Heating Up the Hot Tub Ch. 03

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I had to admit that by this point, tomorrow seemed a million years away. I didn’t want to think about what tomorrow might bring, I only wanted to enjoy the moment. As the girls began to gather their towels and head into the living room Angie was the first to suggest how we could continue our activities.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure could use a shower.” She commented and the other girls agreed. Once again the design of my house was working out to my advantage. I have a large steam shower in my master bath that would easily fit us all comfortably. There was a tile bench where you could sit and relax and the floor area was so large we could have all been laying down enjoying the steam without being in the way of the water or the drain.

Susie led us through the house to my bedroom and into the bathroom. She stepped into the shower and turned on the water as Angie and Tina dropped their beach towels into the clothes hamper. I followed them into the shower and sat down on the bench as the girls began to lather themselves and each other up, washing away chlorine from the hot tub, sweat, and the smell of sex. Tina was the first to lay down on the bench next to me as Angie and Susie worked over her body with soapy face cloths. Tina moved closer to me and lay on her stomach, her head in my lap. Watching this take place in front of me had cause my cock to reawaken and Tina wasted no time kissing and licking me as the girls scrubbed and cleaned every inch of each others bodies. As the soap was washed away from their bodies, they dropped the sponges they were using onto the rack.

Angie worked her hands down Susie’s body and as her hands slid past Susie’s hips, she knelt down in front of her. Susie responded by spreading her legs and giving Angie full access to her bare pussy. I could see my daughter move her head forward and by Susie’s moans, I knew Angie was licking her pussy.

Tina trabzon escort had taken my cock in her mouth and was working up and down my shaft as I slid my hand down her back and between her ass cheeks. She moved her legs apart and my fingers worked into her from behind. As I slid my two middle fingers into her, I gently pressed my thumb against her asshole. Tina moaned and raised her hips towards my fingers so I pressed a little harder until the tip of my thumb slid into her ass.

Susie and Angie had dropped to the shower floor and we moving themselves into a “69” in front of me. Angie was on bottom with her legs towards me and my daughter Susie was on top, her spread ass and pussy pointing right at me. The girls lost their tongues in each others pussies as Tina continued to lick, suck and nibble my cock and balls.

I was sliding my fingers and thumb in and out of Tina at a pretty good pace when she began to buck and shake, her orgasm washing through her as my cock slipped from her mouth.

“Holy shit Ken, I need to relax a minute. I can’t stop shaking.” Tina said as she sat up next to me. “I bet at least one of those girls could use a hard thick cock.”

“Put it in my ass again Daddy, I can’t get enough of that.” Susie said, lifting her head from Angie’s pussy long enough to command my attention.

“Anything for my baby girl.” I told her as I positioned myself behind her. I squeezed a little soap from one of the sponges onto my cock and slid half of it into my daughters ass with little resistance. Susie moaned as I entered her and I moaned as I felt Angie’s tongue slip across my balls from below. I knew I wouldn’t last long with this treatment and I wanted to make the most of it so I began to fuck my daughters ass hard, my balls slapping against her and Angie’s tongue each time I buried myself in her. If I hadn’t given escort trabzon myself a workout in the hot tub, I’m sure I would have cum by now, but I was able to give my daughters ass the attention it deserved, and she and I both wanted.

After a few minutes of sliding my cock in and out of Susie’s ass she began to moan as Angie’s mouth on her pussy brought her to orgasm. She bucked and shook as she cried out and I was getting closer and closer to losing control myself. It was Tina who provided the means by which I lost it. She stood up from the bench behind us and knelt behind me. As I grabbed my daughter’s hips in my hands, pulling her back against me as I fucked her tight ass, I felt Tina’s hands on my own ass. I gasped as I felt her spread my cheeks and her tongue slip across my puckered asshole.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as she began to probe me with the tip of her tongue. Angie’s tongue was washing my balls, my cock was sliding in and out of my daughter Angie’s ass faster and faster and now Tina was giving my back door a tongue lashing I wouldn’t soon forget. It was no wonder that she was so talented, as I had watched her earlier work her tongue over two smooth, bare pussies.

“Fuck yeah, I’m going to cum!” I moaned and as I pulled back Angie reached up and slid my cock out of Susie’s ass and into her mouth just below. Tina pressed her tongue inside me as I began to pump my load into Angie’s mouth. Susie was leaning forward and had turned to watch over her shoulder at my loss of control. She smiled at me as my eyes rolled back in my head and my cock slowly began to soften.

Angie pumped and milked every drop from me before she, Angie and Tina untangled themselves from me. I stood up slowly and each of the girls took a sponge and began to wash me from head to toe. As they finished and the last bits of soap ran off me and down trabzon escort bayan the drain each girl knelt in front of me to give me one last lick across the head of my cock. Even with having cum just a few minutes before I still was able to stay at least semi-hard.

Susie turned off the water and opened the glass door as Tina reached out for fresh towels for each of us. Once again the girls took care of me and they each dried me before wiping the water from their own bodies.

“I don’t know what to say girls.” I confessed as we walked from the master bath to my bedroom.

“Just tell us you love us and you want more, more, more.” Tina teased.

“I do… to both.” I replied.

“No. Tell us.” Susie said as she turned to face me. “Look us in the eye and tell us.”

I looked at my daughter and told her with all honesty.

“I love you Susie and I want more.” I said before looking to Tina.

“Tina, I love you and I want more.” I told her as she smiled.

“Angie, I love you and I want more.” I finished.

“We love you too Daddy.” Susie replied.

“Yeah Daddy, we love you and we want you too.” Angie echoed.

“Daddy your girls love you and we want to be yours.” Tina said with her lopsided but sexy grin.

The girls guided me to the foot of the bed and pushed me back until I sat down facing them. They each dropped their towels and I marveled at the sight of these young, sexy girls before me.

“Now that you’ve had a little bit of time to get to know your babies, we’re going to see how well you can tell us apart.” Susie said as she walked over to my closet. She pulled out some of my silk neck ties and again I had the feeling that she had been planning this for some time. Tina and Angie encouraged me to move back in the bed and as I did Susie tied each wrist to the headboard before using the last one to cover my eyes. My cock was already finding new life at the thought of what might be in store for me the rest of the night.

“First I think we should give you a taste-test.” Susie said and I could feel the girls standing up and walking around me on the King sized bed.

“Are you ready Daddy?” Angie asked me.

“Yes baby, I’m ready.”

To be continued…

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