Good Morning

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I woke up with something hard pressing against my leg. Derek was laying beside me, still snoring softly. I woke up, knowing exactly what was pressing into me. I grinded my hip into his crotch, and there was a brief pause in Derek’s snoring. I reached behind me, and started stroking his cock slowly. In seconds, my hand felt sticky with precum. I lifted my hand, and licked my palm, tasting Derek’s precum. The second I resumed stroking Derek, he woke up.

“What?” Derek asked slightly disoriented, eyes squinting. “What am I doing here?”

The night before was Derek’s younger brother’s 21st birthday. Derek had a lot to drink; too many boilermakers to count. That he lived in a third floor apartment, I opted to take him back home with me. At 6′ 5′ and 235, there was no way I could guide Derek up three flights of stairs on my own. The only bad part was that he passed out nearly the second he hit the bed. Derek liked to sleep in the nude, and it was quite a feat getting him that way. We were both exhausted.

“Relax,” I said, filling him in the necessary details of the night before. I licked my palm again, and resumed stroking.

“What time is it?” he asked.

I checked under the sheets and blankets until I found my cell phone. “It’s a quarter after ten, why?”

“I told Nick that I’d be at his place at eleven,” Derek said. “Said he needed some help with the water pump on the Dodge.”

I rolled my eyes. “I think that Nick and the Dodge can wait, at least a few minutes. You still owe me from last night.”

“We didn’t?” Derek asked, bumping his fists together, in a gesture I could only guess meant fucking.

“No, Yenibosna Escort we didn’t,” I replied. I tossed the covers off the bed, and pointed his rigid cock at him. “Look at this thing. This penis needs some serious attention.”

“Serious attention,” Derek replied. Derek sat up, and found his phone on the night stand. He started scrolling through his contacts. “Let me call Nick. Let him know, I’m going to be late.”

“He’ll get the picture,” I said. “Remember, you’re the one helping him out today.”

Derek slid his thumb across the screen, and I could hear the dial tone. I was a little angry that he decided to place the call, but I thought that I would make the conversation hard for him. When I heard Nick’s voice on the other side, and crawled down the bed, laying over Derek’s abdomen. I angled his cock toward my face, and admired it. From this view point, it nearly struck me with vertigo. His penis appeared huge. I shook my head, and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I sucked him very hard as to get a reaction out of him.

“Hey, listen Nick—uh,” Derek said, losing the ability of speech for a second, as I lunged down on his cock as far as it could go; I could scarcely get it halfway down. “What? Yeah. Oh yeah, I’m going to head out in a little—uh—a little while. I just woke up, and need to—” Derek then hissed as I brought his cock out of my mouth with an audible popping sound. “I need to get something to eat. Mmmm. I will be there by noon. I’ll call you when I’m on my way.”

Derek ended the call, and dropped his phone on the carpet beside the bed. I looked back at him.

“You get your Yenibosna Escort Bayan phone call over with?”

Derek repositioned his shoulders against the pillows. “Yeah. Don’t stop. That was feeling good. Though I was going to drop my load talking to Nick.”

I decided to tease Derek. I lowered my head, and when my lips were an inch from the tip of his cock, I looked back up at him. “You sure you don’t have any other calls?”

“No,” Derek said. “I’ll throw the phone out the window if you want me to.”

I smiled, and lowered back down on his cock—again wrapping my lips around his shaft, and bobbing my head. I started massaging his balls with my left hand, and precum was starting to gush out. When Derek placed a hand on my ass, I slowed my efforts down. I wanted to get fucked.

I sat up, and slid my boxer-briefs off. I bent over in front of him, showing him my ass. I placed a palm on each cheek, and spread them.

“Come on,” I said. “Why don’t you slide that thing in me?”

Derek pulled out a small bottle of KY from the drawer of the night stand, and squirted a trail down the length of his penis. He then leaned forward, with his tongue pointing out, and started licking me.

“Come on,” I said, “Stick that thing in.”

I relaxed as I felt the tip of his cock press against my ass. I pressed out as he slid in. It was incredible how easily he had slid in. I hissed, expecting pain, but none came. His cock was so hard, I thought that it would have had little trouble penetrating a cinderblock wall. Derek slid in balls deep, and held it there. He waited for me to start rocking against Escort Yenibosna him before starting to fuck me.

Derek was so hard that I thought he was going to cum quickly. He quickly found a rhythm, and maintained it for a few minutes; pulling out, and slamming into me. Sensing the time was near; Derek’s thrusts started getting deeper and stronger, I told him that I wanted to switch positions. I had wanted him to cum in my mouth, and I knew it would have been easier in missionary. I pulled away from him.

Derek pushed me onto the bed. and turned me to where I was laying on my side. He slid his cock in me, and started fucking me sideways. This was one of his favorite positions, and I knew he was not going to last long this time. When Derek started to grunt, I looked him in the eye, and started licking my lips.

“Baby,” I said. “I want you to cum in my mouth. You want me to swallow your cum.”

Derek did not immediately respond. He continued to pump me from the side.

A minute later, he grunted. “I want to jizz in your mouth.”

He slammed in me one last time, and pulled out. I sat up, as Derek started crawling up my body, jerking his cock along the way. He let out another grunt, and the first shot of cum hit me in the cheek. Derek was straddling my chest by the time the second shot came out. He cock was merely inches from my mouth, and better aimed. The cum shot out so quickly that it flew down my throat without me having to swallow. I did not choke, as I thought I would. The third shot struck me in the front teeth. The third shot felt think and creamy as hot pudding. The fourth shot landed on my tongue, and the fifth landed on my chest. I swallowed hard, and put his cock in my mouth. A small drop of cum came out. I held out my tongue and showed it to him before swallowing.

Derek shuddered over me.

He never made it over to Nick’s house that day. The water pump had to wait for another day.

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