Habit Forming

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Note: The following submission may be too disgusting for most readers as it deals with a fantasy that might better be left on paper. If you find sexual activity surrounding a woman’s menstrual flow offensive please do not read any further as it is not my desire to offend anyone. This selection is being written as I got a lot of feedback on the prior 3 menstruation stories I wrote asking for more. I make no promises that those requesting more will be satisfied but am giving it a try. Obviously, I would love to correspond with any woman during her sexiest time of the month!

To say I love a woman during that special time of the month would be a vast understatement. I lust for that hot, red, sticky flow of any woman. About the only thing that can ruin it is when a gal wears a heavily deodorized feminine pad that masks the beautiful odor too much. A couple of years ago I was walking around the office at which I work stretching my legs and over heard one of the women complain that her period would likely start the Very next day.

She hated it because lately she was flowing so heavy and her hair would get so damn matted. My cock stiffened instantly. I made up my mind that I was going to get into Leslie’s panties no matter what. Leslie was a very nice lady and very good looking. She was about five and a half feet tall with brown hair and green eyes. Her breasts were average size (You know B or C cups) and her ass was just a little larger than average.

I saw her a couple of hours later and wasted no time in asking her out. She would be busy the next night but agreed to go out the night after that. Secretly I was glad as it would be more likely her flow would have started and in good quantities. She and I had flirted for months and we both were confused as to why I hadn’t already asked her out. I wanted to show her a proper good time for two reasons. First, I really did like her but, more importantly; the more fun she had the better chance I had of caressing her sweet pussy and playing under her pad.

At this point I had only been successful a couple of times in realizing my little fetish. But, it was almost like an addiction as I now had started looking eagerly for opportunities. The night of our date could not come quick enough. I already planned to ask her out the following night in case I didn’t succeed the first night in seducing her.

The evening when off without a hitch. We had a magnificent dinner. The highlight of dinner was when Leslie had to get up to use the bathroom. When she stood up right beside me I was close enough that I could see the outline of her pad. I inhaled deeply and could clearly smell her raw womanly odor.

We laughed and talked and didn’t realize that the waiter had kept refilling our wine glasses until I saw the bill! I know I nodded without even thinking a couple of times when he showed me a fresh bottle. Needless to say both of us were feeling pretty good and uninhibited when we left almost three hours after we got there.

She let me give her a little peck on the lips when we got in the car. On the ride to her place I managed to put a hand on her nylon covered knee. We were getting along famously. We talked constantly about all of the silly things in the world. I thought we had a good chemistry but couldn’t be sure.

So, when we got to her place I walked around the car and opened the door for her and walked her to the entrance to her apartment building. Very gentlemanly I put my arms around her waist and gave her a small kiss on the lips telling her, “I have had a wonderful and fun time this evening.”

I moved in to give her second little kiss but this time I felt her lips part so I stuck my tongue forward until it found hers. It wasn’t a long kiss but was very sweet and sexy. There was a glint in her eyes as she responded, “I had a great time, too. It doesn’t have to end quite yet if you don’t have to leave. You are welcome to come up for a cup of coffee or soda or something.”

Of course I refused her offer. It wouldn’t be right to try and seduce her on our first date. Yeah, sure right, I had my hand around her shoulder and was walking her to the elevator in a matter of seconds. We got to her apartment and she kicked off her shoes and took our Cokes. She got us some wine. We each took a sip and then began kissing passionately. Before long I had her blouse off and was caressing her pretty globes through her bra.

She put my brakes on because she was curious about my fantasies or favorite thing to do sexually no matter how far out there it was. I told me she had to tell me something first she agreed. She said her favorite thing wasn’t very bizarre as she liked to try just about everything. Leslie beat around the bush before declaring she liked deep throating a guy best of anything besides fucking.

She then prodded me for my sexual secret. Women say they like the truth so I decided to gamble and go for broke. I softly admitted, “Leslie, I love having sex with a lady when she is in her period. And, I mean Ümraniye Escort everything giving her a hand job, fucking her and even eating her cunt.”

“You certainly topped me. You are a kinky little devil aren’t you? Well I have got a surprise for you.”

Obviously she didn’t know that I was already aware that her period had started as I asked, “What’s that?”

She stood right up in front of me. Then she dropped her skirt revealing a pair of blood red bikini panties that had a large bulge from her menstrual pad at her crotch. She grabbed my head and pulled my face up to her panties and said, “Guess what I am having my period right now, and my flow is real heavy tonight. So here is your chance to have whatever fun you want with my nasty pussy.”

Nothing needed to be said. I hugged my nose deep into her stinky crotch and sniffed in deeply. My normally seven inch cock felt like it was nine inches long. I pulled her onto my lap and quickly did away with the bra. As I sucked on her titties I began to caress her crotch feeling all over the outside checking out her feminine pad.

She was nibbling on my ear as I worked my first fingers inside the top of her panties. I found her thick pubic hair and it was a gooey mess. I shoved my whole hand in deeper and played around in her messy muff. Then I pulled out my hand and brought it to my face. I couldn’t resist and held it up to my nose.

After smelling the glorious odor I began licking each finger clean. As I was enjoying the pungent taste Leslie watched me in fascination. As I was about to lick the fourth finger she grabbed my hand and put the filthy finger in her mouth. She sucked it hard until she had every bit of her bloody flow off of it. She said nothing so I didn’t know what she thought of the harsh taste. My question was soon answered as each time I brought my fingers back up she licked some of them clean.

My cock was twitching with excitement. I laid her back on the sofa and ripped off my own clothing. Sitting down beside her shoulder I peeled down her panties on covering her thick mass of filthy sexy hair. As I continued to peel the panties down her heavenly menstrual pad came into view. It was virgin white around the edges with a large nasty bloody red spot in the center. The odor welled up from her crotch and filled the area.

Leslie pulled up her knees to help me pull the erotic garment off of her all the way.

I held up the panties by their crotch to my nose and mouth and stared with excitement at the mess Leslie had made in the pad. Leslie had begun pumping my cock. I couldn’t resist and sucked the very center of her mess into my mouth. The taste was a little bitter but absolutely wonderful. She asked, almost begging, “Oh, let me taste it. After all, it is my pad.”

“Ok, just a little taste though so we can get down to business.” Leslie took the pad into her mouth and sucked the shit out of it. I almost had to rip it out of her hands.

“That was great,” she said excitedly as I took the pad and panties from her. Immediately, I took the pad off the panties and rubbed the bloody flow all over her tits. As I leaned down to suck on her breasts I handed her back the pad and told her to wrap it around my pecker and jack me off. She eagerly did as I asked and soon was rubbing me hard and fast. Never before had I licked and sucked such nasty fucking tits.

We were really now both init. Both of us moaning from the attention we were receiving. The aroma of her cycle from her pussy seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as we played around. It was time to taste her cunt first hand! So, I got up and motioned for her to join me on the floor.

We got down to our knees and wildly and passionately kissed each other. I ran my hands down her back and felt all over her ass. Then I brought my hands around to her front side into paradise. Part of her pussy hair was matted down filled with the goop of the day while that closer to her cunt was still wet, gooey, and sticky.

While her cunt lips were slippery I found a stringy remnant of her flow on my finger when I pulled it out. I quickly took it up to my mouth and sucked it down. I gave her a tiny push to get her to lay down. Observing to see which way she was going I chose the other direction and reached out for her legs.

Moving up close beside her I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her on top of me into sixty-nine position. She spread her legs wide giving me absolutely full access to her nasty snatch. My god, I had never smelt such a pungent odor from a cunt. She wiggled her hips in my face as she snapped, “Eat my cunt come eat it clean you nasty bastard!”

Leslie swallowed my cock into her mouth licking off her special twat juice as she went along. I had pulled her on top of me so we didn’t waste any of her flow on the couch. Not sure where to start I just dug in. I ran my mouth all over her hair cleaning it the best I could. Using my tongue like a spoon I scooped repeatedly up between Anadolu yakası Escort her cunt lips.

Her sweet juices were pouring into my mouth. My chin, neck, cheek and nose were being covered with her beautiful red syrup as I just kept lapping at her hot hole. Soon I blew a load of my own spunk down her throat. Suddenly, she gushed in my face as she came like gangbusters. I feverishly licked all of her sweet delivery that I could. Out of breath and very happy I gave her ass cheeks a squeeze and urged, Leslie, let’s fuck now.”

Instantly, she whipped around and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips. Then she proceeded to lick all of her juices off of me. This surprised me as I didn’t think she would like her own menstrual fluid this much. But, when she had licked off the last drop she seemed to be disappointed that there was no more.

Convinced that she was done cleaning me up she sat up and grabbed my cock flicked it against her clit a couple of times then shoved the head into her twat. Her cunt felt very tight to me as she bottomed out against my stomach. It wouldn’t take long for me to cum as all kinds of thoughts raced through my head. It was exciting to know that I was fucking during the forbidden time of the month.

The smell of her rancid tits along with the fresh taste of her flow helped me to ecstasy. Just then, she picked up her dirty pad from the floor and rubbed it in my face. Soon I was shooting load after load after load of my cum into her. Taking the pad from her I held it against her mouth as she came while licking the last lick able remaining goop off of it. We collapsed into each other’s arms and slept right there on the living room floor.

The next morning her cunt was a mess from her overnight flow so I went right to work cleaning her up. Before long I was repeating the fun of the night before. Leslie and I saw each other for the next few nights with her answering her door wearing nothing but panties on the bottom half of her body. Immediately I would fall to the floor, pull down her panties, hand her the pad to suck while I licked her cunt clean. Then Jackie would put on her pants or skirt and we would put on our jackets and go out for the evening.

Once her period ended we lost interest in each other. It turned out we had nothing in common, other than menstrual juice, so we broke up. But this prolonged exposure to a woman’s flow had been habit forming. For the next year I was on the prowl for bloody pussy. I wasn’t very successful as it seemed like either women didn’t come out during that time of the month or would find a way to keep you out of their panties. I did have success a handful of times and about half the time the woman was so disgusted at my fetish that we never saw each other again.

But, a year ago my luck changed as my sister’s moved in with me. Donna is a year younger than me and Janice is two years younger than I am. People mistake them for twins all of the time. They both stand 5’3″ and weigh 125 pounds with golden blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes. They have amazing bodies with D cup boobs or larger and I confirmed by looking in their hamper that they wore Size 8 panties over their ample asses.

It seemed like they were always complaining about cramps and back aches at the same time of the month. I found that odd until they told me that our mother had taken them to the doctor the same day for birth control pills and they started them together and hadn’t stopped for any reason since they had started. We had always been a very relaxed family while growing up.

It was nothing for us or our parents to walk around nude either while getting ready for bed or while getting up in the morning. It seemed like all of us slept in the nude. You would only nighties or pajamas on us when we had company and the females would wear panties during their periods. Otherwise, for about a half hour every night and then again in the morning five naked bodies would be scurrying around doing their business without much in the way of sexual thoughts on their minds.

I won’t lie as we matured the visions of the ladies made for great masturbation sessions. And, occasionally I would see my dad slap my mom’s ass or give it a pinch. As a result, none of us was ashamed of the human body. We didn’t think of it as dirty and naturally, to us, therefore, nothing about it was dirty including what it produced. Pissing, Cumming, and Menstruating were all part of nature and the wonders of being alive.

It was against this background that they moved in. For the first couple of nights we all wore our night clothes. But on the third morning Donna hurried around nude. By that night there were all three of us bumping into one another totally nude while using the bathroom, showering, brushing our teeth, and doing everything else we had to do. We never closed the bathroom door unless one of us was taking a shower. The only reason we closed it then was to keep warm in the shower so that a breeze wouldn’t make you shiver İstanbul Escort while trying to get clean. Even then the others would come and go from the bathroom as needed.

Oddly, the luscious sight of these two vixens didn’t cause to spring a hard-on. That is, until one night when I was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom flossing and I felt the silky cloth of Donna’s panties brush against my ass as she rushed to the toilet a couple of feet on the other side of me. She said something to me; I don’t even remember what it was, so I turned to look at her.

As soon as I did I felt the blood rush from my face and into my cock. My prick sprang to life not moor than three feet from Donna’s eyes. As I looked over she was stretching her black panties over her knees. Suddenly, the sexiest sound in the world was her piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl.

My eyes were glued to her lap. I was openly staring at her cunt and panties. I couldn’t help myself. She had the panties stretched so that they showed me practically the entire disgusting maxi thin. It was drenched in her juices. It was the fullest pad I had ever seen. And, her pubic hair was all matted down and just as thick with her flow.

Neither of us said anything for about 30 seconds. Then Donna broke the silence asking, “Hey, brother, something down there interest you?”

“I’m sorry Sis you’re very sexy there.”

“You are staring at my fucking pad aren’t you?”

“I’m afraid I am; it is kind of a fetish of mine.”

“Women’s pads and their periods turn you on. So, you like to eat women’s pussys while they are full of this mess?”

“Yes, I think it is one of the sexiest things in the world.”

She smiled broadly at me and peeled her pad from the panties. Carefully, she picked it up placing it in the palm of her hand and handed it toward me, and said, “Here let me see you lick and play with this in front of me.”

I blushed but she just sat there offering up her bloody pad. Nervously I took the pad gingerly from her. I thought I might cum without even being touched. As I lifted the pad toward my nose the overpowering earthy smell filled my nostrils and sent me over the edge. Without hesitation, I began licking the soupy mixture from the center of her feminine pad. The tangy taste rushed my taste buds and I eagerly pronounced, “Donna, this is the best tasting cunt flow I’ve ever tasted.”

I truly meant and before I realized it was rubbing my prick with one hand as I buried my mouth fully into the oblong pad. Donna watched for a minute and then yelled, “Janice you have just got to get your ass in here and see what your brother is doing.”

Donna knew that I was too into her pad to care that my other sister was about to walk in with me whacking myself off while licking a pussy pad. Janice hurried right in and looked over the scene. Donna had let her panties fall all the way to the floor now and had just begun to run her fingertips over herself. Janice was clearly thinking about what she should do. Just as I glanced over at her she began pulling her matching black panties down revealing her equally gooey messy pad. She was not near as gentle as our sister had been as she pulled it off the underwear and handed it to me, “Oh my god, this is unbelievable. Here have a pad for each hand; one to suck and one to rub your big cock with.”

There was no problem doing as she suggested as I said, “Oh yes, thank you.”

Donna couldn’t contain herself and asked, “Come on Janice why not really give him something to get excited about.”

“I don’t know what you are waiting for my sweet stinky fucking bitch, so get over here,” Janice earnestly implored. Donna walked the couple of steps to her sister and threw her arms around her. Their lips and tongues met in deep passion as they ground their cunts against each other’s thighs. They ran their fingers down one another’s back.

“Janice, it is your turn to be the retriever,” Donna said in a now raspy voice as they broke their kiss.

“I know Donna, I was just about to go,” Janice replied breathlessly. They released their grips and Janice kissed each of her older sister’s boobs as she slowly got down onto the floor. Once there Janice tapped on Donna’s thigh and Donna spread her legs further. She was almost doing the splits while tilting her pelvis forward. For my part, I slowed down on the sucking and rubbing as I wanted to see what was going to unfold next.

Janice dove right in between Donna’s legs and buried her mouth deep into her crotch. After a few seconds she began to emerge with something between her teeth. Looking closely I figured out that it was the string to a tampon. As she pulled away from her sister’s crotch the tampon dangled by the string that she had clasped between her beautiful white teeth. Donna put her legs back together as Janice stood back up.

They hugged smashing their huge knockers hard against each other. Then I got a real surprise as Donna lowered her mouth and grabbed the end of the tampon hanging from Janice’s teeth and sucked it into her mouth. As soon as Janice was sure Donna had the goopy cotton roll in her mouth she let go of the string and sucked the opposite end of the tampon into her mouth. The two sisters seemed to suck on it as if it were a straw.

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