In-Flight Fantasy

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Martin couldn’t wait for the plane to touch down in Denver. The business trip he had been on had only lasted a couple of weeks, but it felt like months since he had been able to eat a home-cooked meal, sleep in his own bed and, most importantly, have sex with his girlfriend. The flight from Vancouver was less than three hours in duration, but he knew from experience that the flights home always seemed to be longer than the flights away.

It wasn’t a very busy flight, but still all three seats on his side of the aisle were taken. He had booked the window seat, just as he always did. Next to him was a striking middle-aged woman, probably about ten years older than his thirty-two years of age. She was tall with long, black hair, and appeared to be of mixed race, perhaps half Caucasian and half Latin. She was dressed in a thigh-length black skirt and either stockings or nylons, as well as a simple white blouse. The top couple of buttons on the blouse were undone, giving Martin a nice view of her impressive cleavage, the result of what appeared to be at least D-cup breasts pushed up by a quality bra. On the other side of this woman was another man. He looked to be about fifty years old or so, but his obesity could easily have made him look older than he really was. Luckily for the woman, as soon as the plane reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt lights were turned off, the rather large man took advantage of the quiet flight by moving to a seat in an unoccupied row.

Martin kept waiting for the woman to move over to the aisle seat, but for some reason she stayed sitting right next to him. She put on a pair of headphones and watched the in-flight entertainment as Martin tried to focus on his book, constantly stealing glances of her full breasts. Two weeks without sex had taken its toll and his cock was swelling Escort bayan in his pants, wishing he could see more of her chest. He imagined what they would look like if he were to be able to undo her shirt and bra, and what they would feel like if he were able to cup them in his hands or, even better, slide his cock between them.

The drink service came by soon after they had reached altitude and the raven-haired beauty had asked for water. He declined any refreshment, having been sipping at his own bottle of water since arriving at the airport a couple of hours earlier. The woman lowered her tray and placed the small plastic cup on top of it as she continued to watch the programming on the small screen. A few minutes later the woman lifted the armrest between her seat and the empty one beside her, slipping out from under the tray and standing up to use the restroom. She returned a few minutes later and slid right back under the tray to her seat. This time, however, she bumped the tray with her thighs, sending her water toppling into Martin’s lap.

“Oh my goodness!” she said. “I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Martin said, laughing. He wondered if he would have laughed if it wasn’t such a beautiful woman who had soaked his crotch.

“I’m so clumsy!” she said. “Here, let me help you.” She grabbed onto the two napkins that the flight attendant had left with her and began to pat down Martin’s thighs. She didn’t seem to notice how intrusive her touch was as she then began to pat down his crotch as well. Martin, of course, noticed it very quickly. He was unsure as to whether or not he should say anything, but he wound up choosing not to. His cock began to swell even more, making it impossible for the woman to have not noticed.

“There you go,” she said. “At least it’s a little Bayan Escort bit drier.” She reached out to feel his jeans. “Not bad,” she said, her hand sliding up to his crotch, resting on his hard-on. “Not bad at all.”

Martin sat in shock as she began rubbing her hand up and down the length of his cock. She looked at him with a mischievous smile on her face for a moment, then looked around the plane. None of the attendants or passengers seemed to be paying any attention, so she reached under the seat in front of her to retrieve the blazer she had been wearing when she boarded the plane. She put the blazer in his lap and then slid her hand underneath it. She went straight for his belt, unbuckling it before deftly undoing his button and zipper. Neither of them said a word as she reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock. He let out a soft moan as she began stroking it up and down, the motion hidden only by her jacket.

He truly couldn’t believe what was happening. Like any man, he had fantasized countless times about fucking or even just fooling around with a woman he just met, but he had never thought he would get a chance to live one of those fantasies. Strangely, the only reason he considered having her stop had nothing to do with the fact that his girlfriend would be picking him up from Denver International Airport in a couple of hours. The reason he was uncomfortable was that he knew his cock was smaller than average and was quite embarrassed about it. She showed no sign, however, of being disappointed with his five-inch member. Truth be told, she showed no interest, either. She had put the headphones back on her ears and didn’t seem to even care that she was stroking a strange man’s cock as she watched the programming.

Martin tried to act nonchalant as well, but was having Escort a much harder time with that. Several passengers had walked past, but the woman had made no move to remove her hand or even slow her stroking rhythm. The only time she stopped was when the flight attendant came by to collect garbage. Even then she kept her hand under her blazer, wrapped tightly around his cock as she placed the cup and napkins into the bag that was held out to her.

Martin knew that she had been rubbing his cock for a while, but he was surprised when the announcement came over the system announcing their descent into Denver. It was at this point that the woman finally took her hand off of his cock. Disappointed and yet thankful that she was done, Martin planned to let his cock soften a bit before tucking it back into his pants. He watched as the woman pulled her purse out from under the seat in front of her and removed a small bottle of lotion. She squirted a generous amount onto her right hand and then slipped her hand right back under the blazer, grabbing onto his cock once again. The lotion proved to be a wonderful lubricant, taking the handjob to a whole new level. She rubbed his cock faster and harder, obviously determined to take him over the edge.

It took less than two minutes for her to achieve her objective. Martin’s cock exploded, cum shooting all over her hand and her jacket. She slowed her stroking as she felt his juices ooze all over her. When he was finally done she let go and used her jacket to wipe the cum from her hand and his cock. Martin reached under the blazer and tucked his cock back into his pants just as she folded her blazer up and rested it in her own lap.

They were both silent as the plane touched down and then taxied to its designated gate. A few minutes later the seatbelt sign turned off and the passengers began to collect their belongings. The plane began to clear and, just as the woman was about to walk away, she turned to face him.

“Sorry about the mess,” she said with a wink before joining the other passengers as they disembarked.

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