Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 05

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No matter what I had been told about Carl telling his friends I still forgave him. Besides who could blame him telling his mates about how sexy I was! I watched the video from time to time never failing to bring myself off. The only trouble was it was on the same video as a pantyhose rape that Barry and I had made up, the one in which he came too quickly and I ended up giving him a right mouthful afterwards. So I had to keep it away from my husband. I told him I had taped over it by accident and said we could make another. We never did. I had never been unfaithful apart from Carl. Oh and once before with four men in a gang bang situation. But that was for my husbands benefit so that wasn’t really being unfaith. Well I don’t think so. OK I had better explain.

Well Barry was out of work for a time and it really pissed me off., especially the day when Jenny and Lin were having coffee with me when our car was taken away. I mean how fucking embarrassing for me, having to witness our smart 4 year old BMW being repossessed. I could barely hide the tears as they hauled it onto the tow truck. Shortly after my car disappeared so did my friends. I stood against the inside of the closed front door; Jenny and Lin were out on the pavement waiting for a taxi.

“Quick give me your mobile phone I can’t wait to tell everyone little miss snobby has had her precious car taken away,” Jenny sniggered.

“Yeah stuck up cow, well Mr wonderful isn’t so wonderful now,” Lin added.

God was I livid with my husband for losing his job. If that wasn’t bad enough Jenny came round 2 months later, and bragged about Greg’s promotion. I stood there trying not to boil over. Then she mentioned they were thinking of getting a new car.

“Yeah we really liked that BMW you had, we were thinking of something similar, but new of course.”

“Oh really,” I said, “how nice.”

I stared down at the back of her head as she sipped her coffee. I smiled wanting to fill her fucking smug face in with the frying pan I was gripping the shit out of!

So enough was enough, well I liked our little games to see how we could out do each other. Well only when I was ‘Queen Bee’ naturally. So I set my plan into action.

There I was making eyes across the table at my ex-boyfriend. I had dumped him for Barry years ago. The main reason being Barry had money and Jason didn’t. Oh Jason did have a fit body and went to the gym to enhance his muscular frame, and he was a real handsome hunk, oh and a master in the bedroom with a cock that could last as long as an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical.


Look I know you might think I’m a money grabbing bitch. But I’m not, I could probably have waited the 5 years for Jason to get his act together, but he showed no bloody sign of it. ……………………………………

So there he was sat behind his desk, dripping in expensive jewellery, and a very expensive suit.

“Oh Jason please you know he’s a good worker. He can do that sales job you must admit he can?”

“Yeah but I’ve got people to interview.”

“Christ Jason I’m only asking you to give him a chance. Please, for me?”

God he was enjoying this too much.

“Give me a blow job,” he said out of the blue.


“If you really want him to get the job suck me off.”

“And Barry gets the Job?”

“I want a blow job now and you naked back here at 7.30 tonight.”

I choked and gagged as he filled my mouth. I tried my best not to swallow any but he tickled my neck.

“Poor Julie you’ve lost your touch, you always used to be good at that.”

I ignored his comments and he let me up handing me some tissues.

“Remember 7.30, and naked.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just done. Well it was pointless not going back now I told myself.

At 7.30 I knocked on his office door.

“Come in Julie,” I heard Jason answer.

I dropped my coat and walked in naked apart from my high heels. The door slammed behind me, and I spun round.

“This is Steve, Vince, and Al, they will be working with your husband, so I thought they had better get to know you too.”

I gulped as three sets of eyes feasted on my naked body. Before I could say anything I was pushed over the desk. Jason grabbed me and his cock slammed into my pussy. I bit my lip as he fucked me hard, finally spewing the contents of his balls up my stretched fanny.

“Well I must be going I’m taking my wife out for a special dinner,” he said wiping his cock on my thigh.

Arrogant bastard I thought.

“Oh ah, careful guys she’s not as good as she used to be, I reckon hubby is on the small side.”

He stood there watching for a while with an amused grin on his face.

“Oh!” I cried as a cock pushed into me.

Steve was fucking me hard and fast, as a cock was pressed to my lips. I looked up to see its owner Al smiling down at me, he pushed it into my mouth.

“I bet your old man would love to see this, what do you think Julie?” He grunted as he pushed himself sakarya escort further into my mouth.

He unloaded a few minutes later. I coughed and choked spitting out what I could. Jason came up to me, as Steve was still hammering away.

“God Julie, how’s your friend Jenny? She was always a better fuck than you,” he said watching for my reaction.

“Shit you didn’t!” I screamed.

“Every chance we got. Surely you must have noticed the strange taste on my dick when you sucked me off now and then?”

“You bastard!”

The men were laughing now.

“Jenny loved to know you were sucking me off moments after we fucked.”

I started a torrent of abuse until Vince slipped his dick into my mouth muffling my words. I could hear Jason laughing out in the hall until it faded away and all I could hear was the excited grunts of the 3 men fucking me. They finally finished with me an hour later. My cunt ached and my mouth was sore. They took me to the bathroom and I cleaned myself up. They just stood there talking about going to the pub.

“Hurry up we are wasting valuable drinking time here,” Al snapped.

Then they all laughed like schoolboys as I mumbled under my breath. I was bundled into the elevator and pinned against the side. I tried to fend off the six hands that groped at me but I was fighting a losing battle. They just laughed as they tormented my nipples, and pulled fanny lips until we reached the ground level.

So Barry got the job, and I managed to drag my keys down Jason’s car a few weeks later! 4 months later we went to the Christmas do. Now the three apes who had fucked me in Jason’s office were winking and smiling at me. I just ignored them until later when they started to touch me up. One of them would take Barry off talking about work or something equally as boring, leaving the other two squeezing my ass and tits, and telling me how they couldn’t wait to have me again! By the end of the night Barry was totally out of it. Somehow the four of us managed to get him home. So there I was hubby tucked up in bed, and trying to shove a drunk Al, Steve, and Vince out the door. No chance! The bastards ripped off my new cream trousers, and 3 hours later I staggered drunkenly to the loo. I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I squinted once or twice at the swaying drunk until my eyes focused a little better. My make-up had been spread all over my face and that dry stuff on my chin? I puked into the sink realising what it was. God even my puke looked like spunk, well I suppose it was! I wiped my fanny god knows where it was all coming from, then I looked in the mirror again as I brushed a hand through my hair, I could feel a sticky wet patch. I looked at my hand. The last thing I seem to remember was being told to kneel on the floor. So there I was naked my cunt and mouth dripping with cum, and all three of them were tossing themselves off. They finally helped me to my feet and as I swayed in my drunken state I went to put my hand to my head.

“No don’t do that darling; you’ll spoil your surprise in the morning.”

They all started that bloody stupid laughing again, and then they left.

So there I was at 3am washing the spunk out of my hair that they had deposited. Still it began to sober me up a bit, well enough to know that when I got into bed I put my arm in the sticky sick my snoring husband had left. God did I give him shit the next day. I made him throw out all the bedding, and go and buy a new mattress out of his golf club fund.

A few days later he came home from work and told me about the souvenir Steve had.

“Yeah he showed me this pair of white knickers with little red hearts on, he said he got them off some scrubber, she couldn’t get enough of him he reckons, and she begged him for more.”

An hour later I threw out the matching bra, and I never went to another works do after that.


So you see I have had to put up with a lot to help my husband. I mean I got him the job didn’t I?


Two weeks after Carl went home I was happily fingering myself off to the video we made when the doorbell rings. Cursing under my breath I stopped the video and pulled my jeans up. I let mum and my stepfather in. Now I never knew my real dad. Mum wouldn’t tell me who he was. When I was 4 she married Clive, now Clive is built like a brick shithouse not only that he is black. As I grew older into my teens I had friends who would stay the night. We would watch videos, sneak vodka into my big bedroom and chat about boys, that sort of thing. Several times much to my embarrassment Clive and mum were at it. I would cringe as my friends giggled listening to mum groaning as Clive pounded her. Mum’s bedroom was down the other end of the hall so they must have thought we couldn’t hear. I nearly died the day I heard my mum pant ‘stick it up my ass darling’. Jenny, Hazel, and Annie screwed their faces up, and I was so furious I ran down the hall.

“Julie!” samsun escort My mum shrieked grabbing the bed covers and pulling them over her naked body. My mouth dropped open as there he was in all his glory, my naked stepfather. His cock was stood straight up like a tent pole. It looked very long, and very thick, with veins that resembled electrical cable running all over it. Christ the thing was a beast! I pulled the door shut and wandered back to my bedroom in a trance.

“I, I’ve just seen it.”

I sat on the bed staring into space.

“It was this big,” I said vacantly demonstrating with my hands.

The girls gasped.

“And this fat,” again I made a gesture with my hands.

The girls gasped louder.

“Christ and your mum wanted it up her bum; she must have a hell of a size asshole.”

“Jenny!” I shrieked.

Gradually we settled down for the night, but all I could think about was Clive, well not Clive so much as his dick. Now up until that point I was quite embarrassed by mum marrying a black man. OK he is a doctor, but I mean in our town black families are rare. Kids at school often teased me about Clive, and when I was very young I would end up in floods of tears. But as I grew older I hardened to the cruel comments, eventually giving as good as I received. In the morning we went down to breakfast, and there he stood in just his trousers drinking milk out of the bottle, god that was gross. We all slid into the chairs around the breakfast table. I looked round wondering why it was so quiet. All three of my friends were glued to him, or rather his chest.

“Morning Girls,” he said with an amused grin.

I looked at Annie who had just let out this silly ‘oh you are wonderful’ giggle as she couldn’t take her smiling eyes off him. I kicked Jenny under the table when I saw her eyes staring at Clive’s chest.

“Ouch!” She said with a jump.

He walked away with a smile.

“See you later girls,” he said like some cool black James Bond.

“OK how long have you lot felt like this?” I hissed annoyed.

“Ages,” Annie said still in a dream.

“Sorry Julie but when you described his thing last night, and anyway you were gob smacked by it,” Jenny said.

“No, no I didn’t mean like that! It was a shock, I don’t…”

“Oh! Um sorry,” Hazel said screwing her face up with embarrassment.

They all looked rather apologetically at me, but the damage had now been done. The thought of my friends fancying Clive would wind me up for the rest of my life. Later Clive came back into the kitchen and offered us a lift into town. I stood staring in disbelief, as my three friends pushed and shoved each other out of the way to get in the front seat of the car.


Now I know what you are thinking. Nice little stepdaughter can’t resist well hung black stepfather. WRONG! You see after that I’m sure Clive knew I had told my friends about his, well the size of it. He would tease me by asking when he was going to see my cute friends again. I would storm out of the room while he and mum would giggle. I mean really! Whenever one of them came round he’d tell them how nice they looked. God I was livid, and mum would just giggle and tell him to stop teasing me. OK she saw it as a Joke but I was bloody mad!


But one day I found out something about him that I used against him. They went to a fancy dress do, and mum borrowed my old school uniform. That night when they came home drunk they were banging away, and I could hear him telling her how school uniforms turned him on. Now I never forgot that, and a few weeks after my 18th mum went into hospital for some minor operation. I told Jason I couldn’t meet him that night, but I told Clive I was going with Jason to a fancy dress party but didn’t know what to wear.

“Would your old school uniform fit you? Why don’t you wear that?”

God this was easy. Two hours later I walked into the lounge wearing a black bra and panty set, a thin white blouse that couldn’t hide my bra. And my old grey mini skirt with pleats all around. I wore mink coloured tights and my black high heeled court shoes. I had fixed my make-up real heavy, with loads of black eye shadow, and three coats of black mascara. My lips hung heavy with a deep red lipstick, and I wore my hair up in ponytail. I swayed a little pretending that I had drunk too much booze in my bedroom.

“Christ Julie you’re drunk already?” Clive said glancing at my bra showing through my blouse.

“Well I get all dressed up, and that asshole phones, and then tells me he can’t make it.”

I slumped in the chair clutching my vodka and coke, making sure to let my little skirt flick up and give Clive a glimpse of my black panties underneath.

“Who Jason?” he asked.

“Christ how many boyfriends do you think I’ve got?” I snapped back.

I stared at the telly still pretending to be pissed off. Now my dear old stepfather couldn’t keep şanlıurfa escort his eyes off me. I watched his reflection in the smoke glass door of the video cabinet under the telly. His eyes would flick from the screen to my thighs. So just to add to the sight of his sexy stepdaughter, I crossed my legs rubbing the nylon together to make that sexy rasping sound.

“Well I don’t know what to do now,” I said with a slur.

“Well you’ve had enough to drink.”

I looked straight at him and tipped the rest of my drink into my mouth. Clive just looked at me with disgust.

“Well he stood me up again,” I snapped, “look at the effort I made; I mean if I was your girlfriend would you stand me up?”

He didn’t answer. I staggered to my feet and swayed right in front of him.

“Well Clive don’t I look sex, sexy?” I said with a stutter and a forced hiccup.

He looked a little flustered but I wanted more of a reaction than that.

“I mean, look I’ve got great legs have, haven’t I?”

“Yes,” he mumbled licking his lips nervously.

“You don’t know you didn’t even look at them. Look, look at them!” I yelled forcing another pretend hiccup.

I watched is gaze as he looked slowly up my legs.

“Yes they are great legs,” he said distantly.

“And this skirt, does it, does it still look good on me,” I grabbed the hem waving it up and down.

As my head swayed my eyes saw a slight bulge in his trousers. His eyes were glued to my dancing hemline, or rather my panties underneath.

“Julie you ought to go to bed,” he said gulping.

“I don’t know if I can make it on my own,” I stammered forcing another hiccup.

I slipped forward and twisted, ending up on his lap with my legs splayed over the arm of the chair. I cuddled him nuzzling my nose into his neck. I felt a tentative hand on my leg, it felt warm and comforting.

“Oh Jason stroke my leg, “I said in a drunken dreamy state.

I grabbed my hem and pulled it right up exposing my panties and tights to Clive. He just sat there with his drunken stepdaughter on his lap. I wriggled my ass onto his lap detecting a lump in his trousers. I heard him gulp, and then I felt his hand slowly travel up my leg. I knew he was probably at odds with himself. Could he finger his stepdaughter and get away with it? Could he look me in the eye the next day? Could he look his wife in the eye when she came home from hospital? I purred and his hand stopped moving up my leg. Then I pretended to settle again. His hand started moving lightly up over my knee and onto my thigh. He began flexing his fingers on my leg a little, making my tights slide across my smooth shaved thigh. I heard him swallow just as contact with my fanny was imminent. And I felt a light kiss on my forehead. I opened an eye seeing his hand poised; he clenched his fist and then opened it. I looked down at my long legs spread like Bambi, the sheen of my nylon clad legs held his gaze. The wait seemed to go on for ages. Slowly his hand moved towards the mound of my fanny which was hidden under my tights and panties.

“Ops sorry I must have passed out,” I said struggling up before he touched me.

I slid off of him still pretending to be drunk, and not quite conscious of the state I was in. He coughed clearing his throat.

“God did you see my knickers?”

“N, No,” he mumbled.

I ran my hand over my brow making out I was still drunk, and then bent down right in front of him to retrieve my handbag. I bet he nearly shot his load there and then with my ass just a few feet from his face.

“God you looked at my knickers then you pervert!” I snapped.

“Julie I…I didn’t.”

“I’m going to bed. Just be thankful I don’t tell mum,” I snapped and stumbled to the door.

I lay in bed congratulating myself on a wonderful teasing display. An hour later I could hear him grunting in the bathroom tossing his cock off thinking of his sexy stepdaughter. The following day I slammed things around the house. He could hardly look me in the eye, when he did he got a frosty glare. Just before we left for the hospital to see mum he couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Julie what happened last night, well um…”

I decided to put him out of his misery.

“You know why I’m pissed off with you don’t you?”

He looked down. God was I enjoying this.

“You could have offered to take me to the party and pick me up; instead you let me fall asleep!”

He looked blankly at me for a while.

“I don’t understand,” he said slowly.

“When a girl gets herself all ready for a night out and her boyfriend cancels do you know how much that hurts?”

“Well you could have asked for a lift?”

“So I’ve got to beg now have I?” I snapped.

“No just ask. But you were drunk.”

“That’s just your excuse. You’ve always hated me.”

“I haven’t, that’s not true,” he protested.


“Julie you passed out.”

“Yeah well, how come you didn’t put me to bed?” I narrowed my eyes.

He wiped his hand across his brow. I could see how exasperated he was.

“And why was my skirt right up?”

He looked very worried at my last statement.

“It just landed like that.”

I relaxed a little.

“OK perhaps it did. I suppose you were frightened to push it down in case I woke up?” I said giving him a lifeline.

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