Her Daughter’s Gift

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This story was written at the request of a friend with a thing for her son-in-law, especially after hearing her daughter say that she had trouble handling him in bed…


The cellphone ring tone told Lisa it was her daughter Jessica, even before she said “hello”

“Hi Mom,” said Jessica. “I have a problem. My boss is making me work late, and I’m not going to be able to make it to the shower tonight.”

“Aww, that’s too bad”, said Lisa.

“I have a gift. Could you pick it up and take it to the shower for me? Jessica asked.

“Sure,” said Lisa.

“Great, its sitting on the dresser in the bedroom, wrapped up and ready to go,” Jessica said. “Michael took the afternoon off, but he was going to play golf with his buddies. There should be a key under the planter by the front door…just let yourself in.”

“OK, I’m not far from your place, Ill swing by and pick it up now'” Lisa replied.

A few moments later, Lisa turned the key in the door of the home shared by her daughter Jessica and son-in-law Michael. As she entered she was startled to hear muffled voices. Lisa crept towards the sound. As she got closer, it became clear that she was hearing the sounds of a man and a woman engaged in a sexual situation. Lisa thought about leaving and calling the police, but she was naturally curious about all things sexual, and decided to investigate further on her own.

As Lisa silently turned the corner approaching the master bedroom, she caught a glimpse of a laptop, a mans legs, and the biggest penis she had ever seen in real life being stroked by a hand.

Lisa realized that the sounds were coming from a video playing on the laptop….but who did that monster cock belong to? She was not yet close enough to see a face. Lisa knew that once, on a girls night out when the talk had turned to men and sex while sharing a few drinks, Jessica had revealed that Michael was almost too big for her. If this was him, Lisa understood why Jessica made that comment. Lisa paused for a moment to enjoy the view of that big thick piece of meat being stroked slowly.

Now Lisa could better hear the soundtrack of the video. She noticed that the male voice kept calling the female Mrs. Johnson…but the female referred to the male as Bobby…seemed a little unusual…what mardin escort kind of video was this guy watching?

Lisa crept closer and peeked in the door to see that it was her handsome son-in-law laying there naked and masturbating. She could also see the laptop he was watching, where a 20 something guy was furiously licking the pussy of a curvy blonde who looked to be about 50.

After being momentarily frozen at the sight before her…Lisa stepped back and pondered her next move. Never being one to miss out on a sexual adventure, the dripping wetness between her legs guided her next moves. Lisa silently reached under the skirt she was wearing, slipped off her soaking wet panties, and put them in her purse.

She silently crept back to the door, and this time showed herself in the bedroom doorway.

Michael, being rather engrossed in his video and stroking his own cock, did not notice her immediately, but after about a minute he glanced Lisa’s way, turned white as a sheet, grabbed a pillow and put it over his midsection.

“I’m sorry to interrupt”, said Lisa with a mischievous smile. “Jessica asked me to pick up her gift for the shower, and she thought you were out golfing.”

“Oh…uh…I guess that’s it on the dresser,” Michael stammered, as Mrs. Johnson of the video swallowed the younger mans cock to the hilt and Bobby exclaimed “oh shit, I’ve never had a girl do that”.

“Nice video” said Lisa with a knowing smile as she approached closer to the bed where her buck naked son-in-law lay holding a pillow over his groin.

“Since I so rudely interrupted, perhaps I should help you finish what you were doing,” Lisa said. With that Lisa reached for the pillow and removed it from her son-in-law’s grasp, allowing Michael’s member to spring back into the air. Micheal’s mouth was open, but he was speechless, and the only sound was the moaning, sucking and slurping coming from the video.

Lisa noticed a glistening drop of pre-cum oozing from her son-in-law’s dick. She reached out with her index finger and swirled the moistness around the big mushroom head of Micheal’s cock, causing it to twitch and swell noticeably. “Ahh…I can see that you would like some help,” Lisa said as she seductively put her now moist finger in her mouth and savored the salty van escort taste.

Lisa sat on the bed, grasped the base of Michael’s thick cock, and began to tease the head with her tongue. Lisa proceeded to lick each and every one of Michael’s nine inches from base to tip, alternatively taking one of his balls into her mouth as she gently massaged the head, then teasing the head with her toungue and gently massaging his balls, each time causing him to gasp and moan. Lisa then took his huge dick into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, taking him a little deeper with each stroke.

Maybe it was the sound of fucking on the video, but for some reason Jessica’s comment about Micheal’s size ran through her mind, and Lisa suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to have her son-in-law inside her.

Lisa sat up, stripped off her dress, and said “I have to take this beautiful cock for a ride”, and with that she grabbed the head board, and presented her backside to her son-in-law.

“Fuck me Michael,” she commanded in the same tone of voice she used to tell kids to pick up their dirty clothes.

Michael responded by rising to his knees, and very gently pushing the big head of his cock into her silky wetness, as he had always had to do with every young lady he had known for fear of hurting them.

“I’m not a girl, Michael, fuck me like a man fucks a woman….harder! Responding like a race horse to the whip, Michael turned his big piston loose inside Lisa, ramming it home. Soon Micheal’s reserve had disappeared and he was in the spirit of the moment. He playfully spanked his mother-in-law’s ass, leaving a pink hand print, and said “fuck me back, MILF”. She felt and heard Micheal’s balls slapping her clit.

He grabbed a handful of Lisa’s hair, using it to coordinate their thrusts as their bodies slammed together harder and faster. This sent Lisa over the edge, and she could feel her juices running down the inside of her thigh as her voice echoed off the walls of her daughter’s bedroom with the sound of her orgasm.

When Lisa recovered, she rose up, pushed Michael back on the bed, and licked her juices from his rock hard cock. She asked, “did you like the way my ass looked while you were fucking me Michael?”

More confident now, Michael responded ankara escort “mmmm….yes, I did”.

“Good…then you’re going to like this too, Lisa replied”…and with that she turned her back, grabbed his legs, and impaled herself on his giant pole in a reverse cowgirl position.

Grinding her wet pussy on Micheal’s dick created an incredible view for him. It wasn’t the first time he had noticed his hot mother-in-law’s ass, and now to see it moving seductively up and down on his throbbing pole, with her labia stretched tight over his glistening cock, he could feel himself becoming even more engorged.

Lisa was lost in her own reverie. As she enjoyed the sensation of his big tool filling and stretching her….she was unconsciously rubbing her swollen clit with her own fingers while she pinched her left nipple.

She heard him say “yes, milk my cock” and with that Lisa tried to squeeze her over-stuffed kitty even tighter around her daughter’s hung young husband. Lisa felt her pussy contract involuntarily, and her wetness gushed out over his cock, soaking it and the bed as she almost whimpered with ecstasy.

This, in turn, made Michael begin to moan and gasp, and she could feel his cock pulsing inside her now quivering pussy. Lisa dismounted, turned and said “let me taste that cum, Michael” as she reached for his throbbing cock.

Alternately stroking and sucking, Lisa could hear Micheal’s breathing become more labored until he growled and roared like a young lion….and white hot cum spurted from his shaft like water from a fire hose, traveling about 3 feet, missing her waiting lips and soaking Lisa’s tits instead. She had forgotten how hard a young man could ejaculate. Lisa quickly moved and felt the next white hot eruption fill her mouth with his spunk…and then there were several more pulses until Micheal’s cum was running down Lisa’s cheeks despite her best efforts not to spill a drop.

“My, you’ve made quite a mess”, Lisa said once she had swallowed as much as she could and Michael had recovered from his powerful explosion.

Lisa moved closer to Micheal’s face, saying “won’t you help me clean up?”. She held her gooey breasts in front of his face, and he began to lap up his spilled man juice, not stopping until he had cleaned every drop, and finished with a kiss.

As Lisa arose from her daughter’s bed, she said, “This will be our little secret, right Michael?”

“Absolutely”, he replied.

As Lisa dressed and left with her daughter’s gift, she was already plotting how she might go about introducing Michael to her friend Jay…since two big cocks could be even better than one….

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