Heavenly Love Ch. 10

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Like always, thank you all those who have written to me and appreciated reading my story. It does mean a lot. And so I do apologise the delay in submitting the chapters. I know they dont follow as quickly as you would like them to. But I do like to take my time to develop the story just the way I want it to be. And your appreciation is what encourages me to write more.

As always, if you are joining in new with this chapter, please read the previous in chronological order to fully appreciate them.


Good nights and sweet dreams

As she came close to me, she flung her arms and hugged me slowly but firmly. As I hugged her back, she melted in my arms. We stayed in the hug for a while. I kept caressing her through the night dress she was wearing.

I broke the silence and the hug and asked her, “What would you like for dinner?”

Looking straight in me eyes, she smiled at me

“I mean apart from the dessert.” I smiled back.

She smiled. “What would you like? I don’t want to step out now. Let’s sort something at home.”

“How about a takeaway?”, I asked.

“No. I don’t want you to go either. Order a delivery if you wish. I want you to stay with me for now.” She pulled me and hugged me firmly.

“Ok. What would you like?”

“Anything light. I ain’t fussed. What about you?” she spoke softly in my ear. We were standing hugging each other close. She has pressed her cheek on mine as she hugged me.

“Do you fancy a pizza?”

“I don’t mind. But can I have less cheese on it please.” She purred.

“Ok. I will order then.” I parted from the hug slightly and looked at her.

She sat in the lounger as I ordered the delivery. When I hanged up the phone, she beckoned me to come and sit with her. So I sat next to her. She pulled her knees together and curled up in my arms. After a while of cuddling, I flicked the TV on and we sat there watching the TV waiting for the delivery to arrive.

“I have enjoyed today so much.” she put her arms around my neck and kissed me softly.

“Me too.” I hugged her back.

As we sat there cuddling each other, the moments passed by with the TV audio filling the silence in the air. We both had enjoyed the day together and I think it had brought us close. I recalled how we had spent time around, holding hands and shopping for each other. I kept stroking and caressing her as she lay there in my arms, her warm femininity melting in my hug. Her fragrance was still pouring out and enticing me. Her touch was still soft enough to arouse me.

As the door bell rang, she shifted to let me out of the hug. As I got up, she spoke softly, “My purse is in the bedroom.”

“Don’t worry. I will get this.”

She smiled and settled in the chair again. “Shall I get some drinks?” she asked gently.

“I will sort it out. You just stay there and relax.” I assured her.

She smiled and flew a kiss at me. I flew a kiss back.

After I had paid and returned to the lounge, I lay the coffee table with drinks and dishes. She was still curled up in the arm chair.

“Come on. Lets have some dinner.” I looked at her and beckoned her to sit down on the floor at the coffee table.

“Lets just eat her.” She pointed at the chair. “Lets share a plate between us and eat together. I like it here.” She wanted to be close.

“Ok.” So I dished out some slices for us on a plate and sat back in the lounger as she curled up next to me.

“This I like.” she purred.

I had one arm around her back hugging her. So I was holding the plate. She placed the plate on our lap and helped me eat by feeding me at times. So while we took our sweet time going through the slices, the closeness kept growing. It was so nice to see her feed me a few bites once in a while. She hugged and snuggled close and kissed me ever so often. I tried feeding her a few bites too. We stared at each other every once in a while. Our eyes pulled our lips close and we ended up kissing often, with gentle soft pecks.

As we munched through some TV and pizza, the evening was turning into a night. I reached out to lay the empty plate on the table. As I lay back, she curled up again and hugged me close. I wrapped her in my arms. We stayed there for a while.

“You are getting sleepy.”I spoke, interrupting the moment.

“I know. But I dont want to let you go. I like to be held in your arms.” She purred.

“I will hold you in bed too. But lets go in cause you are very sleepy now.” I hugged her gently to assure her.

She broke from the hug, and sat up. “How about we watch a nice movie in bed?” she seemed very eager for that.

“A movie.?!” I smiled out loud. “And how are you going to keep awake.”

“I will if you hold me.” she looked at me with sleepy eyes.

“Ok.” I tried to trick her in getting in bed.

She kissed me gently before standing up. “I will clear this and meet you in your room.” She pointed at the coffee table.

“No. You take your edirne escort time and I will sort everything out.” I assured her.

She smiled. “This is a treat.” She held my hand.

“You deserve it all.” I smiled back. “Now get ready for bed.”

After clearing the table, I went to my bedroom and freshened up. I slipped into something loose and shut the lights and locked up.

While I was lying in bed with the TV on, mom entered wearing only a satin sleeveless camisole. We had purchased it in the lingerie shop today. I had loved the feel and the look of it. Since she could not wear it to show me, this was a good surprise for me to see it on her. It was surely a good purchase. It ran just barely past her waist and so it exposed a small amount of her lower bum. It hugged her curves well, although it was loose, and it accentuated her boobs. It had a rather surprising V neck that got my attention. As she came and settled in the bed next to me, I could smell her fragrance. It was very feminine and sensual. She had her hair loose and it enhanced her face.

“So have you selected a movie?” she asked as she settled in the bed.

“Not yet. I was waiting for you. What movie would you like?”

“I don’t mind. You choose.” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Give me something.” I shook my head and pressed her to give me a hint. “You know I have tons of movies.” I smiled.

“Why can’t you pick one and we will watch that.” She smiled. She didn’t want to make a choice.

“We?” I smiled at her sleepy eyes. “You are nearly asleep!”

“No. I am awake now.” she giggled. “Fresh and fine.”

“Ok. Give me something. Anything.” I smiled, paused and waited for an answer.

She looked at me and realised I wasn’t going to choose. “How about a nice romance?”, she suggested shyly with a smile.

“Thank you.” I smiled back. “That’s at least a start.”

“Or. A comedy if you like.” she added.

“No. If you like romance, then romance it is. I would like a romance.”

“You choose.” she added again. “And come and lie here by me soon.”

“Ok.”. I assured her.

As I inserted the DVD in the player, I took hold of the remote and got in to the bed. She flung the spread and let me slide under it. As I settled in, she curled up the sheets around us and hugged me close.

“This is so nice” she purred as she curled close to me and hugged me. “What are we watching?” she asked inquisitively.

“Its a surprise.” I smiled teasingly. “You wanted it to be a surprise.”

“I love surprises.” she snuggled and giggled slightly.

As the titles scrolled over, she exclaimed, “Oh, my favourite.” She hugged me and kissed me excitedly.

“Should we time you falling asleep?” I laughed.

“Sure. You will have to keep counting cause I aint sleeping yet. I have a movie to watch.” she smiled.

I hugged her and pulled her in my arms. She followed and pushed herself closer. “I love you.” she purred.

“I love you too.” I caressed her in my hug.

While we watched the movie, we kept hugging and kissing each other. I could feel the warmth from her bare skin on mine. Her fragrance was seductive and her soft touch was getting me hard. Occasionally she would run her hand around on my erection, so very casually, while she caressed my thigh. I could see that she wasn’t wearing any bra. I could feel the softness of her boobs while she pressed close to me. When I caressed her back I could feel her waist and bum cheeks. I loved caressing them gently. Her hair danced around loosely as she moved slightly. It was very silky and long. I loved playing with it and running my fingers through it. She knew that too well. Watching the movie was the last thing I was doing.

A few minutes before the movie ended, I could feel her drifting to sleep. She had rested her head on my shoulder just below my neck. I had not moved. I didnt want to disturb her. I had let her nod off gently. When the movie ended, I waited for a while watching tv. She was really asleep by now. I could feel her calm breathing on my chest. She was still cuddled up close to me.

I had to gently lower her into the bed. I felt awful disturbing her sleep. She followed my cue in half sleep.

“Sleep here with me.” she said in her sleep.

“Ok. I will.” I replied quietly.

I helped her slip down on her pillow. Then I tucked her in by pulling the sheets over her gently.

After shutting the lights, I climbed in the bed. I knew she was not wearing any pants. So I slid mine off and I slowly slipped under the sheets without moving them much. She was still asleep. I could hardly see her in the dark, the lights from the street barely helped me get under the sheets without bumping too much. But as I slid in, her sweet fragrance reminded me of her presence and our closeness. Feeling her warmth and fragrance in the dark was unusually erotic. As I got used to the darkness, my eyes could make out her silhouette and I could see her escort edirne sleeping calmly under the sheets.

I lay there next to her gazing at her femininity. I enjoyed getting aroused by her fragrance and her warmth. I could feel it under the sheets. I loved it so much I moved closer to feel it. As my body came closer to her, my thigh touched her thigh and it brushed for a brief moment. I thought I had disturbed her. But she lay asleep like a baby. Her hair flowed over her face in gentle curves. I couldn’t stop myself, so I leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead. I caressed her hair and parted it gently a bit away from her face. As I moved closer to her, I wanted to hug her in my arms again. I wanted to feel her soft warm touch on my skin. And I wanted to enjoy the pleasure that she enjoyed so much offering me. But I was not sure if I should make a move when she was asleep. I didnt know if she would appreciate it, let alone reciprocate. But everything that she had done to please me told me that she would love it.

Today we had had a lovely time. Since waking up in the morning, not sure about what to feel or about what had happened between us the night before, I had come to realise that she was more than blissfully happy to have had the moment with me. She was eager, willing and ready to go all the way. I had nothing to fear about doubting her feeling. She had put my doubts to ease and we had spent a lovely day together. I guess it was her way of easing my worries by taking me shopping. I guess she wanted me to know, everything I desired was going to be her first choice from now on, or rather her only choice. She didnt want anything else but me. And I didnt want anything else but her. Seemed like we had finally found each other. And there was no doubt about it. The only thing that remained for us to do is enjoy it.

So I moved closer and hugged her. She seemed to stir a bit and cuddled next to me with her arm around my chest and rested her head on my shoulder close to my neck. As she drifted back to sleep she caressed and stoked my hand and kissed my cheek.

I had wrapped my one hand from under her, around on her back and rested it on her waist. As she drifted to sleep, I moved it around and caressed her bum. It felt tender and I felt aroused. I slid my hand under her camisole and raised it higher up her back, baring some more of her waist. All the caressing was getting me hard and I think she was feeling the touch. She seemed to stir a bit and realised I was caressing her. In her response she moved up and closer and parted her leg and spread it across and over my thigh burying it between my legs. That parted her thighs and bum cheeks. While she buried her leg between mine, she probably felt that I was not wearing any pants either. That must have set her alight. She settled in my hug again and slid her hand up my top and caressed my chest. She kissed me a few times deep on my neck and pressed herself close to me. Since she had moved up, I could now run my fingers between her bum cheeks and feel the warmth between them. My touch must have stirred her a bit because now she was hugging me closer and pulling me with her arm wrapped around my neck. She kept kissing my cheek and neck and kept encouraging me. All the while she was half a sleep and all I could feel was her warm breath and her sleepy kisses. We lay there for a while hugging each other. She must have been tired since she nodded off while I lay still.

My arm was under her neck hugging her. I turned on my side to face her. The shifting must have stirred her. She moved to accommodate and settled in my hug again, pressing herself close to me. By now I had moved really close to her and while I turned, I had made her leg cross over mine. So now when I held her close, and pulled her waist closer I could feel her parted thighs. I had slid my one hand under her pillow. While my other hand was caressing her bum cheeks and her thigh that was over my legs. I pulled her leg higher up my waist, parting her thighs wider. That made it possible for me to pull her waist closer to mine. I caressed her bum cheeks gently and ran my fingers very shallow in between them. Although she had drifted back to sleep, I could not sleep. And I lay there feeling her closeness, enjoying her fragrance and warmth. Our bodies were touching at several sensitive areas. I was particularly aware that my prick was very close to her pelvis and in fact I could feel it resting in between her thighs.

By now her thighs were parted enough for me to feel her labia. I could not resist touching and caressing her. I took my time slowly running my fingers over her bum, between her bum cheeks, over her labia buried between them, touching them gently and softly. As I grazed over them, it must have been sending her shivers as she responded by kissing me more and hugging and pulling me closer. All the touching and caressing must have stirred her up again. Although she was still half asleep, she responded by kissing and caressing my edirne escort bayan cheek. She moved her leg further up my waist and encouraged me to caress her all over her bum and between. She kept encouraging me all the while, realising the hardening bulge that was growing close to her pelvis.

I moved my hand under her thigh and held my prick. Locating her labia, which were now wet, I positioned the head on the wet cunt lips. She realised the move and by parting her thighs pulled on me and my waist. As I pulled her closer, I could feel my prick slip inside her wet hungry cunt. As I felt the head slip past the wet labia, I could feel her breath deepen and she sank her lips deep in my neck kissing me and pulling on me very hard. She kept tugging on my waist, wanting to take me in all the way. I moved a bit, and pulled her leg over my arm spreading her thighs wider so I could slide deeper. With every push, we both felt the closeness increase and the feeling of pleasure came flooding. She responded by kissing me, over my cheek, my neck, my lips. By now she was nearly awake and had realised my desires. As usual she was complying fully by encouraging and offering herself.

By now she was fired up pretty high and I could feel my hardness wanting more. While she kissed me, I was sliding inside her lying on my side. She was hugging me and kissing my lips passionately. She slowly rolled on her back and tugged on my top. As she lay on her back, she pulled on my waist and pulled me over her. I took the cue and rolled over her. She parted her legs for me and guided my waist between them. As we settled in a hug, I lay over her and she wrapped her legs around mine, pulling me close to her. We hugged and kissed each other passionately for a while. All the time I could feel my hard prick touching and caressing her wet labia. By now she had stirred awake and was fully aroused.

She kept caressing my bum and ran her hands all over my back, pushing my t-shirt higher up. I took the cue and sat up. I took my shirt off and put it aside. Now I was totally naked. She raised herself on her elbows and gestured to me to help her get her camisole off. I gently helped her out of it. She let it drop on the side. When she took her camisole off, she had to sit up in the bed. When we were both naked, we sat up in the bed with our legs around each other, and we hugged and kissed each other holding each other in a tight hug.

She lowered herself on her back and pulled me over her as she lay on the bed. She parted her legs and encouraged me to have her. I lowered myself and rested on my hands and positioned my waist between her thighs. She held my prick and guided it inside her. Once I felt the head in position, I gently thrust while she pulled my waist. As I slipped inside her, I could feel the pleasure waves flowing through me. She was wet and I slipped in with a few shallow moves. She gasped and pulled me close and hugged me. She planted several kisses on my chest and neck. We kissed passionately for several minutes while I slowly and gently rocked my hard prick inside her wet cunt. The gentle rocking pumped her wet cunt very sensually. I loved the feeling and she gasped and sighed as she felt my prick grind deeper inside her cunt.

“I love you”, she whispered very sensually in my ear.

“I love you too”, I replied, fully immersed inside her wet cunt. “I love having you.”

“I’m all yours baby. Always”, she purred. “Have me all night.”

I loved feeling her wet cunt milk my prick as I rocked my prick inside her. She was enjoying the feeling too. She kept moaning and sighing while kissing me and pulling me close. I could feel when she came. It was arousing to know I was making her cum. The slow pounding was very arousing. I could feel every squeeze and slide when I moved inside her. And she kept milking my prick by wrapping her legs around me and pulling me close. We kept kissing passionately while I slowed fucked her hungry cunt.

I was getting close to an orgasm myself. She must have realised it. She encouraged me to cum inside her. “Go on. Don’t hold back. Cream me” she kissed my chest several times and encouraged me.

While I exploded inside her cunt, she held me and kissed me repeatedly on my chest and neck. As I lay on her, she held me tightly and kissed my neck and cheek. She waited for the orgasm to subside while she held me in her arms. I lay on her enjoying the waves of pleasure.

“I loved that.” she sighed softly in my ear.

I kissed her gently on the lips, “and so did I.”

“It was nice that you initiated it.” she purred.

“I couldn’t hold back my urge to have you tonight”, I acknowledged.

“You shouldn’t hold back. We have promised each other.” she seemed shocked.

“I know. I am only just getting used to the feeling of this luxury.” I whispered smiling sheepishly.

“Its not luxury. Its your to have and enjoy. You shouldn’t hold back. I feel so sad to know that.” she seemed genuinely sad about it.

We lay there for a while. I rolled around on her side and lay on the bed.

“Hold me close” she urged me.

As I held her, she nudged her face deep on my neck and kissed me.

“Have me more tonight, when you feel like”, she sighed in my ear. “That way I will know just how much you wanted me and that you are ok taking your initiatives with me.”

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