Just another day at the office…

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Kristen was not having as much fun around the office as she usually did that morning. She was beautiful and petite, with nice C cup breasts and a tiny little waist, and she had a full ass which she wiggled and swayed as she walked. Every man in her office had noticed her at one point. She swanned in each morning with her long blonde hair wearing the most revealing yet sophisticated outfits she could find. Today was no exception. She was wearing black stiletto heels and cream tights with a black hem that ran down her long legs at the back. She then wore a thin black miniskirt that showed off her ass perfectly and a tight-fitting white shirt with the first three buttons undone so her tits were visible. Her shirt was so tight that her breasts squeezed together nicely and gave everyone she walked past something to look at. Sometimes if she breathed heavily enough you could actually see her tits straining the fabric of her shirt. Every man in her office wanted that fourth button to just pop off, finally releasing her breasts that were the only thing a lot of her colleagues had to look forward to at work. Nobody really knew what she did. Copy girl? Secretary, perhaps? Fuck knows — all they knew was that she was beautiful. When she spoke to you she often sat on your desk and crossed her legs, which made that little skirt of hers even shorter. When she laughed she tipped her head back and closed her eyes, allowing everyone to watch her tits freely without having to worry about getting caught. If you were feeling blue she would give you a hug, pressing her body into yours in sympathy. Nice girl. Sweet girl. This particular Monday morning, however, Kristen swanned by the wrong desk at the wrong time. Gary, Lee and Bradley were talking very loudly about the new position up for grabs in the office that morning. “A raise would be nice!” Bradley was saying happily.“Yeah, but your not going to get it are you, you old fool!” laughed Lee. “Mr. Ryman will probably hire from the outside — get someone new in with fresh ideas!” “Well, with Ankara escort an attitude like that he will!” Gary chirped in. “No, he will want someone from the inside! Who already knows the business!”At that point he noticed Kristen approaching them. “Someone like Kristen!” he finished, winking to his colleagues. “Kristen would be perfect for the job!” he said even louder so that she could hear him. Kristen smiled and walked over to them. “What job?” she said happily. “Mr. Ryman has a new position opening up in the office,” Lee told her staring directly at her chest the entire time. “Oh really?!” Kristen said interestedly. Bradley stifled a laugh. “Yeah, yeah…you’d be fantastic at it!” he said finally. Kristen didn’t even ask what it was. She seemed to agree with the men entirely. “Yes, I would, wouldn’t I!” she said triumphantly walking away. “Dumb bitch!” Gary said as he watched her ass walk away. “She doesn’t even know what the position is!” Lee said laughing. “Now hey! I’m sure she knows plenty of positions!” Gary said in a mock stern voice. … Kristen had heard every word of the men’s conversation and was hurt. “Don’t think I’m good enough?!” she thought. “Well… we’ll see about that!” John Ryman sat at his desk in his office fuming. He had just been on the phone to some idiot asking about an opening in his company. Where he had gotten that idea he did not know. There were no positions available at all! Ryman put his head in his hands. If somehow word had got out that he was looking to hire someone, he knew the next couple of days he would be bombarded with CVs and recommendations from would-be-hopefuls. His phone would be forever ringing with people kissing his ass, hoping he would pick them to join his band of merry slackers across the hall. Suddenly his frustration was interrupted by a repeated rapping on his door. “WHAT IS IT!” he yelled frustrated. Kristen opened the door and walked into his office. Ryman liked Kristen. He had employed her last year to do some Balgat escort bayan errands for him — get his coffee, laminate notes, and occasionally use the copy machine. He mostly had her in his office for something to look at. He had thought about letting her go a few times when times were hard but for some reason he could never bring himself to. Maybe it was the way she always lit up the room with a smile? Or the way she flashed her panties as she bent over to pick things up. He had noticed that the men in his office seemed to drop things more often when she walked by…pens, pencils…and sweet Kristen was always more than happy to oblige as she bent down, showing either a flash of bra as her cleavage reached eve level or panties if she bent her body down. “Mr. Ryman!” Kristen said with fake stern confidence. “I have just been informed that there is a new position available in your office and I would love to be considered to fill it!” Mr. Ryman let out a deep sigh. Where the hell was this coming from?! “Look, Kristen…” he began. “Now just wait Mr. Ryman!” Kristen said interrupting him and moving closer. John loved it when she called him Mister Ryman. Especially in that pleading voice she was using right now. “I know I would be wonderful for the job and you wouldn’t regret your decision to employ me! I’m punctual and organised and very approachable…” she went on listing her various attributes. As she walked closer and closer towards him Ryman settled his eyes away from her face that was babbling bullshit and instead to her more inviting cleavage. He watched her tits bounce as she spoke and gripped the edge of his desk. Fuck she is hot, he thought. If only she would shut the fuck up. Ryman must have been staring at her tits a lot longer than usual as for the first time Kristen actually noticed where he was looking. A surge of power coursed through her body. Suddenly she knew exactly how she could get the new job and impress the men who had been mocking her this morning. Nobody Escort Batıkent need know how she got the raise — as long as she got it. “Mr. Ryman..” she said softly now. “All I’m trying to say is that I would love to be considered for the opening (she chose her words carefully and deliberately) and I am prepared to do anything to get it.” Kristen raised her hand toward her shirt as she spoke and traced her whore red fingernail across her tits and then into her cleavage. “Anything,” she said again as her finger disappeared into her shirt and she stared into Ryman’s eyes until he got the message. Ryman coughed. The trouble was, there was no fucking position available! But he quickly decided she didn’t need to know this. Kristen had just made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. If he wasn’t mistaken, this hot little ass had just told him she was willing to be his bitch for employment. But he needed to be sure… “I don’t follow, Kristen,” Ryman said as he stared at the beautiful blonde with her fingers in her shirt. Kristen gazed on at her boss and finally undid that fourth button. “I’ll fuck your brains out,” she cooed. “Come here,” Ryman growled at her, still standing his ground. Kristen walked sexily over to her boss, grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. He hungrily grabbed her shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew in all directions as he looked at her amazing tits. She was wearing a black and red lacy bra and was his for the taking. “Suck my dick, beautiful,” he told her. Kristen slunk her body down his and got to her knees. She undid the button of his trousers and pulled his zipper down, letting his trousers fall to the floor and moving his boxers down until they fell too. There standing before her was her boss’s dick. It was average sized but definitely not small. It stood erect and waiting for her. Kristen licked her boss’s cock with her tongue from the tip down to the base. She licked all around his shaft and then lightly sucked his tip. She started to raise her hands up his leg and down them again as she moaned. She was like a cat lapping at her milk, sultry and sexily enjoying every second. Ryman closed his eyes for a moment and let his head fall back. This was amazing…if he had known Kristen would be so willing to give herself to him he would’ve fucked her a long time ago.

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