them right past the minivan. My first thought was that she had stopped to let them pass before she got out, knowing that her pussy would be exposed as she stepped out of the van. I should have known better. She was out to have fun, and her inner exhibitionist was now in full flower. She waited until the guys were nearly even with us, then with a smiling glance at me, slid off the seat in a way that made her makeshift dress ride all the way up to her waist. Just as the guys were passing us, she put one foot on the ground and lifted herself out, spreading her legs much wider than necessary. Naked from the waist down, she looked up, not at me but past me toward the guys. She smiled, and I knew that she had gotten their attention. She stood up and the tank fell back into place. She put her arms around my neck but stood away from me a little, deliberately leaning forward so that the front of the tank top fell away from her body. The guys were looking back at us as they walked away and I knew they could clearly see her tits through the open armhole.“Did you like that?” she asked playfully. bodrum escort bayan “I think they saw me.”“Yes, I liked that. And I think they still see you,” I said, glancing down at her chest. I could see her cleavage, and almost see her nipples from my perspective. From the side, they had a perfect view of her bare breasts.“I know,” she said with a devilish grin.“You’re so naughty!” I said, pulling her close and kissing her. I pulled the back of her shirt up, exposing her ass to the passing strangers. Laura stuck her sexy naked butt out a little and both guys gave me a thumbs up as they walked away.I heard Denise behind me. “Hey, can I get a hand?” she was asking from inside the cab.I turned to help her get out. She took my hand and started to stand up inside the minivan, bent over at the waist. Her skirt was still up around her waist where Bret had pushed it, leaving her ass and pussy on display to both her husband and the driver. She stopped right there, offering them a lingering view of her naked womanhood. “I can’t wait ‘til later,” she said. Suddenly she jumped and with her eyes wide said, “Somebody just pinched my clit!” “Oh, wait! Oh, wait, wait, wait! Oh, fuck!” She closed her eyes and rocked back and forth. Laura and I could clearly see her rapidly hardening nipples inside the loose blouse. With her eyes still closed she cooed,  “Mmm, I don’t think that’s Bret.” Laura and I looked at each other and smiled. We didn’t know if it was mouths, fingers, or cocks working on Denise’s exposed sex, but she was clearly enjoying it. Laura’s nipples were getting quite hard watching her friend, jutting conspicuously against the material of her top. Denise was still holding my hand, pulling on me for support as her bare ass and pussy were being serviced inside the cab. After a couple of minutes, she contorted her body and moaned as her orgasm gripped her.“Oh, God, that is so hot!” Laura said, pinching her own nipples as she watched Denise cum. We still weren’t sure what was going on inside, or who had done what to Denise. Finally Denise extricated herself from the cab and stood up. Her skirt was still hung up around her waist, her arousal obvious from her swollen, wet pussy.“Um, we can see quite a bit of you,” Laura said, pointing at Denise’s naked crotch. We were standing in the parking lot, and there were a few people around. Denise was somewhat screened by Laura and me, but anyone who looked closely would easily see that she was half naked.“Oh, I don’t care,” Denise said, seemingly oblivious to her exhibition. “That was amazing.”Bret got out of the cab, his hard-on pressing against his shorts. “I got his card, we can call for him when we leave,” he said.“Was that him eating my pussy?” Denise asked Bret.Bret nodded. “How was it?” he asked.“You prick! It was fucking amazing!” she said. “I am so ready to fuck right now.”“Let’s go eat first,” Bret said, smiling.Denise pointed at the tent in his shorts and said, “You can’t go in like that.”Bret pointed at her exposed nether region. “It will probably stay that way until you stop showing everybody your pussy.”Denise looked down at her nakedness. Glancing around the parking lot with a sheepish smile, she pushed the skirt down and smoothed it out. It still barely covered her, but at least it was legal.We went inside and got seated at a high top table near the bar.

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