Greg and Shelby’s New Sex Life

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My name is Greg and I have been dating my college sweetheart, Shelby, since freshman year of undergrad and now coming up on 25. We recently moved in together in a small but cozy 1 bedroom apartment close to the city. Shelby loved being in the city surrounded by people, while I enjoyed my solitude so we settled on the apartment not too far from the city but close enough to make her happy. I’ve been at my new job for about 4 months and have dedicated a lot of my time to my work, making our sex life bland. Shelby would never tell me but I could tell she desired something new.

One day I was talking to my friend, Ethan, about my sex life with Shelby. Ethan understood my struggle having been with his girlfriend for 5 years. He offered me some advice and told me about sex toys. Now I was always skeptical whether toys would really make sex better but I had to do something for my relationship.

The following night as Shelby was getting ready for bed I started to kiss her neck. Usually at this time if she starts to slightly moan she’s up for sex and luckily she did. As I continued to kiss her neck I slowly started sliding my hand down to grab her ass. It was the perfect size and soft to the touch. I grabbed one cheek and started to slap it. Shelby moaned louder with each slap and I knew she was horny now.

She turned over and got into the missionary position like we typically do but tonight I had something else in mind. I told her to get off the bed and to then get on her knees, where I placed a pillow. She was so confused until she felt something hit her pussy as she went down. She jumped out of fright.

“Baby don’t worry it’s just a dildo. I want you to stick it in your pussy while you kneel,” I said.

Shelby never really used toys but was turned on at the new experience and did it. She moaned quietly as she slid over the dildo, filling her pussy with it. I was fully erected now and placed my dick near her mouth. Shelby rarely orally pleased me, always saying she didn’t really like it, but today she was so turned on she went straight to it.

Shelby grabbed my shaft and placed me in her mouth. She slowly licked the tip of my dick while I was inside, sending shivers throughout my body. With her hand she began to stroke my shaft as she continued to suck on it. Shelby didn’t do this often but she knew exactly how to do it right.

I looked down at her and said, “You like having a dick in your pussy and one in your mouth don’t you?”

She nodded her head but never stopping sucking. After a while I picked her up and as she got up all the saliva and precum glistened on my dick.

I turned Shelby over on the bed into the doggy position and she moaned, “What’s gotten into you babe, like a new man?”

I grew hornier as she praised me and got on my knees and started to lick her clit. Shelby screamed as her body tingled from the feeling. I continued to lick her clit with my nose right next to her pussy juice, driving me even crazier. I licked furiously until Shelby moaned loudly out of ecstasy. I started to slowly take my tongue from her clit to her asshole. We’ve never discussed going to that region of the body but I wanted to explore the empress izle her.

I licked and slowly opened the hole with my tongue. Shelby groaned quietly, letting me know she enjoyed the feeling. I continued for a while but stopped, knowing we should talk before I went any further there.

I stood up and placed my hard shaft against her hole, pulsating from the excitement. I slowly entered her, it was warm and inviting. We both let out a sigh as I began to steadily get my pace. I grabbed her waist with both hands, admiring her curves and began to pound her like I had wanted all night. I gripped tighter on her waist as I thrust deeper into her. Typically, this would mean I was ready to finish but tonight was different.

Shelby felt me grab her tighter and turned her head to say, “You going to finish for me baby?” I looked at her with a grin and said, “No.”

I turned Shelby over and pulled out a vibrator from underneath my pillow. Her eyes opened, surprised I brought another toy. I placed the toy against her clit and it sent her into an immediate state of euphoria. I grabbed my dick with my other hand and slapped in against her hole. I was hungry for more of her, so I handed her the vibrator but left it on the exact same spot. She understood what I wanted and kept her hand up so it was out of the way. I hurriedly entered her again. She was still so tight despite being filled by both the dildo and myself. I loved it. I thrust into her as she continued to stimulate herself with the vibrator.

To up the notch, I moved one of hands from her waist and grabbed her neck. Shelby and I have done some light choking in the past but I was always afraid of hurting her despite her reassurance that I wouldn’t. Today, however, I went for it and gently squeezed her neck as I continued to plunge into her faster and deeper. As I felt myself reaching my limit, I grabbed her neck tighter, making her roll her eyes back from pleasure. Before I was about to finish I pulled out and told her to turn herself on her stomach facing me. She complied and already knew what I wanted. I had always dreamed of finishing in Shelby’s mouth but never asked.

She gripped my pole the same way as before and began to stroke it as she sucked. I immediately began to groan loudly, knowing I was ready to cum. Shelby started stroking and sucking faster. Shortly after I filled her mouth with my cum.

She swallowed it and sucked on the tip to make sure she got all of it. I love this woman. When she finished I helped pick her up and clean her off. She stared at me for a bit and said, “That was the best we’ve ever had,” and kissed me on the cheek. As she got into bed to sleep I saw her amazing figure and instantly became excited again.

As we spooned in bed she could feel my dick hardening and laughed saying, “Again so soon? You’re a new man.”

The following morning I woke up and thought about the events that occurred the night before. I must have aroused myself because I felt my dick becoming erect. It’s normal to have morning wood but this was different. It felt exactly the way it did last night when Shelby was licking the endless night izle it. I picked up the blanket and saw my girlfriend’s head bobbing up and down on my morning wood.

She looked up and smiled, “Good morning sleepy head.”

“It’s a great morning,” I replied. She smirked and continued to please me.

I put the blanket down and closed my eyes. I could hear Shelby furiously sucking on my shaft now. I knew I was almost there but didn’t want it to end so soon. I tried to think about anything else.

But nothing seemed to help. I moaned loudly as I felt my load enter Shelby’s mouth. Just like the night before she swallowed it and sucked me dry after.

We both got out of bed and continued our normal morning routines but constantly flirted the whole time. Once we were dressed we went to the kitchen. I was dressed for work and Shelby was in her tight jeans that showed off her perfect body. She went back to school to get her master’s so I was the only one working right now. I was so envious of her classmates that were able to see her in those jeans while I had to go to work and be an adult.

“Wish I didn’t have to work so I can just be with you all day,” I said as I hugged her from behind.

She smiled and said, “Well maybe tonight when you come home I can help you unwind.” I started to kiss her neck after she said that imaging her sucking me again and letting me have my way with her.

Shelby suddenly turned around and asked me, “What’s something you always fantasized about to try in bed?”

I was shocked by the question because I had never really put too much thought into it. I was nervous to give her my response and she could tell. She pulled me in close and kissed my neck to help me relax and feel comfortable to talk to her. It helped but it also made me hard and made me forget about the whole conversation. She stopped kissing and stared at me patiently. I sighed and said, “I’ve always thought about having a threesome with you and another girl.”

We’ve talked about threesomes before and Shelby always said she wouldn’t want to go down on another girl. However, as soon as I mentioned it she smiled and even looked giddy.

“It would be hot watching me lick another girl wouldn’t it?” she said.

I started to moan at the idea and fantasized about it in my mind. Shelby knew she had me and started touching my pole and stroking it from outside of my pants. I wanted to fuck her so bad but knew I had to get to work. She winked at me and started heading for the door, knowing I was basically coming out of my pants.

The day at work all I could think about was Shelby with another girl. She seemed open to the idea but she could also have been just trying to get a rise out of me. I pondered on the idea for a while but ultimately got back to work. That afternoon Shelby called me during my lunch break. I was happy to hear from her but knew it would make me think about my fantasy.

“How’s work babe?” she asked.

“Not too bad. Just can’t wait to see you,” I replied.

I could hear her giggling through the phone and it made me excited. “So the english izle babe about out discussion this morning on fantasies. I think I might have someone that would be willing to join us.”

I was quiet for a while, assuming that I was dreaming. I started to breathe heavily out of excitement and asked, “Are you serious?”

“Of course I am silly. She’s a girl from one of my classes, named Emily. We were talking about fantasies and she happened to mention she also wanted to be with a couple,” she said.

That night we looked at Emily’s photos on social media. She was about 5’3 and had an awesome body. She had fair skin and long brown hair. In contrast to Shelby’s caramel color it would be an amazing blend when we were finally all got together. Just seeing her photos made me hard, which Shelby instantly noticed.

We were on the couch in the living and usually only had sex in the bedroom but I wanted her right here. Shelby pulled my pants down and started stroking my knob. I was about to close the laptop but Shelby said, “Wait. I want you to look at her photos while I do you.”

Hearing those words drove me crazy. Shelby moved her head down to my dick and started to suck. I continued to scroll through Emily’s pictures but every once in a while I stopped to let out a moan. I came across a picture of Emily in her bikini from a vacation and immediately took my hand off the computer to admire the photo. She was wearing a small bikini that showed off her large breast, as least a D cup, and her bottom. Her butt wasn’t huge but perfectly toned, what I assumed was from a countless amount of squats.

Shelby noticed that I stopped scrolling and looked up at the photo. With a mischievous grin she said, “You can’t wait to have her gushing all over your cock can’t you?”

She was right I couldn’t but I also loved my girlfriend and needed to remind her of that tonight. I closed the laptop and pulled off Shelby’s clothes until she was naked. Her soft breast were not large but astonishing nonetheless. Any guy would kill to just squeeze them and they were all mine. I started to suck on her breast as she grabbed my hair and pulled my head in closer.

“Suck it harder. Bite it. I want your saliva all over it,” she said.

I was so turned on by her demands I pulled her on top of my lap but never stopped sucking her nipple and positioned her right on my shaft. She started to bounce up and down letting her juice slide down my cock. I bit down on her nipple forcing a groan out of her. It was hard to keep sucking as she bounced and her breast jiggled up and down so I left my tongue out letting her nipple just slide against it.

I could hear it in her voice that Shelby was reaching an orgasm. She stopped bouncing and started to grind on my cock, allowing me to feel her ass rub against my legs. She kept on grinding until she let out a relaxing sound letting me know she finished. She remained in this position for a while.

Eventually she got off of me and turned around with her back towards me. She lowered her ass and spread her legs showing off her beautiful pink pussy and fixed herself onto me. She began to bounce again but now I was able to see her ass jiggle with my dick entering her over and over again. I could see the excess juice from her orgasm and it turned me on to the point that I had to finish.

I grabbed her hips and pounded into my beautiful girlfriend repeatedly until I reached my limit and exploded inside her.

I can’t wait for Emily to join us.

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