The Training of Jeff Stintum Ch. 17

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Chapter 17: Sarah Finds the Spot


Jeff just looked blankly at the number for a few moments. He didn’t even register Sarah wiggling the toes on her bare feet in excitement. Her body was vibrating with golden energy as she looked down on him from the scale, his eyes now once again even with the top of her abs because of the scale’s extra few inches. From high above, she blinked slowly, heavily, as she watched him process how much bigger than him she really was. She took slow deep breaths as a wordless smile crept across her face. She would let him gawk, let him gape…she would let his mind be blown as he wrapped his head around the reality of their size difference. And she would be patient and watch it all happen.

Jeff felt utterly empty inside. This new knowledge of Sarah’s true size had forcefully, totally, almost repulsively taken away any lingering shred of self-worth, at least for the moment. It was almost grotesque how much bigger she was than him — he barely weighed a hundred pounds…and she weighed almost 240!?!? The disparity was too wide to believe. And yet, deep down, there was nothing about the objective reality of that soft blue number staring calmly back at him from the scale that surprised him. He knew that she was this big. And he knew that he was that small in comparison…but to have it displayed so obviously and so simply was too much for Jeff. He started to breathe rapidly as his heart rate quickened.

“Wooowww,” said Sarah at last. She shifted her stance high above and inclined her head, inviting Jeff to look up at her. Her beautiful face, framed by long spills of her blond hair, beamed down on him from almost a foot and a half above. Her eyes were wide in genuine excitement and disbelief. “Can you believe it?” Her voice matched the cadence of his lungs — it was breathless.

“N-n—no!” he managed to squeak, feeling the dizzying complexity of her size as she loomed like a mountain over him. He could say nothing more, since he was unable to control the increased pace of his breathing.

“Neither can I,” said Sarah as she kept their eye contact. Jeff couldn’t hold it, though, and his eyes broke away to the floor. “Mmmm,” Sarah sighed as she stretched herself back up to her full height, reaching her arms high over her head in a tremendous stretch. With the extra two inches of the scale, the tips of her fingers reached 8’2″. Since she often wore heels (routinely taller than the 3″ ones she had been wearing earlier), Sarah had made sure that the ceilings in her house were ten feet high…it was no accident in the architecture.

“I just…wow.” Sarah continued to milk the new reality of her size in front of Jeff…she had thought she was somewhere in the mid-220 range, but she hadn’t realized that with her steady regimen of weight training, her increased appetite, and her slightly increasing penchant for after-dinner desserts had all combined to cause a fairly substantial weight gain. She suddenly laughed as she reached back down from her stretch and grabbed two big pinches of her hips.

“Look at these big things,” she laughed at Jeff, whose head was still down. She jiggled her flesh rapidly, causing her wide hips, her massive ass, and her fleshy abdomen to all quiver and vibrate. The movement was caused less by Sarah’s jiggling, however, than by the weight of her flesh’s own momentum. Her body was so big and so substantially built that any barely perceptible movement from Sarah had massive repercussions.

“You see this, Jeff!” she said brightly, still jiggling herself as she hopped lightly off the scale. For someone so big, she sure moved delicately on her feet. Jeff was trying to concentrate on not hyperventilating, but after a moment of half-swallowing he managed to collect himself enough to look up at her. Her eyes were dancing and she was laughing as she wiggled her flesh and jiggled her hips at him. She turned around. Suddenly her ass cheeks were bouncing up, one after the other. She was flexing this cheek, then that one, this one then that one. They went up and down, up and down, and Sarah bent herself into a half-crouch, putting her hands on her knees as she threw her ass into a more rapid twerk…each cheek went up and down twice a second.

Jeff’s mouth was bone-dry; his face was ashen; his breathing came even quicker. He couldn’t last like this for long. Sarah knew this — after a few seconds of twerking she jumped back up and twirled herself around, grinning.

“Jesus, Jeff,” she said, “I’m twice your size.” She bounded up closer to him. “I’m, like, way more than twice your size.” She reached her hand down and cupped his chin, arching her back and bending down so that he looked directly up into her eyes. His rapid breathing Ataşehir Anal Escort was shallow, but it was enough to ruffle her hair. She continued unfazed.

“If we were playing on a see-saw, and I had two Jeffs instead of one,” she said, “you two still wouldn’t be able to budge me.” Her grin cracked a little as she laughed at her example. “But seriously, Jeff,” she said, letting his chin go and pinching his side with her fingers. She had to try a few times, because the first two attempts didn’t yield enough flesh in her fingers to hold on properly. At last she managed to snag what could be described as his hip. “Look at that, Jeff. Look what happens.” She jiggled her hand. Outside of the paltry bit of flesh between her fingers, nothing in Jeff’s body moved in response. There was almost no flesh to move.

For comparison Sarah reached her other hand to her own hip and once gain pinched it and jiggled, sending mighty ripples through her ample flesh. “I guess we have different body types, huh, Jeff,” said Sarah playfully, winking at him as she let him go. She rose up to her full height again and clapped her hands. “Now shake your butt!”

Jeff leaned on his crutches, still barely able to breathe. “W-what?”

Sarah plopped herself down in the chair Jeff had been sitting in. The metal fold-up chair groaned into the kitchen at her weight as her curves spilled over the edges, her feet easily touching the floor as she spread her legs far beyond the chair. “You heard me,” she said simply. She gestured with a beckoning finger. “I want you to come over here, in between my legs, and shake your little butt for me.” Jeff didn’t move. Sarah inclined her head and arched an eyebrow, and he suddenly knew that he needed to obey her. He did as she asked.

“Come on, Jeff,” said Sarah, chuckling as he crutched himself in between her long, shapely, out-splayed legs. “This isn’t a one-way relationship here, you know. I gave you a little twerking show, so now it’s only fair that you do the same for me.” Jeff stood there, leaning on his crutches, at a loss.

“H-how…” he began, “H-ow am I…can I…uh —”

Sarah rolled her eyes humorously. “Oh for the love of god, Jeff — no imagination! Haven’t you seen that video of that old person in crutches totally breaking it down on the dance floor?” More blank stares from Jeff prompted Sarah to speed up the exchange. “Here,” she said kindly, “why don’t you put those crutches down, one at a time, and use my knees for support?” Not knowing what else to do, Jeff obliged, dropping each crutch to the floor and putting his small hands on Sarah’s knees, which rose up on either side of him a little past his mid-thighs. Her knees felt like big rocks — Jeff’s hands couldn’t come close to covering them.

“Perfect,” said Sarah. “Now, turn around and show me what you got, little guy.” Jeff did as he was told. It was easier to just do as she said; it meant that he didn’t have to think about what was going on; it meant that he could concentrate on something other than his dwindling control over his breathing and heart rate. Sarah watched him turn around…she was gauging his reactions, waiting.

Supporting what weight he had on his two arms that were perched on Sarah’s knees, Jeff tried move his butt around. It was ridiculous…he felt ridiculous. He had never really been much of a dancer or an athlete of any kind, and he didn’t know how to move his body around. He started by trying to simply flex his buttocks. Then he tried to shift his hips side to side, but really only managed a kind of awkward shimmy. Then he tried hopping up and down on his good leg, hoping that maybe that would do the trick. But it was all hopeless. He had no idea how to move himself correctly, and anyway, there was hardly anything for him to move back there.

He heard Sarah’s soft silvery laughter behind him. His face grew hot and red in embarrassment and the erection that had been straining ever since Sarah had stepped onto the scale seemed to push through some invisible, impossible barrier, and grow harder still. He hated this — he hated this awful humiliation, but even more, he hated how his cock, his brain, his soul seemed to respond to it. He relished in it, but it was like relishing in shit. It was unnatural, grotesque, and it scared him to death. The beginning of a full-fledged panic attack was tightening its grip on his insides, and he began gasping for air.

“No, no! Oh my god Jeff!” Sarah’s laughing voice came from behind him. “You’ve gotta actually move the muscles in your butt to twerk!” He felt two large hands cup both his buttocks — Sarah’s hands easily engulfed them, and he felt her hands tighten around his butt cheeks. “You’ve gotta move them, Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort like this.” Her hands went up and down, up and down, encouraging his shriveled ass muscles to move along with her. After a few passes she seemed to give up, laughing as she released him.

“Well, not much to twerk there, to be honest,” she laughed. And then she was about to order him to turn around when she realized that he wouldn’t be able to. Now was the time. She reached out her hands, reached under his arms, and lifted him completely off the ground, twisting his entire body smartly in her hands in midair and placing him gently back down. Now he was facing her, standing in between her legs as she sat in the chair. His arms were balancing himself unsteadily on her knees. His face was beet-red, his breaths were coming in shallow gasps, and a cold sweat dotted his brow. Standing like this, leaning weakly on his hands, his chin barely scaled the top of Sarah’s head. She looked at him without expression for a few moments. He glanced up at her eyes but quickly averted them downward again — he could not stand to look into that calm sea green that was regarding him without emotion. It made him feel too tiny, like a little animal…inhuman.

“You like how big I am Jeff,” said Sarah, softly but with an indisputable firmness, like she was whispering the truth to a child. “You’re cock gets hard for my big body, doesn’t it?” She reached a long finger out, turned it upside down, and slowly curled it towards herself, dragging a sharp red fingernail gently along the underside of Jeff’s cock. Jeff was truly hyperventilating now — he wanted to run, wanted to melt into the floor, wanted to disappear completely and escape this crushing reality of Sarah’s control over him, but there was nothing he could do. He simply stood there on shaky legs, propping himself up on her knees on shaky arms, his head bowed to the floor in surrender. As he gasped for air he realized that there were tears in his eyes, and as he blinked they fell to the floor. He was actually crying. The knowledge of this demeaning fact seem to encourage even more tears to well up in his eyes, and all of a sudden he was crying freely, giving great heaves as he wept before her.

Sarah continued to slowly scratch along the underside of his cock with her fingernail. She appeared completely unfazed. But if Jeff had not been so overwhelmed and so preoccupied, he would have noticed that his tears were not the only fluid sprinkling the floor. A great puddle had quickly accumulated in Sarah’s snatch and had begun to bleed through her red dress, darkening the area around her vagina. As Jeff wept the juice from Sarah’s pussy wet through her dress and began to spill onto the floor. Two puddles were forming simultaneously on the smooth kitchen floor: a slow-forming one of Jeff’s sprinkled tears, and a larger, slightly steaming one of Sarah’s cum.

“But Jeff,” said Sarah in a low throaty whisper, suddenly wrapping her large hand around his cock and squeezing. Jeff blew out through his mouth. He couldn’t understand how he hadn’t cum. “We both know that this cock is hard not just because I’m so big.” She tugged him closer towards her by his cock, so that he had to hop on one foot to keep standing and move his hands from her knees to her thighs. Aside from the smoother flesh and warmer feel of her skin, he didn’t feel much of a difference. Their faces were now no more than a foot apart, with Sarah looking slightly up into Jeff’s face, which was streaming with tears.

Sarah bared her teeth. “It’s hard because you’re so small, Jeff. So small compared to me. So…nothing compared to me.” She flung her tongue from side to side rapidly, showing her power as she looked up at him with wide eyes that drank in his submission.

“Oooooohhh!” Jeff moaned, unable to stifle what sounded like a little squeal from a pig.

Sarah sensed his orgasm and suddenly reached out and grabbed Jeff by the neck. Her fingers stretched well over halfway around it — a few more inches and they would have touched. She plunged her index finger into her mouth and narrowed her eyes at Jeff as she sucked on it. After a quick moment, all in a flash, she slid her wet finger from her mouth and grabbed Jeff’s butt. Her wet finger began rapidly exploring the interior walls of his butt cheeks as she suddenly stood up, lifting Jeff up completely by his neck and his butt.

Totally aloft, his feet dangling in the air, Jeff felt the slow horror of her wet finger first prying, then poking, then completely sliding into his asshole. He would have given a great yelp, but everything was moving too fast. Sarah had stood up with him, but now she was driving him forward and down, forcing him to Ataşehir Zenci Escort the floor again so that he lay completely on his back. Sarah was breathing hard, and her nostrils flared in excitement. Despite her passion she was careful to lay Jeff down gently, despite the speed and energy with which she had swooped him off his feet. Her finger was about halfway into his ass — she placed her other hand on his naked chest, covering a large portion of it as she held him down, looking him in the face as she fucked his ass with her finger.

Jeff was nearly fainting now. Tears were still pooled in his eyes and ran down his face, but his body now seemed too overwhelmed to produce them. His cock was a deep purple from his acute arousal, and was pointing straight up his stomach at his own face. He had never been so hard in his life. How had he not cum yet?

“Hmmmm, where isssss ittttt?” came Sarah’s playful voice. Her finger quickened in his ass — instead of simply sliding in and out, it seemed to be snaking around in his rectum. Jeff looked at her and saw her head cocked to one side, her eyes looking at the ceiling in concentration, apparently searching for something. After a few more seconds Jeff felt an electric jolt go through his cock, his pelvis, everything…he gasped. Sarah gave him a sly smile.

“There it is!” she chirped down at him, and she licked her lips as she took a deep breath. She drew out her finger almost all the way and then, without warning, shoved it all the way back in, hooking it up inside his rectum so that she scored a direct hit on his prostate. Jeff felt any resistance break completely, and he could almost hear the cum rushing from his balls up his shaft.

Sarah was ready. Almost as soon as her finger went back in, she had opened wide and taken the entire, massive head of his cock in her mouth. She felt the first few spurts of Jeff’s cum rocket into her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she growled aggressively, furrowing her brow as she looked fiercely at him, shaking her head back and forth in short bursts like an animal. “Mmmmmmmmm!!” She closed her eyes and sucked on his head like she was extracting flavor from a jolly rancher. After a few more bursts of cum she shimmied her head down, taking his long thick shaft deeper and deeper, filling up her neck with his cock. This time, she didn’t pause at the last inch, and simply took the whole thing in one almighty swoop.

For the next thirty seconds there was almost no sound in the house. Jeff wasn’t even breathing anymore — his mouth and eyes were wide open, and his limbs and muscles were completely stiff, utterly incapable of movement. Sarah had ceased her moaning and was concentrating on swallowing every drop of cum that shot deep into her throat from Jeff’s cock. Her audible gulping was the only sound that could be heard. As the stream of Jeff’s cum weakened, her gulps became louder, more pronounced, and longer. She was using her throat muscles to wring out his cock, attempting to draw out everything he had.


After about a minute Jeff finally caught his breath back — it came to him in desperate heaves, as if he was just coming up from deep underwater. Sarah patted his heaving chest with a large hand, laughing.

“Woah there, little guy! A little out of breath there?” She peered in closer to his face, enjoying her scrutiny of his supine form. “Never had one quite like that, huh?” She winked at him, and through the fog of his vision Jeff could see her lovely face staring at him. There was a little bit of cum that was stuck to her lower lip. He turned his head from side to side, not really in an attempt to answer her question, but rather in a weak and desperate attempt to rebuff her. He couldn’t handle it — not anymore.

“Aww, well, I’ll let you rest,” said Sarah, gathering herself to stand up. The cum was still stuck to her lower lip. Did she realize it? Was she mocking him again? “But Jeff, I have to say,” said Sarah, standing up and talking down at him, “I think I’ve conquered that cock, don’t you think? I think I can pretty comfortably get it all the way down, right?” She shook her head down at him, and he could barely see that she was smiling sweetly. “We’re gonna have to do something about that, Jeff. I need to be challenged.” She laughed as she walked away, leaving him there on the floor, and taking care to put his crutches next to his body.

“But don’t worry Jeff — I like a challenge!” Her voice was coming from somewhere else in the house now; Jeff didn’t know where. His head was still going back and forth, back and forth, in the universal “no” gesture. It was like he was stuck on it — he longed to pass out, just like he had before, but something kept him awake. His mouth was still open to the ceiling as his eyes burned and strained to blink. But he couldn’t blink, just like he couldn’t close his mouth or move the rest of his body. All he could do was keep up his head motion, back and forth back and forth on the ground, as if to say “No, no, no, no, no…”

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