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Big Cock

I looked at the website written down on the paper. “Try it,” Tom had told me. “It’s an online chat room, many people. If you don’t like it, just don’t go back.” I booted up Google Chrome and typed in the address.

I stared at the screen. 757 rooms! Many, many topics. Where to start? I clicked on one where the topic of discussion wasn’t obvious. “Mox’s Chat.” I wondered idly what “Mox” was.

The words on the screen popped up. “Hello, I’m Mox.”

I quickly typed back. “Hello, I’m Ivan.”

“How old are you?”

“35, and you?”


Mox and I chatted at random for an hour, covering all sorts of esoteric topics. We got along quite well. At the end, Mox went into “private” mode on the chat and sent me a picture.

“You’re a woman?” I typed. “And here I was thinking anyone who was this interested in the things I am had to be male.”

Mox’s response was surprising. “Of course I’m a woman. 🙂 I thought you were a girl, because no man would be interested in these subjects!”

I opened up the picture and was very happy Mox couldn’t hear me gasp. “WOW! You’re gorgeous! Voluptuous curves, adorably cute face, delightful eyes.”

“I’m glad you approve. 🙂 Not a whole lot of guys like plus-size girls.”

“I’m definitely going to need to chat with you again. Shall we say tomorrow? Same time?”

“Works for me.”


The next day, I was back in front of my computer. This time Mox didn’t mess around. She set the room to “private” at once and started in on the sexual questions.

“What part of my body do you like best?”

“All of you is magnificent, but I could kiss and suckle your breasts for days on end.”

“My skin is too pale though, I need to go get a tan.”

“No, your skin is perfect.”

“So what would you do to me if you met me in person?”

“I’d start by stripping both of us and lying us on the bed. Then I’d kiss you deeply, twining tongues. I’d break the kiss to breathe, nibble your neck, and slowly, türbanlı porno very slowly, kiss my way down to your cleavage. I’d lift your breasts up, kiss the base of one, then trace my tongue in a slow helix, kissing every beautiful inch of it until I circled the areola. I’d repeat the process with your other breast, then start suckling.”

“Just thinking about that is making me wet. Do go on!”

“I’d suckle your massive jugs for a bit while I caressed your legs, slowly moving my hand up to your slit. I’d tease your labia with my fingertips and then brush your clit ever so lightly. Then I’d kiss my way down your big, sexy belly and when I reached your honeypot, I’d lick the nectar off your skin before opening you up and lapping away at your sweetness, trying to drink as much of it as I could get my tongue on.”

“Keep this up and I’m going to have to frig myself as you type. What next?”

“I would lose all self-control and jam my tongue deep into your love tunnel, furiously swirling it in circles as I thirstily gulped down as much of your ambrosia as I could. I wouldn’t stop until after you flooded my face…. several times.”

“I just grabbed my vibrator and turned it on. Then what?”

“What’s your favorite sexual position?”

“It’s your fantasy, you pick one.”

“Okay. I lie flat on my back as you mount me. Your dripping pussy squeezes my pole tightly as you lean forward, trapping my head between your breasts. You lock an arm around my neck to keep it there as you slide up and down, using your other hand to pin me to the bed as you lock your legs in place. I’m lost in your essence as you ride me, faster and harder, climaxing several times more as you use me to get off. You use your internal muscles to milk my cock, draining every last drop of sperm out of my swollen balls as you shudder through yet another powerful orgasm. Then you slide off me, hold me in your arms, rest my head against your chest and relax your body as we both fall türk porno into a pleasant doze.”

“That was insanely hot. I just made myself cum with my vibrator.”

“Damn, I’d love to see that!”

“Do you have a webcam?”


The next day, we dispensed with the chat room. Mox went straight to her webcam. Her naked body was even more beautiful than the still picture she had sent indicated. I was on cam as well, and Mox’s tone as she saw my pecker stiffen to its full length was appreciative. Her voice was amazingly sexy.

“Wow, Ivan. Did seeing me have that effect on you?”

“Mox, you’re a Goddess in human form.”

“Okay, let’s see you stroke that dick while I use my vibe.”

She spread her legs and placed her toy against her clit. Her big body shivered as she held the device in place. I stroked my pole, hypnotized by Mox as she slid the vibrator into her love channel. Her moans grew progressively louder as she approached orgasm. My hand moved faster as I watched.

Mox let out a scream of pure pleasure and her body shivered as she climaxed. I was on the point of orgasm myself. Mox regained control of her body just in time to observe me shoot my sperm. Her body shivered again as she watched my hot jets splatter my bedcover.

“Oh my,” Mox gasped. “I’ve never been so turned on in my life.”


We continued our sessions every day for a month, then two. And it suddenly occurred to me that I had no idea where Mox lived. The possibility of meeting her in person was almost too much to contemplate. But when she answered, it became real.

“That’s only two towns away from me!” I said with astonishment. “I could be there in 20 minutes!”

Mox gave me her heart-melting smile. “Make it an hour. I’d like to shower up.”

My jaw dropped. When I put it back in place, I could only stammer, “O-okay.” I couldn’t believe I was actually going to meet her! She told me the exact address and a MapQuest check revealed türkçe porno an easy route there.

One hour later, I knoked tentatively on the door. Mox opened it, then closed and locked it behind me. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. “I figure you’ve seen it all, already,” she giggled.

“I sure have,” I said in response, quickly stripping as Mox guided me to the bedroom.

“This will go a bit differently than your fantasy,” Mox purred as she lay her naked body next to mine on her bed. “But I think you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.”

That was the last spoken word for a while as she locked her lips against mine. When we broke for air, she did indeed let me nibble her neck, then perform my routine on her breasts. But after about 20 minutes of suckling, that’s where she modified the scenario. She lay me on my back and lowered her sweet slit onto my waiting mouth. As I licked her honey, I felt her lean forward and take my pole in her mouth. Her tongue was magic, snaking its way up and down my shaft as I drank her nectar.

After she climaxed, she lay down on the bed. “I know you like female-superior, and I promise to finish you in that position,” she husked. “But I like variety. Let’s go with missionary to start.”

I slid into her and wrapped my arms around her big body, groping her rump as I thrust in and out and kissed her magnificent chest. “I’m just happy to be with you, Mox.”

“Mmmmm, Ivan,” Mox moaned. “That feels wonderful.” Her body shivered and quivered, and it wasn’t long before she climaxed.

She adjusted her position to doggy-style and I took her from behind, alternating between groping her rump and reaching around to cup her breasts. Finally, as promised, she finished me off in the female-superior position. I had noticed the box for a 5-year birth-control shot on her dresser, so I knew that wasn’t an issue. Her body collapsed onto mine as we both climaxed simultaneously.

When we untangled, she snuggled me tightly. “Why don’t you stay a while?”

“How long did you have in mind?” I murmured.

Her soft voice had a hint of laughter in it. “I think you should move in.”

It took a couple of months to arrange, but I did. We’re currently living together, and the nightly sex is always amazing.

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