HR Gets Fucked Up Pt. 01

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All these are stories that I have fantasies about. If you have any suggestions of what you’d like, drop me a direct message x.


Jason was working in Nigeria for the first time. For a small, ginger, 25 year old this was a very different experience.

As soon as he landed 2 weeks ago he thought taking the role of HR Business partner on this oil field project was a mistake, but the money was too good to turn down at his age.

Jason as usual was in work early. Living in work accommodation had it’s perks, but also meant close to office. He was working in the office building he shared with the construction manager Oba. Oba wasn’t in yet, which meant Jason could check his personal emails in peace. Jason had been corresponding with a guy he met online.

Jason knew he liked guys, but hadn’t really done much with one, the most he had managed was to jack a guy off while at college and even that had felt wrong. But he had found this website and had been exchanging emails. He was hoping to meet this guy in the UK when he got home, give him time to build up the courage. As he was reading the email he had lost track of time and he not heard or seen Oba walk in. Oba towered over Jason, who was only 5″5 tall. Oba was only about 6″ tall but he was built like a tank and had glistening dark skin, including his bald head. Not bad for a man in his 50″s. Even with the middle age spread, he was still a man not to be reckoned with.

“What you doing boy?” Oba asked Jason, as he walked in.

Oba always called Jason boy, as Obas’ youngest child was older than Jason and this in his eyes meant he wasn’t a man.

“Oh, just reading a PRIVATE email!” Came the sarcastic reply from Jason.

Oba gave Jason a sideways glance and ignored him. Oba knew Jason liked men. He was fucking obvious. In Obas mind Jason was practically a girl. His red hair, the boys inability to grow any facial hair, his tiny smooth hands, his tiny little body, except for the bubble butt. It looked like Jason must only squat, as his butt was perfectly round.

Oba had been with some lady boys while working in Asia, but never had a little white one. Oba was sat at his desk, imagining Jason as a lady boy and his cock had gone hard. It was difficult to hide such a massive cock in his trousers, so he remained seated.

Jason went to make a drink and Oba watched that little booty wiggle past him. Oba could watch Jason bend to pick up the milk out of that fridge and this led to his cock almost bursting out of his tight trousers.

Jason made himself a tea and as always made Oba a coffee. Oba had never made him a drink, but Jason wasn’t that petty and always made it. He brought the drinks in and placed his tea on his desk, then walked over to Oba and placed his coffee on to his desk.

“Thank you boy. Hmm coffee looks good. Just how I like my sluts. White and sweet” Oba said, winking at Jason.

Jason looks at Oba. “You feeling alright? He asks.

Jason then heads over to personal cupboard and unlocks it. He leaves the door open and heads in to the windowless room. It was hot in there, but he needed a file of someone who was leaving. Oba is still hard, thinking of Jason’s boipussy. It’s been at least 8 months since Oba had last fucked his wife and 2 years since he had a lady boy. Oba gets up, takes a large gulp of his coffee and then walks over to the cupboard. Jason is squatting reading a file. Oba walks over and stands in front of Jason.

Jason looks up and right in front of him is Obas thigh. Wait, what is that the outline of his cock.

“Jesus Oba. Careful you’ll take my eye out with that thing!” Jason says, standing up.

“Come on little one. It has a mind of its own and likes you. You don’t like him?” Oba asks, moving closer and making Jason step back.

“I know you like guys, I’ve seen your emails” Oba states, cornering Jason.

“Back up” shouts Jason, trying to shove Oba. Oba don’t move.

Oba grabs Jason and turns him around. Groping Jason’s ass, Oba moves closer and pushes his massive cock on to Jasons butt.

Jason feels the massive cock through Obas trousers and his own jeans. That cock is massive, but the feel of it is making him go weak at the knees. Before he even thinks about what he is doing, Jason has reached around and grabbed the cock through the trousers.

“That’s huge” Jason whispers to himself. Now he is rubbing it through Obas trousers.

“You are enjoying this. Now show me how much” Oba says, forcing Jason to his knees.

Jason is on his knees and now being turned to face Obas waist. Oba under his trousers and let them drop to his ankle.

“Get my cock out and suck him. You don’t and I’ll tell all the guys you are at stealing from them. You know they don’t trust white boys!” Oba states.

Jason doesn’t need telling twice. Something about the smell of this older man’s crotch was making bahis firmaları him horny. Jason’s seen enough porn to know what to do. He slowly lowers the man’s boxer shorts and as the last bit of elastic is passed, Obas massive cock leaps out and slaps Jason in the face.

It’s massive, fucking huge is what Jason is thinking. It was the same thickness of Jason’s forearm. Oba was circumsticed and his big purple head was practically touching Jason’s lips.

Jason’s mouth is dry from nerves, but he don’t get much time to hesitate. Oba placed his hand on Jason’s head and slowly push his cock in to Jasons mouth. The thickness stretches Jason’s mouth to within his limits and it’s at least 8 inches length is going in inch by inch. Even with Jason pushing back on Obas thighs, he can’t stop this blackmans cock violating his mouth. Before Jason knows it his nose is in Obas wirey pubes. Then he is yanked off and he can breath again, but not long before Oba rams his cock bang down his throat. Oba builds up momentum and is heavy breathing. Jason is still trying to remain conscious.

Then all of a sudden Oba speeds up and tenses up, before Jason knows it, Oba is shooting stream after stream of hot cum down his throat.

Jason trys to move off, but Oba firmly holds him in place as he emptied his sack into Jason’s throat.

“You lovely little cock sucker. Hmm I needed that” Oba moans, stroking Jason’s face.

Finally after every bit of cum is emptied into Jason, Oba let’s him go. Jason falls back to his butt on the floor. Wiping his mouth. Looking shocked and confused Jason sits there. Oba stands there, boxers and trousers around his ankles, smiling.

“Dress me again. I need to get on site” Oba commands.

“Yes Oba” Jason replied, dumb struck and confused.

Jason shifts forward and pulls up Obas underwear and then trousers. Doing them up. Oba turns around and walks out the cupboard. He grabs his coffee, then heads out on to site.

Jason managed to avoid Oba for most of the day as Oba was out on site, and when he was in the office, Jason was usually in meetings or on site somewhere else. As the end of the day approaches Jason heads back to his office, hoping Oba will be gone, as he is not sure what to say to the guy after sucking his big cock. As Jason walks into the office, Oba is sitting at his desk.

“You come back for some more black?” Oba says winking at Jason.

“Look it was a mistake. Can we move on?” Jason says lying and looking away.

“You sure youngster?” Oba says standing up and stepping around from his desk.

Jason can’t help but stop staring at the bulge in Obas trousers, even though he is still soft. Oba stands directly in front of Jason and hands him a bag.

“Think about it overnight and here is something for you” Oba places a bag in his Jason and walks past him. As he pasts Jason, Oba grabs Jasons butt.

“Hey!” Jason yells

Oba laughs and walks out. Jason goes and finishes off for the day. He walks to his house. Living in a work compound, most employees were local so most places were empty. Jason had a single persons accommodation and there weren’t any others in his block.

Jason dumps the bag down on his bed that Oba gave him and stripped down to have a shower. As he stepped into the shower, the cooling water cover his body. He starts to wash his smooth body. Jason never did get many pubes due to his light hair and skin.

Jason starts thinking back to what happened with Oba. As he does his small cock goes hard. Jason starts playing with his cock thinking of that big black cock. The more he thinks of it, smell, taste and how he felt he gets even more excited. As he thinks about the big cock being pressed against his butt he shoots his load all over the shower wall. Jason washes off and gets out. He puts on his silk robe and pours a glass of wine. Jason sit downs and sips at the wine. Staring at the bag, he is starts getting aroused.

Jason open the bag and empties the contents out. It’s all women’s clothing. Lace thong pink, pink stockings, pink suspender belt and pink bra.

“Why has he given me all this, I’m a guy and not some lady boy” Jason says out loud.

However when he runs the thong inbetween his fingers, it feels nice. Jason opens his robe, step into the thong and slips it up over his cock. The lace feels nice and he goes hard again. This time Jason slips one hand between his butt cheeks and starts to rub his tight hole, as he Jack’s off. He pulls his cock out and Jack’s hard. Shooting cum all over the table.

The next day Jason is in early, it’s Friday and pay day. He is sorting out the pay slips for the workers. Oba walks in, followed by 3 of his construction foreman. They are talking the local dialect of Igbo, laughing and a couple of glances at Jason.

Jason walks over to the Obas desk and passes him the pay slips. Obas and his men leave the office to hand out the pay kaçak iddaa slips.

Just after a lunch Jason goes to use the toilet. He is sat using a cubicle, as he prefers it and gets stage fright with the guys around here. As he is sat there two sets of feet walk in. They stop outside his cubicle. Jason then notice they are turning the lock to open.

“Er, excuse me. This cubicle is in use!” Jason shouts, trying to lean forward to stop the door being opened.

“We know” says kelechi, one of the foreman from earlier. As the door opens.

There in front of him is kelechi and another foreman Chimni. “The boss told to come and see if you were going to give us a bonus?” Says Chimni in his thick accent. Smiling at Jason.

Before Jason can reply kelechi steps forward and pulls his hard cock out of fly. Jason stares at his big black manhood, not as big as Obas, but still impressive. Before Jason can object, kelechi grabs his head with one hand and Jasons nose. Kelechi then shoves his sweaty cock into Jason’s mouth. Jason instantly loves the taste, with his reaction to explore kelechi’s veiny cock. Jason places his hand on kelechi’s balls and at the bottom of his shaft. Kelechi relaxed his grip on Jason’s head and let go of his nose, as Jason is now jacking kelechi’s cock into his mouth and Jason’s tongue is flicking over his slit.

“Hmmm” says kelechi and encourages Jason to suck harder by pushing Jason’s head down. Jason doesn’t need to be encouraged and deep throats the large 7 inch cock. Speeding up on kelechi’s cock, massaging his balls more Jason feeling kelechi tending up and then Jason’s mouth is full of kelechi’s seed. Jason swallows it down.

Kelechi pulls out, Chimni steps forward, but as he has been jacking his cock watching Jason suck of kelechi that as soon as he gets in front Jason he shoots his load all over Jason’s face and hair. Jason tries to minimise the full out and eventually gets Chimni’s cock in his mouth. Jason is sucking Chimni. Chimni is slowly going soft.

“Hmmm cock sucker, I’ve got something else for you” as Chimni grabs Jasons head. Chimni starts pissing in Jason’s mouth and Jason can’t stop it. Feeling Chimni’s hot piss starts streaming down his throat, Jason finds the taste not to bad, but it is a great turn on.

“Ahhh, drink it down” Chimni says, smiling.

“I’m next for that” kelechi says, getting his cock back out of his fly.

As Chimni finishes, Jason sucks and lick his head clean. Then kelechi stops forward, but before Jason has he got the cock in his mouth, kelechi starts spraying his piss on to Jasons face. Now both the foreman are laughing, as kelechi now sprays his piss over Jason’s face, head and then down to his little cock.

“Fuck sake! I have to change now” Jason says, pulling his wet polo shirt away from his chest. Both the foreman put there cocks away and walk out laughing. Jason pulls up his trousers and goes to the mirrors. His face and head is covered in piss and cum.

Thinking the best option is to shower, Jason slips out the toilet and runs around the back to living area. He gets in, strips off and jumps in the shower. He washes himself all over. Getting the piss and cum smell out of his hair. He steps out the shower and is padding himself dry as he walks into his bedroom.

Jason stops dead in his tracks in the doorway. There on his bed is Oba, completely naked, stroking his now semi hard cock.

“Hmmm, very nice. Twirl for me” says Oba licking his lips and caressing his mighty weapon.

Eyeing up the big cock, Jason drops his towel and slowly twirls. “Anything you like?” Says Jason as he turns to face Oba, biting his lips.

“Where are the clothes I gave you?” Oba demands.

“They aren’t my thing” lies Jason.

“I don’t care, I like them. So unless you want me to get more of the construction men to take turns on your pretty face, you’ll put them on now” says Oba sternly.

Jason shrugs his shoulders and walks over to the bedside table next to wear Oba is laying. He bends down and opens the bottom draw. Jason notice strawberry lube on his bedside table. Not his, Oba must have brought it. As Jason bends to get the clothes out of the draw, Oba grabs Jasons butt and squeezes. Jason moans out in pleasure. Loving the feel of the big, coarse hand on his ass.

Jason pulls out some tissue paper and unwrap the garments. Jason then walks to the end of the bed, lays the tissue paper down and unwraps.

Jason first takes out the pink lacey thong, slipping it up his smooth legs and over his now little hard cock. He then takes the suspender belt and do it up around his tiny waist. Jason then rolls the first pink stockings up his leg. He attaches them to suspender belt. Finally Jason slips on the pink lacey bra and does it up. He doesn’t even fill it, as it is a 34c and he is completely flat, but he is desperate for Obas cock.

“Just need long hair and some tits, you’d look kaçak bahis even prettier” says Oba, now stroking his shaft .

“Err, no thanks. I’m good as am” says Jason as he walks around to Oba. Just leans in and runs his hands over the big cock. Jason leans in to kiss Oba. Jason gently kisses Oba, as Jason’s hand starts stroking the big cock. Jason is already feeling a little pre-cum leaking from the slit.

Oba opens his mouth and Jason kisses the big man, as Obas hands grab Jason’s ass cheeks. Oba rubs a finger over the almost smooth pink rose. As Jason sucks ok Obas tongue, he suddenly feels Obas finger force it’s way into his tight hole.

The surprise shocks Jason who almost moves, but Oba has a tight grip around Jason’s waist and squeezes his finger up to the knuckle.

Jason throws his head back, “fuck!” He shouts out.

Oba removes his finger and picks Jason up, putting him on the bed. “Lube for that tight pussy, I reckon” Oba states.

Picking up the lube, squeezing some on to his fingers Oba says “move closer, I need to put this up your pussy or it will hurt even more when I fuck you.”

Jason reluctantly moves close to the big man at the end of his bed. Oba grabs Jason at the waist and uses his strength to flip Jason on to all 4’s with one hand.

Jason then feels the thong string pulled to one side and then he feels the cold lube on Obas fingers being rubbed on his asshole. Then a finger is pushed slowly in, working it’s away inside and around Jason’s sphincter lubing him up. Then Jason buries his face in the sheets, moaning. Oba now has 2 fingers inside Jason’s pussy. Lubing it up and stretching it a little. Jason is moaning now, his little cock hard against his thong.

Oba pull his fingers out of Jason’s pussy. Oba puts more lube on his hand starts stroking his cock. As he does this he leans down and starts running his tongue around Jason’s hole and stabbing it in his pussy. Jason moans and quiver with excitiment.

Oba stops and positions himself behind Jason. Resting his cock on Jason’s back. Jason is now scared, as Obas cock feels heavy on his back.

Oba puts a hand flat on Jason’s lower back and lines his mushroom head up with Jason’s pink rose. Oba slowly pushes his head in, feeling the tight pussy stretch. Oba states “this is the tightest pussy I’ve had” and starts slowly pushing his cock in further. Oba gripping Jason’s hips tight.

Jason is in pain immediately as he feels Oba cock enters his ass. He tries to remove himself off Obas invading weapon, but Oba is gripping his waist. As Oba pushes his black cock deeper into Jason’s white pussy, Jason feels his hole stretching to accept it. Moaning now in pain, Jason bites the sheets and tries to fight the urge to fight Oba.

As inch by inch the big cock enters Jason’s pussy the pain and pleasure are increasing. Oba finally gets it all in, his big balls pushed up against Jason. Oba slowly extracts his cock, then pushes it back in again. Moaning now, he starts going back and forth, building up some momentum.

Jason’s pussy is adjusting to the big mans cock and Jason is now slowly enjoying it. Jason’s own cock is the hardest it has ever been and is leaking pre-cum into his thong. As Oba is speeding up on Jason’s pussy, Jason leans between his legs and grabs the big mans balls. Massaging them with each thrust.

“OH MY GOD!” screams Jason. “Where have you been the last 10 years of my life?! Fuck me daddy, fuck me good!”

Oba slaps Jason’s was cheek hard. “You like daddy’s cock?!” Replying, as Oba stops thrusting, leaving his big cock inside the little white boy. It’s throbbing deep in Jason’s guts.

“Hmm yes daddy. I never knew this could be so good. Please don’t stop!” Jason moans, clenching his boicunt as best aas possible around the big black cock deep in him.

Hearing his new bitch talk this way, turns Oba on. He shoves Jason’s face into the bed and builds up momentum on his pussy. Slamming in harder and harder each time. Grabbing Jason’s arms and restraining them behind his back as he violates this little white boy.

All of a sudden Jason starts shouting “Oh yes, oh yes, I’m cumming!!” While his cock explodes in his thong. Oba just laughs. Feeling himself getting close he speeds up on this now stretched white pussy.

As Jason is feeling his own fun dribbling down his thighs, Oba is moaning deeper and breathing faster. Then Oba yanks back Jason’s arms real tight and Jason screams in pain, as his arms feel like they are being ripped from the sockets. Oba is flooding Jason’s insides with his seed. Jason now feeling load after load of cum feel him up.

“Breeding your pussy is a good feeling” says Oba, releasing Jason’s arm’s and slapping the white flesh to make it pink.

Jason slumps his arms beside him, with his butt in the air still, drawing in every last drop of cum that Oba has to give.

Oba pulls his cock out eventually and then Jason’s body slumps on to the bed. “I’m shattered” says Jason laying still, eyes trying to remain One. Silently Jason falls asleep, as Obas cum leaks out of his pussy. Oba gets up and gets his mobile to make a call.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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