In Humiliating Service Ch. 01

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I am a thirty-six year old, good looking, rugged, bisexual male. I am very athletic, in great shape, with good Nordic looks. I ride motorcycles, love extreme sports, am well educated with a degree in Engineering and an MBA, own my own successful business, have lots of friends and am sought after by attractive women. I love having relationships with great looking women and also love having occasional flings with men. There is a darker side to me though. I love humiliation. It makes me hornier that anything and gives me those oh so nice butterflies in the belly. This series is about how I get this humiliation by having sex with very unattractive people that very few would touch. I get off on sexually servicing these people that would probably not be getting any sex if it were not for my debasement. This series is a few of my adventures and each chapter can be read on its own.

I love riding motorcycles, and on nice days I like taking rides outside of my city. I love riding for an hour or so and stopping at local Redneck bars or Honky Tonks and having a couple of beers. These places are great because you meet the locals of whatever small town you are in and the patrons are usually fine with their lots in life. It is not like in the trendy city bars and clubs where everyone is trying to show how great they are.

One Saturday I rode to a small town about two hours outside of my city. The ride was great, all on back country roads. When I reached this town, full of Main Street decayed old buildings I noticed a bar. I stopped in and ordered a beer. There was a college football game being played on a big screen and the few patrons were really into the game.

Two seats down from me on the bar was an old very fat lady. She was probably mid-sixties about five foot four and well over two hundred pounds. She had shoulder length blond bleached hair. Her face was not that wrinkly because the fat stretched her skin out but one side kind of sagged, I guess because of a stroke. She had HUGE saggy tits, a big gut that protruded more than her tits, a humongous ass that flowed off the bar stool and very thick thighs. I could see the cottage cheese texture of her thighs very easily because she was wearing shorts.

She kept talking to me about the game and the players of team she was rooting for. Since she was talking a lot to me, I moved a seat down to be next to her. She seemed happy with my move and continued talking about various players and how great they were. I listened politely and made a few comments of my own.

I learned that her name was Phyllis and confirmed by her slurred speech that her half sagging face was definitely from a stroke.

Within five minutes she spread her massive cottage cheese thighs so the one next to me touched my thigh. I pushed my thigh into hers with a little more pressure and she did not mind at all, so I started touching her with my hand when we were talking to each other. On various plays she would grab onto my thigh which was less than a quarter the size of hers.

My cock was as hard as it would get. She was the perfect woman for me to humiliate myself with, and I leaned in to listen to her with interest as she talked. The thought of burying my head in her old fat snatch sent shivers of horny shame through my bones!

When the game ended, I started asking her personal questions about herself and her life and she was thrilled to answer in length. I found out that her Husband had died from a work-related accident eight years go and that she had never dated or been with a man since. Tüyap escort bayan Her kids were all grown up and lived with their spouses. She lived by herself in a mobile home, four miles away and comes to the bar to watch games.

By now she was holding my hand tightly and I knew that I was going to service this fat old lady. Finishing my beer I told her, “I never drink more than two beers in a bar. I don’t want a DUI and I need to be safe on my motorcycle.”

“That’s a shame.” She slurred, “I am having so much fun talking to you.”

“I am also having a great time and don’t want to end the conversation.” I replied. “Why don’t we go back to your place and continue?”

She quickly agreed with as much of a smile as she could manage. I told her I would follow her to her trailer on my motorcycle.

When she got up off the bar stool I could she even better how fat and cellulite ridden she was. Her thighs and arms just wobbled as she said good bye to the bartender and waddled out the front door. She was disgusting and I was going to humiliate myself be feasting on her!

She hoisted herself up into an old beat-up pick-up truck as I put on my helmet and revved my bike. Within five minutes we were at her trailer.

I followed her in and she took two cans Keystone beer out fridge and opened them for us. I took a sip from mine and said, “Thank you.”

Before she could sit down, I grabbed her and just leaned in for a kiss. I could see the shock in her face but she latched on to me enveloping me in her massive chest and kissed back with passion. We made out for a few minutes and I enjoyed feeling all of the rolls of fat on her back and ass.

“Why would a great looking young man like you be kissing a Grandma like me?” She asked, when we finally parted for some air.

“I just find you so fun to talk with and I am very attracted to you Phyllis.” I replied, taking her hand and putting it on my rock-hard cock, “You can feel that I am not lying.”

“Oh my!” She exclaimed, “It has been years since I have felt one of those!”

She then grabbed me really hard and Frenched me with years of built up passion! I grabbed onto her kissing back. I kind of melted into her flab and could taste the cheap beer on her breath. I was so disgusted with myself but just needed to feel this shame of servicing her!

We made our way to the sofa never letting go of each other. Phyllis pushed me down onto it and she flopped on top of me. I was smothered in her flesh and we continued making out. Her lips were soft and flabby and I so knew that I was making out with an old woman. My forearms almost disappeared into the rolls of fat on her back as I hugged her tightly. Her tongue was huge and juice and completely filled up my mouth when I sucked on it. This was such delicious nastiness.

I felt all of her fleshy back, ass and cellulite ridden thighs as we made out. My lips were starting to get sore by the time Phyllis sat up and pulled of her huge T-shirt and unsnapped her massive bra.

Her tits were humongous! All fleshy and sagging with huge areolas much bigger than silver dollars and nipples the size of cherry tomatoes that were not defined at all but just melded into her massive breasts. Her stomach was bigger even yet. Filled with stretch mark scars and even some varicose veins. It was truly disgusting and I was going to spend time being intimate with her! I felt shame burn in the pit of my stomach and my cock got even harder with precum wetting my underwear. It was only right that I debase myself Escort Tüyap in the service of this old fat lady who would probably never have sex again in her life if it were not for me.

Phyllis also pulled my shirt off and laid back down on me. I could now feel her warmth more, and sweat was building up between us. We made out for a while longer and then she sat up and I sucked on her huge nipples. While doing so I kept grabbing mounds of her breast and stomach flab squeezing and massaging it. I could tell that Phyllis was loving it by the absolute blissful faces she was making.

Eventually Phyllis climbed off of me and said, “Let’s move to the bedroom. It will be much more comfortable there.” With that she took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. Once in she Kicked off her shoes and pulled down her shorts along with her panties.

Man was she one big tub of fat. I could see how her stomach hung over her crotch, like a huge third tit, completely blocking it from sight. Her ass was also huge and it sagged with its weight and age. She had tons of varicose veins all over her calves and some on her thighs, stomach and the exposed sides of her tits. Phyllis was a walking lump of cottage cheese! So much cellulite!

Phyllis went down to her knees and started sucking my cock. It felt wonderful. She knew how to avoid using her teeth and was very gentle. Her huge tongue was so soft. In less than a minute I pushed her away telling her that I was already on the edge. Once I came there would be no way I would do anything with her.

I pushed Phyllis back onto her bed and started kissing and sucking the rolls of fat on her stomach slowly working my way down to her thighs. Pushing her massive stomach over to the side I could see that she had a huge bush of black and gray hair. No razor had ever seen her snatch. I could also smell her arousal so earthy and intoxicating. I nuzzled my face into the ripples of fat on her thighs and continued kissing and sucking on her cellulite up and down both thighs.

She moaned with delight as much as I burned with shame for doing this. I eventually made my way to her fat pussy. I pushed the bush hairs away with my nose and made a long lick from taint to hood. She was sopping wet and shivered.

“You are a god!” She moaned to me, “It have been over 30 years since my late husband ever went down on me. Please don’t stop.”

There was no way I was going to stop. Being on my knees on the floor feasting on this fat, wet, hairy cunt was just where I was meant to be. My whole body burned in my debasement and my cock leaked precum with no end. This would be my service to the less fortunate.

I lightly licked her taint and the very bottom of her opening for a few minutes. Phyllis moaned, shuddered and grabbed the back of my head telling me that she needed more. I obliged by giving her some long licks from taint to hood. She seemed to be trying to pull by head to her clit so I shifted my focus. Her clit was huge, as big as the last part of my pinky finger and I could suck on it almost as if it was a little cock. Suck on it I did and in less than a minute I felt Phyllis clenching her fat thighs around my head as she shuddered in a huge climax.

My face felt the wetness, and my whole world at that point was her huge snatch. I could feel her rough hairs on my cheeks and forehead. Phyllis’s thighs seemed to get warmer and then she released her vice grip on my head throatily exclaiming how great it was.

I did not stop I kept sucking lightly on that clit Tüyap Escort and started lightly rubbing the bottom of her huge opening with my right index finger. Phyllis shuddered in three more powerful orgasms within ten minutes.

“Enough!” She exclaimed, “I can’t take it anymore. I need you inside of me.”

I climbed up on the bed and got on top of Phyllis I kissed her lightly, feeling how my thin body just melted into all of her flab. Her huge gut and massive tits were so soft under my firm abdomen and chest.

“I am going to enter you now, Phyllis.” I told her, “What I am going to ask of you might sound weird but please promise me this. When I cum and roll off of you, climb on top of me and straddle my face. Feed me your well fucked pussy!”

“Why would you want me to do that to you?” She asked with a perplexed look.

“I will make me horny again so that we can continue our fun.” I replied.

“Are you sure?” She asked once again.

I shook my head yes and penetrated her to the hilt. Her cunt was so big and wet my cock just slid in easily. Her pussy was not tight at all. It felt like I had velvet wrapped around my cock. It was so silky and wet. It just lightly tickled the sides of my cock. I slowly fucked Phyllis taking care to pull my dick all the way out, totally removing the head from her labia and penetrating to the hilt.

Her pussy felt so great I could only last a minute and had a massive climax. So much shame, and a huge load of cum poured out of me, deep into her gash. As soon as I calmed down, I regretted my request and what was about to happen but knew that I needed it. It would humiliate me even more and confirm my service.

I rolled off of Phyllis and laid on my back on the bed. Phyllis rolled over on to her side and hoisted herself up to her knees. I was amazed by the sight of all her huge fleshy bulk. I watched mesmerized and she waddled over to my head on her knees and swung a knee and thigh over my face. She leaned forward and planted her crotch right on top of my face. I breathed in her musky scent and could feel all her stomach flab and massive tits weigh down on my stomach and chest and then my world went dark.

I reached up and grabbed huge armfuls of her big rippled ass cheeks and began sucking and licking her snatch. At first, I could only taste Phyllis’s wetness but time and gravity finally took over, and my load started leaking out. I sucked it in and swallowed it down. This was so disgusting. The humiliation of what I was doing and the bitter bleachy taste of my load making me horny again. I started licking and sucking with renewed vigor and stuck my tongue and lips as far into her wet folds as I could. Not much cum came out but the taste kept on filling my mouth.

I thought about what all my friends, family, coworkers and hot exes would think of me if they could see me now. The thought of them seeing me in my current debasement burned deep in my stomach and my shame grew. I got hard again and started sucking on Phyllis’s clit once more.

Phyllis had another small orgasm and rolled off of me totally satiated. I climbed on top of her putting my head on her massive tit and wedging her huge thigh between my thin legs so that my balls were mushed into here thigh cellulite.

It felt so comfy and Phyllis declared, “I can’t believe you are hard already! I can’t go again; you have tired this old lady out.”

“That’s OK Sweetheart.” I replied, “I will save it for next time I am out this way.”

I snuggled with Phyllis for a while letting the burning shame of what I had done burn deep into me. Eventually we got up and Phyllis fried us some eggs and bacon and sent me on my way. Not before hugging me really tight and forcing a good make out session on me.

I promised to call her next time I came her way. I know I will be on a regular basis.

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