Furnished Room Ch. 06

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It was an incredible weekend… an astounding two days.

An ad in the paper at the Waffle House about a room for rent had peaked my interest, I don’t know why. The woman on the phone (Claire Moore) had an incredibly sexy voice that compelled me to meet her. And there I was moving into a house with a lonely married woman whose husband was out of the country for months and her gorgeous, and seductive, eighteen year old daughter. That was on Thursday.

The Moore house was filled with more sexual tension than any other place I had ever been. Feeling the aura of those two females that first night was like I was a stag in rut and I couldn’t sleep. On Friday morning I gave Stacy a ride to school…a ride that ended up in her giving me a blowjob. I thought her an inexperienced teenager but found It ended in a blowjob from one whom I young woman who turned out to be one of the most adept fellators I had ever encountered. She went away for the weekend with a friend (Selena), which started the adventure with her mother, a love fest that nearly wore out my sexual parts. A blow job in the car by Stacy, jacking off twice in the car with the panties she left with me and finally the weekend with Claire, what more could I expect? Three days into my three month stay in Denver and I couldn’t believe my incredible good fortune.

Friday evening with Claire started downstairs with kissing and petting in the living room and ended up in her bedroom where we engaged in extensive foreplay. I ate her pussy for over half an hour and she sucked my cock, showing me that the Moore women’s capacity for good fellatio was a family trait. We engaged in a marathon fuck that night that left us both exhausted…and went to sleep in cuddling spoon. Claire awoke me (or should I say aroused?) about three a.m. with her mouth on my hard cock… and suckled me to ejaculation. Further copulation had to wait until morning; we were both exhausted.

We spent a lot of time in bed on Saturday and Sunday. What was so unbelievable about the experience was how perfectly we meshed as a sexual couple. It was as if we had been with each other for years. Whether or not size matters, our parts fit like fingers in a fine kid glove. In between our love making we talked…and talked….and talked. I told her about my divorce, the many women I had been involved with, a frequent disappointment, since the divorce and the fact that I had never been with another woman who had satisfied me so completely, either in marriage or outside of it.

Claire told me about her life, how she had been a cheerleader in high school, was sexually curious and active with many boys, said that her fascination was with cocks and sucking them and tasting what spilled into her mouth (that explained her expertise in sucking). Ted Moore came along and swept her off her feet, as well as making her pregnant with Stacy. Ted resented marrying so soon under the cloud of a baby coming and their marriage hadn’t turned out well. He finished college with Claire working full time while being a young mother and became a successful civil engineer. He made a lot of money, then, started gambling. His gambling put the family into financial jeopardy and Claire stopped having sex with him…for about two years. He took the job in Afghanistan, a high risk, high paying job with forced savings that had the potential to wipe out their debts. She would leave him when that came about.

She told me selling the hamptons izle she had never had sex with another man since she married, said she had been hoping someone would come along and fill her need, and, was set aflame by the spark that was ignited when I first walked into the house. Then, she told about a woman friend (Selena’s mother) who had brought her into the world of bisexuality and had introduced her to the joys of cunnilingus and a woman’s touch…and tongue…and being fucked and fucking with a strap-on, experiences, she confided, she would continue to seek.

She knew that Stacy was like her when she was young; socializing with too many boys. There were always boys…and she was often with more than one. Claire suspected that Stacy had been bringing a boy, or boys, into the house while she was at work. And, she had been called by a male teacher—in strict confidence—that he thought Stacy had propositioned him. “I was amazed that he’d called,” she said, “and that he didn’t take her up on her suggestion. One of my teachers did.” When I asked how she felt about him calling she said, “I’m terrible Lance, all I could think about was how his cock would feel in my mouth, and how his cum would taste. You must think I’m a slut.”

I let her in on my fetish for digging dirty panties out of hampers and that I had actually jacked off a few times with Stacy’s. That turned her on and she insisted that I go through her hamper and show me how I did it, lying on the bed and masturbating while I jerked in her panties. We both climaxed, after which she cajoled me into licking my semen out of the panties and kissing her. Kinky women have always been such a turn-on for me. Maybe I’m the slut.

She told me that Stacy would probably proposition me also and asked me to behave myself. I didn’t tell her that she already had, asking her how she would feel if I ever did anything. She was quiet for a long time after I asked then said, “I seduced my uncle when I was sixteen and we kept the affair going for eight years… until he moved away.”

I was standing in front of the living room fireplace, looking at the picture of Claire, her husband and Stacy when I saw in the mirror the reflection through the front window of Selena’s black Escalade stopping in front of the house. I looked at my watch, it was 6:13.

Stacy got out of the car and waited for Selena to join her from the driver’s side. They looked at each other and laughed, held hands and walked toward the house. When the door opened I turned and Stacy looked at me with a smirk. Selena smiled broadly. “Have a good weekend,” I asked and they gave each other a knowing look, reached out and gave each other’s hand a squeeze.

“I think I’m going to have a lot better time at college than I’ve been having at high school,” Stacy said.

It seemed to me like she had been having a pretty good time with her high school boy “friends,” and I wondered what could be more fun. Then the body language between Selena and Stacy triggered the memory of the conversation Claire and I had about her involvement with Selena’s mother and the pieces began falling into place. I thought about Claire’s body entangled with another woman’s and projected the possibility of Selena’s mother sharing her knowledge with her daughter, who in turn passed the knowledge to a neophyte.

Sunday night was uneventful, everybody was sense8 izle tired. The next morning Claire took Stacy to school. Apparently her weekend with Selena took the edge off her horns. For me it was a blessing. My parts had been overworked the past few days and I needed a time out. As the week progressed there was no activity with Claire. She made it clear that she wouldn’t do anything with Stacy in the house. But she went out twice in the evenings, nights that Stacy had extra curricular activities. I wondered if she might have been spending time with Selena’s mother.

I went to bed before eleven Thursday night and had the same dream I had the first night, where Claire was kneeled over my body, deliciously sucking my cock. But it was more realistic than the first, more lifelike than any dream I’d ever experienced. I woke up before I came. The clock said it was 2:00 a.m. My covers had been peeled back diagonally, enough to expose my middle and Claire’s mouth was actually suckling me, licking me, her lips sliding over my penis, taking me deep inside her warm, moist oral cavity then sliding off, the saliva cooling my exposed shaft. When she took me deep again it was almost deep throat, except that she gagged and backed off. It was ecstasy to be awakened this way and I assumed that she had backed off her resolve to keep our involvement under wraps when Stacy was in the house. Lacing my fingers in her hair I helped guide her head. But there was something different; her hair was longer than Claire’s. It was Stacy!

I can’t imagine that there are too many men, even those who are permanently and happily married—the ones who go out of town on business and stay overnight in a hotel and fantasize that some woman will knock on his door and engage him in gratuitous sex—who would stop the progress of a blowjob in session, particularly when his balls were in the process of exploding into a warm mouth, as mine did into Stacy’s.

“Mmmm,” she purred, smacking her lips with the silky sound of unswallowed wet sperm. She laid her head on my bare stomach licking the residual semen from my last ejaculation and whispered, “I love cocks Lance…and I luvvv cum.”

Like mother, like daughter, I thought having been told, over the weekend, the very same thing by Claire…about how she sucked cocks as a young girl and loved the feel of cum squirting in her mouth, and the individual taste of each ejaculator’s semen.

She kept sucking me until my cock was a completely soft and wrinkled organ that only fit the need for urinating. Then she covered me with her t-shirt clad body and kissed my lips, filling my senses with the smell of her breath that was mingled with my fresh semen. She stripped off her tee, slid her legs under the covers and nestled against my body, pulling the sheet back over us. Her body was soft, yet youthfully fit. She was warm and her breasts were silky smooth and soft against my back. The bottom of her feet smoothed over the top of mine and she whispered, “Don’t worry about Mom Lance. You couldn’t wake her up with dynamite.” I breathed a sigh of relief.

As her fingers toyed with my flaccid penis and loose testicles she said, “I learned something new with Selena.” Guessing what she would tell me I didn’t respond, simply awaited her next words. Her fingernails scratched through my pubic hair then gently traced up my stomach to my nipples where she scraped them, flipping them…making sewer divers izle them stand out strait. “I ate Selena’s pussy and she ate mine.”

“Did you like it?”

“I loved it,” she enthused. “I had world-class orgasms.”

“When Selena came to pick you up Friday night,” I said, “I knew there was a wildness about her, a sophistication…a maturity.”

“Well,” Stacy whispered, “It’s not as if she learned it all by herself. She’s been doing it with her mother since before she went to college.”

“Did that shock you when she told you?”

“Kinda… I never thought much about our moms being sexy like that and…” My cock had gotten hard again and Stacy was jacking it slowly. She seemed to be contemplating what she would say next. “And…” She laid her head on my stomach and sniffled, her hand still working the loose outer skin of my erect penis. “Selena’s mother and Mom are having sex together.”

“Doesn’t sound like you approve, Stacy,” I said. The conversation seemed surreal, a philosophical conversation being conducted while my cock was being stroked by a young girl, which in and of itself was astounding. I wasn’t interested in her stopping and fully expected that we were going to get quite a bit further involved.

“It was kinda… just a shock,” She said, her sniffles having stopped. “After I found out how wonderful making love with Selena was, and she told me about her mom…and Mom, I just found it hard to believe that she could be doing those things with Selena’s… mother. But Selena explained to me how lonely Mom is… and how needy she is for sex.” She sniffled again and said,” She said Mom and Daddy haven’t been having sex for… a long time.

“So how does that make you feel, Stacy?”

“Weird. But then, while we were driving home I thought about how beautiful making love with Selena was and couldn’t hate my mom for getting the same kind of enjoyment from Selena’s mother. It’s not like she’s being unfaithful to Daddy or anything. But… I don’t want to think about it right now Lance. Let’s fuck.”

She threw her leg over my body and pushed herself up, straddling me. By the way she took control of my cock, holding it to her opening, I knew she had completed this move many times before. The wet glove of her pussy slid down my cock which fit inside her like it was just the perfect size (most pussies are that way, but it still amazes me when it works that way). Awash in the pleasure of being inside a gorgeous, young girl, I fondled her breasts, pushing on them and circling them against her chest.

She squeezed my cock hard inside her and reached down with both hands working her clitoris with her fingers. Squeezing me tighter with her cunt she masturbated, wiggling and writhing until she sniffed deeply, held her breath, froze—squeezing me even tighter—and shuddered. Through the darkness I could see her mouth form into an oval and heard her breath whistling a low tone. Then, she started riding me, one hand in the air like a bronco rider, her ass smack, smack, smacking against my hips and abdomen.

I was on the verge of coming and hissed, “Get off Stacy, I’m not protected.”

“Fuck it,” she said and rode me even harder until I exploded gouts of sperm inside her. She kept pumping, her breath coming in gasps, her slippery channel, even slipperier with my sperm. She worked against my then painfully sensitive head, until she froze, twitched, her pussy grasping my cock with intermittent grasps and fell, gasping for breath, on top of me.

She collapsed on me for a few minutes while her breathing steadied then giggled a whispered, “I’m on the pill,” and abruptly rolled off me and the bed. “It’s 3:30 Lance,” she said. “I better sneak back to my room…

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