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Insurance AgentThe knock came exactly at 5pm. At least, he was on time. This was just a total waste of time. Like I had the time for this. Damn though when I opened the door….. Was not ready for what was standing there. He was tall and dark with that trimmed beard and deep green eyes. Even his voice was sexy. Eventually he asked me whether I was going to let him in at some stage or just gape there. Gathering my wits about me, I nodded and let him in. Finally, my brain started working and I offered him a drink. He asked for a scotch and a poured myself a double, although I could be pretty sure it was a triple vodka and orange. Sitting down beside me on the sofa, he proceeded to explain all about life insurance. LIFE INSURANCE????? I mean wtf right? Who on earth can concentrate with Adonis there. Like I cared if I died right there on the spot. And he kept on asking whether I was understanding. Yeah yeah just go on and on and on. I was feeling the heat swirling up between my legs. My heart was racing. The universe for once was on my side and whollop and crash, lightening struck. Hey, I mean it. The thunder was tremendous and the heavens opened. It started pouring, which made me scream and jump up, nearly knocking his drink out of his hand. “Nothing to be scared about” he said to which I looked at him like he turned into a two headed monkey. Right again I thought. With another crash, the house kind of shook and we were plunged in darkness. Fuck fuck fuck I thought. Just my luck. Adonis brought me down to earth with, “excuse me, have you got any candles?” halkalı escort Candles! Of course. What a prat!!!! Rummaging about in the cupboard I got out some candles. “And how about lighting the fire? Seems like you were going to do just that.” Fifteen minutes later, the fire was roaring, the living room dimly and romantically lit with candles, he just sat back and continued his litany on life insurance, benefits and bla bla. Honestly, that is all I understood bla bla bla bla. At some stage, even his gorgeous self couldn’t keep me from totally losing interest. I must have dozed off but the next thing I know was that I felt his hand move my hair away from my face. Hazily, I let him and seeing no defense, the same hand explored my neck, going inside my shirt. Deftly, he undid my buttons. This felt so good. In no time at all, the shirt was open and pulling my bra down, my breasts leapt to attention. Fully awake and slightly embarrassed, I looked at him. The grin on his face said it all. The storm around us was adding fuel to the fire in the room as he grabbed my hair and pulling my head back, kissed me hungrily as his fingers deftly felt my nipple. There was no turning back now. My body was betraying me, responding to his caresses. His fingers worked their magic, twisting and tugging at my nipple as his mouth closed in on the other one. My back arched towards him. Bugger! In all the sexual tension, I forgot his name. These things only happen to me. Slowly, he crept down on his knees, pushing nişantaşı escort up my skirt and pulling my lace underwear down. Parting my knees and spreading my legs, he came face to face with my bare, hot, dripping pussy. With a sigh, his mouth closed in on it, sending me into a flurry of little orgasmic feelings. His tongue felt its way into my crevasses, licking the sides of my clit. His beard felt coarse and I could feel my pussy going sore as he lapped and sucked on my clit. By the sounds of ‘mmmmmm’s that were emitted from my pussy, I gathered he was thoroughly sated. My hands were clutching the back of the sofa as I pushed my pussy further into his mouth. I, on the other hand wanted more and more. His hand joined his mouth and I felt two fingers exploring my hot pussy as he roughly fucked me with them. There was no mercy and between his fingers and his tongue, I was exploding on his face, my hands on my breasts, groping them. I couldn’t stop cumming and cumming. It felt so good. Adonis then proceeded to lick my cum, planting little kisses all over my torso and my breasts. His lips on mine, I could taste myself as his tongue swirled round mine. Suddenly he was kneeling across me on the sofa, his big cock in my face. Grabbing both my hands and pushing them high above my head, I was trapped between his body and the sofa. His green eyes twinkling, he grabbed my hair and pulled me down on his cock. It filled my mouth but tasted so good. I could taste the precum in my mouth as he started şişli escort to fuck it hard. I could hardly breathe and yet I didn’t want him to stop. Pinching my nipple, he went harder and deeper until I could feel him shudder and pulling out of my mouth, I felt his hot and sticky cum hitting my face, dripping down in my mouth and down my chin. Sexily, I looked at him. “I am not ready”, he said. My inner Goddess was, at this point wohoooing away. There’s more!!!!! Grabbing my ankles, he pulled me down the sofa, so I was on my knees bent over the sofa. Kissing the back of my neck, fresh kisses were planted on my back. His hand cupped my pussy and started slapping it. My moaning was now in sync with the storm and I was so lost that I am still not sure which was the loudest – the thunder or my screams of passion. The smell of sex was unbearably sexy and wanton. He touched places I didn’t know existed which only made me want more. Holding my back down, he knelt behind me on one knee and filled me with his throbbing cock. I couldn’t have felt sluttier if I tried. Harder and deeper in me he went as the thunder around us shook the house. His hand came down hard on my buttocks, slapping it as I pushed against him further. My body abandoned all notion of common sense wanting more and more. The noise of his slapping my buttocks filled the room coupled with his balls hitting against my pussy. This time, the climax was in sync and with a gruff “NOW!”, we both shuddered and shook, orgasming again. This time he didn’t move and shot it all in me. It took some time for us to get off the floor but the grins were indicative that this evening turned into a thunderous one in more ways than one. Unfortunately, the lights still had not come back and with a grin, he said, “I’m afraid, I’ll have to be back so we can finish the insurance explanation. I might just get some aids with me next time……………….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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