Katie’s Love Ch. 03

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Writers Note

This is the third chapter in my story about Katie and it deals with events that happened in November and December of 1980. This one deals with how she introduced me to the world of kinky sex and there is pretty much everything in here. Bondage, spanking, caning, enemas, watersports, as well as sex toys. If that bothers you, well what can I say. This is as much a part of our story as the first chapters and it needs to be told. But there is one special evening at the end that even after all these years, I still remember as clearly as when it happened. Such was the power and beauty of that night.

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Saturday was real busy at the store and I didn’t have time to get lunch, much less think much about what Katie had planned for the evening. It seemed so mysterious and I did wonder, when I had a few minutes of free time, about what I was getting myself into. I was driving a Ford Ranchero in those days. The front was like a car, but it had a bed on the back like a pickup truck. The paint was metallic copper color and I had gotten a vinyl cover for over the bed. It was good looking vehicle, but it had a big motor and ate a lot of gas. But I wasn’t driving much and it was a lot better than the old hippie van I driven for the previous four years. I made it to her house around 6:30 PM.

Her house was a light yellow brick ranch style home set a little bit back off the street. There was a driveway that led to a covered carport on the left but Katie had left her car out in the driveway. There was room in the driveway for two vehicles so I pulled mine in along side of her car. I sat there thinking for a couple of minutes about what I was getting myself into, before turning off the ignition and then getting out. I walked over the front door and rang the doorbell.

Katie opened the door, smiled and said, “Hi Tony. I am really glad you came.”

I walked inside. She was dressed in what looked like a karate suit with a top that had a belt that tied around the waist that looked like it was made of silk. It was pink that had a pattern worked into it and the lapels and cuffs of the top were white and looked to be of the same material. From the way it laid on her chest I was sure that she didn’t have a bra on. The pants were pink as well and matched the top.

I said, “You look very beautiful tonight Katie.”

Katie said, “Thank you,” and she gave me one of those kisses. The one where she would place her hands on my cheeks and just gently kiss me on the lips. She asked, “Give me your coat,” which I did. She hung it on a rack of coat hooks that were on the right side of the hall, then she said, “Come sit down. Supper is almost ready.”

The kitchen was off to the left of the entrance hall and to the right was a small dining area. That opened into the one side of the living room. The table was nicely set and there was a pair of candles on it in white glass candlesticks that were lit. I looked around the kitchen and everything was neat and tidy. Even from what little I had seen, I could tell that Katie really took pride how her house looked.

I went over and sat down at one end of the table and watched as she finished up with the cooking. She brought over a bottle of wine and poured us both a glass. She left the bottle on the table and I looked at it. It was a white wine French with a name that I didn’t recognize and the date on the label was 1973. My parents made wine and I drank a lot of it, but I knew very little about the different types. She brought supper over. There were chicken breasts in some kind of clear brown sauce, a rice that was a mix of different colored brown rice’s that I had never seen before, and lima beans. I am a fussy eater but I figured that I would be polite and give this a try. Lima beans I liked so they weren’t a problem, but the chicken and the rice were great.

I asked, “What kind of rice is this? I have never had this before.”

She answered, “This is wild rice.”

“Everything tastes great, “I replied.

Katie said, “Thank you.”

We finished eating and talked about nothing in particular. I figured that I would find out soon enough what she had planned for me.

After we were finished eating, Katie said, “Go sit on the couch and let supper settle while I get the dishes done.”

I asked, “Can I help?”

She got up from her chair, walked over, kissed me and replied, “Thank you for offering but you are my guest.”

I said, “Okay,” and walked out to the couch. I sat at one end and watched as she washed the dishes. After she was done, Katie walked into the living room and sat down next to me. “That was a very nice supper,” I said, “Thank you.”

She smiled and said, “I love to cook. It is like foreplay, I can never get enough.”

I laughed and replied, “I have noticed that.”

She looked out away from me for a few seconds then turned back so that she was facing me.

“I guess you want to know about tonight?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

Katie said, “I am going to show uşak escort you some different ways of having fun. It will be a little strange at times but you can stop me at any time you want.

“Okay,” I replied.

She asked, “Do you know what a safe word is?”

I answered, “No.”

She said, “It is word that you say to end whatever is going on, something that you normally wouldn’t say while you were having sex. If you just tell me to stop doing something I will, but if you want this to end completely then you use the safe word.”

I was getting a little scared at all of this but there were two things going through my head. First was that I thought that I could trust her and the second was the fact that I really liked her. Even though we had only been together a few times, the feelings that I had about her that were a lot deeper than just from having sex.

Katie could see that I was thinking about all of this and she asked, “Is this okay with you?”

I drew in a deep breath and answered, “Yes, I guess.”

She laughed and replied, “You will be fine Tony. Your safe word for tonight will be asparagus. Mine will be broccoli.”

I said, “I can remember that.”

She went on, “There will be two parts to this. The second part is optional and I’ll explain that when we get to it. If you make it though the first part and decide not to try the second one that is fine. After I am done, you will be able to do the same things to me as well.”

This still seemed like a lot of mystery to me but I asked, “And if I don’t make it through the first part?”

Katie looked at me and replied, “We will see.”

I said, “Okay.”

She said, “Whenever you are ready, go into the first bedroom, close the door and get undressed. The bathroom is on the left if you have to use it. My bedroom is next to the first one, just call me when you are ready.”

I sat there for a few seconds and said, “Might as well get started.”

Katie leaned over and gave me another one of those light kisses with her hands on my cheeks. “You will be fine Tony,” she said again softly.

I replied, “I hope so,” as I got up off the couch.

There was another doorway on my right that let out to a hallway. I walked through that and went into the hallway. I saw the bathroom, went in, pissed, and washed my hands, then I went back into the hall and into the bedroom. I turned on the light and looked around. There was a double bed, two dressers, one high and one lower one with two rows of drawers. I closed the door and sat down on the bed. I started to get undressed and just laid my clothes on the bed along side of where I was sitting. I was really nervous but I finally peeled off my underwear and socks. I waited for another couple of minutes still wondering about what I was getting into.

Finally I called out, “Katie. I am ready.”

A few seconds later I heard a door close and she opened the door to the bedroom I was in. She had changed out of the outfit that she had on and had put on a medium blue top that had a tie around the waist, except that this one didn’t have sleeves. She didn’t have pants or panties on and I could see her pubes peeking out from under the hem.

Katie walked over to me and said, “Stand up,” which I did, and then added “Now don’t be scared.”

I replied, “I already am.”

Again she said, “You will be fine Tony. Now put your arms out like this.” She lifted her arms out about waist high with the palms of her hands touching, which I did. She reached into the one pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. My eyes got really wide and I looked at her. She asked, “Just relax okay?”

I answered with a very nervous, “Okay”

Katie put one cuff around my right wrist. It wasn’t real tight but I knew that I couldn’t get my hand out of it and then she snapped the other one on my left wrist. Despite what she had said, I was scared.

She placed her hand on the chain between the two cuffs and said, “Follow me.”

As Katie led me out of the bedroom, she turned off the light and closed the door. The door to her bedroom was closed as well. There was another door at the end of the hall and she walked me to it. She opened the door, turned on the light and we walked into another bedroom. Other than the kitchen, the rest of floors in the house were carpeted but this room had a brown linoleum floor. Off to the left was a hospital bed with one of those trays on wheels sitting behind it and there was a chair sitting against the far wall. Not quite in the center was a bench about five feet long and two feet high that had a padded top. I could see straps hanging down at various spots from the underside. There was another long bench that was a foot high sitting to the left of it and one other small bench that was the same height as the first one. Against the wall was a low dresser with two rows of drawers and on top of that I could see a piece of pink cloth and another piece of blue cloth that looked to be covering something up. There was small table to the right of that and it had a piece of white cloth van escort on top of it. The last item I saw was one of those metal stands like they use in a hospital for hanging IV bags on and along the right wall there was a large closet and another door.

I looked at all of this, then looked at Katie as she said, “This is my playroom.” I didn’t say anything. She moved behind me and turned down the lights, which were on a dimmer switch, a little. She said, “I just wanted you to get a good look.”

I said, “I got one.”

She led me by the handcuffs over to the bench, then she said, “Kneel down on it,” which I did. She motioned to me to move back a little bit from where I had first got on, then she walked around to the front, lifted up a strap with a hook on it and snapped the hook over the handcuff chain. I was shaking a little bit but she bent down and said, “Just relax. Remember, you can stop this at any time you want.” I just kept quiet and she added, “We are going to start with a little bit of bondage.”

I said, “Okay,” but I was still shaking.

Katie moved behind my ass and I watched as she got one of the straps, then she reached over my legs and got the other part. She buckled them together right behind my knees. Not real tight but it wasn’t like I was going to get out of it. She did the same with another strap over top of my ankles.

She said, “Stretch your arms out and lay your head down on the bench facing me.”

I did this and she took another strap and fastened that over my back right about my armpits. She walked to the front and tightened up the one that was hooked to the handcuffs.

She asked me, “How do you feel?”

I answered, “Pretty stupid and very scared.”

Katie replied, “Just relax. I am not going to hurt you.” She walked around to the side of the bench that I couldn’t see. I felt her hand on my ass and I jumped a little. She laughed and said, “Relax Tony. You are going to feel something wet. It is just a baby wipe to make sure that you are clean.” I felt her place the wet wipe on my asshole and she wiped it off for a little while. “Very good,” she said. I felt her move way from me and after a few seconds she came back and I felt her hand again on my ass. She slid it down my leg and over to my balls. She played with them for a bit and then moved her hand to my cock, which started getting hard as she played with it. She stroked me for a while and it felt really nice, then she moved her hand off of my cock and said, “You going to feel something wet again.”

I said, “Okay,” and I felt something gooey on my asshole.

“Just some lube,” she remarked and added, “You are going to feel a little pressure, it is just my finger.” I didn’t reply to that. I felt her finger tip press against my asshole. She rubbed it lightly for a few seconds and then she pushed it in which was the first time that any one had done that to me. She moved in and out and I felt her wiggle it as she slid it in and out. She asked me, “How does that feel?”

I said, “Weird.”

“Does it feel good?” she asked. It did feel good but like most guys I thought that it was queer to like having your asshole played with. She must have sensed that was what I was thinking because she said, “You are not gay just because you like having your butt played with. Does it feel good?”

I said, “Yes it feels okay.”

Katie said, “See. Now I’m going to put two fingers in.” I felt her pull her finger out and she put some more lube on my asshole. I felt her slide two fingers inside of me. It stretched a little but her fingers were slender and it didn’t feel bad. I felt her other hand go back to my balls and she played with them as worked her fingers in and out of my ass. She moved her hand down to my cock and started lightly stoking that. This was feeling really damn good. I didn’t want it to feel good but it still was. After a couple of minutes of this I was started to get close to cumming. She sensed that I was because she took her hand away from my cock and pulled her fingers out of my ass. I felt her move away again.

She placed her hand on my ass again and said, “You are going to feel a little pressure again.”

I said, “Okay.” I thought she was going to finger me some more but I felt something different at my asshole.

She said, “Relax and push down like you have to go to the bathroom.”

Again, I replied, “Okay.”

I felt her push down and whatever it was started going into my ass. She worked it in a little at time and would pull it back. Whatever it was got thicker as it went in farther. I could feel my asshole starting to stretch a little as it got deeper and deeper. Then she gave a push and it went into my ass and it burned a little as it did.

She asked, “Do you know what a butt plug is?”

I answered, “No.”

She replied, “This one is not very thick and there is a base on it to keep it from falling in.” She tapped on that with her finger and asked, “How does it feel?”

I said, “It hurts a little. How big is it?”

Katie walked around so that I could see her, erzincan escort made an O with her fingers about one inch in diameter and said, “See it is not very big.”

I replied, “If you say so.”

She laughed and walked back around to where I couldn’t see her. I felt her touch my ass again and she started twisting the butt plug back and forth a little. Like before, her other hand went down to my cock.

I heard her say, “I’m going to pull it out so relax.”

Which she did and then she slowly pushed it back in. She did this a few times and my cock was going crazy from the touch of fingers but it still wasn’t enough for me to get off. She pulled it out completely and moved away from me again. Then I felt something else at my asshole which she pushed in slowly. It was wasn’t as big as the butt plug but it didn’t feel like it was tapered except at the tip. She worked this in and out of my ass for a while. She stopped, then whatever it was started buzzing in my ass and I jumped a little.

Katie laughed and said, “This is a vibrator.” I had heard of those but never had any experience with one. She resumed screwing my ass with it. It felt weird but it also felt good. She played with my balls but not my cock this time. I heard her say, “I can tell you like this.”

I said, “It feels strange.”

She laughed and after a couple of minutes she stopped, turned it off, and pulled it out.

She said, “Don’t go anywhere, I will be right back.”

I replied, “I will be here.”

Katie laughed again. I waited and then I heard the sound of water running. I figured the other door led to a bathroom. I could her doing something but what it was I couldn’t tell from the sound and then the water stopped.

A few seconds later she said, “I have a question. Have you ever had an enema?”

I answered, “Yes. Why?”

She said, “Because I am going to give you one.”

I was shocked and replied, “Do you want me to shit all over the place?”

She laughed and said, “No. You will do that in the bathroom. I will let you loose before there is a problem.”

I said, “I hope so.”

Katie replied, “Now just relax. Breathe deep and slow. This isn’t a real big one and I will stop it about half way to give it time to settle.” I felt something small slide into my ass and then a warm sensation as the water started to flow. She said, “It is important that it not be too hot because that can burn the other person. Too cold and it really hurts. There is a little soap in there to clean things out good.” I started to feel my guts churning a little but I kept breathing as she told me to. “Okay, that is about half way,” she remarked and I felt the water stop.

I lay there and tried to relax but my ass was really doing a dance. Finally it settled down and she started the flow again. I had no clue how I was going to make it to the bathroom in time.

I felt the water stop again and she said, “All done. You are doing really good.” She pulled the nozzle out of my ass. A few seconds later I felt something else going in. “It is just the butt plug,” she said, “Just in case.” Of course the pressure of that added to the feeling like I was going to explode. I really didn’t think that this was fun at all. She started unbuckling the straps and after she unhooked the handcuffs from the bench, she said, “Get up slowly.”

I did that and she led me into the bathroom. She positioned me at the toilet and said, “Bend over. I am going to pull the butt plug out but hold it in until you sit down.”

I replied, “I will try.”

She pulled it out, I sat down fast on the toilet, started blasting just as I hit the seat and it felt like it was never going to end. Katie came over and unlocked the cuff that was on my left hand. The bathroom must have been for a handicapped person at some point because there was a metal handrail along the wall. She pulled my right arm over, snapped the cuff over the rail, then reached back and flushed the toilet.

“Just to make it less stinky,” she said with a smile.

She went back out in the room and came back with the enema bag. She rinsed it out and I watched as she filled it again with water.

I asked, “Another one?”

Katie said, “Sometimes the soap can be irritating so this one is just to clean all that out. This one will be easier.”

Finally I felt like I was done. The toilet paper roll was on the wall to my left.

I said, “I need my right hand to wipe with.”

She smiled and replied, “Use your left hand.”

I thought to myself, “This is really fucking weird.” I never wiped my ass with my left hand before and it was a real challenge. I thought I had myself pretty clean and I said, “I am done.”

She replied, “Stand up, turn your ass towards me, and bend over.”

I did that and she flushed the toilet. She looked at my ass and got some toilet paper and wiped me one more time. She tossed the paper into the toilet. There was a hook on the wall by the toilet and she hung the enema bag on it.

She said, “Relax,” and she pushed the nozzle inside my ass. I watched as she released the hose clamp and again I felt the water flowing into my ass. This time it was easier since I was already cleaned out, but I did have some cramping. She didn’t stop it this time, she just let all of it flow in. She pulled the nozzle out and said, “Now try to hold it in as long as possible.”

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