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Holiday Preparations.

Mid-June in the UK can be miserable and wet but my spirits were high because tomorrow my husband Dave and I would be flying out to Italy for a 4 week stay at a very exclusive hotel called Hotel Testa Rasata.

The hotel was an adult only establishment, restricted to a maximum of 20 couples staying at the hotel at any one time.

I knew nothing about the hotel or resort because Dave did all the planning. He told me to trust him and that it would be the holiday of a lifetime. I couldn’t wait to get on the plane and enjoy our 4 weeks in the Italian sunshine.

Dave and I stood in the bedroom of our small apartment packing our suitcases and as usual I was trying to pack too much and had no room left in my case.

Dave on the other hand was a typical bloke so his choice of holiday clothes consisted of shorts and a couple of smart shirts and trousers. I was trying to squeeze everything into one small suitcase so I had dresses for every occasion, swimsuits, bikinis, shorts, tops and of course that sexy underwear for the hot steamy nights that I was certain Dave had planned into our itinerary.

“Dave, can I use some of the space in your case, mine’s full?” I asked with a kiss on the back of his neck, hoping to curry favour.

“Sure, but what is it?” Dave asked.

“It’s all my hair stuff. You know how fussy I am about my hair.”

“Don’t worry about taking any of that stuff they provide everything you could possibly need to take care of your hair. It is a 5* hotel,” Dave assured me.

I finished packing and went for my pre-holiday hair appointment at my usual salon.

“Good afternoon Linda.” Trudy greeted me with her usual cheery welcome. “Usual is it, just a trim and tidy up.”

“Yes please, we’re going on holiday tomorrow so I want my hair looking it’s best.”

I sat in the salon chair and let Trudy my stylist perform her magic. My long auburn hair tumbled down my back and just past my bra strap. I had been growing it for years and took special pride in how gorgeous and luscious it looked. Trudy didn’t have much work to do really, she just needed to trim the ends and give me a tidy up.

” So where are you going on holiday?” asked Trudy

“I don’t really know much about it. Dave has done all the planning. The hotel is called Testa Rasata and is on the Italian coast.” I replied.

“Testa Rasata, are you sure?” Trudy asked.

“Yes, have you heard of it?”

“No but I have never heard of a hotel called that before. It’s just an unusual name for a hotel. I’m sure you will have a lovely time” Trudy answered.

With my hair sorted, I visited the beauty salon next door for a full body wax. I did like to retain a little public hair and quite liked my bush but Dave wanted me completely devoid of body hair, I do hope he hasn’t got an ulterior motive and it’s not a naturalist resort I thought to myself. I’m not getting my tits and pussy out for anyone.

The Holiday Begins

The plane journey was mostly uneventful apart from a comment made by one of the flight attendants.

“Where are you staying on holiday?” She asked

” Oh, it’s a very exclusive hotel called Testa Rasata, I don’t know much about it, my husband booked it” I replied.

The attendant looked at my hair and said “At least you won’t need any hair products”

She smiled and continued serving other passengers.

I turned to Dave and said” Dave, what is that flight attendant talking about? When I told her which hotel we were staying at she started talking about hair products”

“I don’t know honey. Perhaps she has been at the duty free” Dave replied.

The flight landed and we shared a transfer coach with two other couples, also staying at Testa Rasata. Both couples were in their late twenties, roughly the same age as us. John and Carol from Norfolk, Pam and Chris from Yorkshire.

We all got on very well during the couch journey.

“Do you know anything about the hotel we are staying at? Every time I mention the name, I get strange looks.” I asked the girls.

“No” replied Carol “John booked it as a surprise for me.”

“Same here,” said Pam. “Chris has been very secretive about it but has assured me that it will be an experience I will enjoy and remember for a long time to come.”

I looked towards Dave and saw all three men looking very sheepish.

The hotel was beautiful and looked very exclusive but appeared to be deserted. The female receptionist explained that all the other guests were enjoying a hotel barbecue on the beach and we would have the opportunity to meet them during evening meal.

I couldn’t help notice how beautiful the receptionist was. A typical Italian beauty with long black silky hair.

I complemented the receptionist “I hope you don’t mind me saying but you have beautiful hair. It is so silky and in great condition.”

“Thank you signora, it is very kind of you to say so.” She replied “Your hair is also very beautiful. I can see you take pride in how your hair looks. It is such a güvenilir bahis pity. “

Dave stepped forward and interrupted our conversation “Here are our passports. I think you will be needing those.”

“Grazie Signore”

We booked into the hotel and were shown to our rooms. We had a beautiful room with sea views and hugh balcony. This was going to be a fantastic holiday.

It was now quite late in the afternoon and we’d had a long journey so we decided to rest before the evening meal. Dave ordered refreshments on room service and we spent the afternoon resting and admiring the view.

“Dave, when we were booking into the hotel I spoke to the receptionist and she complimented me on how lovely my hair looked but she also said, ‘It’s such a pity’. What do you think she meant?”

“I don’t know honey. Perhaps she had been enjoying the complimentary champagne I saw on the reception desk a little too much.”

All is revealed

It was soon time to get ready for our evening meal. I showered but didn’t bother with washing my hair. It was still good from yesterday’s visit to the salon.

I did notice that although there was plenty of shower creams and lotions, but no hair care products.

I dressed in a beautiful off the shoulder cream dress that would show off my hair to its best advantage. No bra and a very sexy cream coloured thong.

I left my hair down but clipped the hair up on the right side so that my ear was showing. I used a beautiful silver coloured clip adorned with an orchid to compliment my dress. It really looked beautiful in my long auburn hair.

I walked into the lounge where Dave was waiting for me.

“Will I do?”

“Oh, honey you look so beautiful. “Dave said stroking my hair. He didn’t look happy. It was as if he had something on his mind.

We met John, Carol, Pam and Chris by the elevator as arranged to go down for evening meal. We took the elevator down.

Pam looked upset.

“Are you OK Pam?” I asked

“No” replied Pam “I have been doing some research and I now know why we get funny looks when we tell people that we are staying in Hotel Testa Rasata.”

“Carry on Pam.” I said

“Testa Rasata translated into English means shaven head and I now know what Chris has planned for me.”

At that point the elevator doors opened onto the ground floor of the hotel.

The hotel lobby was now crowded with other couples going to the restaurant for their evening meal.

All the women had shaved heads.

I turned to Dave “What the fuck Dave?”

“Relax Honey. All will be revealed.” He said with a smile on his face. How true that comment would prove to be.

The Evening’s Entertainment.

We sat together as a six for our meal. Looking around the restaurant Pam, Carol and I were the only female guests who had hair. Every other female guest was completely bald. A few had a covering of very short stubble but the majority had very bald, very shiny heads.

Needless to say I didn’t have much of an appetite, nor did Pam or Carol. The boys on the other had a whale of a time admiring all the bald women.

We finished our meal and went into the entertainment lounge. The boys ordered drinks and we sat at a table near to the stage.

There was the usual holiday music playing through the sound system. The music stopped, the lights dimmed and a spotlight shone onto the stage.

A very attractive, long-legged woman appeared on stage. Her one distinguishing feature was that she was bald.

‘Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Maria as many of you will already know. Welcome to your evening’s entertainment here at The Testa Rasata Hotel.”

She continued “Now as you will probably have noticed we have some new guests with us this evening. Let us please welcome John and Carol Birkenshaw, Dave and Linda Price, Pam and Chris Smithies.”

The audience clapped and cheered.

“And can we welcome to the stage Carol, Linda and Pam.”

I stood up turned to Dave, leaned into him and said “You’re so dead. I’m going to make you suffer for this.”

Dave just smiled. I walked to the stage.

Carol, Pam and I stood on the stage. “Welcome ladies.” said Maria. The audience clapped and cheered.

The stage curtains drew back to reveal our fate. Stood in the centre of the stage was an old-fashioned barber’s chair. Next to the chair was a table with various pieces of male hair cutting equipment. A set of large Oyster Classic 76 hair clippers, a Boker Manufaktur straight cut razor, a can of shaving foam, a roll of paper neck tape and a white and black striped barber’s cape. To the left of the barber’s chair stood three plastic chairs.

“Ladies, please take a seat.” Maria indicated the three vacant plastic chairs.

We sat to await our fate.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we now come to the lottery draw.” Maria produced a black cloth bag, dipped her hand and pulled out a paper ticket.

“The lucky winner of this evening’s draw is ticket number 23.”

A scream of excitement went up from güvenilir bahis siteleri the audience as a young woman jumped from her seat holding her winning ticket aloft. Without hesitation she ran from her seat and onto the stage.

The young woman was strikingly beautiful, not very tall but had a very curvy body; she had ample breasts that were trying their best to escape the confines of the body hugging little black dress that only just covered her bum. Like the rest of the female audience, she too was complete bald but had gone to the extremes of having her eyebrows removed.

“What is your name, my dear.” asked Maria

“Angela.” came the excited reply. “This is only our second night. I was on stage last night having it done” she shrieked.

“How do you like your new look?” Maria asked.

“It felt strange at first but Tom loves it. He wouldn’t leave me alone last night” she giggled “I love it now. I think I am going to keep it shaved.”

“Well, without further delay let us begin” announced Maria.

Maria looked towards us and said “Who is first ladies?”

Pam stood bolt upright from her chair and shouted “Me”

” I might as well get it over and done with.” She murmured under her breath.

Pam sat in the barber’s chair. She looked lost. She was very petite and looked like a child sat in an adult’s chair. Pam had shoulder length blonde hair cut in a shaggy bob style.

Another young woman appeared on stage dressed in a white figure-hugging salon uniform; approached Pam sat in the barber’s chair, took a strip of barber’s tissue and wrapped it around Pam’s neck. Took the apron, flicked it out and threw it over Pam covering her body with just her petite little head with shaggy bob sticking out of the top. Poor Pam looked terrified.

The stylist took the Oyster clippers from the table and appeared to give instructions to the dizzy Angela. The clippers looked enormous in Angela’s tiny hand. They looked like the kind of clippers that a farmer would use to shear his sheep not like the tiny clippers I had seen in Trudy’s hair salon back home.

Thank goodness Pam had gone first. By the time she gets to shear me she should have an idea of how to use them without injuring me.

The stylist flicked a switch and the clippers burst into action sending out their terrible buzzing sound that would soon part Pam’s beautiful hair from her head. The audience cheered and clapped, poor Pam.

The stylist handed the clippers to Angela and guided her hand towards the hair at the top of Pam’s forehead pushing them back towards the crown of her head. The buzz of the clippers changed tone to a dull hum as they ploughed a 2-inch-wide furrow along the top of Pam’s head. I just sat there open-mouthed staring at the virgin white skin that Pam now sported at the top of her head.

Stroke after stroke ploughed through Pam’s hair and within a matter of minutes Pam sported a very short crew cut. The clippers were switched off and placed on the table, only to be replaced with the can of shaving foam. The stylist squirted shaving foam onto Angela’s palm and instructed her to cover Pam’s scalp. Soon Pam wore a cap of shaving foam.

The stylist took the straight razor from the table. Surely, she wasn’t going to let dizzy Angela loose with them on Pam’s scalp. Luckily she kept hold of the razor and commenced shaving the foam and stubble from Pam’ scalp. I looked at Pam’s face expecting her to look upset and worried. What I did see was Pam had her eyes closed and she had a big smile on her face. She looked as if she was in a world of her own and to be enjoying her experience very much.

With shaving foam and hair completely cleared from Pam’s head, she smothered shaving cream over Pam’s eyebrows and with two swipes of the straight razor Pam’s eyebrows were gone. The barber’s cape was removed. Pam looked stunning. Without all that hair hiding her face her petite features jumped out at you. Her eyes now looked large and a piercing blue colour. Pam jumped down from the chair.

“Right ladies. Who’s next?”

I jumped out of my chair. “Me please” and stepped forward. I’m having some of that what Pam’s just had I thought to myself.

I approached the barber’s chair and stepped over a mountain of blonde hair that surrounded it. It was then I noticed a large damp patch on the seat that Pam had just vacated. My, she did enjoy herself I thought.

I jumped up onto the chair, removing my beautiful orchid hairclip and placed it in my handbag. I prepared myself for what was about to come.

A piece of paper strip was placed around my neck and the barber’s cape was thrown over me leaving just my head and my lovely auburn locks sticking out of the top.

I looked to the audience and spotted Dave sat on the edge of his seat, his eyes fixed on the stage and me, a prisoner in the barber’s chair. He looked like a little boy in a sweet shop.

I gave him my most ‘I’m going to make you suffer for this’ stare I could muster and sat back waiting for Angela and her clippers iddaa siteleri to do their worst.

The stylist spoke to Angela “Do you think you could do this one on your own?”

“Oh yes. I think I have the hang of it now”

Oh my god she’s going solo on me, my poor head I thought.

Angela stood in front of me, clippers in hand and switched them on. CLICK POP BZZZZZZZZZ.

She leaned forward into me and whispered “I’m sorry”

No, she wasn’t sorry. The dizzy bitch was going to part me from my lovely auburn hair that I have been growing, nurturing and loving for the past god knows how many years. She was enjoying it the bitch. I could see it in her eyes.

The cold steel of the clippers pressed against the hair on my forehead. I closed my eyes. This was it, the moment I had dreaded.

The buzz changed to a low-pitched hum as the teeth of the clippers pushed back from my forehead towards my crown. The whole of my brain started to buzz in tune with the clippers. I dared to open my eyes to see a 20-inch length of auburn hair tumble from my head and onto my lap. That was my hair sitting on my lap. How dare Dave do this to me? I looked to the audience and saw Dave now standing and clapping.

The clippers were brought back to my forehead, placed slightly to the side of the last furrow and again pushed back towards my crown. More of my lovely auburn hair joined the pile now building up on my lap. Pass after pass and the pile of hair on my lap grew larger and larger.

Resigned to my fate I closed my eyes. I could now feel the clippers shearing off the hair around my left ear working their way to strip the hair from the back of my head and nape. The vibrating clippers moving slowly across my skin set off emotions I had never felt before even whilst making love to Dave. My stomach muscles tensed and my inner thighs warmed and became wet.

The sensation of the clippers on my skin was over all too fast. Angela handed the clippers back to the stylist. I took the chance to release my hands from beneath the barber’s cape and reach up to feel where my hair had once been. No hair, just a soft pelt of stubble where my auburn locks had once reigned. Tears started to well in my eyes, but I was determined not to cry.

I felt Angela’s hand smother the shaving cream across my scalp. The sensation was indescribable, even the touch of dizzy Angela’s fingers massaging the shaving cream into my scalp was making me wet.

The stylist stepped forward and with straight razor in hand she began to shave me bald. Starting from my crown and working towards my forehead she expertly cleared a path of shaving cream and stubble leaving only the virgin white skin for all the world to see.

I had never felt sensations like this before. It was as if my scalp contained a million nerve endings. My pussy was so sensitive. I wriggled in the chair and just couldn’t keep still. I wanted Dave to fuck me right here and now on the stage in front of all these people.

With my hands hidden underneath the barber’s cape my fingers found my wet pussy and slid inside exploring my wet folds. I was masturbating in front of 40 strangers. A little voice inside my head screamed out. Stop now you stupid bitch before you orgasm and make a fool of yourself.

The stylist continued to rid my scalp of shaving cream and hair. She slowly moved to the sides, removing the shaving cream and hair behind and then in front of my ears, leaving just soft white silky skin.

I didn’t want this to stop but all too soon the shaving foam was being dabbed on my eyebrows and with two quick flicks of the razor my brows were gone.

The barber’s cape was removed and my hands immediately went to my head. I don’t know what it looked like but it felt so good. Soft and smooth. I could feel every touch of my fingers on my scalp. It was electrifying.

I stood from the barber’s chair and looked at the seat realising that I had added to the damp patch. I returned to my plastic seat next to Pam.

Without being asked Carol got up and walked to the barber’s chair. She looked down at the seat, brushed the fingers of her right hand across the damp patch, raised them to her mouth looked at Pam and me, stuck out her tongue and licked the juices Pam and I had left behind.

Carol sat in the barber’s chair with the cape around her. Carol had masses of black curly hair, long luscious curly hair that skimmed her shoulders. It would be interesting to see how Angela was going to tackle such a large mass of hair.

Without hesitation Angela plunged the clippers into the mass of hair and pushed back towards Carol’s crown. The tone of the clippers changed and sounded as if they were struggling.

I know you shouldn’t laugh at people but the sight of Angela shearing Carol’s head reminded me of a farmer shearing his sheep. But I have to applaud Angela because within a matter of minutes Carol’s head was sheared. The clippers had completed their work for this evening and were put back in their box until the next female guests arrived tomorrow.

Carol’s head was lathered in shaving foam and the stylist got to work with the razor shaving her head bald. Carol sat with a dreamy smile on her face.

Pam leaned into me and whispered “Did you use your fingers?”

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