Helen Books Marco and Tony

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It’s always a compliment when you get asked back by a client, particularly after only a week. Sometimes, like when they are the wrong side of 50 it’s a bit of a chore, but when they are like Helen, about 30, big firm tits, tight pussy and a willing ass it’s a real pleasure. Last time I saw her I played up to her submissive side with a bit of spanking, this time she has asked that we send another escort with me to that she can fulfill her fantasy of having ‘two guys to fuck me senseless and treat me like their dirty little slut’. So Tony is joining me. Like me he’s dark and with an Italian background, well built in all areas and pretty happy to be dominating beautiful women. We worked together last month, spent the afternoon with one of Rose’s friends, Susan, a voluptuous nymphomaniac who even left me drained. I was expecting more of the same from Helen!

She opened the door this time in a velour leisure suit, which was not at all what I was expecting as most of them make an effort. She showed us in and told us to help ourselves to a drink from the fridge while she changed and with that she disappeared upstairs. We were about half way through our bottles of Kronenberg 1664 when she calls us to come up to the bedroom. When we get there I was half expecting a room full of candles and incense but it was surprised at how bright it was, and even more surprised by the change in Helen!

Her dark hair was shining and falling softly around her face. Dark mascara framed her eyes and deep red lipstick made her full lips even more desirable. I could see matching nail polish on her shapely nails and guessed that her toes would be the same. They were hidden as her feet were in glossy kitten heel pumps, the sheen of the shoes matched by that of her lace topped stockings. She was tall anyway and the effect made her taller still. Above the stocking tops her creamy thighs were split by tiny black lace panties with a red trim, and above was a magnificent black and red half cup Basque, laced tight under her magnificent breasts leaving her gorgeous nipples exposed. I remembered last time how much she loved having those nipples sucked and played with, I was sure that with both of us chewing on them we could almost make her come — well, I was very willing to try!

“Well, what do you think?” she said raising her arms above her head and slowly turning around and around so that we could admire her. “And I have a surprise for you as well, you just have to find it.”

Tony grinned wolfishly and placed his empty bottle down on the dressing table next to mine. We both walked towards her and she suddenly looked frightened, as if the reality of what we were going to do to her in the next few hours was hitting home.Whether she liked it or not she was ours now and she was going to get the fucking of her life. I grabbed a wrist and pulled her towards me and then stepped behind her and grabbed the other one, pinning her arms behind her back. Tony ran the tips of his fingers down her face and down onto her breasts, crushing them in his big hands before sucking a flint like nipple into his mouth. I licked and nibbled at her ear lobes, enjoying her perfume and feeling her shiver as Tony sucked remorselessly on her tits.

“So this is it Helen, two hard horny studs are going to fuck you every way they can, I bet you have been dreaming of this all your life haven’t you? I bet you spent all last night with your fingers in your sticky pussy thinking about this, and I bet I know where you want Toni’s big cock don’t I? Tell me where you want it Helen; tell me where you want to be fucked”

She was groaning as Tony sucked and pulled at her nipples, her head was bent back and twisted in ecstasy as she gasped “In my arse, I want it in my arse, please fuck my arse!”

Now Tony didn’t know about her preference, I hadn’t told him and his head snapped upright as he looked into her eyes.

“You little slut!!!”

“Marco lets get her on the bed and get started before my cock explodes.”

We half carried her over to the bed, the black silk sheet almost matching her Basque and making the flesh between her stocking tops and the Basque and the creamy explosion of her boobs stand out more. She had a wrought iron headboard that was perfect for what I had in mind for her next. I pulled a pair of handcuffs from my pocket and pulling her arms above her head locked them to her wrists. Then I snapped a ‘D’ ring to the link between the cuffs and looped the chain around one of the centre bars of the headboard before fixing it back into the ring so she was secured to it but with room for us to move her around as we wanted.

Tony and I stood beside the bed and stripped down to our boxers, she was fascinated by the hard muscles of our bodies but even more so by the bulges in our shorts. She looked fantastic lying there, arms stretched out above her, tits pointing up to our gaze, the nipples hard and glowing. I moved down the side of the bed, lightly running my hand izmir escort down her leg as I did so until I slipped off her shoe. Tony, on the other side did the same, before like a well oiled machine we ran our hands back up her get to the silky flesh above her stocking top. With a nod, we both leant forward and sucked on a hard nipple as we stroked all around her thighs and pussy, softly teasing as she started to writhe and roll her hips towards our fingers, trying to get us to make contact with the heat we could feel between her legs. Tony cracked first, breaking off his sucking to mutter.

“C’mon Marco, lets get at her cunt.” Before reaching forward and pulling at the thin straps of her thong, dragging the soaking scrap away from her pussy, sticky strands clinging to it as he quickly pulled her knickers down and off. It was her turn to grin now.

“Do you like your surprise boys?” She giggled.

Looking down between her thighs you could see that the hair had been neatly shaved from around her arse and the lips of her pussy, and that the dark thatch above that I remembered, had been trimmed close and then shaved into a perfect little arrow pointing down towards her clit and the pussy below.

“I didn’t think you would get lost but hey, let’s not leave these things to chance.” she chuckled.

Tony nodded appreciatively before reaching back to his jacket for his phone. Helen tried to close her legs as she could see that he was going to take a photo but a look from me stopped her.

“Now Helen, remember what happened last time you tried to say no to me?”

She looked chastened, Tony just grinned and stood at the end of the bed, camera poised.

“Open you legs wider Helen, wider still, bit more – now bend your knees, bring your heels towards you – that’s better – just push your knees outwards now.”

She looked incredibly vulnerable in that position, the lips of her pussy were spread apart and I could see the juice dribbling out of her cunt and down to her arse hole. Higher up and the hard red lump of her clit was visible poking out of its hiding place. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. Tony took several shots of her pussy and newly shaved pubic hair, each one made her breathe faster and more shallowly, as if the click and whirl of the camera was a tongue flicking across her clit. When he had finished he put his camera away and stripped off his boxers. His cock, already three quarters erect, wasted no time in growing to it’s full size with a few firm movement of his hand. He moved to climb onto the bed and was clearly going to fuck her without any further ado when I stopped him.

“Tony, come here and shove that down her throat please, keep her quiet for me.”

He just looked at me and climbed on the bed further up, first running his cock between those luscious tits and then holding her head up as he fed his long thick cock into her mouth. She tried to move but to no avail, his body pinned her torso down and the chain held her arms firmly above her head. He was soon just using her mouth like a sex toy, holding her head firm as he moved his cock in and out of her, slowing down so she could suck harder before sinking deep inside her. I loved the sight of it and was tempted to just watch him cover her in spunk but time was moving on.

“Now Helen, you really must learn not to struggle, argue, disobey or even hint at anything like that when I’m around or you must face the consequences”

Reaching over to the dressing table I picked up the 1664 bottle and showed it to her. The fear in her eyes told me that she knew my intentions straight away. Tony just gave his usual grin and fucked his cock deeper into her mouth. I pushed the tapered neck of the bottle against the lips of her cunt and pushed gently. The first couple of inches went in easily before I started to meet any resistance and a firm push had it about half way in. Gripping the end of the bottle tightly I began to rhythmically pump the makeshift dildo in and out of her, enjoying the sight of her stocking tops, now soaked with her juice and the little arrow telling me where she wanted my attention.

Tony looked back and muttered “Oh man, I want some pussy!” before climbing off her to stand opposite me. Despite herself I could see that she was enjoying being violated by the bottle as her hips were bucking and more and more was disappearing inside her with every thrust. Tony could see that she was close to coming so bent down to suck at her nipples, twisting, biting, chewing — anything to increase the pleasure she was enjoying. It didn’t take long from there before she came, pulling against the chains and moaning loudly as her hips slammed against the bed. The bottle made a loud ‘plopping’ sound as I pulled it out and set it back onto the dressing table. That fraction of a second was all Tony needed to climb onto the bed and shove his engorged cock straight up the helpless girl with one alsancak escort savage thrust. The bottle may have been wide but Tony was much longer and her eyes rolled back in her head as his hard cock filled her completely. He hooked her legs over his arms and began to slam into her furiously. There was no finesse; he was just going to pump his spunk into her as soon as he could, knowing full well that she could do nothing about it. She had her eyes closed now and was biting her lip against his assault, his final deep thrust and shout of “you fucking slut!” as he pumped deep inside her was enough to trigger another orgasm in her.

Tony pulled out of her, wiping his cock on her stocking clad leg, his spunk and her juice forming an ever growing wet patch on the bed.

“I’m getting another beer.” was all he said as he walked out of the room leaving me with a satisfied looking Helen. She looked so sexy lying there that I didn’t waste much time sinking my cock into her. I turned her over onto her side a little and lifted her leg up, sliding my hot cock into her in a sort of exaggerated spoons position. I like this way as it gives free access to her tits and the rest of her pussy with my right hand and I was soon squeezing her hard nipples as I gently fucked her. Tony came back into the room with two beers and gave me a nod of appreciation as he enjoyed the sight of her chained and helpless, shot through with hot cock.

“If we are going to fuck her ass next then we’ll need some lube.” he said “Have you got any babe or shall I just force my way in?”

“Bedside draw.” She panted as I pinched one of her nipples harder.

Tony opened the draw and pulled out a pump tub of Hot Cinnamon anal lube, a large one at that. He chuckled as he held it up “Looks like she get her ass fucked on a regular basis, this is half empty – and look at what else we have!” he said as he pulled out a well used looking purple vibrator and what I recognised as a ‘butt screw’ a corkscrew looking device in bright green that looked evil and fairly new. I reached for the vibrator and deftly switched it to its highest setting before sliding it down between us. It was now resting between the cheeks of her ass and across her puckered hole, vibrating nicely against the base of my dick. The effect on her was electric though, she was soon gasping and gripping my cock hard with her cunt as her third climax approached. I didn’t really have to do anything as her squeezing was enough to drain what felt like a gallon of spunk out of me, the strong spurts kept coming as I flooded her sloppy pussy with more and more spunk.

I lay slightly breathless, holding Helen’s heaving chest as we both recovered our composure. I pulled out, turned off the vibrator and sat on the side of the bed, looking up to see Tony finish his beer and give his rapidly hardening cock a couple of lewd wanks.

“C’mon Marco, lets get to the main event now shall we, lets get her arse in the air so I can fuck it.”

The point of the chain was that it gave us flexibility to move her how we wanted and soon she was on all fours, arse in the air. I loved the way her stockings and then the Basque framed her arse with bands of black, the red trim being picked up by the livid red smear of her pussy, swollen and gaping from the recent fucking. In contrast the pale pink of her arsehole looked almost discrete and virginal, well until Tony covered it in hot Cinnamon lube and then started to ream first one, then two then three fingers into it that was! I was surprised at how rough he was but as all the sounds Helen were making were of pleasure it was hard to argue. It didn’t take him long to be on the bed behind her, his cock lined up in position and then pushing surprisingly gently into her, making sure that each inch was accepted before pushing deeper. Once he had his whole cock inside her he pulled out and added even more lube before plunging firmly in again. Grabbing the thin material of her Basque for purchase he quickly built up to a steady rhythm, one from the sounds that she was making Helen heartily approved of! Blessed with natural stamina and already having come once she was in for a long, long ride on his long, long cock, I hoped that this was what she wanted because there was no stopping Tony once he started, all he was born to do was fuck and he was a star at it. I watched them for a while, her arse shaking from the pounding and tits swinging and swaying. I reached down and tweaked her nipples for a while, listening to the grunts and groans from them.

Tony suddenly slowed down and pulled his cock out of her arse with a yelp. “Jesus Marco, I think my back has gone. Give me a rest will you, get your cock in here for a minute or too while it settles down” I quickly stepped in, enjoying the smooth tightness of her arse and remembering how I’d given it a good spanking the previous week a gave her a few hard whacks to remind her about it. This made her contract buca escort her muscle and grip me tighter so I kept on doing it- whack — whack — whack – whack in time to my thrusting, her wailing became more from delight from pain as I pumped harder and faster, feeling my balls tighten as her wailing became a banshee howl and her orgasm ripped through her, my scalding spunk shooting up her arse quickly after.

Pulling out I watched the spunk soaking into her stockings as it flowed out of her gaping arse. I went over to the top of the bed and unclipped the handcuffs from the headboard, leaving her wrists still cuffed together. She rolled over onto her back and shuffled into a sitting position, she leant back against the cold headboard, obviously oblivious to the discomfort she sat breathing deeply with sweat running down her brow.

“Could I have a drink please?” She croaked the first words she had spoken for an hour. I went into the en-suite and brought her a glass of water and a towel, unclipping one cuff so she could clean herself. She sat there and drank her water, breathing deeply and dabbing the perspiration from her body.

It was Tony that broke the silence in typical fashion.

“Well Helen, I haven’t come this far to only blow one wad into you, so when you have finished preening yourself you can get on your knees over here because I have cock that needs sucking.”

His thick cock was hanging down between his muscular thighs, he was bigger soft than most men were hard and from the way Helen licked her lips she knew it too. I went over to her and helped her down taking the lose cuff in my hand. As she knelt down in front of Tony I pulled her other hand behind her and locked the cuff on her wrist so they were both behind her back. Tony fed his hardening cock into her open mouth and wound her long hair around his fingers, pulling her mouth further along his now hard shaft, forcing himself deeper and deeper down her throat. Tony could see the panic in her eyes as he pushed deeper and deeper but with her hands once more chained there was little she could do.

“Relax baby.” he said “You can take it all down your slutty little throat; I know you can and I know you fucking love it” He kept on pushing gently as the last couple of inches slid down her throat and her lips were buried in his wiry pubic hair. “See baby, I knew you could do it.” said Tony “I know a good slut when I see one.” He pulled some of his cock out and she gasped, able to breath again before pushing back inside her mouth.

“C’mon Marco.” he said “Get some of this mouth, she’s a natural!”

I didn’t need asking twice and soon she had all my length down her too. We spent the next few minutes passing her between us, filling her mouth with hard cock. Before long her bright red lipstick was smeared all over her face and all over our cocks and with her mascara beginning to run in the heat she was looking a bit dishevelled.

The next time I pulled out of her mouth and turned her towards Tony he shook his head.

“No thanks man, that’s enough for now, I want to fuck her again.”

He picked her up in his powerful arms and pushed her face down on the bed. Kicking her legs further apart with his knees he found the entrance to her pussy and pushed firmly in. Being careful to keep his back straight he started to fuck her but soon stopped with a wince as the spasm caught him again. “Jesus that’s sore.” He said pulling out and climbing on to the bed.

“Give her a hand Marco; get her on top of me.” With a little manoeuvring she was soon impaled upon his cock, facing forwards with him supporting her by resting his big hands on her bigger tits. Without being told she began to ride him, plunging down on his shaft and banging her clit against his pubic bone until with a great gasp she came again, her whole body shaking as she groaned deep in the back of her throat. She fell all the way forward and Tony’s arms circled her, squeezing tight as he bit sharply down on her shoulder. Her ass was now sticking high in the air and she was more helpless than ever before. The green butt-screw was sitting on the bedside table where I left it and was too tempting for me to resist.

Giving it a squirt of the lube I pushed the tip against her ass. It was not as tight as it had been but was hardly the gaping tunnel it had been after I had finished fucking it. I pushed firmly in turning the toy all the time so it screwed into her arse. She had started to say something but realising it was futile just kept quiet as the toy buried its self deep inside her. Once inside I held the ring and sawed it back and forth a little, causing Tony’s eyebrows to rise as he felt it scrape against his hard cock. Feeling braver I pulled it further out before shoving it in and then pulling almost all the way out and plunging it back again. Obviously it didn’t do lot for me but from the way Helen reacted to the firm ridges pulling her ass inside out it certainly worked for her! I sawed the butt screw in and out of her arse, speeding up and slowing down while Tony lifted her up so he could suck and bite her big tits and hard nipples. Pulling it all the way out for the final time I climbed onto the bed and pulled Helen upright. Leaning forward I whispered in to her ear.

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