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Kate walked into her apartment, a sheen of perspiration over her face from the walk back from college on this Friday afternoon. She dumped her bag in the corner and opened up the fridge to get out a cold beer.

The cool liquid felt great flowing as she swallows her first mouth full, leaving her feeling slightly cooler in the hot summer afternoon. With the beer in hand she walks towards her bedroom and as she passes Jack’s room, her nerdy roommate. Nerdy might have been a bit nasty as she was quite the nerd as well, but it did mean they got along really well, as they were both rather socially awkward.

Jack said hi as she passed and asked how her day was. The distraction was actually a welcome break from her racing mind of a tough day.

“It was okay, just hot and those stupid ass bitches who think they are so cool pissed me off again today” she said as she turned back and entered his room.

“Don’t worry about them, one of these days we will be owners of our own companies and they would be grovelling for a job at your feet” Jack said with a smile. “Oh, that reminds me, I hope you don’t mind, I invited Tim and Sam over later, bit of a boys catch up, I will keep them in line and keep them out of your hair.”

Kate smiled, thinking of Tim and Sam, both of them were quite nerdy as well but also not bad in the eye candy department. “Don’t worry about it, I have invited Nicole over later, with the same thought, maybe we should all get together, grab a few pizzas and chill together if you like?” she said with a naughty smile.

“Sure, sounds good” Jack said with a small smile of his own as he watched Kate turn around and walk to her room.

Jack was not what one would call a ladies’ man but he did like Nicole very much and was never sad to hear she was coming over. He turned back to his PC and continued surfing the net.

Kate entered her room, closed her door and took off her clothes, went into the on-suite bathroom and took a cool shower, the cool water running over her body felt amazing, washing away the warm clammy feeling caused by the walk home.

When she stepped out of the shower she dried off and went to her cupboard and pulled out a black lacy bra and matching g-string. She was not the kind of girl who wore such items often, but hey, there were some hot guys coming around later and she was still hoping to catch one of those two nerdy guys, even if it would take some effort on her part. She knew both of them liked her but they were both so nervous that she doubted they would ever get the courage to ask her out, let alone do more.

She then took a white tight fitting t-shirt and pulled it over her head. The material was thin, showing off the black bra underneath and put on a pair of denim shorts. Kate, being quite the nerd herself did not have much self confidence but when looking in the mirror at her outfit, her long, slightly curly hair hanging over her shoulders and stopping just above the cups of her black bra, showing through the thin white material of the t-shirt made her feel sexy, even if she could not compete with the bitches at college who walked around like tarts and caught the attention of every guy on campus.

She took another sip of the beer and switched on her own laptop and went on-line to go and see what she could find of interest.

A few hours later she heard the doorbell and got up and went to open the front door. Jack was already out of his room and much closer to the front door so opened the door for Nicole, she came in and greeted Jack with a hug and a kiss which she knew drove him crazy, but enjoyed the reaction from the nerdy guy before walking in and hugging Kate.

The girls greeted each other, laughed, giggled and grabbed a few drinks before retreating into Kate’s room. Jack just stood there after closing the door and intently stared at the two girls. They were both nerdy but both beautiful, and without even realising it his cock started straining at the view of the two women, Kate dressed in her skimpy outfit which was making her look even more beautiful than ever and Nicole, who was dressed in a off white summer dress, showing off her cleavage and her very long, very beautiful tanned legs.

Her mousy brown hair was parted either side of her slim black rimmed glasses and ran down to her shoulder and then down her back until just above middle of the curves of her waist. He stared at the girls as they walked to Kate’s room and both of them noticed both his attention on them and his straining erection in his jeans which made them giggle even more.

About 15 minutes after they disappeared into Kate’s room the doorbell rang again and Jack opened the door for Tim and Sam, the two guys greeted him and came in. He handed them a beer and they went to sit in the lounge, talking away about everything and nothing.

It was not long before the two girls joined them in the lounge where laughter and nervous conversation filled the room. By about 8pm they were all a lot more relaxed, several beers and a few bottles of wine having eased their tension and avrupa yakası escort reservations and a few Pizza boxes were strewn over the floor as everyone ate.

Kate looked at Nicole and winked and then turned to the guys and said, “Let’s play a few games” while sipping on her drink. Tim looked at her quizzically and said, “Okay, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, we all get to choose a game, we play until we have had enough and then the next one can suggest a game?” Kate said, taking a large sip of wine before continuing, “Why don’t we start off with a game of Truth or Dare?”

The guys lit up at the suggestion and everyone was in for some games. Tim looked at the guys and then back at Kate, “Okay, seeing you suggested it, you can start”

Kate smiled, and felt rather brave, especially after all the alcohol she had consumed and thought she would start by putting her friend on the spot, “Nicole, Truth or Dare?”

Nicole looked a little shocked her friend would pick her first and softly said, “Truth”

Kate looked at her friend and said, “Have you ever gone to college commando?”

Nicole blushed and swallowed hard, she could feel all the guys were staring at her intently, waiting for her answer and she knew this game was going to get out of hand very quickly. “Yes, every now and again” she answered and she could see the guys were taken aback by her answer. She was feeling rather embarrassed to have to answer the question, knowing that Kate knew the answer and that Kate was trying to put her in a position to give up information she did not really want to share.

Nicole looked around the room, “Jack, your turn, Truth or Dare”

Jack smiled and quickly answered “Truth”

“Jack, have you ever seen Kate naked?” she asked. The smile on Jack’s face disappearing as quickly as the question was asked.

“Yes, once” he admitted. Kate looked at Jack with shock.

“When was this?” Kate asked immediately to which Jack smiled and said, “it’s not your turn and I have answered the question I was asked.”

Jack looked back at Nicole, he then smiled, “Truth or Dare?”

Nicole swallowed hard and said “Truth”

Jack smiled, hoping that would be her answer, “Are you commando today?”

She blushed even more than before and looked at the ground as she answered, “Yes”

This game was not going the way she wanted it to go and suggested they change the game but everyone said no and she looked up again, her face still flushed from blushing.

“Tim, Truth or Dare?”

Tim sat upright and said “Truth”

Wanting some payback and wanting to embarrass a few other people she looked at him and asked, “When last did you masturbate?”

Tim smiled sheepishly and admitted the he had the day before. The group giggled at his answer.

The girls gave a look at each other and they knew they had both noticed it, all three of these guys were sitting with raging hard-on’s brought on by the topic of conversation which gave them a wry smile, given they could get these guys so worked up with just a few suggestive questions.

Tim looked around the room and then turned to Sam, “Truth or Dare?”

Sam looked his usual casual self as he thought about it for a few seconds and answered, “Seeing everyone here is going for Truth, I will go for… DARE” he said with a smile on his face.

The girls gasped at his answer and then smiled in glee at his bold choice. Tim looked at him and said, you have one of two choices, as is customary with a dare, and to make it more interesting, and so that you don’t hate me too much or so that you can hate me more, I will let each girl give you a dare to choose from”

Sam stared at Tim with daggers in his eyes before turning to the girls to hear his fate.

Nicole looked at Kate and then to Sam and said, dare you to French kiss Kate here in front of everyone.

Kate looked at her friend, blushed and then giggled, her friend knowing full well that she liked both Sam and Tim and that she would not mind kissing either of them and then turned to Sam and said, “My dare is as follows, I can see all you boys are quite turned on and quite hot under the collar by this little game, and considering Jack has seen me naked at some point in time, Tim gave your dare to us to decide and this is your dare, it is your decision but if you choose this one, all 3 of you have to do the same… I want all 3 of you to strip naked”

The three guys gasped at her dare, both Tim and Jack desperately trying to convince Sam to take Nicole’s dare and kiss Kate. Nicole in the interim was looking at Kate with a quizzical naughty look, whispering to her, “What are you doing?”

Sam stopped the guys and said to Kate, “Quick question, how long do we have to stay naked?” This made the guys squirm even more as Kate smiled, “Until the end of this game, and everyone has to agree before the game can be over”

Sam looked at the guys, he did not mind either of the options, he really wanted to kiss Kate but making istanbul escort his friends sit there with their hard cocks on display would be just as much fun.

“Damn, how am I suppose to decide between the two” he said trying to sound like both of the options were ones he did not want to do.

Nicole joked and said, “You could always take both of them” trying to make everyone in the room squirm a bit more.

Sam smiled and eventually said, “Okay, both”. Jack and Tim looked over at Sam with horror. “You only have to do one!”, Tim exclaimed but Sam just smiled and said, “Nope, you wanted to be funny, you get what you ask for!”

Sam stood up and stripped slowly, which he was quite grateful for because it was hot and his cock was aching being restrained behind the confines of his jeans. He then walked over to Kate and pulled her off the couch and started kissing her, the others just watching in amazement as he kissed her passionately, taking full advantage of the situation to cup her ass cheeks as he pulled her even more into his kiss.

Kate, without even realising felt his exposed cock pressing against her and wrapped her hand around his cock and gently stroked it, his hot hard meat between her fingers felt amazing. When the kiss finally ended, she realised her hand was on his cock and she let go and watched him turn around and walk back to his seat, a huge smile on his face.

The others were just sitting there absolutely shocked at not only Sam’s cool calm demeanour but also the fact that his forwardness was so warmly embraced by Kate. Kate looked at the other two guys and said, “Come on guys, you still have your part to play!”

The guys protested but with the looks from the two girls and Sam they knew they were not going to get out of this so they obliged and started stripping slowly, their bright flushed cheeks evident to all in the room.

Sitting before the two girls now were three young guys, all three with hard cocks, pre-cum dripping from the tips of their cocks and with two of them blushing uncontrollably, Sam however, was calm as could be.

Sam looked at his friend Jack and said, “Truth or Dare?”

The words “Truth” could not have escaped Jack faster. Sam smiled and said, “When did you see Kate naked and how did that happen?”

Jack blushed again and took a big gulp of wine before starting, “It was about 3 months ago, I needed to borrow a textbook from Kate, I knocked on her bedroom door a few times but she did not respond. She had told me I can pick up the book anytime I want and thought maybe she was out, so I open her bedroom door and did not see her, I went into her room and saw the book on her table, I was about to pick it up when I heard her in the bathroom, she was in the shower, the shower curtain was pulled back so I could see her completely and she was moaning while masturbating, probably her distractions and the sound of the shower meant she did not hear me knock. I did not stare for long, but Kate, I must say, you have a beautiful body, I slipped out of your room, leaving the book behind.”

Jake swallowed hard as his eyes met Kate’s and saw her staring at him, he did not know which way to look and the look on her face was confusing, he could not tell if she was mad or embarrassed or flattered.

Jack looked at Kate and said, “Truth or Dare?” His voice was raspy as he asked it. She smiled at him and said “Dare”.

Jack smiled back at her and said, “Well, due to you and Nicole we are all sitting here naked, so your first dare, if you should choose it, is for both of you to strip for us and join us in being naked, I think it is only fair the other guys get to see you naked Kate, and I don’t think it would be fair for Nicole to be sitting here dressed when all of us are not.” He paused for a moment and looked over to Nicole who was already protesting to Kate not to take the dare, “Or… seeing you enjoyed playing with Sam’s cock while he kissed you, you can always take your time and give his cock some oral pleasure right here in front of everyone.”

Kate smiled at Jack, he had unknowingly pushed the game exactly where she wanted. She looked at him with a completely straight face and stood up and started stripping, first pulling off her white top and then her denim shorts, she took off her bra to reveal her firm B-cup breasts with hard erect nipples. She turned around and bent over forward and slowly pulled off her G-string, she looked behind her and all the guys were staring at her ass as she did which made her smile.

When she lowered them to the floor she stood up and stepped out of them and turned around again to face them. She could feel the guys taking in every inch of her, her breasts swaying in the cooling evening air, her nipples getting stiffer, her pussy on show for these three guys, staring at the little landing strip of pubic hair she had showing between her legs.

The room was silent, a pin could have been heard if it was dropped. She looked over to Nicole and without saying a word, reached out and helped Nicole mecidiyeköy escort up who was starting to protest against agreeing to this dare and after moving behind Nicole Kate grabbed the bottom of Nicole’s dress and pulled it up over her head.

Nicole was not lying, she was commando under the dress, a smoothly shaved pussy was revealed along with slightly smaller, firmer breasts with nipples hard enough to cut glass Jack thought to himself. She was gorgeous, way more so than in his dreams.

Kate stepped out next to Nicole, dropped her dress to the floor and turned Nicole to her, grabbing her head with one hand and her ass cheek with another she pulled Nicole close and kissed her, the guys gasping as watching these two beautiful women kissing in front of them.

Kate let Nicole go and then walked up to Sam and looked at all 3 of them. “Stand up guys” she said in a naughty voice, Sam stood up and the other two followed, looking rather puzzled by her request. Kate dropped to her knees in front of Sam and took his cock in her hands and slowly started licking and sucking on it.

Sam’s eyes closed as he started moaning and the other two just looked down at Kate. After a few seconds, she stopped and moved over and repeated the same thing with Tim, his eyes closing as well and moans escaping his open mouth.

A few seconds Kate moved over in front of Jack. He was startled when she took his cock in her hand, she was his roommate and he wanted to protest, but when her lips wrapped around his cock, her eyes looking up at him and as he felt her suck on his cock his objections seem to fall apart.

All he could do was look down at this beautiful girl, his roommate for the past 11 months, sucking on his cock. When she let go of his cock she looked up at him and smiled and softly whispered, “Nice” with a naughty smile on her face.

Jack was speechless, he looked over to the guys standing next to him who was paying him no attention as Nicole had decided to follow Kate’s lead and was trying out the boys for herself. He looked at her, a moment of jealousy passing over him as he saw her sucking on his friends cocks, he wanted her for himself, he always had since the day they met.

Kate saw his eyes and the obvious jealousy and pain in them and leaned over to him and said, “Don’t worry, she is all yours, I want to other two for myself.” His head spun around and looked at her, she winked and said, “I have been wanting to try them out since I met them, same as you wanted Nicole since you first met her.”

“How did you know?” he asked her, “and why did you suck on me then?” She smiled and said, “When in Rome… it was the best way to get Nicole into the game as well in any case, I wanted you to have some fun to you know roomie!”

Jack smiled as he suddenly felt Nicole’s mouth on his aching manhood, he looked down and saw her looking up at him and winking at him. She sucked him hard and deep into her mouth, obviously giving him a lot more attention than she did to Sam and Tim. He also saw out of the corner of his eye Kate walked over to Tim and Sam and after taking a cock in each hand, led them to her bedroom.

Jack pulled Nicole up from her knees and looked into her eyes as he kissed her, she immediately embraced him and wrapped herself around him, he grabbed her ass cheeks with each hand to hold her up and carried her off to his own room while kissing her.

When Kate got the two boys into her room she was delighted. She kissed both of them in turn, while gently stroking their cocks which were still in her hands. She had always wanted a threesome, and here they were, her and two guys, nerds in the view of most but two over eager guys who wanted to have her and please her more than words could describe.

They were clumsy, obviously not experienced with a woman, their hands darting all over her but what they lacked in experience they made up for in enthusiasm. She guided them, showed them what she liked, took the lead and taught these two virgins how and what to do, they were like putty in her hands.

The boys took turns going down on her, Tim having incredible oral skills for a novice and Sam being an incredible kisser. They spend what seemed like hours exploring each other, touching, kissing and learning from one another.

Eventually Kate wanted more, she looked at them and said softly, boys, I need some cock, and told Sam to stand on her pillows while she pushed Tim on the bed and sat on his lap, all the time sucking and licking Sam’s cock.

Sam was a bit bigger than Tim so she thought it would probably be better to start with the smaller of the two, she rode him, thrusting her hips down hard every time she moved down, pushing his shaft deep inside of her. The feeling of having his cock inside of her was amazing and she pounded him hard but as she expected, he did not last long and within a minute he came deep inside of her.

She let Sam’s cock slide out of her mouth and looked down at Tim who looked rather embarrassed for his poor performance. “Don’t worry Tim, I am not done with you yet, your first time never lasts forever.” She said sweetly to him which made him blush, not only was his performance short, he also did not realise she knew he had never done it before. She looked up at Sam who was blushing as well, knowing it was his first time as well and not wanting to let her down.

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